15 Celebs Who Had Prenup Arguments We Never Knew About

Planning a marriage can be trying on any regular person but it is arguably even worse for celebrities as they have to plan theirs in the public eye. Couple that with them having exponentially more assets than the average Joe and it can be a difficult time for even the most blissfully happy couple. So it is not too surprising that the tabloids are frequently showcasing stories where the trendiest celebrity couples are at odds over a prenup. Whether they are fighting prior to the marriage because they can't agree on the terms, or fighting over the prenup while divorcing, it seems like few celebrity couples manage to escape this.

Prior to the marriage, seeing eye-to-eye on a prenuptial agreement may be difficult as it is essentially determining an individual's worth in a dollar amount. Then on top of that, if you throw in some other strict clauses like 'no cheating or you pay' and naturally, chaos ensues. While most of the time the fights are over the finances, matters can become even more complicated for couples going through a divorce as they may have to adjust their prenups to reflect the fact that they have kids now and have to determine the custody of them. So while couples in the public eye may sometimes look like they are picture perfect, that certainly is not always the case.

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15 Allegedly, Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Fought Over A Strict Cheating Clause In Their Prenup

Given the history that Scott Disick has had where he was running around town with a variety of young females in Hollywood it's not too surprising that sources claim Kourtney had trust issues. Not only has it been talked about in the tabloids but Kourtney has addressed her trust issues herself in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Sources claim that while Scott and Kourtney were still together, they were having massive fights about her desire to include a strict cheating clause in the prenuptial agreement.

In 2016, Scott and Kourtney allegedly rekindled their relationship and were discussing marriage but for Kourtney, it was only under one condition—that Scott would sign a prenuptial agreement with a strict cheating clause.

As it turned out it seems that it was just one of the things that the couple could not agree on as they have been broken up since. Who knows what the future will hold for these two.

14 Khloe And Tristan May Have A Baby On The Way But They May Not Be Seeing Eye-To-Eye On Everything

Prior to announcing that they were expecting a baby girl at the start of this year, Khloe Kardashian and NBA star Tristan Thompson were reportedly having issues agreeing on another part of their future- a prenuptial agreement. It was alleged that Khloe and Tristan could not see eye-to-eye on their finances and it was making them put the breaks on planning a wedding.

According to the source, Khloe's lawyers were arguing that Tristan has a shelf life for making a lot of money as the cash flow will likely slow down once he is done playing basketball, unlike Khloe who has earning potential for life.

However, Tristan's lawyers were arguing that Khloe's lawyers are overestimating how much she could actually make in her lifetime. While it seems the Kardashian's are not showing any signs of slowing down, apparently there was not enough substantial evidence for Khloe to get her way with Tristan's lawyers.

13 Meghan Markle Hurt Over Queen Elizabeth's Alleged Request For A Prenup

Planning a wedding already comes with a lot of pressure but joining England's royal family via marriage is arguably exponentially more stressful. Not only do you have to worry about all of the logistics of being married in the public eye but you also have to worry about all of the new rules you will have to follow too. So we can only imagine Meghan Markle's reaction when the Queen Elizabeth the second allegedly sprung a prenuptial agreement onto her and Prince Harry.

A source claims that Meghan was upset that Queen Elizabeth would even think a prenup is necessary as it would mean that she may not trust Meghan's intentions.

While there are undoubtedly a number of heirlooms the Queen is just trying to protect if this is true, Meghan has still reportedly argued with Harry over this whole thing.

12 Gwen Stefani Supposedly Shocked Blake Shelton By Asking For A Prenup

Since the power couple met on the set of The Voice rumors and speculation have followed them ever since. So it was almost inevitable that sources would start claiming that there was trouble in paradise as Gwen and Blake were set to wed. The course revealed that they were having excited discussions about their wedding in October 2017 when Gwen stunned Blake with papers to sign.

The papers in question were a prenuptial agreement, which made Blake start to question Gwen and her love for him.

