15 Celebs Who Aren't Rolling In Dough

We’ve all fallen on rough times before – it happens. Mainly it happens in our 20s when we’re just starting to get a handle on our finances while stepping out into the world for the very first time. We have our apartments that are most likely the size of a Cheerio box and living off a fixed income that only allows us to eat Top Ramen soup for days on end. Hey, that’s life in our early 20s though – we’re just learning how to properly manage money. However, these celebs on the other hand never got the memo, even when they were opening their big fat mouths to announce to the world how much they were worth at one time or another. Now? Heh, well now they’re broker than the average Joe they used to mock on a daily basis. Here are 15 overzealous, loud mouth fools who are now broker than even us.

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15 That Jello Money Just Isn't Cutting It Anymore - Bill Cosby

Great, there’s nothing like see this dang name pop up everywhere. However, since more and more allegations are surfacing about (once) powerful Hollywood men making horrible advances at women (and men) over the years, the Bill Cosby allegations seem like a cake walk (if the cake was arsenic flavored). This once beloved comedic figure and Jello spokesman shattered our souls when it revealed that he’s been nothing but a disgusting excuse for a human being who preyed on young women in the decades he was resting comfortably at the top. Dozens of women stepped forward in 2014 and now Cosby has since gone broke trying to pay them off and make them disappear as he did for so many years. And when that didn’t work, he used the rest of his former fortune in order to hire a legal team to defend his heinous actions. Sorry that we’re not sorry for the dust in your bank account, Bill.

14 The Now Very Desperate Housewife - Teresa Giudice

She was once a well-off woman who had the cars, the mansion, and the seemingly unlimited funds to keep updating the plastic on her face every two years or so, but one would have thought that The Real Housewives of New Jersey didn’t have a decent accountant who kept on top of her dwindling finances. Teresa Giudice was known for her obnoxious and loud mouth rage-fests that took place on the reality TV show that made her “semi” famous. In 2009, Giudice’s husband filed for bankruptcy and even canceled an auction that was being held in order to actually pay back the couple’s creditors. Teresa actually IGNORED all this and continued to throw money around to maintain her lavish, and fraudulent, lifestyle. In 2013 the couple was indicted on 39 counts of fraud and tax charges. It was nice to see her shut up for once after she and her hubby were sentenced to serve some time in the big house.

13 Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Are In The Red For Good

I have to say, I’m a little bit thrilled to see two obnoxious dill-weeds on this list because, in their earlier years, they had talked up so much crap, only to reveal now that they’re currently living with one of their mothers. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt discovered “fame” by whining their way through MTV reality show Laguna Beach and its spin-off The Hills. They literally couldn’t and wouldn’t shut their mouths. Montag went off to blow millions of dollars on unnecessary procedures that made her look like a Barbie doll that was tossed into a pit of hot lava. Of course, they now regret their lavish spending because Montag just gave birth to their first child and they’re desperately trying to get hired by anyone and everything that would even give them a second glance. From reality shows to probably panhandling on the street (I wouldn’t be too shocked).

12 Backstreet Isn't Back - Aaron Carter

I really didn’t even know this kid was a thing until he up and lost a crapload of his money. Apparently, he was a pop sensation by the age of 14, something he became after riding the coattails of his other brother Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys fame. The outspoken kid claimed to have made $200 million before the time he hit 18-years old. Turns out, his parents had “mismanaged” (a word that actually masks the word “stole) his money and lost around $180 million of his money. So, that means he had $20 million in the bank after he became an adult, right? WRONG. Turns out, he only had $2 million and owed $4 million in taxes, so he had to file for bankruptcy. He attempted to pull himself out of his financial sink hole by reviving his pop career, but the world already replaced him with Justin Bieber. Bummer, dude.

