15 Celebs Who Are Photoshop Pros On Social Media (& 5 Who Keep It Real)

Photoshop should rename itself "The Elephant In The Room." Quite literally. Whether it's slimming waistlines, enlarging thigh gaps, boosting the upper body or eradicating pores, the Photoshop wand is alive. The one area in which it seems to be busiest? Celebrity social media.

Kylie Jenner was still in her teens when fans started calling "Photoshop!" They were noticing wonky walls in the background, while Kylie confidently took yet another underwear selfie. Oddly, Victoria's Secret models– whom you'd think wouldn't need it– are also part of the #PhotoshopClub.

The irony here? When it comes to the highest-earning celebs (*cough* Karadashians and Hiltons), it's unlikely that they themselves ever edit a thing. It's called having a professional team on the payroll. Turns out though, even the pros aren't too good at their jobs sometimes.

While Kim Kardashian mostly stays silent over what look like suspiciously edited pics, other stars are taking the opposite route– keeping it real and refusing to edit a thing. Here are 15 Photoshop pros, plus 5 celebs who stand firm on staying natural. (Some of the pros need to brush up their skills, though.)

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20 Selena Gomez: Slide Your Eye To The Left, Spot The Wonky Wall

via: twittter

Photoshop is the last thing we'd expect from singer Selena Gomez. This girl rocks #NoMakeUp looks like nobody's business– except when she doesn't. In 2017, makeup artist, Hung Vanngo caused a major storm by posting this pic of Selena to Twitter, as Seventeen reports.

Fans spotted the wonky furniture above Selena's left shoulder– does metal in your bedroom also "bend" like that?

In 2018, Selena once again found herself under fire for appearing to have been Photoshopped for her Coach ads. As Seventeen reports, she was edited so much that it didn't even look like her.

We'd ask, but Selena is "taking her break" from social media. Pity, this girl is so beautiful. This pic was captioned: "Casual day in LA." Right...

19 Kylie Jenner: Shows Real Scars, Deletes Photoshopped Pics When She "Gets Caught"

via: instagram

Kylie Jenner might as well have Photoshop as her middle name. Projecting perfection is how Kylie makes money– with $900 million, you could say that she's a pro at that, too. Sadly, the entire Lip Kit empire is built on a "helping hand." Kylie has admitted that her lips aren't naturally that full.

From wonky door frames and exaggerated hips, busts or waistlines, Kylie has been caught Photoshopping multiple times. In 2017, fans called Photoshop on a pic of Kylie on Instagram. At the most, Kylie "defended herself" by explaining that she knew the curtain looked crooked, The Sun reports. Right. Fans continue to question this girl's concept of reality.

18 Ariana Grande: Street Shots Look Like This, Album Covers Have Freakishly Huge Hands

via: dailymail

A lot of things are platinum for Ariana Grande right now. "Thank U, Next" is officially platinum. So is her hair. Ariana's social media works hard to stay trendy– lots of super-blurry shots and that signature wink all help to keep Ariana relevant. To be fair, this girl is super talented.

The countdown to "Focus" saw Ari take to Instagram in full "Ariana style." The cat-winged eyeliner was there, the ponytail was #SpotOn, but fans noticed something strange about Ari's hand.

This isn't a "size doesn't matter" issue. You'd need to be The Hulk to have hands that big. "hahaha only on Photoshop for now," was Ari's tweet in 2014. Hmm.

17 Kim Kardashian: Squashed Car In The Background, #Busted

via: instagram

In March 2018, Kim was front-page news by showing her endorsement of #MarchForOurLives. Kim marched that parking lot in the best casual look she could manage, but there was a fail.

Look at the car in the background. Unless you've seen one like that on the streets...#Photoshop.

"I only added a filter to it," Kim wrote after fan messages poured in, as reported by Refinery29. "That's a narrow car in the background," was one comment. Kim maintains that the "fan mirrored the photo, which is the reason the car looks like that." Possibly off the hook this time, but this reality queen has Photoshop guilt galore to her name.

16 Nicki Minaj: "I Love My Personal Unretouched Photos"

via: instagram

Nicki Minaj is not to be messed with. The nails and wigs might be fake, but this #Queen knows better than to edit her photos. In fact, Nicki likes the rawness of unedited pics.

"I love my personal unretouched photos where my forehead doesn't mysteriously grow in length," Nicki said after reposting pics of an ESPN cover that had her angry due to the magazine's attempt to edit her face too much, Business Insider reports.

Nicki has said that "success" is what intimidates other people. The most intimidating woman in hip-hop has earned her status from hard work, talent, a unique beauty, and definitely none of that editing. The one place Nicki will edit? The studio.

15 Britney Spears: Perfect Social Media, Paparazzi Tells A Different Story

via: mystylenews

Britney Spears was a parking lot queen then, and she still is now. The trailer park look is part of what makes Britney so relatable, although this singer knows how to glam up. Now aged 37, Britney does seem to be trying to cling to her 20-something appearance.

