15 Celebs Who Got Ahead In Hollywood

Hollywood is a ruthless place. The stakes are high, and there are people out there who will do literally anything for a shot at riches, fame, and glamour. This includes backstabbing close friends and family, exploiting your children and putting them in abusive situations, using people and taking advantage of their feelings for attention, and just plain old sabotage. It takes a certain kind of person to want the fame and glory that Hollywood has to offer. This is not to say that everyone famous is a bad person, but it is safe to say that a lot of them have selfish narcissistic traits. How are you going to put yourself out there to try and get fame and attention if you don't think you deserve said fame and attention? And with how competitive Hollywood is, it is no surprise that they will throw each other under the bus to get ahead.

Some celebrities have been more obvious with their ruthless tactics to get ahead, while others have much more insidious methods that won't be obvious to the public. Looking at you Taylor Swift. And even when celebrities are on top, they remain ruthless so that they can remain on top of the food chain in Hollywood! It sounds exhausting being in Hollywood. You can't trust anyone and you always have to be looking behind your back to see if anyone is coming for you. The bigger you are, the more ruthless and on high alert you have to be. Is it really worth it? Obviously for some people it is.

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15 Gwyneth Paltrow Literally Stole A Role From Then Friend, Winona Ryder

NY Daily News

This is an old story, one that few people know. Back in the day, a young Gwyneth Paltrow wanted to make a name for herself in Hollywood and step out of her Mothers shadow. And she certainly found a way to do it! Back in the 90's Winona and Gwyneth were best friends and living the life. Did you even know they were best friends at one point? Probably not! Well apparently there is a very good reason why they fell out and it has everything to do with Gwen stabbing her friend in the back. Apparently, Gwen was at Winona's house when she saw the script for Shakespeare In Love. She took the script, called the director and asked to audition. As we all know she got an Oscar for this role and cemented herself as an A-list actress. At the cost of her friendship.

14 When Katy Perry Full-Out Stole Taylor Swift's Backup Dancers Right Before Her Tour To Sabotage Her


The feud that spawned songs and fandom rivalries.  Katy Perry and Taylor Swift seemed to have an amicable enough friendship before things took a turn. No one was sure what had happened but then the story came out. Taylor was about to go on tour and had her backup dancers ready to go, when Katy Perry up and took those dancers from Taylor, leaving her in a bad position last minute before tour. Ruthless Katy! This of course spawned the infamous Bad Blood music video and then Katy's response song, Swish Swish. Things seem to be somewhat copacetic between the ladies now. We're sure there is a lot more that happened behind the scenes but its obvious both singers wanted to destroy the other at one point.

13 Taylor Swift Has Tried To Destroy Multiple Careers And Make Bank On It  - Just Ask Her Exes


Taylor Swift is extremely in control of her public image, but don't let the sweet act fool you. She is calculated and ruthless and she has thrown plenty of people under the bus to advance her career. She has written songs about almost all of her past relationships, and their not very nice. And we get it, lots of artists do that but with Taylor it is very pointed and meant to take someone down. After her and Calvin Harris broke up, things got a little messy between them and Calvin said something that proved this is what Taylor does. He claimed that she would try to destroy him just like she did with Katy Perry. Yikes, fighting words! We are surprised he didn't vanish in a puff of smoke after saying something so publicly damaging about T-Swift.

12 Kim Kardashian Shamelessly Stole Paris Hiltons Life

The Sun

Paris said it herself, she created Kim Kardashian. We will give credit where it is due, as Kim has far surpassed her one time friend and obvious role model. Kim K followed the Paris Hilton being famous for being famous MO to a T. Down to releasing an adult tape for attention. The Kardashian machine is one of the most ruthless in Hollywood, and it will chew you up and spit you out if it gets them more money. Kim used Paris for attention while she still needed her and copied everything she did. The moment she got more successful the two did not stay friends. Don't forget that Paris Hilton was the original Kim Kardashian. Also isn't it nice to see Kim's old face once in awhile?

