15 Celebs Who Give Us The Worst Hair Envy

Hair. It’s really just a thing on top of our heads, right? Sure, but some people have the most magical, amazing hair in the world that shocks us with envy. What gives, right? Some people have thick, long, skinny, healthy hair and some of us just have to work with what we’ve got.

Of course, you may be jealous of that friend who has gorgeous hair in real life. You know that friend, we all have a friend like her. She’s the girl who never has a bad hair day ever, even after she’s gone swimming, after she runs a marathon or in the worst humidity.

Even more perfect than that hair goddess friend we all have, though, is celebrity hair. Celebrities always have the most enviable hair. Sure, they have a leg up on us regular people because they are super rich and famous. They can pay for the best hair cut, the best hair color, the best blow out. In fact, they can get a blow out every single day of their life. I wish, right?

Even in the realm of celebs though, there are a few that stand above the crowd, with the most wonderful hair ever. Somehow, their hair is perfect on the red carpet and while food shopping. It's really unfair. We almost want to shave their heads and make wigs out of their amazing locks. Just kidding, kind of. So, here are 15 celebs who give us the worst hair envy.

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15 Jennifer Aniston

Our fav Hollywood gal, Jennifer Aniston is also known as the original girl who gave you hair envy. Who didn't want 'The Rachel' at whatever age they were when Friends was on T.V? We still watch the show and want her hair. Honestly, I would still rock The Rachel even though it's been 20 years since we first set eyes on it. Of course, the style looks a little dated now, but Aniston has also kept up with the times herself and no longer rocks 'The Rachel'.

Since The Rachel, Aniston has rocked a bob, super long locks and even a darker hair color with bangs, though the latter was just a wig for her role in Horrible Bosses, we still think she looked pretty amazing with that style too. Her golden locks have literally been on another level for two decades now and cannot be touched by many celebs.

14 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has the kind of sleek brown hair that makes you crave a brown hue for yourself, even if that wouldn't necessarily compliment your skin tone. It's just that her long, brown hair looks so shiny you can't help but wish you had that kind of a mane yourself. It's no wonder Pantene tapped her to be a spokesperson for their brand. I mean, if you were a hair care brand, what better celebrity to have as your spokesperson?

Recently, she's lightened up her hue for the summer, but we're still pretty jealous of her hair even if it's a bit lighter than usual. It's really that her hair just looks so damn healthy. We're wondering what kind of leave-in conditioner she uses and how often she uses it. Let us know your secrets, Selena!

13 Emma Stone

via harpersbazaar.com

Okay, maybe we're jealous of Emma Stone's hair or maybe we're jealous of her natural ability to pull of nearly every hair color in the book. There is simply no hair color that looks bad on her. Of course, we love her red hair because it just seems to suit her so perfectly. It's also the perfect red, without being too orange but still being just copper enough. How does one achieve such a flawless red?

When she went bleach blonde, we were all a bit skeptical, but she rocked it like a pro. Recently, she jumped to a darker brunette shade and she's pulling that off perfectly too. Seriously, what can Emma Stone not do? Most of us need to keep our hair in the same spectrum of shades to look like our best self. We all want her ability to be any hair color and still look gorgeous.

12 The Kardashians/Jenners

via intouchweekly.com

Love them or hate them but all of the Kardashians and Jenners have pretty enviable hair. Mind you, they have professionals on-call for blow outs and such every day, so they have a leg up on all of us common folk.

While most of the members of the family are known for their long, dark hair, they've also experimented in some beautiful ways. For starters, Kim has tried several different hues of blonde, the most dramatic of which was her bleach blonde lob. Sure, not everyone was a fan of that extreme style, but it was still refreshing to see Kim experiment with her hair in such a dramatic fashion.

There's also Khloe, who slowly transitioned from her dark brown over to blonde, and made us all want to transition over to blonde right away. Oh, and then Khloe got a lob and proved that we aren't just jealous of the Kardashians for their long locks, but also their short styles too.

For the most part, Kendall and Kourtney tend to stick to the same style (long, dark, sleek) but they also look fantastic so if it ain't broke, ya know?

