15 Celebs Who Are Total Ugos Without Their Glam Squads

I’m an all or nothing kind of girl: I’m either all dolled up from head to toe in potentially ankle-breaking high heels, or unrecognizable in sweats and sandals. So, I can relate to some of these celebs that look off when they’re not all glammed up by their squads. However, most of these celebs aren’t honest about their beauty.

Duh, you will look flawless with a film of foundation and carefully designed contour on, but they are selling their fans a fantasy. Because of these ladies, women find it hard to embrace their natural beauty. Why? Because celebs have been lying since the start of tabloids bout their beauty regimens, and how beautiful they are naturally.

Well guess what, even the hottest women in the world look a little crazy without a full face of make up on. And that’s normal. They make other women feel horrible about themselves by selling a false look. Everyone’s got dark circles, or acne marks, or sparse eyebrows when you take a wipe to their faces. And many celeb women tag themselves as looking flawless without makeup when in fact they decided to use minimal foundation and a good blending hand to help them out a bit. Do not be fooled, women come in my shapes and sizes, and they are all beautiful. Don’t believe all the lies that people sell through Instagram filters.


15 No Wonder Kylie Jenner Needed To Create Her Own Makeup Company


The ‘hottest’ sister doesn’t look so hot without over-lined lips and a good concealer. Kylie Jenner is just another girl bouncing around town in an unimpressive bun, sans makeup. Despite her face being actually makeup free, her brows are on point. And as well all know, brows can really make or break a good face.

The youngest Jenner who shoots her own YouTube videos knows a thing or two about makeup. Didn’t you hear? Her own beauty line is said to be worth $1 billion in 5 years. If this is true, then we hope she will give us more believable makeup looks with quality items. Until then, we will be waiting for Kylie to keep it real on social media rather than posting overly edited images.

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14 Her 90210 Days Are Lonnnnng Gone


Gorgeous actress Annalyn McCord is always cast in a super hot female role. And why not, she’s gorgeous! However, Annalyn has recently opened up about how she never thought she could be beautiful because of her skin woes. Acne has affected many of us, and though it can be embarrassing, it is a very normal skin problem that many of us face.

Thankfully, Annalyn had no problem baring her true face, acne marks and all, to us on her social media. And she continues to remain honest about the difference between her red carpet flawless makeup, and her at-home acne masks. It’s important for women and girls to know that they are not alone when it comes to feeling embarrassed over skin conditions that they cannot control. It happens to all of us, even the ‘hot’ actress.


13 Is This A Supermodel Or A Newfound Alien Species...No One Will Ever Know


Everyone knows Tyra Banks as one of the world’s hottest super models. She went on to create America’s Next Top Model which has had countless seasons, and, of course, no shortage of Tyra talking about herself the entire time. This lady is not afraid to take a no makeup selfie—and I do mean a real one.

We can all related to our brows looking crazy and skin looking ashy before all of our prepping work begins. This former model has no problem baring it all to the public. Which we should see more often. We get it, most of us look bad without any makeup on, but it would help if celebs admitted to wearing tons of makeup to look perfect more often. Their image is apparently too important.


12 This Is Why Redheads Get A Bad Rep


When the image on the left first surface a couple of years ago, I was wondering who the paparazzi confused Kathy Griffin for. But low and behold, it really is her. The red head comedian was out taking a hike with her then boyfriend. But it’s impossible to tell who she is without any makeup on.

Maybe it’s mostly her eyes that throw us off, or that her bangs were pulled back. Did anyone ever actually see Kathy’s forehead prior to this image surfacing? Of course, no one should every workout with makeup on. You are just asking for breakouts if you do so. It’s just hard to believe that they are the same women. But low and behold, Kathy always has a clan face when heading for a good hike.


11 Khloe Kardashian — Truly Day And Night


Khloe Kardashian always tells the story of how she was the ugly duckling of all her beautiful siblings. But don’t feel bad for her. Like Kim, she is used to an over the top daily beauty regimen and hardcore workout that helped her get her trim figure. Or so she claims.

Everyone used to think that Khloe was the ‘cool’, down to earth sister, but she’s just as vain as the rest of her siblings. She’s been criticized for getting caught editing her images various times. It’s also rumored that she got a ton of work done to her face to make her more attractive. But without her glam squad, Khloe looks like your average girl in her favorite pair of sweats. She’s almost unrecognizable.

10 Mariah Carey Looks Unrecognizable

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When they said Mariah was having a small role in the movie Precious, we waited and waited and she never came up. Oh wait…that was her?! Yup. Without a full face of makeup on, the diva looks anything but. Mariah is barely recognizable because frankly this is her first ‘toned’ down look.

Mariah is known for diva antics and attitude. And of course, she wouldn’t be caught dead out of character. It’s surprising that she took on a roll that ‘uglied’ her down. But hey, it worked for Charlize Theron and she’s an award winner. Mariah didn’t win any awards this time, but she did get some side eye from us. If this is what she looks ‘toned’ down…what else is she hiding? Now we’re just curious and waiting.

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9 Even One Of Men's Most Sought After Celebs Isn't So Cute Without Her Face Made Up

Total Beauty

Mila Kunis is known as a Hollywood beauty. But the minute she steps out of her own home, it’s hard to tell. She doesn’t care for style or grace usually. When the paparazzi snaps her it’s usually at her worst. She’s incredible on the red carpet. But off of the red carpet, she’s just your average girl.