"Cinamin Toast Crunch" showed Britney's inability to spell on a grocery list. As for social media? That likely gets edited very carefully.

Britney's Instagram shows itsy-bitsy pink dresses, lots of midriff and a suspiciously polished appearance for someone who looks like this in real life. "I don't pretend to be someone I'm not," Britney has said. Right.

14 Demi Lovato: Beverage Photoshopped Out Of Her Hand, Has To "Explain Herself"

via: capitalxtra

It's early days for Demi Lovato, who is emerging like a deer in the headlights following some much-needed personal time. Demi always had a raw appeal, which is precisely why fans were confused by this pic.

In 2018, Demi celebrated her sobriety with some friends. This pic surfaced. Within minutes, fans had noticed that Demi's hand appeared to be clutching an invisible beverage.

The pic followed an original image, which was quickly deleted by Demi's friend, Hayley Kiyoko. "I don't have to defend anything but it was Red Bull," Demi wrote, as E Online reports. If you're going to have your hand scrunched as though clutching a beverage, don't Shop it out.

13 Kendall Jenner: "Gal Ya Walls Look Curved," Hasn't Made A Single Statement

via: instagram

Kendall Jenner is a girl with almost as many Photoshop issues as she has modeling contracts. Ironic, right? A girl who, according to Forbes, earned $22 million in 2017 for being beautiful now finds herself topping Photoshop controversy lists.

First, there was that attractive bathroom pic of Kendall in underwear. While most guys were glued to Kendall, girls noticed that the bathroom walls seemed wonky. "Nice try Kendall," was one response.

Kendall continues to raise eyebrows with skin that appears to have no pores, a waistline that sometimes seems enhanced and still zero comments, interviews or statements on the subject. Way to be a diva.

12 Khloe Kardashian: "Freaks Out" When This Paparazzi Pic Surfaces

via: dailymail

With that less-than-reliable baby daddy, Khloe Kardashian has a lot on her plate. Now over seven months into her mommy journey, 34-year-old Khloe is convinced that motherhood has "changed her." That was until this pic of her in Ohio surfaced.

Khloe "vowed" to hit the gym after seeing this pic. "I can't believe how big my [behind] looks!" she said, as Daily Mail reports. Photoshop? It's nothing new.

Khloe has taken selfies of enviable abs and had fans noticing crooked walls and fixtures in the background. Her close-ups show highly-defined features, little in the way of blemishes and likely the same person on the payroll as Kim. That could be good makeup, though.

11 JLO: Always Perfect

via: instagram

At 49 years old, Jennifer Lopez is an undisputable legend. JLO's tunes will forever be sing-a-long material, her moves are epic and with over 80 million Instagram followers, she's way ahead of younger stars like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.

Look at this pic carefully, though. See how everything about Jen's face is perfectly aligned, smooth, crease-free and sharp? JLO's IG is basically one giant #Repeat of this– the odd #NoMakeUp selfie breaks it up, but those are few and far between.

"I'm Real" is one of JLO's famous tracks. Given that Jen had to shut down Photoshop claims in the past, we can't help but question the woman behind the lyrics.

10 Gal Gadot: Social Media Looks Like This, Real Life Looks Exactly The Same

via: people

Finally, an A-Lister who doesn't seem to be editing her social media. Gal Gadot is as real as they come. The Wonder Woman actress served two years as a combat instructor in her native Israeli military, but has also modeled. While she is the face of Revlon (meaning there's some makeup on the IG), we're just not seeing the super-polished and likely-Photoshopped vibe that other celebs throw us. Gal means "wave" in Hebrew. Looking refreshed without a digital touch-up, this girl lives up to her name.

9 Gigi Hadid: Posts Vogue Covers To Social Media, Fans Notice The World's Longest Arm

via instagram

Gigi Hadid– the "it" girl who seems to have it all. Gigi has icy-blue eyes, stunning bone structure, delicate features and a #Model physique. Over 40 million of us are following her on Instagram. Gigi regularly posts her magazine covers to IG.

Take a look at Gigi's right arm. It reaches past Kendall to Ashley Graham's waist. Know anybody with arms that long?

"What happened to @gigihadid's hands?" one person wrote. In 2018, Gigi "apologized" for a Vogue cover that (once again) appeared to have been edited. And to think that young girls "look up" to supermodels as ideal.

8 Miranda Kerr: Hangs Out In The World's Most Distorted Hallways

via: usweekly

Another model, another Photoshop problem. Miranda Kerr is the Victoria's Secret Angel who mostly appears to be just that– angelic. Following a giant Photoshop controversy with Victoria's Secret, in which a photo she posted had clearly been Photoshopped to make her waist appear smaller. Miranda found herself under fire for her own social media.

Here is Miranda in the world's weirdest hallway. Your eye might be on her tiny waist, but look at the concave wall. Miranda's waist is also strangely aligned with the carpet.

