15 Celebs Who Are Getting Married in 2019 (& 5 Who Might Pop The Question)

Stay offline for more than a second and you've missed it. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin went from #Engaged to #Married in the blink of an eye. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra gave us a bit more notice. Alongside Game of Thrones's Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco, and a handful of Bachelor/Bachelorette faces, it's been a year of celeb weddings.

Then again, it's been a year of major break-ups. Ariana Grande wouldn't have released "Thank U, Next" without to her engagement to Pete Davidson going up in smoke. Cardi B went from rambling about hair and nails to announcing her split from Offset during her December 2018 Instagram story. Paris Hilton has also called it quits with Chris Zylka (seriously, when will this girl find true love?)

Celebrity engagements can be a super simple deal– "Look, I'm getting a ring" was Pete Davidson's route, according to E! Then again, they can be OTT like nothing we've seen. In some cases, even a gesture can spark interest and questions. When Travis Scott filled Kylie Jenner's home with flowers and candles, everyone got talking. The social media posts captioned "hubby" (complete with ring pics)? Please, we're just waiting for that one.

For some reason, seeing these famous faces as couples just isn't enough for a girl. We want the dress, already. Whether 2018's engaged celebs will make it down the aisle or not, there's no telling. Still, we can hope. Here are 15 celebs who are set to tie the knot in 2019 (plus 5 we're absolutely dying to see pop the question).

20 We're Going Gaga For Lady G And Christian Carino #Engaged

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There's a look, right? When you've found the one, you've found the one. Lady Gaga announced her engagement to Christian Carino in October 2018. We're still not over it. Gaga had been sparking gossip, but it wasn't until she thanked "my fiancé, Christian" at Elle's 25th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration that it was confirmed, as E! reports.

Just look at them. This is definitely not a "Bad Romance."

Gaga's outfits? #InYourFace. Her romances? Way more low key. Gaga and Carino have been spotted canoodling at the Super Bowl, but these two don't make giant gestures. The most important one of all has been made, though. Gaga is set to become a married woman.

19 Ed Sheeran Is Officially Off The Market, "Got Myself A Fiancé"

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Kinda nerdy, ginger hair, not your average hunk. Ed Sheeran might not have a Brad Pitt look, but he's got female fans (like woah). NME has reported that Ed has been the highest-earning solo musician of 2018– talent, this guy has. Ed has been dating Cherry Seaborn since Taylor Swift's 4th of July party in 2015, according to Hello Giggles.

"I've known Cherry since I was 11," Ed told People. In 2018, Ed updated his Instagram: "Got myself a fiancé just before new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well." The cats are happy? Tay-Tay would definitely approve.

18 Kylie Jenner Is Calling Travis Scott "Hubby," What's The Guy Waiting For?

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Kylie Jenner is busy slamming rumours that her baby daddy, Travis Scott has pulled a bit of a Tristan Thompson. Cosmopolitan reports that Kylie is calling a set of internet-wide fake pics of Travis being unfaithful to her "a social experiment." Kylie added: "You're messing with real people, real relationships, real family. I'm happy my relationship is strong because this is getting out of hand. "

Baby Stormi is here. They're perfect for each other. Travis, you have knees for a reason.

In August 2018, a jewelry store trip sparked engagement rumours between these two. That was nothing compared to Kylie's 2018 IG story, though. Her entire home had been filled with flowers and candles by Travis. Just recently, a ring appeared on Kylie's social. Thoughts?

17 Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas: One Brother Done, One Set For 2019

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We're still getting over Nick Jonas' lavish wedding to Priyanka Chopra. With less of an age gap (but more of a height difference), Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are the A-Listers who've finalized the last step before marriage– yes, earlier this year these two got engaged.

The "Save The Date" video that an Instagram fan (and wedding guest of the couple) circulated suggested that Joe will marry the Game of Thrones star in 2019, according to Marie Claire. The video reportedly suggested France as the wedding location. Sophie and Joe have been together since 2016.

16 Porsha Williams: Ring, Baby On The Way, Talk About Being A "Real Housewife"

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It's never low-key with Porsha Williams. This outspoken Real Housewives of Atlanta star does things in style– like the gender-reveal baby party that told the whole of Instagram that it's a girl.

"Candles and rose petals everywhere"– Bustle reports that Dennis McKinley rented out a venue to propose and took Porsha there by helicopter.

Porsha and Dennis now come with a ring, a growing bump and a lot of smiles. If you're proposing to Porsha, though, you do it in style. People reports that Lil' Mo serenaded the couple with a rendition of her favourite song, "4 Ever."