11 Specifically, Kylie

via bustle.com

You may have noticed that I didn't mention Kylie in the above with all of her sisters. She gets her own special mention separate from the family because she is daring as hell and we love every style or color she tries.

Her natural, dark hair is beautiful and enviable on its own, but what one really envies about Kylie's hair is her willingness to experiment with it. Kylie's hair has been blue, green, pink, purple, aqua. Really, almost any color you can name, Kylie Jenner has rocked it. Sure, in some cases, Kylie may have been rocking a wig. That's understandable, as it would really be impossible for a hairstylist to change her hair from one dramatic hue to another without totally ruining her hair. Wigs or not, Kylie definitely makes us all itch to experiment with our hair just a little bit more.

10 Lauren Conrad

via youplusdallas.com

Lauren Conrad has had good hair since she was in high school. No, seriously, during that time in life when we all went through awful haircuts and unflattering hair colors, LC was busy being the OG of great hair.

Like her winged eyeliner, Lauren Conrad knows what works for her and she sticks to it. She is almost always rocking perfect blonde hair with perfect waves - perfect being the keyword here. Despite being from The OC, Lauren doesn't usually rock beachy waves but rather has some very put together looking loose curls

Admittedly, she went through a tiny awkward stage while she was on The Hills, during which she experimented with extensions. Thankfully, Lauren stepped away from the very obvious looking extensions and went back to a more natural look.

9 Ariana Grande

via heightline.com

Honestly, who would have thought that a half-up, half-down hairstyle could look so freaking good? Apparently, Ariana Grande knew. And now everyone is trying to get the same look, regardless of their age.

The singer almost always rocks her long hair in a half-up, half-down style that seems too always be placed perfectly. It honestly is too good to be true because if you've ever tried to replicate it, you just end up looking like a middle school cheerleader getting ready for a pep rally. It's an achievement that she is able to make her style look so sleek and so sexy. Since most of us don't have the ability to pull of that look as well as she does, we'll just, uh, sit here and be jealous. If you were too add extensions we're sure you would be able to pull this look off fabulously as well.

8 Shay Mitchell

via bustle.com

If we're being honest, most of the girls on Pretty Little Liars have enviable hair. Lucy Hale has that thick, healthy, shiny hair, similar to Selena Gomez's. It always looks healthy and perfectly placed. Recently, Hale chopped her hair to rock a shorter look and it's totally adorable. So, long or short, we definitely want Lucy Hale's hair.

Both Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario rock some pretty good hair too, but Shay Mitchel is the clear winner for hair that makes us jealous. Her hair has always been so long, thick and glamorous. Plus, she's able to rock beachy waves, a sleek curl or her hair straight and swept back. Hair that can look good no matter what style is something that we'd all like to have. Oh, and also, we'll take Shay's hot body too while we're at it.

7 Anne Hathaway

via popsugar.com

If you didn't suddenly want bangs while watching The Devil Wears Prada, you may not have a pulse, or you might need glasses. Anne Hathaway had possibly the most perfect bangs that Hollywood has ever seen, besides Zooey Deschanel, of course. We would have put Zooey on this list but Anne edged her out due to the fact that Anne's hair is so damn versatile.

Yes, she rocked bangs and long, brown hair like a pro, but then she easily switched to a pixie cut (rocked it), then a bob, then a lob. She'll throw some blonde in her hair for funsies too. Basically, Anne has hair that can do almost anything and the fact that she can actually rock bangs makes her one in a million. I mean, raise your hair if you've tried out bangs and you didn't look like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. Oh, just me? Whatever, guys.

6 Michelle Williams

via feelgrafix.com

Michelle Williams has hair that is what boho-chic dreams are made of. At this point, she's basically known for her pixie cut that she rocks better than most people can. Really, it takes a wonderfully daring and beautiful girl with wonderfully beautiful hair to pull off a haircut that short. And not only that, it takes a specific face shape to pull off as well. She somehow looks both adorable and incredibly high-fashion with her pixie cut.