"Hi guys, here is the original VS image!" Miranda was forced to say after she said she had "no idea" her VS pics had been Photoshopped. "All good intentions," she added, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

7 Taylor Swift: Only Filter You'll Ever See Is Her Coffee Filter

via: instagram

Taylor Swift is all kinds of beautiful. A "Reputation" for Photoshopping isn't something that Tay-Tay would ever risk building up. Instead, Taylor builds up fans through her catchy music, down-to-earth vibe and a social media account that actually shows us the real Taylor Swift. "I don't compare myself to anyone else," Taylor has said. When Taylor was questioned about vanity and appearance, Taste Of Country reports that she said:

"Vanity can apply to both insecurity and egotism."

Taylor "distances herself" from vanity. How? By posting close-up selfies of herself in wooly sweaters with cats. The most you'd see in terms of filters with this girl would be a coffee filter.

6 Christina Aguilera: "Beautiful, No Matter What They Say," Doesn't Listen To Her Own Lyrics

via instagram

Christina Aguilera made millions from her 2002 song, "Beautiful." We all know the lyrics. "I am beautiful, no matter what they say." While 2018 has shown us a little more of Xtina's face, the sheer amount of makeup (and possible editing) makes us question whether Christina even listens to her own songs.

In 2018, Christina braved a fully makeup-free face for Paper magazine. She called the experience "liberating." Fans learned that Christina has freckles and that her beauty is 100% there.

Within days though, it was back to the heavy rouge, lashes and pics like these. We won't be the judge on the Photoshop here – you can figure it out for yourself.

5 Kourtney Kardashian: Social Media Seems Real, Slammed For Photoshopping Calvin Klein Campaign

via: instagram

Kourtney Kardashian is the "OG" Kardashian mom who is known for being way more toned-down than her sisters. Then again, insecurity seems to plague this girl. Her baby daddy, Scott Disick, is dating a girl who is 15 years his junior. At 39, Kourt is now dating 20-year-old Luka Sabbat.

In 2018, the Kardashians' Calvin Klein campaign was slammed for being Photoshopped. 

The pic showed a slender Kourtney with a child-like, malnourished arm. Kourtney joined her famous sisters for a 2018 Calvin Klein underwear campaign. Type that phrase into Google, and it auto-drops to "Photoshop fail." Not impressive.

4 Bella Hadid: Flawless Social Media, Street Reality

via: dailymail

Much like her sister, Gigi, Bella Hadid comes with an "it girl" status and half the planet worshipping her. In 2018, Bella found herself under fire for appearing to Photoshop a bikini pic of herself. The IG pic showed a mirror shot of Bella with oil-damp skin and wet hair.

"Look at the wooden cupboard! She facetuned her body it's all wonky [sic]" was one fan's response to Bella's IG pic, as Style Caster reports. Meanwhile, street shots like these are a far cry from the ultra-polished face that Bella's social media shows.

Bella's interviews? She throws out "real " vibes by rambling on about how much pizza she eats.

3 Zendaya: Doesn't Want "Manipulated Hips," Doesn't Edit A Thing

via: instagram

"No caption, just happy," are the words that accompany IG posts from Zendaya. This girl has managed to rack up over 50 million IG followers without provocatively stretching herself out on sports cars (or digitally doing so). In 2015, a magazine airbrushed Zendaya for its cover. What did she do? She slammed the magazine, got hold of the unedited pic, and then posted it on social media. Disney darling she may be, but this girl is fierce. As Mic reports, she said,

"Had a new shoot come out today and was shocked when I found my 19-year-old hips and torso quite manipulated. These are the things that make women self-conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have.

Anyone who knows who I am knows I stand for honest and pure self love."

2 Beyonce: "Hit The Roof" When H&M Photoshopped Her

via Wonderland Magazine

Beyonce is the kinds of fierce that can make most male artists shrivel into a corner. Queen Bey does things on her terms, and that includes any promotional work that she does.

In 2013, Bey "hit the roof" when H&M Photoshopped her swimwear campaign. She forced them to use the original images.

While Beyonce mostly comes with a full face of makeup and some very glittery stage outfits, this artist knows where to draw the line. For Bey, it stands at keeping it real, whether it be pregnancy shots or backstage peeps. A bit of a diva she might be, but it's for the right reasons.

1 Paris Hilton: Fans "Audition" To Be Her BFF, Photoshop Wand Wins

via: instagram

Paris Hilton is fighting the biggest battle of all– her age. While her old-school sidekicks like Nicole Richie are settled with kids, Paris is 37 and newly single following an engagement that didn't last.

2014 was the year that fans noticed Paris' "unusually slender" waist in her posed Instagram pic. The Daily Mail described it as "the Photoshop diet." Paris Hilton's My New BFF was the show where girls auditioned to be Paris's best friend. In itself, that seems a tad absurd. The result? Still no BFF, just a lot of Photoshop.

Sources: Seventeen, Twitter, The Sun, Refinery29, E Online, Forbes

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