15 Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik: Too Early To Tell (But It Would Be Too Cute)

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik get more of a #OnOff than Ross and Rachel in Friends. Rachel might have worn Ross' "Frankie Say Relax," t-shirt, but Gigi wins this one. "lol ur not zayn malik" was her statement tee back in their early dating days.

After some time apart, Gigi rekindled the romance in 2018– "looking more in love than ever" was Seventeen's take after Gigi posted an Instagram snap of herself and Zayn. "Flyin home to my happy place" was the caption to these lovebirds with closed eyes.

Gigi hasn't shown any signs of wanting to get engaged, but she definitely seems in love. An engagement from these two would be our Christmas wish.

14 Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher: #Engaged, Now A Dad Of 10

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Most celebs make headlines with the engagement itself. When you're a Hollywood star who just became a father of 10, it's the baby that takes top slot. At the age of 57, Eddie Murphy welcomed his 10th child with girlfriend, Paige Butcher. She is 39.

The kids' table at this wedding will be very large.

"Preparing to tie the knot" is how People reported this couple's engagement after Eddie's rep confirmed the happy news. Eddie and Paige already have one child together. They got together in 2012, street shots like this were the result, and "wishing for a younger sibling" is the inside report to People.

13 Tom Payne: "Walking Dead" On-Screen, Walking Down Aisles In 2019

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Calling all The Walking Dead fans. Tom Payne and his icy blue eyes have found, well, their female counterpart. The blue-eyed beauty, Jennifer Akerman is now Tom's fiancée.

While this guy's character has been killed off, it's full steam ahead for the real-life Tom. "I got the call, like, an episode before and I was texting my girlfriend, now fiancée," Tom was reported as saying E Online. Jennifer is the Swedish model and actress who seems to have swept Tom off his feet.

"Thankful for the path my life has taken up till now," was Tom's heartfelt Instagram message on Thanksgiving. (Yes, she was in the pic).

12 Lea Michele & Zandy Reich: Engaged, Literal "Glee"

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Glee stars have a bit of a knack for staying #Relevant. Lea Michele was one of the show's biggest stars, although it was Lea's big ring that made news in 2018. "Yes" with a ring emoji was the caption to a pic of Lea with her hand across her face as she announced her engagement on Instagram.

A "4-carat elongated radiant cut ring" is People's report when it comes to the bling. Zandy had it specially designed.

"Couldn't be happier" is how a source close to the couple reported the news to People. Lea has been dating Zandy Reich since July 2017.

11 Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whitely: Engaged Since 2016, #Baby, Come On, Already

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Yeah, what we'd give to Photoshop that girl right out and stick ourselves next to Jason Statham. This actor is #Taken, though. In August 2018, The Sun reported that Jason and Rosie Huntington-Whitely are "to finally get married." They've been engaged for two years (and have a baby boy).

Tying the knot by the end of 2018 was the newspaper's suggestion as reports of invitations being sent out continue to fuel wedding bells rumours. Jason is 51, while his Victoria's Secret model fiancée is 31.

Rosie continues to post adorable #MomAndBaby shots to Instagram. The red carpet appearances are beyond #Goals. One final step...

10 Camilla Luddington & Matthew Alan: Baby In 2017, "YES YES YES!" In 2018 #Soon

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This Grey's Anatomy star is now engaged to her long-term partner, Matthew Alan. "Sooo this happened on New Year's Eve," Camilla Luddington posted on Instagram, as Entertainment Online reports. "I'm not even sure I let Matt get through his proposal before I started yelling YES YES YES!! Of course it was a yes!"

Camilla announced the engagement in the cutest way ever. An Instagram pic showed her baby girl's hand touching the engagement ring on her finger. 

Alan spends most of his time on 13 Reasons Why. Presumably, he had way more than 13 reasons to ask Camilla to be his wife. These two have been together for about five years.

9 JLo & A-Rod: If That's A Hopeful Look, Right There With You

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JLo is one of the few celebs approaching 50 who can rack up Instagram followers faster than a Kardashian. Over 80 million of us want every detail of Jennifer Lopez's life, although these days, this superstar comes as a duo act. A-Rod is by JL0's side most of the time (and we wouldn't have it any other way).

At 49, JL0 is 6 years older than A-Rod. As Elite Daily reports, a source told Us Weekly that even though they've talked about getting married, JL0 just isn't sure because she's been married before (three times before, FYI) and doesn't know if she's ready.

8 Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx: Engagement Rumors Galore, Hoping They're True

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorced way back in 2012. A bit of a pale face (that didn't look particularly cheerful) was the result, after rumours circulated of a controlling ex-husband. Katie is now possibly engaged to Jamie Foxx.

"Cannot date publicly for five years after Tom Cruise" was The Daily Mail's report that revealed Katie's reason for keeping her relationship to Foxx so secretive.

