15 Celebs Who Cranked Up The Heat After They Got Dumped

No matter how you try to spin it, there’s just nothing desirable about getting dumped. Sure, breakups are something we’ve all likely gone through, but just because they’re inevitable doesn’t make them any easier. Even though you might want to curl up in a ball and shut out the rest of the world when you’re mourning the loss of an unrequited romance, there are actually many positive things that can result from getting broken up with. For starters, a breakup can be the perfect way to embark on a new beginning. Without having to deal with the pressures of a relationship, there is much more time to be selfish and put your own needs first. While some people acquire a new hobby or shift all of their attention to their work, others might find solace in self-improvement. Working out, staying fit, and starting a healthy lifestyle is the perfect way to channel all of your post-breakup energy into something beneficial. Not only will you look better, but you’ll certainly feel a whole lot better too. On top of all that, getting yourself a “revenge body” might be exactly the kind of thing you need to get over your ex all together…and we’re pretty sure he will regret the day he ever left you in the first place. It might sound a little superficial at first, but a bad breakup can serve as some serious motivation to work even harder for a fitter frame. Getting physical after getting dumped has even recently become a big trend in Hollywood. Here are 15 celebs who got way hotter after they got dumped.

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15 Kourtney Kardashian: Proof That Moms Can Have It All

Khloe isn’t the only Kardashian who has become a pro at getting crazy hot following a bad breakup. After dedicating years of her life to raising children and catering to a long-term relationship that was doomed from the start, we’re glad that Kourtney Kardashian finally decided to focus on herself for a change. Of course, Kourtney was in an on-again/off-again relationship with Scott Disick for the better half of a decade, but once she finally left their romance in the past she scored one of the most enviable post-breakup bods we’ve ever seen. While all of Kourt’s sisters have said that they noticed an improvement in her overall demeanor since calling it quits with Scott, we can’t overlook the fact that she got into phenomenal shape after they officially parted ways. Kardashian made working out a priority and focused on staying active and physically fit in the aftermath of her relationship’s demise. The reality star enlisted the help of a personal trainer and a nutritionist, and the end result left us all green with envy. In true Kardashian form, there has been no shortage of social media snapshots showcasing Kourtney’s highly impressive physique. After taking one look at Kourtney, you’d never know that she gave birth to three kids and was in her late 30’s!

14 Kaley Cuoco: The Bangin' Body Theory

On top of being one of the highest-paid actresses on television, Kaley Cuoco also knows a thing or two about being in tip-top shape. The physically fit star has always had an affinity for working out and staying in shape, but she decided to step her game up in the aftermath of her devastating divorce from tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Kaley and her man split up in 2015 and she soon became living proof that looking good is the best revenge. The Big Bang Theory star had credited yoga and extra sessions at the gym as two major things that kept her sane during her tough time. In addition to all of her rigorous activity, Cuoco also admitted to trying out a complete diet-overhaul that left her with enviable abs and a pert posterior. Kaley really made jaws drop when she appeared on a recent episode of Celebrity Lip Sync Battle dressed as Britney Spears wearing a barely-there crop top that was reminiscent of the popstar’s signature “Slave 4 U” music video. Kaley’s body looked unbelievable and we can only imagine that her ex-husband regrets the day he ever let her go. She’s already in the best place of her life career-wise, but as a single woman Kaley Cuoco has managed to go from smoking hot to seriously on fire in a matter of months.

13 Demi Lovato: Finding Her Happy Place

Demi Lovato is known for being a take-no-prisoners trailblazer in the entertainment industry, and when she got dumped by Wilmer Valderrama after six years together she surely wasn’t going to let that get in the way of her success. Demi had been romantically involved the That 70’s Show star since 2010, so he was with her every step of the way through the highs and lows of her career. Of course, towards the end of the relationship Demi was already a bona-fide superstar, but she didn’t let the breakup get her down. In fact, Demi learned a lot about herself during that rough patch, and she channeled her energy into working more on her music and working out in the gym. Demi has never been shy about sharing how she feels about her body, and after experiencing struggles with self-love in the past, the singer remained dedicated to a healthy lifestyle in the wake of their split. Although she publicly admitted how difficult it was to move on from Valderrama and to find acceptance in starting over, Lovato managed to refocus her body and her mind to a more positive place. With her music topping the charts and her popularity skyrocketing through the roof, it’s pretty safe to say that the confident star got way hotter after Wilmer left her…even that’s even possible!

