15 Celebs Who Are Both Rough And Good Looking At The Same Time

It's easy to think that every female celebrity is drop-dead gorgeous. After all, you see them at their best, in professional hair and makeup and walking the red carpet in designer dresses. It's impossible to believe that they could ever look horrible or even have a bad hair day. They're not normal, regular people like you are. They're goddesses, basically, and they have access to the very best of what money can buy. Why wouldn't they look their best all the time?! There doesn't seem to be any reason that they wouldn't.

Of course, you also see a lot of celebs at their worst, thanks to the tabloid culture and all of the paparazzi photos that are taken on a regular basis. And sometimes, the most beautiful stars look pretty rough. Maybe they're having a bad hair day (which does happen) or they just got a new haircut or color that doesn't flatter them as much as their regular style. There are some celebs that manage to look both pretty and rough at the same time. We've rounded up photos of them for you to see! Read on to find out 15 celebs who are both rough and good looking at the same time!

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15 Renee Zellweger: Is That You, Renee?!

This doesn't look like Renee Zellweger, either. A lot of people think that the actress has changed a lot in the past few years, especially since it seems like no one heard much from her for a while. Well, until the latest Bridget Jones movie, that is.

She's always been a super beautiful actress, but in a really quirky way, which is totally awesome. That's why you loved her so much in the Bridget Jones franchise. She really embodied that single girl character and you related to her so much. Although this isn't the greatest picture of her that was ever taken, since her face looks shiny (and even kind of sweaty or wet...) and her hair looks super messy in this particular photo, her true beauty still sneaks through.

14 Britney Spears: A Bad Hair Day

Everyone has bad hair days. Yes, even pop stars. Yes, even pop stars who once dated Justin Timberlake (and once wore a denim outfit that totally matched his).

It's actually comforting to know that Britney Spears sometimes looks like this. You definitely think that she's good looking. You've probably been a fan of the singer since your childhood. It's just that in this particular photo, she looks a bit rougher than usual. There are a lot of things that contribute to that, from her super messy hair to her grey sweatpants and tank top. This just isn't really an outfit that you want to wear when you leave the house... and that goes for if you're a celebrity or regular person. It's just too messy.

13 Chloe Grace Moretz: Plain Jane

The young actress is super smart and awesome. She just has days when she wears leggings that give her some camel toe. For some reason, this seems to happen in basically every photo of her wearing leggings.

She's usually wearing a super casual, plain outfit that you wouldn't expect a celeb to wear. Sure, maybe that's a bit unfair since celebs are people too and of course they're not going to be decked out in the finest outfits ever all the time. But we're so used to seeing stars looking perfect all the time that it can be tough to see them having a bad outfit or hair day. Of course, Chloe is still gorgeous, so even when she looks a bit plainer, she's still the best.

12 Emma Watson: Working Out

This isn't a super flattering photo of the actress who stole your heart in Harry Potter so long ago. You love her, of course, and you'll always love her because of that. It's just not your fave picture that you've ever seen of her.

It might be the angle of the photo, or the fact that no one really looks good when they wrap a sweatshirt around their waist, or the fact that her long hair seems more flattering than when her hair is cut in this bob. Or maybe it's the headband which isn't flattering on anyone. There's just something about this photo that isn't the best. It's kind of nice, though, since now you know that even the girl behind Hermione has times when she looks super normal. Good to know, right?!

11 Kirsten Dunst: Too Casual

Kirsten Dunst is a really cool girl. She's been acting since she was a kid -- remember when she was in Jumanji?! -- and she's been in everything from Bring It On to Hidden Figures. You've probably been a fan of hers since you were a kid and then a teenager. Because every girl loved Bring It On and she was the queen of that cheer movie.

She doesn't even look like herself in this photo... and she definitely doesn't look like a famous actress. Which is actually awesome when you stop and think about it. It just proves that Hollywood may put tons of pressure on actresses to look perfect and beautiful all the time, but sometimes a girl just has to put on some casual clothes and go for a walk, and it's all good. No big deal.

10 Hilary Duff: Green Is Not Her Color

You love Hilary Duff, from her music to her roles in movies like Raise Your Voice and A Cinderella Story to her part on the hilarious TV show Younger. You might not love her green hair, though, which was a staple of her look for a bit.

You might have never expected Hilary Duff to dye her hair green, but she did, and she even sported a lighter color than this for a time. She definitely looks happy in this photo which is awesome and if she liked the color and wanted to embrace that look, then that's all that matters. She just looks a bit edgier in this photo than she normally does. You're more used to seeing her in softer, girlier outfits and with her signature medium-length blonde hair. The green just takes some getting used to.

9 Khloe Kardashian: Super Sloppy

This isn't the Khloe Kardashian that you're used to seeing... although it does make sense that the star has some less than flattering photos of her circulating online.

After all, Khloe K is super into working out, and she's even made being fit and healthy part of her brand. She was the host of her own reality show, Revenge Body, for a time, and she's shared her fitness beliefs and routine in tons of interviews. No matter how big of a Khloe K fan you are, you have to admit that she looks a bit sloppy here. Sure, she was heading to or from the gym, so that's going to be par for the course. But you probably wouldn't expect to see the star sporting her hair like this, up in a bun with a bandana. It's a bit startling to look at.