While these two still haven't officially declared their relationship, they were first romantically linked five years ago and are now sparking rumours that they're going to wed soon. Metro reports that "leaked" plans suggest they're planning a big Paris wedding.

We can only hope!

7 Meghan Trainor & Daryl Sabara: Engaged In 2017, "You're My Forever" (Kind Of Taking Forever)

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It started out being "All About That Bass." Meghan Trainor is one of those one-hit-wonder stars who actually made it. Just under 10 million Instagram followers are living proof. In December 2017, Meghan announced her engagement to Daryl Sabara. She shared a super-sweet video of Daryl's proposal to social media, which coincided with her birthday celebration, as Entertainment Tonight reports.

With "Dear Future Husband" as her lyrics, this girl was made for marriage.

"I SAID YESSSS! For my 24th birthday, the love of my life @darylsabara made all of my dreams come true," Meghan wrote on Instagram. In a right back atcha, Daryl replied with: "You are the most beautiful fiancée in the world."

6 Chance The Rapper & Kirsten Corley: 2018 Engagement (Baby Seems Unsure)

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Rappers seem to come with a #Unreliable. For a guy called Chance The Rapper, this gentleman is proving to be a rare breed (and the good kind). In July 2018, Chance proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Kirsten Coley during a 4th of July backyard party.

The actual proposal video went viral. Pop Sugar reports that Chance got down on one knee, asking: "Kirsten Katrina Corley, will you make me a man and be my wife?"

This couple has been an item since 2013. Together, they have a little girl named Kensli Bennett (although we've got to say, the kid doesn't look 100% sure). She can, however, be seen running up to the couple in the video.

5 Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon: A Bachelor In Paradise, Indeed, #Engaged

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It's the entire point of these shows, right? Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are old-school The Bachelor alums who re-appeared on the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise. In 2018, during filming the reality show, Jared got down on one knee while the two were in Mexico. Yup, right on the beach.

People has confirmed the engagement, although reality stars tend to let social media do the talking. "Ashley had suspicions that an engagement would happen in Mexico, but she didn't want to get herself too psyched out and then have nothing happen," the magazine reports.

At 30, Ashley is one year older than Jared. They've been "on-off" for over three years. Looks like it's back "on," big time.

4 Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton: "So Blake Told Me Y'All Engaged Now" (Ellen Is Nosy)

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Bit of a dampener, but Gwen Stefani spent most of her 2018 Ellen appearance stamping out rumours that she and Blake Shelton are engaged, as USA Today reports. "He told me you're engaged," Ellen Degeneres prompted Gwen. "No he didn't," Gwen replied. "No, we're not."

"So let's talk about that." Ellen gets right to it. Gwen said, "I don't know" when the question of marriage came up.

Ellen isn't one to give up easily. Ellen asked the same question phrased a different way. "But when will you get married?" Ellen probed. "I don't know" was Gwen's reply. Aha! So there's room for a "maybe" after all!

3 Dove Cameron & Thomas Doherty: Calls Him "The Love Of Her Life" (We Want Results)

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Anyone else see Dove Cameron becoming the new Jennifer Aniston? Well, minus the perma-heartbreak. Recently, Teen Vogue reported that Dove Cameron had shared another romantic text from her beau, Thomas Doherty. "I'll even go to Panic at the Disco with you. I don't care. As long as I'm with you."

These Descendants co-stars have been together since 2017. They're all over each other's Instagrams. Cameron has called Thomas "the love of my life," Seventeen reports.

Marriage? Now there's a wedding we'd properly grab the tissues for.

2 Rosie O'Donnell & Elizabeth Rooney: #Engaged, "She's Very Much An Equal," Equality FTW

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Moving away from 20-somethings for a minute, here is a pic of Rosie O'Donnell and her fiancée. At the age of 56, Rosie seems to have found #TotalHappiness with Elizabeth Rooney, who is 33. Rosie described Elizabeth as a "wonderful woman."

"I keep telling her I'm too old for her. But she doesn't seem to care," Rosie admitted to People. Aww. The former View co-host has outlined a fairly impressive long-distance relationship between Boston and New York. Calling her fiancée "very much an equal," Rosie is making equal rights a #Thing. These two are now engaged (and we couldn't be happier for them).

1 Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: #Engaged, Guys, We Can't Take It Anymore

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We officially can't take it anymore. Then again, we can't keep up. In July 2018, The Daily Mail reported that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had called off their engagement.

One month later, the newspaper was quoting the couple as "shrugging off the rumours."

They met in 2009. Miley confirmed the engagement in 2016. They're super low-key, with rumours that they've already tied the knot, but we haven't seen any evidence. Miley and Liam are so #Right, it hurts.

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