12 Khloe Kardashian: Practically Invented The Revenge Body

When it comes to getting the hottest revenge body after a bad breakup, Khloe Kardashian reigns supreme. Everyone knows that Khloe hasn’t exactly had it easy when it comes to relationships, but each time she calls it quits she seems to bounce back looking even better than ever. Of course, Kardashian’s path to a healthier lifestyle came after her tumultuous split with ex-husband Lamar Odom. Instead of feeling down about the failed state of her marriage, Khloe turned a negative into a positive and channeled all of her energy towards self-improvement. The reality star credits countless hours at the gym for her divinely sculpted frame, and her newly fit figure is nothing short of impressive. Due to the awe of massive makeover, Khloe even landed a reality show of her very own that inspires others to get hot after getting dumped, appropriately called Revenge Body. Speaking from experience, Khloe told reporters, “The best form of revenge is a good body. It’s a little silly but true. You’ll feel better, and the by-product will be a fierce bod that’s bound to make your ex do a double-take.” We just can’t argue with that!

11 Hilary Duff: New & Improved

What better way to distract yourself from a major breakup than to experiment with your look by trying something out of the ordinary? For Hilary Duff, taking the plunge and dying her hair blue was the first step to getting a fresh start following a tricky situation. After taking a brief hiatus from the spotlight to get married and start a family at a young age, when Duff finally remerged onto the celebrity scene she was about to become single once again. Following her divorce from retired hockey player Mike Comrie in 2016, Duff made sure to reinvent herself before making her big debut. With a new album, a starring role on a popular television series some new mermaid-inspired locks, Hilary proved herself to be a hot commodity even after a big breakup. On top of all of the positive things going on in her career, Duff also embarked on a grueling new workout regime. And while her perfectly sculpted figure managed to catch the attention of pretty much everyone…it was her personal trainer/new love interest who really reaped the benefits of Hilary’s saucy new physique.

10 Blac Chyna: Snapback Of The Century

Blac Chyna has always has a pretty bodacious body, but once she parted ways with Rob Kardashian she gave her figure a total overhaul. Of course, it was probably Chyna’s killer curves that initially caught Rob’s attention in the first place, but when she found herself pregnant only a couple of months into their relationship, she wasn’t worried one bit about losing the baby weight. The brazen reality star bragged about her desire to plump up before ultimately slimming down, stating, “My goal is to gain, like, 100 pounds this pregnancy. Imma tear it up, then Imma snap back!” Sure enough, at the time Chyna probably didn’t realize that getting her pre-baby body back would coincide with her brutal breakup from Kardashian, but either way she did managed to resurface looking hotter than ever when all was said and done. Almost immediately after giving birth to her daughter, Chyna was spotted with a svelte waistline, flat stomach, and even a noticeably smaller rear-end. She definitely wasn’t kidding about “snapping back” her body, but during a bitter battle on social media, Rob revealed that his ex’s revenge body wasn’t the result of working out. Kardashian blasted Chyna for getting “mommy makeover” surgery to reconstruct her entire bod following their breakup…and he even admitted to picking up the bill for her procedures. Regardless of how she got her curvy figure, there’s no denying that she’s loving her new body while Rob is still struggling to get over their relationship.

9 Jennifer Lopez: Hot Beyond Compare

Let’s be real, Jennifer Lopez’s hotness redefines all logic. The seasoned star has been on everyone’s radar since the early 90’s, and she’s only managed to get more famous (and more attractive) by the second. Of course, Lopez has become notorious for her high-profile celebrity relationships, but the serial-dater never lets a man become her top priority. Over the years, Jennifer has romanced an impressive roster of suitors including Sean Combs, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, and backup dancer Casper Smart, just to name a few. While all of J.Lo’s taste in men has been dramatically different depending on her mood, all of her failed attempts at romance have one pivotal similarity – she keeps getting hotter every time she goes through a major split. Perhaps that’s the key to Jennifer’s flawless physique and timeless beauty, because we can’t fathom how she somehow looks even more youthful now than she did almost twenty years ago. Every time she gets dumped or leaves a relationship, Lopez comes back thriving. Between the success of her film, television, and singing career, there’s just no stopping this one-woman show. The avid dancer dedicated work-a-holic must be doing something right, and we can guarantee that every guy who misses their chance at true love with Jennifer Lopez will regret it for the rest of his life.

