15 Celebs Who Are Turning Into The Kardashains

It's no secret that the Kardashians are not only wildly famous but also starting trends in the fashion and beauty industries. Even other celebrities are starting to copy their extreme style choices. The Kardashian and Jenner sisters have so many social media followers and are so popular that all they have to do is make a single move and they'll start setting off trends left and right. The fast fashion industry has to keep up with them or get left behind, and now that they own their own clothing lines and beauty products, they are literally creating consumer goods. Not to mention the fact that people have started altering their bodies to keep up with the style of face and body modifications that the Kardashians have also chosen to do. Brazilian butt lifts, anyone?! The following 15 celebrities have turned up suddenly looking identical to the Kardashians.

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15 Katy Perry

Teen Vogue

Katy Perry changes up her look pretty frequently so it's not too surprising that she would hit all the hot trends at some point. But her style has evolved from candy pop crazy to a little more sexy... which is where the Kardashian influences have seemed to leak in. Katy however knew exactly what she was doing, and at one point even captioned a photo “Katy Kardashian.” The photo was from a shoot where she donned a mauve body suit that was similar to a latex dress Kim had worn. She also wore tons of lashes for the shoot, as well as double braids for her long blonde hair, a look that we've also seen on the Kardashians. Katy even had the highlighter on the cheekbone thing going on. Kylie and Kim both liked the photo after Katy posted it, and Kim even left some fire and kiss emojis. They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

14 Naya Rivera


Glee star Naya Rivera has started looking so much like Kim Kardashian that Kim's pals Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck have actually called Naya out for “impersonating Kim.” At one point Jonathan posted to social media "We all know you want to be Kim, but you don't got it boo, and the only cover you will be gracing is the Single White Female 2 straight to DVD box set." Yikes! Harsh words. Naya seemed to get a boob job and a nose job, (or is that contour?), but she has also changed her hair and clothing style to match the Kardashians as well. In 2014 when Kim debuted shoulder length blonder hair, Naya went to the same hairdresser to get the exact same hairstyle. She even has the same color scheme and little teepee in her kid's nursery that Kourtney does. She wears a very similar style of clothing as the ladies.

13 Lennon Stella

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Nashville star Lennon Stella decided to go a little Kylie when she turned 17. The actress started posting photos to her social media account where the sexy open mouth Kylie pout started making an appearance. There's clearly an influence there. What's really crazy about Lennon's career path is that she didn't actually intend to be an actress. Lennon and her sister Maisie are both musicians and they started posting cover songs online. The people of Nashville ended up wanting them both to come in to audition to play singing sisters on the show. They booked the gig, and here we are. Lennon (who was named after John Lennon) said that her mom had one house rule and it was to sing whenever. No one was allowed to tell anyone to stop singing. She has said, "I think it's because my mom was shushed a lot when she was growing up, and when you're young, you're experimenting and trying different things with your voice. If someone tells you to be quiet, it makes you feel insecure."


12 Snooki


Snooki, or Nicole Polizzi as we call her these days, really did a style turnaround a few years after leaving the Jersey Shore life. Nicole lost tons of weight and after she became a mom, she actually started using the waist trainers that the Kardashians have made so popular. Snooki has reportedly been a huge fan of Kylie's lips (aren't they all?) and she loves Kim's fashion sense. Snooki went so far as to admit that she's obsessed with Kylie. She has said, "I'm obsessed with her. So I really want to get like a plump because I have no upper lip at all. I love Kylie's lips they're gorgeous. I don't know what's in there, but I love it and I kind of want it." As far as the similar clothing styles, that's been very intentional too. On Kim: "I love her! I've been really obsessed with the Kardashians lately, so I'm trying to do a Kylie lip and Kim look...Guilty!" Lol. At least she knows what she's doing and seems totally comfortable with her style inspos.

