15 Celebs Who Are (Sadly) No Longer Considered Heartthrobs

So many stars have to to keep their bodies in tip-top shape because they are in the spotlight. They only slip in and out of different body shapes for movie roles. Some transformations leave us shocked at what can happen to a man if he just gives up; which a few do. However, a good number manage to get back to their default body types.

A few celebrities have lost their charming looks to old age, health issues, life stresses or a change in lifestyle. However, they probably could care less what people think about their looks and they are right, their happiness is all that matters. Here are 15 celebs who are sadly no longer considered heartthrobs.

15 Shia LaBeouf's Transformers Transformation

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Shia LaBeouf is another Hollywood star who is sadly no longer considered a heartthrob. LaBeouf has been a charmer since his childhood acting days on Even Stevens and grew up a favorite for many owing to his good looks. However, LaBeouf now rocks a raggedy look which fans do not find appealing as fame10 points out.

14 Clearly, Lucas Scott Is No Longer In Highschool

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Blonde Hottie Chad Murray was a teen heartthrob thanks to his role as Lucas Scott in the drama series One Tree Hill. Millions of women wanted to date him but he ended up marrying one of his co-stars. However, the two parted ways and Murray kept a pretty low-key lifestyle. According to cheatsheet, he is ready to make another splash on TV hopefully it will come with a new look.

13 Sean Penn Used To Look Like That?

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Sean Penn has been a charmer since his early years of acting but sadly, he is no longer considered a heartthrob thanks to aging. According to cheatsheet, Penn has been in more than 50 films since 1970 and is still at it. However, he now prefers being a director and filmmaker.

12 Vince Vaughn Is Ideal For Dad Roles

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Once known for his good looks and charming physique, actor and comedian Vince Vaughn now proudly spots the typical dadbod. Unlike other actors who shy away from the spotlight, Vaughn is still very much into acting and it is probably why he is not so worried about his new look as lolwot reveals. Being happily married for almost a decade might also have something to do with it.

11 Brendan Fraser Is Planning A Comeback

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Brendan Fraser who is best known for his role in George Of The Jungle and The Mummy now rocks the dadbod and is no longer a heartthrob. Earlier on, Fraser boasted a six-pack and well-toned body, which gained him a lot of lead roles but since sliding into the new look his roles drastically, reduced. According to heightline, he is planning a comeback and we cannot wait.

10 Matt Damon Is Not

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What happened to the well-toned Matt Damon? Damon has recently been spotting the dadbod and his fans no longer consider him a heartthrob as revealed by cheatsheet. Damon has been fluctuating his body mass over the years for movie roles and we hope this is the reason for his recent gain.

9 When Alec Baldwin Didn't Need To Impersonate Anyone 

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Actor Alec Baldwin briefly gained weight due to the stress of putting his daughter up in a rehab facility back in 2015. Baldwin who was used to melting women by just a winking is no longer considered a heartthrob. While he has tried to shed off the pounds, he still has not managed to make a proper comeback as heightline reveals.

8 In Memory Of John Travolta's Hair

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Travolta has struggled with his body changes over the years; however, the Grease star managed a comeback but what eventually kicked him out of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs list was going bald earlier this year. According to usatoday, Travolta said the new look was a New Year's Eve idea he decided to keep for a while. We hope not for too long.

7 Remember When Gerard Butler Said, "This Is Sparta"? 

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The 300 star Gerard Butler has gained a lot of attention for his fluctuating body mass. According to radaronline, he recently packed on the pounds for his role as an undercover police officer in the film Den Of Thieves and has since not lost the pounds. Butler is now no longer considered a heartthrob in Hollywood probably just until he gets back his former fit physique.

6 Young Macaulay Culkin's Reaction To His Older Self

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Former child actor Macaulay Culkin was once the heartthrob thousands of school going girls wanted to date. Best known for his role as Kevin in the Home Alone film series, Culkin grew up being the envy of many men despite not being very physically attractive as fame10 reveals. However, things have taken a negative turn for him. He is no longer a heartthrob in Hollywood.

5 Young Captain Jack Sparrow AKA Johnny Depp

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Naturally, everyone’s favorite pirate is sadly no longer considered a heartthrob thanks to his recent legal battles and substance abuse allegations. According to theguardian, people liked Depp for his bad boy persona in the Pirate’s franchise but following his recent turn of events, it seems he has ruined his reputation for future roles. We hope things turn around for him.

4 Bobby Brown Has Been Through So Much

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Time has not been kind to Mr. Brown. The 50-year-old singer has struggled a lot with substance abuse and it is clear that his looks have seen better days. Brown is no longer the heartthrob he used to be in his yesteryears. According to abcnews, it took jail time for Brown to get clean and sober.

3 At Least Rob Kardashian Is Way More Famous Today

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Sadly, Rob Kardashian is no longer considered a heartthrob due to his drastic body changes. Back in the day, the youngest of the Kardashians was incredibly fit, hot and self-assured. However, over the years he has struggled with his body mass and confidence. According to TMZ, Kardashian is ready to lose the extra kilos and get his life back. Go Rob!

2 Val Kilmer Used To Be The Top .01%

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The chiseled hunk from Batman Forever is sadly no longer a heartthrob. Kilmer who was once considered the sexiest actor alive has experienced some weight fluctuations over the years. Kilmer even went close to the 300-pound mark due to health conditions but decided to shed it off and live a healthy life as heightline reveals.

1 Charlie Sheen Has Seen Better Days

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Hollywood hunk Charlie Sheen was a ladies’ magnet probably due to his charming looks and personality but over the recent years, Sheen is no longer considered a heartthrob. The Two and A Half Men star struggled with health issues and a drinking problem. However, according to usatoday, he recently revealed he has been sober for over a year and has been going for therapy.

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