11 Kate "Plus 8 Million In Debt" Gosselin

Here’s another broke loud-mouth fool that I couldn’t care less about. Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin made her name by screaming bloody murder at her then-husband Jon Gosselin and their eight kids. When she ended up leaving Jon ( the guy was caught cheating… but no one could really blame him because both he and Kate were utter tools) and started the show Kate Plus 8, Gosselin was making around $250,000 an episode. However, someone should have told her both how to manage her money properly, and how to also keep her mouth shut in order for her to secure another job. After being unemployed for awhile, Gosselin blew through her savings which left her almost penniless. What she DID manage to do right was put away money for her children’s college fund and didn’t touch that. That almost makes up for her piercing, angry, tone.

10 Not So Much #WINNING Anymore - Charlie Sheen

If there was ANYONE who was louder than Andy freaking Dick, it would be the human equivalent of gas station sushi known in Hollywood circles as Charlie Sheen. At one point in time, Sheen was one of the highest paid actors thanks to his show Two and a Half Men. That’s not the case anymore, though, thanks to him shelling out boatloads of money in order to keep his HIV diagnoses hush-hush. On top of that, Sheen has mortgages, child support, and medical expenses to attend to, which is why he’s probably down to his last 99 cents. Sure, he was the lead on the show Anger Management but according to TMZ, since the show failed to turn a profit, Sheen didn’t make crap-o-la. So if you happen to run into Sheen rummaging through the discount bin at K-Mart, you’ll know why.

9 "You Can't Sit With Us!" - Lindsay Lohan

You wouldn’t think this actress would be dead broke since she was given SO MANY DANG OPPORTUNITIES over the years by numerous finically secure celebrities (*waves at Oprah*), but Lindsay Lohan is so financially idiotic that it’s a wonder she’s still able to afford the value deals at her local Wendy’s. Early in her career, her fortune was so deep that it couldn’t even be estimated by Forbes. Thanks to her lavish lifestyle and hardcore partying ways, the troubled actress is now B-R-O-K-E, broke, broke, broke! The Mean Girls actress has been in the hole since 2012 and while other celebrities have stepped forward to help her out (even Charlie Sheen once gave her $100,000 in order to keep her afloat), Lohan still threw it all away and verbalized with her idiotic loud mouth that people still “owed” her since she was so good at what she did. Such a waste of talent too.

8 OJ "I Didn't Do It, But If I Did..." Simpson

I mean really, are you surprised at this name? Well, you shouldn’t be. Before his life came famously crashing around all around him in the 1990s, former NFL running back turned actor OJ Simpson was commonly swan diving into his vast wealth a la Scrooge McDuck style. And then the guy had to up and murder his wife and her friend. Sure, we all know that he was found “not guilty” in that circumstance, but life found other ways to tighten a noose around the loquacious former athlete. Two years after he was acquitted of murder, Simpson was forced to pay $33.5 in a wrongful death lawsuit which put his finances in a major chokehold. He ended up defaulting on his mortgage and was arrested for a handful of felonies. Just goes to show you, what goes around comes around ten-fold.

7 Mr. Blade Runner Himself - Wesley Snipes

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite 1990s big-budget guy who starred in such films as White Men Can’t Jump, New Jack City, Demolition Man, and, why yes, of course, those Blade films. But now, actor Wesley Snipes is swimming in a sea of debt even though he made millions of dollars through his work. Snipes was famously thrown under the bus in 2006 when it was revealed that he had fraudulently obtained millions by way of tax refunds. Thanks to Snipes filing false income tax returns, he got thrown into the slammer by Uncle Sam and served three years behind bars. So now instead of being noted for being an actual decent actor, Snipes is simply now known as being a thorn in the IRS’s side. Remember kids, never attempt to pull the wool over the government’s eyes.

6 The Self-Appointed Diplomat - Dennis Rodman

Ugh, one of the LOUDEST basketball players in NBA history – and I’m not just talking about his eccentric style that made our eyes vomit from time to time, I’m talking about his actual crazy mouth. Dennis Rodman has never been one to shy away from giving his never-needed opinion. Heck, the man even once flew over to North Korea in an “attempt” to smooth over our foreign relations with the country. I mean, sure, if presidents can’t do it, surely a rainbow-haired athlete who doesn’t know how to shut up can! Pfft. Rodman made millions of dollars in the NBA during the 90s, but he managed to blow it all thanks to bail and legal fees because he was constantly finding himself in trouble with the law. He couldn’t even afford to pay his $1 million in unpaid child support.