8 Sam Smith: A Tremendous Transformation

When Sam Smith’s first studio album was released in 2014, he became an instant success story. Although it’s typically tough to soar to the top as a novice entertainer, the “Stay With Me” singer managed to defy all odds and established a massive fan base due to his undeniable talent. While things for Smith were finally falling into place professionally, the star’s love life also started heating up as well. Smith became romantically involved with a model named Jonathan Zeizel nearing the end of 2015, and although their relationship was short-lived it still served as a pivotal experience for him. The couple parted ways after only a couple of months of dating, and Sam didn’t take getting their split lightly. The heartbroken star blamed himself for the breakup, telling the press “it was my fault” and stated that he was too quick to make their relationship public on social media. Around the same time, shock jock Howard Stern publicly poked fun at Smith’s appearance, telling his radio subscribers, “You know what I like about the guy? He’s an ugly m***********. He’s fat, I love it.” Clearly hurt by getting dumped and being shamed about his looks, Smith decided to stop feeling sorry for himself and started getting his priorities in order. He teamed up with a nutritional therapist who redefined his relationship with food while informing fans that his transformation was “not even about weight loss, it’s about feeling happy in yourself.” It’s not hard to see that the dramatic difference in Smith’s exterior is a firm reflection of how he’s feeling inside following his big breakup. With a new body and a whole new outlook on life, Sam Smith is way hotter now than he’s ever been. We bet his ex is really regretting calling it quits now!

7 Miranda Lambert: Divorced & Doing Better Than Ever

Going through a divorce is understandably tough, and having to do it with millions of people watching can add even more stress to an already troublesome situation. When country music star Blake Shelton pulled the plug on his marriage to Miranda Lambert in 2015, the sassy songstress used her newfound freedom to bounce back from the breakup in a big way. Rather than letting her emotions get the best of her, Miranda got herself on the fast-track to a healthier lifestyle. The star made her public debut with a noticeably slimmer, trimmer frame at string of award shows in 2016 and her amped-up image instantly made her the talk of the town. When asked about her dramatic makeover, Lambert told the press, “I lost my weight the healthy and good old-fashioned way: Watching what I eat and working out with my trainer.” Although she admittedly got way hotter after Shelton filed for divorce, she wanted to make it known that her weight was never an issue in her eyes, saying, “It’s not about a scale. It’s about how you feel and how your jeans fit. I am proud to be a normal size girl and I want to encourage everyone to be confident at any size.” It’s clear to see that being single had a profound effect on Miranda, and her fabulous revenge body was surly enough to make her ex’s jaw drop to the floor.

6 Jonah Hill: Half The Man He Used To Be

We all know and love Jonah Hill for his exquisite portrayal as the fun, heavyset guy in pretty much every movie he’s ever been in, but after a while being type-cast for the same kind of roles over and over again can get boring. While most people wouldn’t initially consider Hill to fit the stereotypical “Hollywood hunk” mold…they might want to think again. In 2011, Jonah made us all do a double-take when he was pictured with a drastically thinner frame. Turns out, the Moneyball actor had recently called it quits with his longtime girlfriend and his celebrity slim-down was a result of his new status as an eligible bachelor. The couple first met in high school and had dated steadily for three years before splitting up. According to reports, Jonah was all-in on his relationship and was contemplating marriage, but he was totally blindsided when he lady love decided to dump him out of nowhere. After getting ditched, Jonah emerged himself into his work and dedicated his spare time to the gym where he shed an excess of over forty pounds. There’s no denying that he got exceptionally hotter after he got dumped, and at this rate he just might start giving his co-stars Channing Tatum and Leo DiCaprio a run for their money!

5 Kelly Osbourne: It's All About Balance

Like most celebrities who have grown up in the public eye, Kelly Osbourne has been dealing with criticism regarding her image for almost her entire life. While constantly being judged for her weight or her questionable style choices must have been tough for the star, she finally decided to make a major life change following a sudden split from her fiancé, Matthew Mosshart in 2014. Prior to calling off their engagement, Kelly actually credited her beau for giving her a total lifestyle overhaul that improved her overall health and wellness. Mosshart, a vegan chef, regularly whipped up five-star meals for Osbourne during their relationship, and as a result she started to lose weight without even really trying. Once their relationship soured, Kelly admitted to packing back on the pounds by eating her feelings, but she vowed to get her body back on track for her own good. In an effort to look good and feel even better, Kelly signed up for yoga and Pilates classes on top of hiring a personal trainer to work on her fitness five days a week. All of her physical activity partnered with a new healthy eating regime proved to work wonders for Osbourne, who undeniably looked her best following her life-changing breakup.

