15 Celebs Who Are Now Bigger Than Their Talent

We all go through it at least once in our existence – the inevitable weight gain. Being a woman in a shallow society, I was taught that if I had gained any sort of weight whatsoever (other than up top), it would be deemed undesirable. And that’s just being a woman OUT OF the spotlight. When a once skinny, or stick-thin, celeb gains even the slightest bit of weight, it’s pointed out by everyone and their dog. Sure, being on the thick side isn’t a problem when your livelihood isn’t starring in films or being in magazines, but when it IS your life, you’ll get hazed and hazed hard until you turn around and drop the weight and then some. Some people on this list made their fortune based on their very bodies, so it’s quite a slap in the face for them when they end up packing it on. Here are 15 celebrities who were once trim and lean and are now chubby and try not to be seen.

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15 Val Kilmer

Actor Val Kilmer was always pretty dang lean in every movie he did in his young years. Hell, he had to beef up the muscles when he took on the role of Batman that one horrible time. But when he gained the strength, he seemed to get sexier than when he was a skinny kid. So… what the hell happened? Kilmer’s ego is so incredibly massive that you have to wonder how his weight got up there to match it pound for pound. Rumors started swirling that Kilmer was sick and suffering from a possible tumor. “I have not had a tumor, or a tumor operations, or any operation,” Kilmer told the press when questioned about being ill. “I had a complication where the best way to receive care was to stay under the watchful eye of the UCLA ICU.” After denying it for years, Kilmer recently said that he had a “healing of cancer”, therefore confusing more people. That probably is what caused all the weight gain.

14 Janet Jackson

As a singer and pop princess of a serious pop royal family, it was always noted whenever Janet Jackson would fluctuate with her weight, but she never looked horrible when she did it. Jackson always was the type that either thin or thick, she was always stunningly glorious. However, not everyone seemed to think so, including Ms. Jackson herself. “I just want to keep it real with you guys for a second,” Jackson told fans in a video she posted on her website. “I have put on quite a few (pounds) since I had the baby,” (Jackson had her first child at the age of 50) she said before she announced that she was legally separated from her former husband and is anxious to get back on the stage. Even when Jackson puts on the weight, she’s able to shed it fairly quickly when getting ready to go on tour, so we’ll see how she handles ditching the baby weight.

13 Ryan Gosling

Personally, I always thought that actor Ryan Gosling looked sort of like a cartoon raccoon, but apparently, every single other female on the face of the planet fell in love with him after he starred with Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. While I think he’s a great actor (not in that film though – I hated that fluff), I just never found him appealing. Even when he starred against Emma Stone in almost everything, someone he has some serious chemistry with and took off his shirt to show his “you look like you’re photoshopped!” torso, still – nada. Since those days, Gosling has looked like he’s packed on a few pounds and is losing his boyish good looks. That can be either thanks to age, being comfortable in a relationship, or for a movie role in general.

12 Alec Baldwin

They say that if an attractive man gains weight, it doesn’t matter because he will always remain attractive (I call bullcrap), but yet if it happens to a woman, they lose their attractive qualities and are no longer considered desirable (We know a few “plus sized” models who are working tirelessly in order to change that). Take actor Alec Baldwin for example: sure, in his younger days, he was considered quite the catch because of his slender and handsome appearance. But as he got older, he started packing on the weight and his confidence just seemed to stay the same (much like his character on 30 Rock). Recently though, his health started to be affected by his weight according to his doctor, so he was forced to give up sugar.

11 Mariah Carey

Here’s one woman that I don’t mind slamming her weight. As a woman myself, I hate to be all douchey and point out flaws on any human being, including one in the spotlight. But when it comes to Mariah Carey, I believe she’s fair game because she’s just so… well… she’s a bee. I mean, the woman’s ego is so incredibly vast that it could be compared to the size of the sun. For such a long time, she believed she was the center of the music universe and no one could tell her otherwise. So when she started looking lumpy, I snickered to myself a little. Her looks are pretty much her entire world (other than that voice of hers) and she’s clearly been letting herself go. Even with the weight gain, she still thinks her crap doesn’t stink and treats everyone around her like garbage. Well, Mariah sweetie, it’s time to put down the pizza and take a look in the mirror.

10 Matt Damon

Actor Matt Damon was, quite frankly, the celebrity crush of my entire life. When I first saw him in Good Will Hunting way back in 1997, I fell head over heels in love with him and his boyish good looks. Damon has always dedicated to his craft and would either lose weight or gain weight if the role called for it. He famously lost weight in the film Courage Under Fire in order to play an opiate-addicted soldier, but his role went slightly unnoticed, even though he literally almost killed himself to gain recognition. He put on some muscle when he starred in the Jason Bourne series and then gained weight in order to play an energy analyst in Syriana. Like most family guys who put on dad-bods, Damon gained weight after settling down into married life with a slew of little ones. Never phased me though – I still think he’s the sexiest person to ever walk the face of the planet.

9 Matthew Perry

Ah… sometimes it just feels like you’re stuck in second gear…. At least that’s the case for former Friends funny man, Matthew Perry, the lovable sarcastic wise-cracker on the hit NBC show. Since the show wrapped, Perry has jumped around the small screen, taking the leading role on shows that are soon canceled because, well, they suck and they’re not Friends. Perry has been through a lot in his life, including a drug addiction. When he noticeably started looking rather gaunt in the early seasons of Friends, people started worrying and it was soon announced that Perry was binging on drugs and alcohol had even admitted to not remembering shooting three years worth of episodes. After entering rehab (twice) Perry started gaining the weight, which was a healthy sign that he had replaced food with everything else. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT healthier, but it’s way better than the alternative.

