15 Celebs Who Keep Their Ink Hidden

Tattoos are part of the uniform for celebrities and normals alike in 2017. Most of us have made some concession to the world of ink, and more than a few of us have cached in on the kudos that tattoos can herald. There's not a week that goes by without another celeb revealing their latest daring / meaningful / deep tat on social media. Given our moment's fairly reckless approach to inking, this also affords ample opportunity for terrible celebrity tattoos. This phenomenon is even more satisfying than seeing the hot ones. There's nothing better than a bad tattoo, except a celebrity going public about it. So here, in this line up, we have assembled the stars who have gotten themselves studded with the very worst tattoos to have seen the light of the paparazzi's cameras. Among them are facial inkings, eccentric and tasteless tats, all of which are emblazoned on the bodies of the biggest celebs about. You might not have spotted them before, but these tats are definitely destined for removal at some stage, even if the celeb in question hasn't voiced their regret YET. So if you need any proof that famous people make mistakes too, scroll down this list and feast your eyes on the very WORST tattoos sported by celebrities in 2017. From the sublime to the ridiculous, these ambitious yet atrocious inkings of the rich and famous are sure to bring a smile to your face. So scroll on and prepare yourself for some ink related amusement.

15 Adam Levine: Cauliflower Sun

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has zillions of tattoos, from a tiger to an eagle, and almost completed sleeves. One of the weirdest of them though is a Russian heritage symbol on his right shoulder, but The Voice judge has been open about the fact that he thinks it looks more like a “cauliflower with a sun in the middle of it.” We have to concur. But it's still kind of cool, for a cauliflower. While he was in Japan, Adam had some black beads in a necklace tattooed on his chest. He also has a tribute to Los Angeles on his bicep, a shark and many more across his body. The vast mermaid tattoo that he recently got on his back is something of a mystery, despite occupying almost the entirety of his back. For the most part, Adam rocks his tattoos, but the conspicuous Russian cauliflower may have been a mistake.

14 Angelina Jolie: No Longer Appropriate

Angelina loves a good tattoo. She famously replaced her “Billy Bob” tattoo (in honor of then-husband Billy Bob Thornton) and replaced it with the coordinates of her six children’s birthplaces. Jolie has numerous tattoos all over her. It's not just the famous Billy Bob that Angie tat has regretted. She once got a large black cross on her lower abdomen, joking that she was drunk when she had it done, and that in the morning it was no longer "appropriate," so she covered it up. She said it was "all symbolic, and it was a good thing, nothing dark." There was another questionable inking on the list though, a Latin phrase next to the cross, which reads: "Quod me nutrit me destruit," which means "what nourishes me, destroys me." Angelina has never been one to hide her issues, but this was pretty intense. Who'd have thought she would become a UN Ambassador?!

13 Ryan Gosling: Cactus Or Monster Hand?


Hey girl! It seems that even everyone's favourite Hollywood heartthrob isn't exempt from the ranks of badly tattooed celebs. Apparently, the multi-talented Gosling made the tattoo himself, in what seems latterly like a pretty ill judged move. What looks a little like a cactus is in fact an attempt at a monster's hand. Well, it definitely is a monstrosity. The actor opened up about the bizarre doodle in an interview, saying: "one of my tattoos is supposed to be a monster's hand dropping a bloody heart but I did it myself with a tattoo kit so it looks like a cactus." This strange saguaro cactus come hairy handshake is certainly an interesting choice for the object of adoration for a world of women. At least it's nothing like as bad as the facial tattoo that the actor opted for in Beyond the Pines, which Ryan also said he regretted, saying he felt that it was "distracting", but later reflecting "I felt I had gone too far... I'm sure that's how people with face tattoos feel." 


12 Mark Wahlberg: Meaningless Markings

Who doesn't love a Mark Wahlberg movie? You know you're going to get explosive action and slick dialogue into the deal. Why then, has a perfectly rational-seeming Wahlberg joined the ranks of people with their own names tattooed on them? Yep, Mark has his initials, MW, tattooed on his upper arm, just in case he hits his head in a stunt and needs to remember who he is. You have to hope that it's an ironic inside joke of some kind, because we certainly don't get it. Mark's A list Hollywood status and family man persona seem to jar completely with a permanent doodle with a vaguely narcissistic vibe. Wahlberg also had a tattoo of Bob Marley removed so that he wouldn't be setting his children a bad example. He has even revealed that the kids came along to watch him endure the pain of tattoo removal. He said "[All the tattoos] have meaning to me, but it’s both personal and professional. I don’t want my kids getting tattoos".