4 Zac Efron: Built Like An Adonis

When they were both rising Disney stars, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens seemed like the perfect pair. They both co-starred as love interests in the ever-popular High School Musical series, and when they made their public debut as a real life couple fans were seemingly overjoyed. Of course, even back then Efron was already a heartthrob in the eyes of teenage girls all over the globe, but it wasn’t until his split from Vanessa that he truly became a certified stud. Although many child actors have a difficult time transitioning their careers into adulthood, Zac had no problems convincing us that he was all grown up. In fact, Efron began the early stages of his beefcake metamorphosis towards the end of his five year relationship with Hudgens, and it was later cited as a major reason behind their split. Speaking to the New York Times about their one-time romance, Vanessa revealed, "I went through a phase when I was really mean because I was so fed up [with his popularity]. Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares.” All of the tension proved to be too much for the young lovers, and they went their separate ways in 2011. Not long after, Efron was able to breathe new life into his budding career as a swoon-worthy sensation by taking off his shirt every chance that he got. Can’t say we’re complaining about that!

3 Stassi Schroeder: Strutting Her Stuff

As the star of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder has certainly laid out a lot of personal details about her active love life over the years. While Stassi did choose to keep her most recent relationship off-camera, that didn’t stop her from airing all of their dirty laundry once she got dumped in the harshest way possible. After four years of a hot and cold romance, Schroeder was dumped by her boyfriend Patrick Meagher on the day of their anniversary… right before they were supposed to leave for a celebratory Mexican getaway. Clearly still feeling the sting of the surprise breakup, Stassi took to social media to vent her frustrations, stating, “Broken up with on our anniversary after I planned a trip for us to Mexico. Call me Carrie Bradshaw.” Instead of cancelling her vacation plans and wallowing in her own self-pity, Stassi decided to turn her romantic vacation into a fun and liberating girl’s trip with some of her closest BFFs. In true Stassi fashion, she made sure her ex knew that nothing would stop her from letting loose by constantly updating her social media accounts with scantily-clad pictures of herself having a blast by the beach. This blonde bikini babe knows how to make revenge feel like sweet victory, and she defiantly became hotter and more confident as a single lady when all was said and done.

2 Ramona Singer: Sipping From The Fountain Of Youth

Let’s be real: most of us dread the thought of getting older, but if everyone aged as well as Ramona Singer has then the world would be a much happier place. The Real Housewives of New York City star has been a staple on the reality TV circuit for what seems like forever, and longtime fans have seen her at her best and at her worst. By far, one of Ramona’s lowest points had to be when she had discovered that her longtime husband had been having an affair with another woman. A divorce soon became inevitable for the couple, and although Ramona recently turned sixty years old, she is still a serious head-turner and is taking in all of the perks of being single in the city. Following her husband’s major cheating scandal, Singer wasn’t about to lie down and accept getting left for a much younger mistress. As soon as the divorce was finalized, it was as if Ramona turned back the hands of time. The unbreakable reality star re-emerged looking fresh-faced, revitalized, with a whole new lease on life, telling the press, “I’m feeling really good. A weight has been lifted off me and that’s reflected in my face and my spirit and my body.” Naturally, many attributed Ramona’s ageless beauty to multiple trips to the plastic surgeon’s office, and she doesn’t exactly deny those claims. While Singer has admitted to having a nip here and a tuck there, but there’s no denying that she’s simply in the best shape of her life. We bet her ex-husband is really kicking himself right now!

1 Shania Twain: Captivating Comeback

There’s no good way to end a relationship with someone you expected to spend the rest of your life with, but possibly the worst way to find out you got dumped is to catch your husband having an affair with another woman. That devastating scenario played out in real time for country music star Shania Twain. While she and her husband, music producer Mutt Lange had been married for quite some time, she was floored to find out that he had been secretly romancing his personal assistant, who also happened to be a close friend of Shania’s. By 2008, their divorce was certainly less than amicable, and Twain was left feeling embarrassed and heartbroken. Understandably, Twain admitted to experiencing a total meltdown after her shocking breakup, but the ageless singer wouldn’t let her ex’s actions ruin everything she had worked so hard for. While Twain did step away from the spotlight for over a decade, she managed to find love once again and in recent years she reclaimed her status as a singing sensation by scoring a lucrative residency in Las Vegas. Now in her early fifties, it’s as if Shania is finally picking up where she left off. She looks great, reclaimed her love life and is still the powerhouse she set out to be early on in her career. Take one look at Shania Twain these days and it will make you question what year it even is, because this hot star is definitely in her prime.

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