E! Online

11 Nicole Scherzinger

On way to #billboards2017

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Nicole Scherzinger has been frequently compared to the Kardashians. Specifically, she has been compared to Kim Kardashian. You have to admit that Nicole and Kim have always kind of looked alike. They both have the full lips along with lots of long dark hair and ample cleavage. So with Nicole it's not a case of copying the Kardashians it just happens to be the case. They both post lots of selfies, lots of lounging by the pool in bathing suits. Although Nicole is very obviously physically active and also posts a lot of photos of her doing various yoga poses and dance moves, also while wearing a bathing suit. At one point Nicole got caught lying about her age and admitted that she was actually older than she had said. (She is currently 38.) But she has denied claims that she's gotten any work done over the years.


10 Brielle Beirmann

Brielle Biermann Kim Zolciak's daughter, who you probably know from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Brielle started plumping her pout at the young age of 19. Although that seems to be pretty standard these days. Kim has been totally supportive of the idea and actually took her to the doctor when the big day came. She said, "First of all, she's almost 20, so talk to her. And then, why not? Shoot it up! I've heard her complain about her lips since she came out of the womb, honestly. And she said, 'I'm doing it.' I was like, 'I'm going to take you to the best.'" The mother and daughter duo now get their lips done every three to four months when they're in L.A. together. The first time she did it Brielle actually documented the process of getting her lips done on Snapchat. Interesting, and not entirely surprising either. Brielle is rocking a lot of the Kylie look these days.


9 Ariel Winter

Elite Daily

Modern Family star Ariel Winter grew up on TV so it's not exactly surprising that the actress looks might change over the years. But the direction of her style evolution has seemed to coincide a lot with the Kardashian/Jenner vibe that seems to be so trendy. The teen has stepped out looking a lot like Kim many times. She chooses to wear the same type of makeup, clothing, and hairstyles. Ariel has rocked chokers like Kim, she has nailed a similar over the shoulder pose, and she also posts bathing suit mirror selfies with a single leg cocked. She posts the same Snapchat filter selfies, long double braids, and even hoop earrings. Ariel has been a huge advocate for body positivity and loving the skin that you're in, so if she happens to be getting some of that confidence about loving her body from watching Kim K love her own body, so honestly, you could probably say that this is a good thing.


8 Bella Thorne


As far as body shapes go, Bella Thorne is more in the Kendall Jenner territory. But her lippy pout pics are all Kylie.  Oh yeah, and she also had a rumored fling with Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian's ex and baby daddy. And she also defended Kim's naked photos when that was still controversial for some reason. She said, "I think every woman should be allowed to make their own choices with their OWN bodies." Damn girl! It's safe to say that Bella has been keeping up with the Kardashians. The actress has been very active on her social media accounts lately flaunting her body from all angle. She seems to be having a good time, so good for her. Bella claimed that the "fling" with Scott was anything but. The two did hang out in Cannes (and possibly kissed? Looks that way), but Bella said that Scott drinks too much and she doesn't drink at all so it didn't work. Or does she have to say that since she's only 19?

7 Aubrey O'Day


Aubrey O'Day looks completely different than she looked back on her Making the Band days... and she looks very very Kardashian! Aubrey has adopted a very similar clothing style and has even rocked the exact same dress as Khloe. She also seems to have gotten some facial work done that gives her that smooth and defined Kardashian look, as well as has adopted their makeup techniques and love of lashes. She seems to have gotten her boobs done, her lips done, a nose job, and some even see that she's had her butt done. Aubrey hasn't directly commented on any of it except that she's aware of the rumors. Apparently Aubrey even turned to Kim K for advice when she had some nude photos leak. She claims that both Kim and Jenna Jameson gave her the same advice: "Honey, you’ll love it because it’s making you a bigger star."


6 Adrienne Bailon


Some people have pointed out that Adrienne Bailon has been morphing into a Kardashian as well. If you think back Adrienne has actually known the family for a long time, she used to date Rob and was on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for a while. The two broke up in 2009 and Rob later admitted that he cheated on her during the relationship, but she has still remained close with some of the members of the family. She does not stay in touch with Rob, but she does talk to the ladies. She has said, "I think they’ll always be a part of my life!" Adrienne has started posting photos where she looks very Kardashian, rocking the nude colors, the giant lips, and even similar poses. Some people find this odd considering that she has so much history with the family, but perhaps that's why she also feels so close enough to cop the vibe.