The source added that Blake thought that Gwen was 'the one' and that it was true love so that they would not need a prenuptial agreement. Considering that Gwen has already dealt with one failed marriage to singer Gavin Rossdale, perhaps she is not as likely to take her chances with another marriage.

11 Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez May Not Be As In Sync As They Appear

Since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez started dating it seems that they have been perfectly aligned and inseparable. However, if the rumors are true, then it is not always picture perfect in their relationship. A tabloid claims that while the pair is headed for the altar soon, they have been arguing over the prenuptial agreement. According to the source, Jennifer wants the prenuptial agreement in place to protect herself but Alex does not see a need for it and is insulted.

The source says that Jennifer's reasoning is that the older Alex gets and the further away from his former baseball career he becomes, the less he will begin to make.

Apparently, this is causing strife in their relationship as Alex does not like to feel bossed around. Both parties also have kids, which may be contributing to even more stress when trying to decide on a prenup.

10 Apparently 6 Million A Year Was Not Enough For Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is undoubtedly worth a lot of money in her own right but when she got engaged to Australian Billionaire James Packer she supposedly realized her potential to grow her net worth even more. There's no denying Mariah has a particular confidence when it comes to knowing her worth, so she was not quick to settle on the prenuptial agreement that James Packer had offered her.

A source claims Packer offered to pay Mariah six million for each year of marriage and a private jet.

Apparently, Mariah felt like James' money managers were treating her like a gold digger. As it turns out, the pair never got through the tension as they eventually called off the wedding when James ended the relationship. It is unclear what exactly caused the breakup.

9 It Seems Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden's Wedding Almost Did Not Happen

Before they got married, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden ran into some trouble along the way according to another media outlet. The media source claimed that while they were planning their nuptials, Benji was keeping tightlipped about the wedding because he did not know when they would go through with it due to disagreements over the prenup.

At the time Cameron Diaz was worth an estimated 90 million, whereas Benji was worth an estimated 20 million, which led to arguing among the couple.

The source claimed that they would fight because Benji felt like his honor was being attacked by the fact that Cameron would even think that he would go after her money in the event of a breakup. It seems the couple worked everything out as they have since been married since 2015.

8 A Magazine Claims Miley Cyrus Had An Explosive Fight With Liam Over A Prenup

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have had a history of being on and off but if this allegation is true, they almost parted ways once more. Liam and Miley were allegedly ready to wed in 2017 but a fight over a prenuptial agreement almost ruined everything.

It is estimated that Liam is worth $16 million while Miley is worth a whopping $200 million so it could explain why she wanted to protect her assets regardless of how in love she is with Liam.

A source claims that the pair had an 'explosive fight' after Miley had asked Liam to sign a prenuptial agreement.The source says that Miley confided in her friends that she thought Liam was going to end the relationship after she brought the prenup to him. It is unclear if this a prenup is holding up the couple's wedding today as they have yet to set a date.

7 Claims Katie Holmes And Jamie Fox Argued After Katie Suggested A Prenup

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are arguably one of the most secretive couples in Hollywood who have been quietly dating for close to five years now. However, that does not mean that news sources have not attempted to dissect their relationship in the media.

According to one source, Katie was so eager to marry Jamie that she proposed but then said that they would not get married until there was a prenup in place.

This allegedly did no go over well with Jamie but Katie understandable just wanted to ensure that her and daughter Siri are protected in the event of a divorce. Having been through a rather public divorce with Tom Cruise, it is understandable if Katie is on the fence about marrying without some form of financial protection in place. Despite the rumors that there is trouble in paradise, the couple is still together.

6 A $150 Million Prenup Almost Ruined Everything For Kimye

In the world of Hollywood, it often seems that the more money that's at stake, the more dramatic the fights get, and Kim and Kanye were apparently no exception. It was rumored that prior to walking down the aisle, Kim and Kanye almost did not make it thanks to blowout fights over a $150 million prenuptial agreement.

According to a source, their wedding was stalled because the two couldn't see eye-to-eye long enough to sign on the dotted line.