8 Brendan Fraser

For older millennials, actor Brendan Fraser was a complete symbol. The Canadian first broke onto the scene with The Mummy and ended up an entire franchise out of his character, the American-cowboy like explorer Rick O’Connell. Before then, people would recognize films of his such as Encino Man, George of the Jungle, and Bedazzled. He was a heartthrob for young girls who looked to buy TigerBeat in order to swoon over him and whatever other flavor of the week was parading across the big and small screen. But, apparently, life comes at you fast. After Fraser married actress Afton Smith and SHE spit out a couple of kids, it was him that gained the weight and looked pretty hefty in his later roles. After they divorced, he REALLY packed it on and didn’t even really look the same during his stint in the Showtime series The Affair.

7 Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley was simply stunning when she first broke out on the Hollywood scene after playing Lieutenant JG Saavik in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Even though that’s where she started, it’s not the role she was known for. Alley played the feisty Rebecca Howe on the hit comedy series Cheers and became one-half of the focal point of the show (the other being Ted Danson’s character Sam Malone) after Shelly Long departed from the scene. After the show wrapped, Alley struggled hard-core with her weight after going through early menopause. She became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig after losing 75 pounds but then gained it back and then some after she parted ways with the company. She founded Organic Liaison, which she claimed to have dropped 100 pounds using her own products. That didn’t last long since she was hit with a lawsuit that alleges that the company was falsely advertising. Get it together, woman.

6 Anna Gunn

Okay, don’t lie: Anna Gunn annoyed the hell out of you whenever you binge watched Breaking Bad. Gunn’s Skyler White was so wishy-washy, you wanted to kick her a little in the shin or shake her until she snapped out of it. One minute, you’ll be wishing she’d get away from her drug kingpin husband, the next you’ll be wanting him to shank her while she’s standing in the kitchen, blinking at nothing. A lot of people criticized Gunn for the character she played because, apparently, some people can’t distinguish the two. During the series, Gunn fluctuated in her weight thanks to having children, which is normal, but she never officially dropped back down to the size she once was. But who cares, really? The show is over which means we don’t have to deal with Skyler’s obnoxious crying scenes.

5 Russell Crowe

When Americans first noticed the Australian actor Russell Crowe, he was playing a villain with Denzel Washington in the sci-fi thriller Virtuosity and looked every bit as sexy as he did when he played in Gladiator years later (winning him an Academy Award). But then he was slapped with an entire slew of personal problems, including a pretty heavy temper. He was involved in a lot of personal fights and was arrested for a scuffle in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Later on, he straight up Namoi Campbelled it and threw a telephone at a concierge at the Mercer Hotel and was charged with Fourth-Degree Possession of a weapon and was arrested yet again. After that incident, his public image was painfully struck down and he started noticeably gaining weight that seemed to reflect his moodiness.

4 Vince Vaughn

Ever since Vince Vaughn starred in the remake of Psycho way back when, I’ve been hard on him. Sure, he managed to sway me when he appeared opposite Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers or when he tormented Will Ferrell in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, but I never was one to dwell on his looks. He just seemed like a slender, tall dude who would blend into the backdrop until he cracked his first quick-witted joke. But over the past decade, Vaughn has put on some serious weight. If it wasn’t for his height, I’d think he would be as round as he is wide, but that’s not his case. Since he’s such a tall fella, he seems to wear the weight pretty damn well, in my opinion. He’s still attractive as long as he doesn’t lose his wit.

3 Steven Seagal

If you look at 1980’s Steven Seagal and TODAY’S Steven Seagal, it appears as if Steven Seagal ate Steven Seagal. Seagal used to be insane when it came to his body since he’s an extreme martial artist who has a 7th-dan black belt in Aikido and used to be a martial arts instructor in Japan. He was brutally ripped in films like Under Siege and Above the Law and became a role model for men and women who idolized martial artists like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. But since settling into life in Los Angeles and getting involved in the Buddhist community, he’s relaxed a little on his body and became sort of soft in his features. Literally. Even though he could still probably lay out a dude, he looks like a Pillsbury version of himself.

2 John Travolta

John Travolta has been through so much in his life that it seems sort of crude to pick on him about his weight, but we totally are. Back in the day when he became a heartthrob after starring in Saturday Night Fever and Grease, Travolta was hard-core about maintaining a slender figure like his female counterparts. But we started to notice a significant weight gain after he starred in Pulp Fiction – it wasn’t too much at the time, but it was enough to make us say “huh”. Then he really started gaining in the 2000’s and it became super noticeable. Rumors started swirling that he was unhappy and stress eating due to having to hide his orientation for so long (many believe that he prefers men). Then, a few years back, Travolta and wife Kelly Preston tragically lost their son. When something like that occurs, nothing else matters – including weight gain.

1 Jon Favreau

Actor, director, producer, writer, and comedian has never really been a TINY dude, but he’s dramatically changed since his younger years when he played in Rudy and Swingers (that movie ruined the word “baby” for nearly anyone with any brains). After those films, he really didn’t seem to give a crap that he was packing on the fat because he was successfully winning the box office film after film and just plain rolling in cash. I remember noticing the weight gain when he guest starred as Monica Geller’s boyfriend in Friends (hell, there was a reason why she wasn’t physically attracted to him in the first place). Even though he’s put on the weight, he has never really seemed interested in dropping it again in order to go back to his more toned glory days. Meh – it’s more attractive to be confident in your own skin anyway, and Favreau knows that better than anyone.

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