11 Farrah Abraham Will Do Anything For Attention And Money - Including Promoting Her Adult Ventures On Her 8-Year-Old's Social Media

Oh Farrah. She has left us speechless so many times with the things she is willing to do for attention and money. If you are familiar with the MTV reality show Teen Mom than you know Farrah well. This girl has literally done it all just for a dollar, from adult entertainment to opening a frozen yogurt shop. So yea, she has hustle. But she is also brutal and has done some shocking things like accuse an Uber driver of assault for attention. This stunt ended up getting her banned from the app. She also has pushed her 8-year-old into the spotlight and put her on social media. She uses her daughters social media to post about her adult business endeavours. Yea. And she always throws her employer, MTV under the bus along with the other girls on the show. You just have to compare her to her co-stars who are all relatively normal to see how crazy and desperate Farrah is.

10 Jon Voight Threw Daughter Angelina Jolie Under The Bus Multiple Times For Attention

Us Weekly

Jon Voight is not the kind of man who wants his daughters career to outshine his. The two seem to have a more positive relationship than they did a couple years ago. Angelina was estranged from her Father when he left her mother, whose side she took. When Voight left Angelina and her Mother, this was the catalyst for their antagonistic relationship. Angelina had a couple of wild years and her Father did not have nice things to say about her in public, and basically blamed her Mother for her issues. This obviously got him attention because she was a known actress already, and don't think for a second he didn't realize that trashing his daughter would get him attention. Father of the year over here!

9 Is Bella Thorne Thirsty Or Ruthless? Both According To Her Revolving Door Of Exes


Can you count how many people Bella has been linked to in the past year? Probably not. Heck, she has probably forgotten about some of them. Bella obviously needs a lot of attention, or she would not be the way she is. Crazy outfits, new flavour of the week all the time. Hooking up with Scott Disick! If it will get Bella attention she will do it. She has chewed up and spit out multiple people and it seems her relationships do not last longer than a couple of months before she moves onto the next one. This callousness with people's hearts and feelings is slightly sociopathic. Stable people do not jump from one relationship to another while broadcasting it all on social media. But hey, you have to stay relevant somehow and its not like her acting career is taking off.

8 Jennifer Lawrence Did Some Questionable Things For Her Career  AND She Had It In For Kristen Stewart

Jennifer Lawrence can act, but does she act well enough to have won an Oscar and multiple other awards so early on in her career? The rumour is that Jennifer is a 'Weinstein' girl. And we know what that means these days. And when she decided she was going to make it in Hollywood, she was determined to do anything. She also wanted to take over Kristen Stewarts role as the top Hollywood actress at the time. This was obvious enough to Kristen that she commented on Jennifer saying that she is plain, which she kind of is. The way that Jennifer exploded onto the acting scene and kept getting accolades is suspicious the more you think about it. Leonardo DiCaprio didn't get an Oscar for decades, just compare it to that.

7 When Kim K Got Married And Divorced In Less Than Three Months And Then Milked It All For Attention

Us Weekly

Poor Kris Humphries. And don't tell us you are surprised to see Kim Kardashian on this list multiple times. Kim and her Mother have to be two of the most ruthless people in Hollywood. They will use anything, anything for attention. When Kim was dating Kris Humphries she was somewhere between her original face and the one she has now. Her career was growing, and she was getting bigger and bigger. So what did she do to make sure she would get a ton of press? She got married and divorced within 3 months. We feel for Kris Humphries because he seemed like a normal enough guy before he went through the Kardashian machine. He should count his lucky stars he is out though, the guys in the Kardashians lives seem to have some kind of curse on them!

6 Blac Chyna Made A Baby To Guarantee The Spotlight Was On Her & She Would Have A Cash Cow


Say what you will about Blac Chyna, but she definitely got back at the Kardashian / Jenners. She is getting 20 grand a month in child support from Rob, and has a higher profile in the celebrity sphere than she ever did before. She was no one before, and then Kylie decided to go for her baby daddy. Blac Chyna used Rob to get a reality show, a monthly cheque, and to grow her career. And to get back at Kylie. She has dragged him in the media multiple times, as he has done her and we are sure the drama from these two is far from over. Especially if it means the spotlight will stay on Chyna. The fact that she actually got pregnant and created a child is slightly sociopathic, but at least we know little Dream Kardashian will never want for anything in life. At least not materially.

