15 Celebs Who Can't Stand Their Spouse (And The Pictures That Prove It)

It's safe to say that all married couples have their moments of less-than-bliss. Being connected for life can bring forth times of stress and disagreement; no one is immune and forever is long. Imagine being one of the most famous couples on the planet, and having the paparazzi catch a public quarrel. Then imagine your spat gets written up in all of the tabloids, for the entire world to see.

How celebrity couples manage to stay together is beyond us. While some couples are caught having ordinary marital moments, others might be headed for splitsville. These fifteen power couples look a bit too miserable to make it to eternity.

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15 The Wests Are Headed South

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To be fair, Kanye rarely looks thrilled when caught by the paparazzi. He has a bit of a knack for sporting the ultimate scowl. Rumors of divorce have plagued this power couple since the beginning of their marriage. Between his mental health breakdowns and her desire to be the ultimate diva, it's kind of miraculous that the two are still standing, with four kids to boot!

14 The Harts Have Had A Change of Heart (Kevin Hart)

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How can a couple with a history of unfaithfulness NOT be headed for divorce? Per People.com, Kevin Hart's current wife Eniko was the primary reason for his split from first wife, Torrei. On top of having a union built on infidelity, Kevin was caught stepping out on a pregnant Eniko a few years ago. She forgave him, but can they ever really move past the deception? Only time will tell.

13 The Often-Mad Maddens

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Even after thirteen years together, booming careers and two beautiful children, Nicole and Joel Madden cannot escape the murmurings that their marriage is in shambles. Back in 2017, sources told Intouch.com that the strain of living life in the public as well as taxing work lives have contributed to the failing union. The couple has been spotted out sans wedding rings more times than we can count and family photos like this one make us wonder if there is a bit of truth to the divorce rumors.

12 Beautiful People Don't Always Make A Beautiful Couple

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Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen are two of the most beautiful people on the planet, but their marriage might be more ugly than people realize. Per the cheatsheet.com, the beautiful Bradys have some severe issues in their relationship. Giselle had some trouble initially accepting Tom's older son, and her father seemed to have a real soft spot for her ex-love Leonardo Dicaprio.

11 Years of Pain Have Turned The R & B Couple Sour

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Even musical royalty like Queen Bey and Jay Z are not immune to the possibility of divorce. Knowing what we know about their relationship and his relations with women who are NOT his wife, we can understand why they look like they would rather stick pins up their eyelids than sit next to each other at a basketball game.

10 The Smiths Solider On, Despite Their Disdain

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Will and Jada are often seen (and heard) defending their unconventional marriage. The couple has publically spoken about attending couples counseling and working their fannies off for the sake of their union. Judging from this image, all of that blood, sweat, and tears might be for naught. They look ready to bounce.

9 Moody Moders (Julia Roberts and Danny Moder)

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Julia and Danny have defended their marriage, calling false when reports surface of a breakup, but from the looks of things, there might be some truth to rumors of unhappiness. Sure they have their arms around one another, but they seem to be miles apart and the looks on their faces pretty much say it all.

8 Timberlake Is On A Tight Leash

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Justin had his wild days to be sure, but those all seem to be ancient history. The pop star's actress wife keeps him on a pretty tight leash per okmagazine.com, and according to specific sources Biel even enforces curfews to make sure her once rogue partner stays on the straight and narrow. She isn't about to let him get away again, especially now that the couples share a son.

7 Tori Has Good Reason To Dislike Her Spouse

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Tori Spelling and her hubby Dean very well might be on the rocks. Their union started as a torrid love story, and since then, they have piled five kids into the relationship. Five kids! That would bring even the strongest couple to their knees. Dean also got caught being unfaithful to his famous wife, which might account for the onslaught of images such as this one.

6 LeAnn And Eddie Have Had A Rocky Road Since Day One

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While these two forever try and appear to be blissfully in love, we have to wonder if trouble is brewing behind those plastered on smiles. Images like this one have us thinking that at least part of their domestic euphoria is forced. This couple has battled against all sorts of odds to be together. Both were hitched when they took up with each other, and there are an outspoken ex-wife and step-children in the mix as well.

5 The Greens Break Up And Makeup

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Actor Brian Austin Green looks like he can not manage one more minute near his beautiful wife and mother to his children. The guy seems downright depressed! They can't even manage to sit side-by-side. Our bets are there is trouble in paradise with these two. Heaven knows that there have been plenty of waves before.

4 Mila And Ashton Can't Escape The Rumors

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We think that if this fairytale pair ever did decide to go their separate ways, our hearts might break more than theirs! Watching Kelso and Jackie make things official long after their television romance ended might have been too good to be true. The perfect pair doesn't look so perfect taking in a recent sporting event. They look over pretty bored.

3 Beibers Looking Like The Honeymoon Is Over Already

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Maybe there is trouble in paradise, but also perhaps he is merely disappointed in his new wife's choice of outdoor apparel. I don't care how much that coat cost, or who made it Hailey. It's uglier than sin. I would consider divorcing my spouse if he took me out on the town in something like this, no joke.

2 Bradley And His Model Baby Mama Prove Their Misery

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When images like this one of Cooper and his lady started surfacing, everyone speculated that forever would not be in the cards for them. It turns out we were right. The latest reports seem to point to a recent split, which is sad. We wish we had been wrong about these two.  They made such a cute little family.

1 Miranda Lambert And Her New Hubby Might Have Rushed To The Alter

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We hope that these two are merely busy on their devices and not already tired of one another. They are basically newlyweds! Despite looking every bit in love at many events, the paparazzi managed to snag a few images of the couple living their everyday life. Maybe their dazzling faces and lovey-dovey eyes get saved for the red carpet?

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