8 Bella Thorne: A Night Out

Seeing red

A post shared by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

It's hard to think of a more divisive actress than Bella Thorne... at least right now. While she's enjoyed a ton of career success -- she recently starred on the TV show Famous In Love and in the Netflix horror movie The Babysitter -- she hasn't had such good luck in the tabloids and online. People love to make fun of her really strange outfits and say that she doesn't look very attractive.

You can probably agree that some photos of Bella Thorne have her looking incredibly beautiful... and others have her looking kind of rough. But even when she looks rough, she's still pretty, because she really is a gorgeous girl. This photo that she posted to her Instagram is a perfect example of that. She looks both good looking and rough at the exact same time.

7 Miley Cyrus: Eye Closed, Tongue Out

Miley Cyrus is a truly beautiful girl... who looks kind of rough sometimes. Like in this photo that she posted to her Instagram account back in November. One thing is for sure: she doesn't mind looking bad.

You probably never see a "normal" photo of the singer, right? She's always wearing something weird or making a funny face or sticking her tongue out, as she is in this photo. You can tell that she's gorgeous because she has a really flawless face and her hair always looks great. But with her tongue out and one eye closed, she's a bit rough around the edges, and that's the way that she usually looks. Sometimes she embraces more of a soft, lovely, girly look, but this picture wasn't one of those times.

6 Vanessa Hudgens: Shabby Chic

Look, Vanessa Hudgens is super gorgeous. There's no doubt about that and that's definitely something that you believe.

This is just a photo of her that doesn't do her true beauty justice. She looks a bit rough (but still pretty since of course she's pretty), right? It must be her hair. Or maybe it's her outfit. There's just something a bit shabby chic about this outfit and photo. After all, she's wearing a sweatshirt that definitely looks rough, since it's literally got holes. It's easy to say that her sweatshirt and pants aren't super flattering since, let's face it, it doesn't seem like these clothes actually fit her properly. Her boots are also a bit too edgy for the look and her hair is a bit too messy.

5 Lindsay Lohan: Messy Hair, Don't Care

Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful, stylish actress who has one of the worst reputations in Hollywood. It seems like every time she stages a comeback (or attempts to stage a comeback), it just doesn't work out. Remember her reality show on Oprah's channel? What a total and utter disaster.

This photo is kind of a disaster, too, at least when it comes to her hair. Lindsay has beautiful red hair and usually looks totally gorgeous. In this picture, though, she looks both pretty and rough at the same time. It's all because of her hair which is just so messy, it's not even funny. She's smiling and doesn't seem to care at all and is definitely still enjoying her day. But we just have to admit that her hair is a bit too wild for our taste.

4 Cameron Diaz: No Makeup

Cameron Diaz looks super buff here. Let's just stop and celebrate that fact for a moment. It's really no big deal that she looks really tired and like she's not wearing any makeup.

We actually kind of adore the fact that she doesn't look like a typical Hollywood actress here and we're pretty sure that you do too, right?! There is so much pressure on stars these days and you definitely know that they still have to live their lives. Even though they're famous and wealthy, they still have to pump gas and go to the gym and run errands, and of course they're not going to want to be all dolled up and decked out. Why would they?! That sounds horrible and so uncomfortable.

3 Anne Hathaway: Is That You, Anne?!

This is a truly surprising photo since it literally doesn't look like it's a snapshot of Anne Hathaway. Is this really the same actress that starred in The Devil Wears Prada and Les Miserables? It doesn't look anything like her.

Then again, you can't exactly see her face or hair. Which was maybe the entire point of the photo. Sometimes when you're famous you just want to get outside and not be noticed and recognized. At least, that's what you assume. Sadly, it's not like you know what it's like to be famous. Anne doesn't look like the same girl who wears elegant dresses to award shows, but hey, she still looks pretty. Despite how much some people hate her, she could never look ugly since she really is a pretty girl.

2 Ashlee Simpson: Too Cool... Or Not?

On the one hand, Ashlee Simpson looks super cool in this photo. She's wearing ripped jeans and cool boots and a graphic t-shirt and sunglasses and a fedora. After all, wearing sunglasses basically guarantees that you're the coolest girl ever, and the same thing goes for if you put a fedora on your head. Since she's got both of those going on, she's clearly really cool. Did you listen to her pop music back in the day? Of course you did, right? It was a staple for a while there.

But there's something a bit rough-looking about this outfit. Maybe it's that the bottom of her jeans have a weird opening or that she doesn't look like she's wearing any makeup. She does look happy, though, and she's with her handsome husband Evan Ross, so it's truly all good.

1 Kristen Stewart: Too Messy

People have always been divided about Kristen Stewart. She's so talented and has done so well for herself. You probably first saw her in Twilight, like everyone else, and were impressed by her portrayal of Bella. Then you learned that she says that she hates being interviewed and that she hates all of the trappings that come with fame. It was a bit harder to be a fan after that since it's a bit annoying to always hear celebrities complaining about being famous.

She's always had a very messy look with super messy hair, and this picture is no exception. She does look beautiful since she always does. She's embraced a messier, wild child kind of look, but hey, it works for her, so it's honestly all good.

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