5 When A 16-Year-Old Courtney Stodden Married 50-Year-Old Doug Hutchin For A Shot At Fame

Hollywood Life

We aren't sure if Courtney is the savage here, or her Mother who gave permission for all this to happen. We are going to say it is both of them. And Doug Hutchinson knew that this arrangement would get him more attention, its not like he has gotten a lot of attention in Hollywood. A lot of people at his age would never agree to marry a 16-year-old because, well its gross and wrong. Even if it did get them attention in Hollywood and make their star rise. It was obviously worth it for Doug to compromise his morals and do it. Unsurprisingly, the two have since divorced and her Mother even revealed that she had feelings for Doug. These people are literally the definition of hot mess express, and their plan to get famous hardly worked. They are just notorious now.

4 Rob Kardashian Can't Catch A Break - Rita Ora Used Him For Attention Too And Cheated On Him

Radar Online

Rob Kardashian has a habit of dragging the women in his life on social media when they upset him. Including his family! Remember when he posted Kylie's phone number on Twitter? He did it to Chyna too. But before Blac Chyna when Rob was still skinny he was linked to Rita Ora. The most confirmation we got of the relationship was the fall out when Rob blasted her on social media for using him to get her career jump started. And apparently she did the same to a lot of other guys in the industry. We feel bad for Rob, he has a target on him that brings in every thirsty gold digger with dreams of being famous. He is obviously pretty easily manipulated and then he goes crazy when things don't work out. And Rita Ora is currently hanging on by a thread to her fame and career so clearly her efforts were kind of pointless.

3 Everything Kris Jenner Does, But Mostly Exploiting Her Children. Also Copying Everything Kim Does Is Weird

Terez Owens

Kris Jenner is a force nature, we cannot dispute that. The woman has hustle and tenacity. She also holds nothing sacred when it comes to getting famous and rich. There are parents out there who would rather die than have their child's intimate, adult natured tape be released to the public. Not Kris Jenner! She's not a regular mom, she is a momager and that means she is all business. It's no secret that Jenner had a hand in getting Kim's infamous tape out there and then she continued to capitalize on it. If she can turn something into more attention for the family, she will use it. And Kim is her favourite for a reason, she makes the most money off her. Although it seems Kylie is coming up as a contender for Kim in that respect. Also the way she tries to basically be her daughter is so weird and thirsty.

2 Joe Jackson, A More Abusive Version Of  Kris Jenner


Michael Jackson, for all intents and purposes had a brutal childhood under the rule of his abusive Father, Joe Jackson. Joe was known for his use of corporal punishment when it came to his children, and all 5-year-old Michael was basically allowed to do was dance, sing, and practise said dancing and singing. Joe Jackson was going to make his kids into stars at any cost. Michael Jackson's lack of childhood is used as a way to explain the man he grew into, someone that was very stunted emotionally and was desperately trying to relive his childhood. Growing up, the kids were not allowed to call him dad, it had to be Joseph. He also has said he does not regret any of the abuse. His kids, especially Michael were terrified of their Father as a result of all this.

1 Madonna Has Been Ruthless For Years - Anything For Attention! From Shocking Acts To Exploiting Her Marriage

Us Weekly

Madonna is an icon, but lets go back to where it all started. Madonna is a performer, but she is hardly the most talented dancer and singer. She was just ruthless in her pursuit of fame and that was what made her career. She knew that she was not the most talented one so she had be different, and attach herself to the right people. And when her longtime marriage to partner Guy Ritchie ended, she had it in for him. She knew she could use it as a way to get even more attention for herself. She has made a spectacle of herself during her concerts by going on and on about personal stuff. She was having custody issues with the son she shared with Guy Ritchie. Well not so much custody issues as her son did not want to live with her. What did Madonna do? Go on social media and rant about it probably humiliating her son even more. Anything for attention.

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