5 Another One "Bites" The Dust - Mike Tyson

This actor is give-or-take when it comes to the expectations of this particular list. Meaning: you’re both not surprised nor do you really care one way or another. Former boxer Mike Tyson was always a controversial one when it came to his mouth, his antics, and his finances. Hey, everyone remembers when he famously bit off part of Evander Holyfield during a match in the ring? Psst – by the way, he was fined a whopping $3 million dollars for that incident. Afterward, he spent some time behind bars for being convicted of taking advantage of an 18-year old woman. Everyone thought a comeback was inevitable after his cameo in the hit movie The Hangover, but what he made off that film couldn’t crack a dent in his debt. Recently the IRS reportedly forgave Tyson’s debts, his still living meager paycheck to meager paycheck.

4 No, He Can No Longer Understand The Words That Are Coming Out of Your Mouth - Chris Tucker

Now here’s one actor who surprised even me by appearing on this list: Rush Hour funnyman Chris Tucker who seemed to make a living by profiting off his huge mouth and uncanny style. But after the dust of fame cleared, Tucker was left with staggering debt. The IRS went after him in 2014 and claimed that he owed a tax bill of $14 million, something that he didn’t even have at the time. Tucker and his financial advisers claimed that he was part of some financial management screw up and that he wasn’t to blame for this particular blunder. And did they believe him? Heck no, they didn’t and Tucker was forced to pay the government, leaving him with pretty much nothing. It’s a shame too – Tucker was absolutely hilarious.

3 Negative -50 Cent

Okay, this one made me laugh a little considering A) all the puns you could use with his rap name and B) he was never one to shy away from talking about his vast “wealth”. Rapper 50 Cent made millions of dollars throughout his entire career and managed to throw it all away in a short amount of time. In 2015, Mr. Cent (whose real name is Curtis Jackson) filed for bankruptcy because he managed to throw away those millions of dollars by making irresponsible decisions. What’s amusing is that 50 Cent had to go in front of a judge, who called him out on all the photos and music videos of him counting piles of cash. The rapper then claimed that the money was more of a prop used to create an image for himself.

2 Him Again? - Andy Dick

Everyone knows who “comedian” Andy Dick is, and it’s not by choice. The man forced his way into Hollywood by way of a 1990’s television show called NewsRadio (which actually featured a REAL comedian, the late Phil Hartman) and for decades continued to try to force feed audiences mediocre shows that featured his funky-looking face. And THEN the drinking and substance problem surfaced, but that didn’t seem to slow Dick down – bro was still creepy and gross as all heck (he exposed himself at a McDonalds, for crap’s sake. The only disgusting thing we want to see there is the food we’re trying to choke down). As the legal troubles mounted, whatever “fortune” he had started to dwindle down to mere pennies. Want to know what his net worth actually is right now? $5,000 big ones. THAT’S RIGHT.

1 The Lesser Baldwin - Stephen Baldwin

Haha, I can’t remember if this was the Baldwin that voted for Donald Trump while his other, more famous and wealthy brothers, called him out on it on Twitter? Either way, lesser Baldwin, Stephen, lost nearly his entire fortune after he failed to file income taxes for three years. He also wasn’t working at the time, so money was extremely short. “Mr. Baldwin is a man of faith,” his lawyer told CNN. “And it’s difficult for him to get jobs in Hollywood that are compatible with his faith, and that’s one of the difficulties he’s had paying off the money.” WAIT, ARE YOU BLAMING HIS MONEY WOES ON HIS ACTUAL FAITH? You KNOW his brothers are laughing hysterically at that statement. You can always shoot brother Alec a friendly but begging-like text, Stephen.

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