15 Celebs Who Hated Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, right? It's pretty magical and whether or not you're religious, you can definitely agree that it's a real miracle. You're creating new life, after all, and this mini-person that is pretty much a version of yourself. Or at least people say that being pregnant is a super beautiful thing when they want to feel better when they feel like crap. Some people probably have a great experience during those nine months and feel like a powerful, glowing womanly creature. But others totally struggle the entire time. These 15 celebrities have totally admitted that they honestly felt like crap while pregnant. And while they are celebs and probably have more luxuries available to them while pregnant, it's refreshing to see how honest and real they are. They're not mincing words -- some would go as far as to say they really hated it. Of course, they like the outcome... but they still hated the process.

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15 Kendra Wilkinson

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With her first pregnancy, Kendra Wilkinson had the majority of issues after the baby was born. She suffered from postpartum depression and she also struggled to take off the baby weight and felt a lot of pressure around that being in the spotlight. The during her second pregnancy she experienced so much pain that she had to stop working out, and at a certain point walking was even hard for her. She explained that the baby was pushing on her pelvic bone so she had to spend a lot of time laying in bed to alleviate the pain as much as possible. All that laying around caused to gain even more weight than she would of normally, which was another struggle on top of everything else. Lucky for Kendra, her husband Hank Baskett sounded pretty supportive through her emotional pregnancy, telling her that she was beautiful and putting roses on the toilet seat for her to find. How cute is that?!

14 Jessie James Decker

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Reality star and country singer Jessie James Decker was on camera for most of her pregnancy and didn't love it. Jessie has said that she was really uncomfortable with the fact that the cameras were on her all the time as she grew her double chin and boobs throughout the pregnancy. But if you follow her on Instagram you can see just how rockin' her body is now after two kids! Jessie and her husband Eric welcomed their daughter Vivianne in 2014, followed by Eric Jr. in 2015. The family only had two seasons of their reality show, and it sounds like they aren't planning on coming back for more anytime soon. The two are pretty hesitant about having their children on camera all the time and prefer to do that on social media where they have a little more control over what they are showing. They have said that they would consider coming back to do a show that was just about them.

13 Mira Sorvino

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Mira Sorvino has a few kids, but her third pregnancy definitely didn't sound like a fun one. The actress was hospitalized and even had to go on bed rest for a complication called "placenta previa", which is basically when the placenta is lower than normal in the cervix. While on bed rest, she developed a blood clot from not moving around enough and had to take anticoagulant medication to handle that potentially dangerous situation. When she finally went into labor she ended up losing a lot of blood because of all that drama. Ugh. She recovered, thankfully, and was brave enough to give the whole thing another go and welcomed baby number four in 2012. Mira actually said that as soon as baby number three was safely in her arms she forgot about the whole ordeal, which is probably why she was able to do it all over again.

12 Jaime Pressly

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Jaime Pressly is best known for her role on My Name is Earl. The actress is also a mother who didn't exactly love the whole being pregnant part. She has said that when she was pregnant, she felt fat and like her hormones were all over the place, which pretty much made her act like a lunatic. She has a child with her former husband DJ Eric Calvo. She did say that the second trimester was bliss, but that the first one she was sick all day and then the third one she wanted to stab her eyes out with a pencil over fat she got and because she couldn't sleep. She actually worked during her entire pregnancy but was grateful that her cast and crew mostly had either already had kids or had pregnant wives... so they understood her process. Her real-life pregnancy was written into the show to accommodate the actress, which is probably a lot easier than the times that they try to hide the pregnancies by having actors hold weird things in front of their bellies. Or stand behind a counter.

11 Jenni “JWoww” Farley

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JWoww was one of the wild stars of Jersey Shore who later became a family gal. However Jenni is not super fond of the part of baby making where you're actually pregnant, once even saying “I f*ck!ng hate it.” She found it annoying that her thighs were rubbing during the pregnancy (wouldn't we love for that to just be a pregnant thing!) and that her boobs were changing and shared those facts on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards in 2014. She was there with her bestie and former co-star Snooki, who was also pregnant but actually loved it. Both women admitted that they were terrified by the idea of having daughters because they were certain that they would inherit their wild genes and be tons of trouble. But as Snooki also pointed out, that's karma. JWoww added that her children would be allowed to watch Jersey Shore once they turned 25.

10 Melissa Joan Hart

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The Sabrina The Teenage Witch star is a mom to three boys and has said that she would keep going until she had seven of them... except that being pregnant is such a hassle. She has talked about how annoying the early pregnancy energy dip is and she's not a fan of changing your diet to please and protect the fetus. Melissa also got a ton of negative comments about the amount of weight that she put on while pregnant but has admitted that she tends to gain a lot while pregnant because she saw it as an excuse to let herself go after spending so much time in the spotlight. She has also said that she has no plans to ever wear a bathing suit again, even though she has managed to restructure her eating habits. She has said that 80 percent of keeping her body in shape is her diet, and eats what she wants with portion control.

9 Christina Applegate

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Christina Applegate got pregnant in 2010, just two years after she won her battle with cancer. So that miracle of life was probably a really great thing. However, like many other women, she said that she felt pretty huge and had zero energy. We're definitely sensing a common theme here. Getting pregnant after having cancer can be a bit of a process since of course, your doctor wants to make sure that you're healthy enough to carry a baby and that there's no cancer in your body since the influx of hormones can sometimes cause those sort of things to grow. However, after a certain period of time getting pregnant post-cancer is considered to be the same amount of safe/risk as getting pregnant any other time. After giving birth to her daughter Sadie she has supposedly considered adding to the family again, but possibly through adoption.