Before her pixie cut, though, Michelle used to have gorgeous, long, blonde hair. It was the kind of texture that made you think she simply air-dried her hair and bam, it looked the way it did. She naturally can achieve the look that other starts pay big bucks for. Oh, and then when she added side-swept bangs to the mix, we all just died of envy. Give us that beautiful boho-chic dream head of hair you have, Michelle Williams.

5 Chrissy Teigen

via glamour.com

Chrissy Teigen is everyone's girl crush for several, ok every reason. I mean, if we're listing why we love her, her Twitter feuds with Trump and love of pasta may come before her hair, but that doesn't mean we aren't completely jealous of her hair. She's always rocking a style that looks just a little bit messy but a little bit put together. You know, like she's been rolling around on a beach for 12 hours but still looks like a goddess. I guess that's why she's a swimsuit model and, err, we're not, right?

Why we really envy Chrissy's hair is because she's so honest about it. She's said on a number of occasions that she wears extensions to achieve her look. Sure, several of the celebs on this list probably wear extensions all the time but no one is as honest about it as Chrissy Teigen. Then again, no one is as honest about nearly anything as Chrissy Teigen is. Since she so willingly admits that she's rocking extensions and needs help to achieve her gorgeous hair, it makes us think that maybe, just maybe, if we had the right extensions, we could have hair like Chrissy too, right?

4 Nathalie Emmanuel

via moejackson.com

Some of the other ladies on Game of Thrones are more talked about. This season, everyone was talking about Sophie Turner's turn as Sansa Stark. We love Sophie's long, red hair. Really, we do, but it isn't the hair that we envy every Sunday night.

Nathalie Emmanuel plays Daenerys' right hand woman, Missandei. She rocks some to-die-for natural tight curls. It's some of the most beautiful natural hair and it makes me wonder why I do so much work on my own hair. Oh, that's right, because I don't have marvelous natural hair like Nathalie. It looks beautiful straightened too, of course, but what we really die over is her curls. Women with naturally curly hair give us the most hair envy.

3 Olsen Twins

via bustle.com

In the past few years, the Olsen twins have alienated some of their fans. Some of the people who grew up with the twins find that their style is now too severe and think that they're weird. Even if you're still an Olsen fan (like I am), you can probably understand the complaints about them having gone off the deep end. I just think that they're eccentric fashionistas, but to each their own, right? They probably just want to keep low key lives because they've seen what has happened to many child stars.

That being said, these twins have been #hairgoals since birth. Remember So Little Time? They rocked this odd half-curled hair-straighten hair style. If I tried that in real life, I'd just look like I forgot to finish curling my hair, but they looked like goddesses. Their looks evolved through the years, trying different lengths, different colors and different styles. Now, they're mostly seen with their long boho waves that are perfection.

2 Jessica Alba

via stylebistro.com

Considering that she's arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Jessica Alba would have to have some good hair for us to notice it, right? Well, she does. Jessica Alba has that healthy, shiny hair that can seemingly look good no matter what. She's been looking perfect since her teen years, remember how envious we were of her in Idle Hands and Into the Blue? We still are. She can rock longer hair, a bob or a lob. Literally, every style looks good on her. She can also do a darker hue or a blonder hue too. She can do anything and make it look perfect.

Honestly, it may be that Jessica Alba has great hair or it may also just be that she's so gorgeous, she could be bald and it wouldn't matter. Whatever the case, we're jealous and we want it.

1 Blake Lively

via harpersbazaar.com

I feel like #hairgoals may have solely been created for Blake Lively. Honestly, who else could we have put as number one on this list? Blake Lively has never had a bad hair day in her life. I'm convinced she may have been born with a long, wavy blonde mane. I mean, it's Blake Lively, so our jealousy of her hair also rivals our jealousy of her legs, her smile, her husband, her career - okay, her whole life. We're just really jealous of Blake Lively and the cherry on top is that gorgeous head of hair. She constantly looks like some kind of mermaid-angel-princess. She can rock beachy waves, Old Hollywood curls, an assortment of braided styles - basically, anything. Her hair in a messy ponytail looks better than if I paid a million dollars for a blow out. We will all always be jealous of your hair, Blake.

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