11 Mike Tyson: Freaky Face Tattoo


There has been much talk about Mike Tyson, even outside the boxing ring. The winner of the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles is also known for his huge facial tattoo. We've all seen The Hangover 2 and we know what facial tattoos lead to. Needless to say, Mike's other tattoos are little more tasteful. He also has the face of the Chinese dictator, Mao, on his left arm. Mike shows a softer side with a portrait of his ex wife Monica Turner on his other arm though. He also has a testament to the little known tennis player Arthur Ashe, who also founded the Arthur Ashe Foundation for AIDS research. We think he should have left it at that and left out the facial tattoo though. As Ryan Gosling has noted, those things don't wash off so easily. And let's just remember that Mao may well have harmed more people than any other person in history. Not so nice.

10 Margot Robbie: Tattooed The Whole Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie has a strange relationship to tattooing. It has become common knowledge that she is an enthusiastic amateur tattoo artist herself, and gave the cast and crew members on the set of Suicide Squad matching tattoos. She even branded SKWAD on director David Ayer's arm. Will Smith was one of the few who wisely declined her pain-inducing advances, saying: “I’m a grown-a$$ man,” he told ET. “Margot comes bounding into work with all of her 24-year-old glory, and it’s ‘Guys! Guys! I got a tattoo gun! I got a tattoo gun! We’re all getting tattoos!’ I was like, ‘No, we’re not.'” Cara Delevingne was not so lucky, and she and Margot gave each other smiley faces on their big toes, dubbing them "toemojis". You have to wonder whether Margot and the people she has tattooed will come to regret their decision and wish they'd had Will Smith's sense. Discussing her proclivities on a talkshow, Robbie said: “At first I had to really beg people. And then it became a thing and people ask me now. They’re like ‘Oh I’ll get one. Yeah, that’d be funny'". Will it though?

Daily Mail

9 Ed Sheeran: Has More Than One Ginger Mane


After much toing and froing in the press about whether Ed's heinous orange lion chest tattoo is real, it seems that the tat is in fact permanent. It seems the playful songwriter pranked his 4.3 million Instagram followers by pretending that the lion was fake. We wish it had been, but apparently the ginger feline was designed by celeb tattoo artist Kevin Paul, who has also tattooed Harry Styles and N-Dubz rapper. Ed credited him by tweeting : "Lion is courtesy of @kp_est78, who puts up with me complaining about the pain." Clearly a fan of ink, Ed has nearly complete sleeves and has even had the word "Red" tattooed on his arm in honor of his friend Taylor Swift's album, on which he collaborated. All we know is, we see fire: the chest lion looks like a chest wig gone awry, or some strange skin rash. That lion is painful in more ways than one.

8 Jennifer Lawrence: "Watered Down" Hand Ink


J Law seems like she's a lot of fun. But maybe peer pressure dissolved her normally sound judgment when she got H2O tattooed on her hand. Apparently, the Hunger Games star got the tattoo while she was spending time with Liam Hemsworth's family, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. It seems even the most together celebrities can't help but make some concession to the trend for surprising ink, which seems to be a way of proving you are fun and don't take yourself too seriously. J-Law said: "It's just like, I was with Liam's family and everybody was getting tattoos and I was like, well, I'm always going to need to be hydrated, so I guess I'll get an H2O on my had." The Oscar winner explained "I call this tattoo a watered down rebellion because its not like a real tattoo". We appreciate the pun, shame about that tat though.

7 Cara Delevingne: Likes Bacon

Daily Mail

The ever quirky Cara Delevingne has more than a few tattoos, especially after hanging out with her Suicide Squad co-star and buddy Margot Robbie. Apparently the international supermodel has received some backlash from major fashion houses like Burberry and Chanel for her tattoo obsession. Never one to hold back, the fiery Leo has even had her lion tattoo featured in a commercial for Tag Heuer. She also has a snake skeleton tattoo on the back on her her hand, designed by Johnny Depp's ex, Amber Heard. She has a pair of eyes on the back of her neck, which she rocked for the first time at her sister's wedding in 2014. There's also an elephant on her forearm, those "toemojis", and the Delevingne coat of arms on her ribcage. One of the weirder in her collection is a tattoo that reads "BACON" on the bottom of her right foot (see above pic with Margot Robbie). Just because.

6 Miley Cyrus: RIP Dog Portrait

Miley Cyrus is another quirky star with an obsession with tats. And Liam Hemsworth, so double trouble. Among her weirder inkings are an animal tooth on her bicep, a robot, and a piece of broccoli. Apparently the latter is about her commitment to veganism, in contrast with the bacon loving Cara. She also has a cat on her inner lip and a pot of marmite, commemorating her commitment to the tangy spread. Probably the strangest though is a tribute to her dog Floyd. Miley got the huge portrait on her ribs when her dog passed away, along with a group of friends. She and her friends Wayne Coyne and Katy Weaver all got the same medallion with a cartoon of Floyd and the words "with a little help from my fwends". The misspelling of the Beatles title comes from Wayne's band, The Flaming Lips' album The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends. Apparently, Miley was devastated by the sudden death of the two year old dog, tweeting: “I know I don’t mean it but I wish he would’ve taken me with him, this is unbearable. What am I gonna do without him?” as well as “what you don’t understand is he’s not in a better place. The best place he could be was with me… where he was loved more than anything.”

