15 Celebs Who Definitely Don't Change Undies

Celebrities are not that different from the rest of us, especially when it comes to hygiene. Some stars take a lot of pride in hygiene, as do most people, and some not so much. Just because a celebrity looks clean and pretty from far, doesn't mean they will smell like daisies when you get all up-close and personal. Plus, remember people don't always look dirty, some can cover it up quite well. Others don't care who knows about their unconventional ways.

Some celebrities might say that they are earthy or environmentally conscious, no issue with that, it is actually quite commendable. But with that in mind, some have decided to wash less and change their clothes less often.

Here is a list of celebs who we assume, don't change their undies every day. Some probably don't wear underpants, this is just a hunch. Enjoy!

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15 Bella Thorne- Newly wild and free

Bella Thorne has been making headlines this year but not necessarily for her role on the show, Famous in Love. Her off-screen, provocative girl reputation has found her in the spotlight once again. From her hard partying ways, to canoodling with Scott Disick, Bella has social media buzzing about her new reputation. This persona is a far cry from her once Disney child star image, and that is how she earned a high spot on this list. The actress is not shy about showing off her body or showing PDA, as seen with her latest rumored beau. She isn’t openly dirty, nasty or raunchy like Miley but her new image and “I don’t give a crap” attitude makes it easy to believe that Thorne may not change her undies as often as she should, that is if she wears any.

14 James Franco- Unconventional ways

James Franco making this list should not really surprise anyone, after all he is known for his rather eccentric ways. The actor has a serious reputation for being weird and crazy, just watch him in any interview and it is easy to understand why he has this reputation. Franco, while very good looking and talented, tends to embrace his creepy side. Often posting images on social media, that nobody truly understands. He has definitely pulled some wild stunts, like trying to seduce a 17-year old chick via Instagram. However, this is all part of his public persona, which is why he has earned himself a spot on this list. Lets face it, the creepy, dirty vibe makes it no surprise that this guy definitely doesn't change his underwear. And like most entries on this list, we doubt he wears any at all.

13 Shailene Woodley- Washes less often

Shailene is granola through and through. She even eats clay to get rid of any metal in her body. According to her, clay is a cleansing mechanism. Woodley has admitted to leading an alternative lifestyle that includes only washing her hair once a month. She makes her own medicine from herbs, her own toothpaste and her own deodorant, just to name a few of the all-natural life choices she has made. While she does use skincare products, they come from an all-natural line called Living Libations and they are definitely not the same products Kim Kardashian is using. Everything in these products uses 100% legit oils and clay. Based on brushing her teeth with clay toothpaste and rarely washing her hair, it is easy to understand why Shailene is on this list

12 Matthew McConaughey- No deoderant, no cologne

Via People

McConaughey is one of the best looking guys in Hollywood, most of us know how dirty he is and don't seem to care. If anything it lures us in more. The star has always been outspoken about how he doesn't wear deodorant. In fact, it has been rumored that a few co-stars have begged him to cover up his stank. The women who have played opposite the actor, have noted that he certainly does have an odor. He also refuses to wear cologne, which is kind of understandable, not everyone likes perfume and cologne smells. Matthew claims women love his natural scent, which is why he feels as though keeping it natural is a safe bet. The actor definitely likes to be free; he barely wears clothes when he is not working. Although that could mean he doesn’t wear undies at all, until that is confirmed he is staying on this list. After all, if his natural scent is as great as he says, why would he bother changing his underwear, right?

11 Kesha- Dirty girl

She sings about wanting it dirty in her song Dirty Love but outside the studio Kesha takes being dirty to a whole new and gross level. She actually admitted to smelling like a hobo. That's right, the singer was upfront and honest with her body odor issues while speaking to BBC Radio. However that is not her most shocking revelation when it comes to cleanliness. Kesha has openly shared that she once drank her own pee because someone told her it was healthy. She wanted to be healthy so she tired it. Along with those two admissions, Kesha just has a dirty look about her, kind of Norman Reedus. All of those things combined are why she is on this list.

10 Colin Farrell- Smelly guy

Via Rotten Tomatoes

With his stunning good looks, his bad boy ways and his don’t mess with me swagger, Colin Farrell is smoking hot. Even when he has greasy hair, in unshaven and scruffy, the Irish heartthrob make us drool. Although very good looking, he is also known for smelling pretty rank. As it turns out, when he looks like he hasn’t showered, it is likely because he hasn’t. Farrell has a reputation for smelling like cigarettes and bad body odor. Considering that he is spotted all the time with a smoke hanging out of his mouth, it is not too hard to believe. Even though there is a chance that Farrell is a commando kind of guy, there is also a very good chance that if he is wearing underwear it hasn’t been changed in a while.

9 Johnny Depp- A dirty reputation

Oh how the mighty have fallen with Johnny Depp. In his early Hollywood days he was a bona fide clean cut hottie. These days it is hard to tell when the last time Depp actually took a shower. At first it appeared a style trend, the hobo look but as the years passed the dirty look stayed. Despite the actor himself speaking out about the fact that he does not smell like a hobo, he has still gotten a bad rap for being dirty. Even though he doesn’t lead an alternative lifestyle, Depp has been known to be a little out there. Sometimes when he is being interviewed it is easy to tell that something is a slightly off with the guy. However it is really his dirty look that earned him a spot on this list.