Despite all of the alleged tension leading up to the wedding, Kim and Kanye tied the knot in 2014 and now have three kids together-North, Saint and Chicago. It was reported that they ended up settling on a prenup that would give Kim a million dollar for each year they're married as well as their Bel Air mansion. As it seems the two got over the hump in their relationship, but apparently not without a shortage of Kim's infamous crying face.

5 Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Apparently Almost Did Not Get Their Happily Ever After

While in movies, Ryan Gosling's character almost always gets his happily ever after (unless you're thinking of Blue Valentine), in real life that was almost not the case. Ryan and Eva Mendes have been rather secretive about their relationship from the get-go but word somehow got out that there was trouble in paradise over a prenuptial agreement. According to an unnamed source, Eva was arguing with Ryan over a prenup because at the time she had more money than him and felt it appropriate to protect her assets.

The source added that for Eva it was just business but Ryan felt offended by her feeling the need to ask for one.

It was also reported that Ryan just wanted a 50/50 split of assets if they do get married and subsequently divorced. Eva's hesitance apparently came from the fact that she was keeping her daughter with Ryan in mind.

4 Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?

Rumor has it that due to a strict fidelity clause, this couple almost did not make it down the aisle. Prior to being a devoted husband and father to his son Silas, there were rumors swirling that Justin Timberlake wasn't always so faithful. While Jessica Biel seemingly took him back after media outlets reported that he strayed, it wasn't without some stipulations. It has been said that Jessica Biel insisted on a strict fidelity clause in their prenuptial agreement.

It was said that Jessica believed that she should be grandly compensated if Justin strayed during their marriage and that she requested at least $500,000 if any such indiscretions would occur.

The same source revealed that the couple got into a series of arguments over this that put a damper on their wedding plans. It seems that they ironed everything out though as the pair walked down the aisle in 2012.

3 Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Supposedly Battled Over Their Six Children

When you are the parents of six children, it is no wonder that there may be some serious decisions to make about their futures. It would not be an easy decision for anyone, especially when you are in the public eye. While the former couple has an estimated $400 million prenup on the line, sources claim there are no arguments on that front, but rather just about the children.

While the prenuptial agreement listed exactly how their twelve homes and fortune would be divided there were no specific arrangements outlined for the custody of their children.

Following the breakup, Angelina asked for full custody of their children but Brad was not backing down in his attempts to prevent that from happening. It seems now that the pair has decided on a custody agreement that leaves Brad happy too. After a drawn-out divorce, Brad also won custody of the kids in December 2017.

2 Scottie And Larsa Pippen Were Allegedly Having Rows Over Finances During A Divorce

In 2016, former NBA player Scottie Pippen and his wife Larsa Pippen (a close friend of the Kardashian's) were starting the process of divorcing when they supposedly hit some bumps in the road in the form of a prenup. According to divorce documents filed by the pair, they were fighting over their $50 million fortune among other things. The couple signed the prenuptial agreement initially in 1997 so understandably a lot of things had changed.

The couple shares four children and many other assets together and began to have disagreements about not only the finances but also about where their children would live.

It was alleged that Larsa wanted the kids to stay in Florida whereas Scottie wanted to move them to LA. It seems like their disagreements did not last too long as the couple has since called off their divorce.

1 Halle Berry Did Not Believe Her Ex Husband Deserved Spousal Support

Halle Berry and her ex-husband Eric Benet parted ways in 2004 but it was alleged that the pair were not splitting amicably.

Not only was it reported that Eric cheated on the actress but he then went on to request spousal support from her.

Eric took his requests to court and filed documents asking them to "determine the validity and enforceability of the parties prenuptial agreement" and asked if the court would make changes to it to suit his needs. In addition to that, he also asked that Halle pays for all of his legal fees. It is unclear what the former couple ended up settling on. However, Halle was so disappointed about this marriage and her previous marriage that she swore she would never marry again. Halle has since had a child with a male model and dated actor Olivier Martinez but is currently single once more.

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