5 McKayla Maroney


Gymnast McKayla Maroney turned up with a noticeably different looking face after her Olympic performance. Fans started accusing McKayla Maroney of getting lip injections and changing up her look to look more like King Kylie Jenner. McKayla adamantly denied the accusations, saying that she hadn't done anything to her face at all: she said,"I haven’t had anything done. I’m just getting older.” But then again, Kylie was not exactly up front about her lip injections when she first started noticeably plumping her pout. In fact, they both used the same excuse that they were overdrawing on their lips and the simple makeup trick was all that was at play. Sometimes the truth just takes a little time to come out. McKayla has admitted that she's a huge fan of Drake and that she has her own music career in the works.

4 Olivia Pierson And Natalie Halcro


WAGS stars Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro often get compared to the Kardashians. Their TV show does happen to be on the same network, but the ladies are clearly influenced by the Kardashian brand. They're fans of the monochromatic, tight, and curvy outfits that the Kardashians love so much. Beige head to toe? It's happening. They're also contour queens and rock the fake lashes like nobody's business, as well as have high cheekbones, full lips, and curvy bods. Olivia and Natalie also happen to be cousins as well as friends, so they look a lot alike in the same way that the Kardashian sisters do. They look a bit different, and yet very much the same. The girls look so much look the Kardashians that when scrolling through certain photos you might literally do a double take to figure out who you're actually looking at.

3 Iggy Azalea


Iggy Azalea seems to have taken a page out of the Kardashian book by enhancing that booty! She hasn't exactly confirmed that she's changed up her butt, but she has discussed her other enhancements openly so it's not exactly unlikely that she would have plumped up her derrierie as well. When asked about whether or not she had butt implants at one point she responded “I’m gonna put you up on game: It’s real in your hands, but y’all don’t need to be worrying about booty that’s above your weight class.” It's not that we're worried exactly, Iggy. Iggy actually publicly thanked her doctor on social media at one point by giving him a birthday shoutout. "Happy birthday @DrGhavami. It might seem obvious I'd hold the man I owe my fabulous nose and breasts to in high regard." Very sweet. Whether the booty is real or not she definitely loves showing it off, mirror butt selfies included.

2 Kamilla Osman

Kamilla Osman is not as famous as the others on this list...but she looks so much like a Kardashian that it's completely insane! Kamilla is a designer and blogger living a very Kardashian-esqe lifestyle. Although... she says she doesn't see it. She has said, "I personally do not see that much resemblance with Kim Kardashian in myself. I believe it is the long dark hair, almond eyes, and olive skin tone, skinny face which makes us alike. But I first started getting comments on it when I was 15 years old." Hmm. Kamilla has also shared that people chase her down the street and say something about the resemeblence every day if not every single hour that she's out and about. Must be good for her business. Kamilla has 402,000 followers on social media so that's something. But really how could she not see the resemeblenace with the similar fashion, makeup, and pose choices? Craziness.


1 Blac Chyna


Is there anyone who wants to be a Kardashian more than Blac Chyna?! She literally tried to marry her way into the family and become one when she snagged Rob! Maybe she still will. Those crazy kids just got back together. Maybe. It's kind of hard to keep up with them! Good thing there's only one guy in that family who can give away the Kardashian name because it could seriously get chaotic with women competing for Rob's hand. In additition to potentially becoming a Kardashian, Blac has been on trend with the Kardashian vibe for a while. She's been waist training, working booty shots, and even wearing wigs a la Kylie. Blac actually put in an application to trademark the name “Angela Renée Kardashian” in anticipation for her marriage to Rob, but that request was denied. The lawyers claimed that the family would “suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill” if Blac took on the family name. It might be easy enough to copy the Kardashian style, but the name? Not happening!

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