She does have a tendency to lean on the ‘sloppy’ side when it comes to styling herself. It’s like she has no care to put in any effort. Hey, I can totally relate. But it’s hard to believe that the slob you see on the streets is the same beauty that dazzles on the red carpet. Apparently, there’s no in-between for Mila Kunis. But hey, if she’s happy, so are we.


8 We Have No Idea How She's Still Relevant


The America Idol alum and the original winner has had quite an unstable career. She stunned us with her first album and then left us in the dust for years waiting on her next album. But in true Kelly Clarkson style, it was worth the wait. Of course, when she is rocking out on stage, Kelly wears a full face of makeup. How on earth does she keep it from melting off though?!

However, Kelly has no problem getting photographed out and about with no makeup on. You would have to do a triple take to realize who she is without makeup. Imagine running into her on the street—would you notice? Probably not, I sure wouldn’t. Thankfully Kelly is one of the few ladies who keeps its real, she knows makeup alters her looks and she doesn’t care for it off stage.


7 A Lifelong Career Is Definitely Taking Its Toll On Madonna


Even Madonna is prone to aging! Hello, this woman is 59 years old and is still touring and working on new music. Talk about a lifetime of success. For years Madonna has been condemned for having all of her images heavily edited to make her look younger. It’s easy to forget that even in Hollywood women age. Yes, that’s right. And it’s perfectly normal.

However, Madonna has never really embraced aging like other celebs in her age group. But this is the real Madonna. There is nothing wrong with sport wrinkles. It’s natural! At some point, we will all get them. It would be nice if older celebs would stop trying to cover up the fact that they’re aging. Hello, we’re human, it happens. It won’t shock us.


6 Explain To Me Why They Picked Her As A Judge Again?

Tengri MIX

Supermodel Heidi Klum is another among the slew of hot models of the world who refuse to show us the truth, especially on social media, where they mostly control their images. At 44 Heidi has no problem posting topless selfies for her Instagram feed. But what she won’t do is admit to having any kind of signs of aging. Heidi, you’re 44…why not embrace it and show other 44-year-old women that it’s okay to be imperfect?

Even at 44 she still looks excellent, sure. But Heidi will only continue to post her best angles rather than give us a real role model to look up to. Look elsewhere if you want that truth on how a 40-something looks like. We get it, you’re beautiful, but so are many other women who would appreciate someone like Heidi on their side.


5 One Of The Actresses That Needs All The Help She Can Get From Beauty Experts


Katie Holmes is one of the few major celebrity faces that often goes makeup free into the world. Whenever she is spotted out and about, she’s not worried about impressing anyone. Her attention is usually on daughter Suri. On the bright side, she doesn’t lie as much as others on this list about her looks.

Whenever Katie is all glam, she is still recognizable. She doesn’t need a crazy amount of contouring or anything done. She evens out her skin tone and opts for a good blush. Whatever eye cream she is using, though, we need to know! Without makeup you can see her under eyes are puffy and droopy. Whatever product she is using under her makeup completely camouflages the problem area and immediately perfects it.


4 Thank Goodness For Her Talented Voice...

Rebel Circus

Adele has no time for you, me, or the paparazzi. She doesn’t care if you snap her makeup free because she’s human, she has flaws, and she’s not afraid to show it. All though, the difference can be drastic. She gets dolled up for the red carpet, of course, and when she’s performing. But she is dying to live ‘normal’ life after her latest album.

She gives us incredible music and then takes it away. But one this she consistently does is give us the truth. Adele has face opposition for her weight and looks, and yet she doesn’t care. Yes, the difference between her clean face and a red carpet face will make you do a double take, but at least she’s never lied to her fans about it.


3 Kim Kardashian Has Done ALL The Treatments AND More

Sassy Dove

Kim K is considered the mother of contour, so it’s nice to see that the middle Kardashian sister has no problem stepping into the spotlight dark circles and all. It is a rare sight. Kim makes a point to look flawless, even if she’s wearing thousand dollar sweats. However, every now and then she will let her guard down.

And you can tell just how much makeup she usually sports. After all, it’s said that her makeup routine takes a good 5 hours to perfect. That is a lot of time to sit in a chair and wait to look flawless. It just goes to show you that one of the most beautiful women in the world needs a few hours just to look decent.


2 Let's Hope Kate Hudson Doesn't Follow In Her Footsteps


Goldie Hawn is a legend, but I think it’s safe to say that she is also a mess. Age is nothing but a number, but Goldie has not aged well. Which is strange considering that her daughter Kate Hudson has managed to age impeccably. I guess there’s still time to find out.

Goldie seems to have forgotten sunscreen and firming products. It’s as if she uses nothing to combat any skin woes and depends on makeup to cover up all of her flaws when stepping out on the red carpet. She maybe not be aging well, but hey Hollywood can’t win them all. At least she still has a great, full head of hair. Other than that, Goldie has completely given up on caring what you or I think about her looks.


1 Anna Kournikova's Under-Eye Bags Are As Big As Tennis Balls


Anna Kournikova is known for her tennis game and her long time relationship with Enrique Iglesias. Even a hottie who landed a highly coveted Latin artist knows the effort that some blush plays in her life. Don’t get me wrong, women are not expected to wear makeup all the time. To each their own.

It’s the constant strains on perfection that they place on the rest of us women that breaks the wheel. Anna has showed us that if you want to look glam for your man, go for it, but it you just want to take a day away from your beauty products, that’s cool too. Just be sure to moisturize with a cooling formula that will tone down the puffiness in your face.

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