8 Hilary Duff

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Hilary Duff gave birth to her son Luca in 2012 (dad is her former husband Mike Comrie). She has said that she sometimes misses feeling Luca's movements inside her, but overall, she wasn't a big fan of the pregnancy experience. However, she did say that she had a good time putting on her baby weight since she felt like she had a bit of a free pass. She's been in the public eye for most of her life and conscious about her body, so she felt like the experience gave her some freedom to eat things she normally wouldn't. But then again, it sounds like a one-time thing, since she also said that she was would not put on as much weight if she had another kid. She also was open about the fact that she was taking her time to lose the weight and was trying not to obsess or go totally crazy about it.

7 Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson has said that her first pregnancy was pretty easy, but the second time around, she experienced morning sickness, acne, hair loss, and was irritated that her boobs got so big. Kate was mostly bothered by the chest boost because it didn't really go with the types of fashion that she wanted to rock throughout her pregnancy. She also had a harder time losing the baby weight the second time around, but she clearly figured that out because she looks amazing. Kate gained 70 pounds with each of her pregnancies, and for a period of time post-baby, she was plateaued at 150 pounds and not loving it. She found the process discouraging but eventually found the balance between breaking a sweat every day but not going overboard. Recently she's been showing off her fit body in her own Fabletics company ads, proving that a little exercise goes a long way.

6 Gwyneth Paltrow

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If there's anyone who you would think would be comfortable being pregnant it would be Gwyneth Paltrow, since she seems to have a real handle on the domestic side of life. But nope. The actress and businesswoman had a hard time being pregnant because she was super sick the entire time. She almost considered having a third child at one point but then changed her mind. Gwyneth has actually posted some advice on Goop.com about how to have a good pregnancy, which was written by her  "pain expect" Vicky Vlachonis. What is a pain expert? Can we call one in for my next hangover?! Some of Vicky's suggestions were to avoid dairy, rich fatty meats, pork, peanut butter, wheat, and sugar, and to remember that "you don’t need a ton of food to sustain your baby." Some of the advice was criticized which isn't exactly new for the site. After all, Goop has also suggested that everyone could use a $15,000 gold toy in their life.

5 Kelly Clarkson

via: usmagazine.com

The singer used to say that she didn't even want children, but that definitely changed when she met her husband, Brandon Blackstock. Which is usually the case for most women. It takes the right person to make you want to start a family. Which is exactly what happened here. When she was pregnant with her daughter, she got really sick and gained more weight than she thought she would. She also said that she never experiences that nice pregnancy glow that some women get. This past April, she welcomed her second child, a son. She actually shared that news with the world while she was in concert at L.A.'s Staples Center. Later, she discussed her morning sickness which came back just as strong for the second pregnancy. She actually had to get some I.V. treatments to keep her fluids up because she was getting so dehydrated from the vomiting. Good times. But now she has two beautiful and healthy babies.

4 Mariah Carey

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Mariah welcomed twins at the age of 41 with then husband Nick Cannon. She is, of course, known for being a bit of a diva so it's not totally surprising that she wouldn't really enjoy and feel great being pregnant. After all, you can't totally be in control of your body when there's a baby growing in it...let alone two of them. She has said that she actually felt rancid while she was pregnant and that she didn't let Nick see her naked while she was carrying. She has actually said that she had a towel on in the bathtub so that Nick couldn't grab a glance, and that it's important for her to be able to feel her bones. She also said it was very uncomfortable carrying twins and that times were bleak. After she delivered their children Moroccan and Monroe, she dropped the baby weight with the help of Jenny Craig.

3 Jessica Simpson

via: usmagazine.com

Jessica Simpson's body has gotten a lot of attention over the years for her somewhat dramatic weight fluctuations, but a lot of that had to do with the simple fact that she was making babies with her husband Eric Johnson. Jessica has not held back about her thoughts on pregnancy, saying that she suffered from “swamp a**,” and felt like “a bowling ball is on my hoo-ha.” Delightful. She did give birth to some the adorable Maxwell and Ace, though, so it seems to have worked out in the end. Jessica has said that neither child was planned and that she would like to be done, but at the same time, she doesn't want to offend that potential future child by totally ruling it out in case it accidentally happened for the third time. But overall, she's glad to be done and pleased that they got both a boy and a girl. Jessica did legally change her last name to Johnson when she got married, but she thinks it sounds like a stripper name and likes to still use Simpson for her career.

2 Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton has never made any statements about how she felt while carrying the prince and princess George and Charlotte, but it's safe to assume that it wasn't the most fun thing that she's ever gone through. She is after all royalty and would probably never admit to being less than perfect. Kate was incredibly sick during her first trimester of both pregnancies, to the point that she had to be hospitalized. She suffered from a series type of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum where dehydration occurs quickly and requires medical attention. Only one percent of women actually get it to that extreme, and she was one of them. Luckily it doesn't last the whole pregnancy and both times she was eventually out and about showing off her royal pregnancy style. There have been rumors in recent months that Kate is pregnant again, but these have been shot down.

1 Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian seems to share pretty much every detail about her life, so it isn't super surprising that she's also opened up about her thoughts on being pregnant. The reality star has actually had some real struggles with pregnancy beyond just feeling fat... although she really hated that part, too. We were all part of Kim's pregnancy complications and worries thanks to their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim had preeclampsia while pregnant which can be life threatening. Kim had to deliver North early as she was in distress and Kim's blood pressure was skyrocketing. Kim has literally said that pregnancy was the worst experience of her life, that she didn't enjoy one second of it, and that she can't understand how people do. Her experience seems like a vastly different one than her sister Kourtney who made being pregnant seem pretty easy and actually helped deliver her own children, literally pulling them out of her body.

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