8 Jared Leto- Could use a good scrub down

Oh Jared Leto you look so dirty and the ladies love it. For most of his career Leto has had his own style that is certainly unconventional. From his long hair to his scruffy beard, Leto is definitely smoking hot. However, the Hollywood hunk also always looks like he could use a good scrub down. The musician and actor is the king of the grunge look, which is why he was a perfect choice for this list. While he is a huge environmental activist, there has not been any confirmation that the actor leads a certain lifestyle. Online sources have stated that the actor/musician does smell good, despite his rough look. In fact a couple of years ago he was the face of Hugo Boss cologne, Red for men and that stuff smells really good. Therefore it is safe to say he does too.

7 Miley Cyrus- We've seen the dirty side

Miley Cyrus is a nasty girl there is no question about that. Although she has cleaned up her act some since getting engaged to Liam Hemsworth, there is still a raunchy girl in her. While she is not an environmentalist nor have there been reports of her being stinky, Cyrus makes the list because of her wild girl reputation. The singer is all about pushing limits, crossing boundaries and basically doing whatever the heck she wants. Her bad girl ways are pretty much done with these days but we still remember her riding a cannon ball, we will never forget. Therefore Cyrus, not changing her undies on a regular basis just seems to kind of fit with her IDGAF attitude. It could also be said that she is a good candidate for going commando, but as long as she is wearing undies, she is definitely not changing them everyday.

6 Kristen Stewart- Admits to smelling

Over the years Kristen Stewart has gotten a bad rap for not smelling so good. Perhaps it has something to do with an interview she had a few years ago, admitting that when she is nervous, she sweats and sometimes smells. It is not just that interview that has helped label Stewart as a stinky star. Her appearance and those smelly rumors are the reasons she has landed on this list. Even during her Twilight days, Stewart had a dirty look about her. The actress was often seen with greasy looking hair and messy disheveled clothes. It is almost like she is going for the messy, unruly  look. Although it could all very well simply be part of her image, it is not hard to believe that Kristen doesn’t change her undies.

5 Leonardo DiCaprio- Saving water and saving undies?

He may be one of the hottest and most talented actors in Hollywood but thanks to his eco-friendly lifestyle, there is something about Leonardo DiCaprio that screams not an underwear changer. The Titanic star is all about not only dong his part to save the environment but encouraging other as well. From driving an environmental car, to ensuring his home is solar powered, and even opening his own foundation to support the environment, Leo is all about making a difference. The commitment he has made to help save the planet is very commendable. However being eco-friendly also means saving water. One of the ways to save water is to do laundry less. For that reason it is very likely the DiCaprio doesn’t change his undies in order to help save the earth.

4 Cara Delevingne- We just know

Model turned wanna be actress Cara Delevingne is known for her gorgeous looks and her wild girl reputation. She got a bad rap in the fashion world for throwing fits, showing up very late to showings and appointments, as well as being a serious party girl. Cara Delevingne grew up very privileged and based on the way she acts that it is easy to see. It is her “I can do whatever I want attitude” and that has earned her spot on this list. Anyone that considers their time so much more important than anyone else’s, is not someone who spends time changing their undies on a regular basis. After all she is too busy throwing fits, sharing funny faces on social media and starring in films that flop to think about such a mundane thing.

3 Ariel Winter- Commando?

She may play a super smart nerd on Modern Family but Ariel Winter is anything but a nerd off screen. In fact, in the past couple of years the actress has been making sure her fans know that she is not Alex Dunphy. However as opposed to becoming a bad girl, Winter is embracing her body sharing it with the world. The actress is letting it all hang out naturally. She is definitely helping women feel more secure about their bodies, regardless of their size. However, it is because of some of her super sexy pictures that she is on this list. Showing off her sexy side means wearing outfits where going commando is definitely necessary. Therefore she most likely doesn’t change her undies that often because she is not wearing them that often.

2 Justin Bieber- There's a dirty vibe about him

Is there a more perfect person for this list than the Biebs? The singer ditched his squeaky-clean image years ago, replacing it with a bad boy image that makes more headlines than his music. Justin Bieber definitely doesn’t look like the boy next door anymore. His look is kind of skater meets grunge. The singer pretty much has a dirty vibe about him these days, like he could use a good shower and that is how he landed on the list. Plus it is has been rumored the Bieber has terrible bathroom habits. Apparently, he washes his hands before he goes to the bathroom because he feels that his penis is cleaner than his hands. Therefore if he thinks his junk is so clean, why would he be changing his undies at all?

1 Blac Chyna- No time to change undies

It is to no surprise that Blac Chyna made the list. This girl shares so much naughtyness on social media, that we are sure her nasty behavior goes through to her underwear habits. There is a vibe about her that just oozes dirty, we've seen it on TV and on Snapchat. It could have to do with her 'bad girl, don’t mess with me attitude'. Whatever it is, she just looks like she doesn't have time for undies. Even when she posts super hot photos of herself on Instagram, they scream bad girl. The former pole dancer seems to be more about showing off her assets, than covering them up. Plus Chyna is nothing but drama. Seriously, there has been so much drama in her life, that there is no way she is constantly changing her undies. The reality is that she probably rarely wears them anyway. Perhaps Tyga or Rob Kardashian can answer this question.

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