5 Justin Bieber: All In The Family

Justin Bieber has a ton of tats, including the unthinkable face tattoo: a small cross by the corner of his eye. Justin got the word "Purpose" inked above his belly button, the title of his latest album. The mummy's boy also has his mother's birth year on his collarbone. Biebs also shares a tattoo of a seagull with his father, dedicated to the novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull. In honor of his grandfather, Biebs has the symbol of the junior ice hockey team for whom he used to play on his back. As a tribute to the great Michael Jackson, he also has a crown on his chest, next to the cross in the centre, which Biebs sports despite claiming that he isn't religious. Biebs has even done an Ed Sheeran and had a lion (and a bear) emblazoned on each of his pecks. The lion also incorporates the earlier crown tattoo. Some fans read the '"Patience" tattoo on his back as a dig about his longstanding on-off romance with Selena Gomez. Weirdly, Justin showed his 15 million Instagram followers the latest addition to his tattoo sleeve: a Korean mask and a stereo, with a caption reading "I love you Korea". He really does.

4 Cheryl Cole: Bloomin' Massive Back Tat

The stunning singer Cheryl Cole shocked the world when she embarked on a vast tattoo of roses, which covered the majority of her back and behind. Apparently the Geordie pop star went for eight sittings (no pun intended) to get the huge tattoo of roses on a black background plastered over most of her body. According to Chezza: “My friends say, ‘Cheryl, please, you might regret it’, but to me, it’s art.” Cheryl's tattooist Nikko Hurtado instagrammed the piece with the message: "Here is a in progress shot of a Tattoo I've been covering up and reworking. Really excited to show healed shots. It was some intense tattooing sessions. She's tough as nails." The post received 25.8 thousand likes. Although she has hinted at wanting her whole back covered, she said in a recent interview: "It was really painful but I think I'm done with tattoos now. It wasn't for any particular reason, I just liked the design. It took 15 hours in total." We hope so - those roses are bloomin' massive.

3 Mena Suvari: Her Tattoo Has Got Her Back

Yet another celeb to have opted for the familiar lion symbol is Mena Suvari, who has the ferocious looking face of a lion peering from the back of her neck, above the cryptic words: "Word. Sound. Power." We can only guess about the meaning of this inking, which takes up a sizeable portion of the gorgeous actress' upper back. The American Beauty and American Pie star has since had additional words added at the top of her neck. This new tattoo may mark her break from husband Simone Sestito after just 18 months of marriage. Mena was previously married to the cinematographer Robert Brinkman, but divorced in 2005 after five years of marriage. Despite thanking her tattooist on social media, the actress and model has been quiet about the meaning of her tattoos. Unlike Cara, Mena isn't a Leo, so it seems that she identifies with the lion symbol for other, more obscure reasons.

2 Amanda Seyfried: AKA "Mingey"

Offbeat star of Mamma Mia got a pretty bizarre tattoo on her foot after working with Brit actor Colin Firth. Her tattoo, which reads 'minge' runs down the side of her foot, and is shared with best friend Rachel McDowell. Amanda told a magazine: "Colin Firth used to say that word on set and Rachel (McDowell) had to explain to me what it meant. 'So it's on my foot. It's to make me laugh, and every time I look at it I do." She went on: "I've never really been a fan of tattoos but I wanted to see what it felt like. Rachel has a lot of them. I have a dirty sense of humour. I can be blunt and vulgar." Despite this cheesy (though admittedly original tat), Amanda continues to smash it at the box office, and work with some of Hollywood's hottest names. Seems like she's having a good time.

1 Lourdes Leon: Homage To Mama Madonna

Daily Mail

Naturally, you would be forgiven for assuming that Madonna's daughter would be provocative. But perhaps the most provocative thing that she could have done is get a conservative tattoo. Lourdes Leon has "Mom" and "Dad" inked on her hands, as a tribute to the people who parented her. Most of the time, Madonna's daughter keeps a low profile in Manhattan, despite bearing considerable resemblance to her world famous mother. Unusually, Lourdes took to social media to show off her devotion to that same mom, in the modern way: inked fingers. Since her original tat, Lourdes has also recently gotten ink in honor of her sister. At least Lourdes is unlikely to regret the subject of her tats, although hands are one of the most visible places she could have opted for. If she's anything like her mom though, Lourdes is going to rock those tats with attitude for years to come.

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