15 Celebs Who Are Attention Seekers

Being a celebrity certainly has its' perks: the big paychecks, the ease of getting other jobs once you're famous, the flawless friends, and the fact that your name is part of every household in America... to name a few.

Let's face it, though, a lot of people just want to make it big to be in the spotlight. Yes, the big bucks are good and having a dream is important, but some people just want the fame, the glory, and-- of course-- the attention. The lavish parties, fancy dresses and/or suits, and popular circles don't hurt, either.

Our lovely list below outlines fifteen celebrities who made it big, albeit for just a little while. Now, they're doing anything to stay in the limelight. In other words, they are so thirsty, and sometimes even parched! Cheers, guys and girls, to hopefully not looking too desperate while you (maybe) fight your way back to the top.


15 Demi Lovato: Shockingly Desperate Social Media Posting

Looking at Demi Lovato's Instagram will give you all the information you need to decide whether she is thirsty/desperate for attention or not. The answer is yes, by the way. Her most current pictures are selfies that are sensual in nature. In her Halloween pictures, she is baring pretty much her entire bottom in fishnets and a leather thong bodysuit, even inappropriately touching a friend up against a cop car because she dressed up as a cop, I guess? But really it's just a sexually inappropriate costume showing too much skin. Aren't you supposed to be a role model for young girls, Demi? She has also has public feuds with stars like Taylor Swift, ex-BFF-turned-BFF-again Selena Gomez, and Mariah Carey, among others. Pretty much anything she can do to stay front and center she will do. Look at Snapchat if Instagram does not convince you.

14 Bella Thorne: Promiscuous, Odd, Thirsty And Maybe A Little Dirty


16 million followers on Instagram and still counting, there is nothing Thorne will not post on social media. Comfortable in front of the camera, Thorne is also promiscuous, bold, and raunchy. She will post topless pictures, naked pictures, and anything in between. Thirsty is her middle name, clearly. Not to mention her flings with suitors like Tyler Posey, Scott Disick, and Charlie Puth, to name a few (a few out of several, trust us). She is even rumored to currently be dating a woman and we can't help but think that is for attention too. She stars in weird movies, like You Get Me and The Babysitter on Netflix, playing even weirder characters with odd and borderline unhealthy obsessions (respectively, she stalks a guy after a one-night stand and poisons his girlfriend's BFF and worships Satan as part of a cult-- like I said, ODD). Thorne loves being splashed across the pages of any tabloid because that means she's getting attention-- and she will get it any way she can.

13 Ariel Winter: It Isn't Summer All The Time, But She Sure Does Dress Like It

Another star using social media to get the attention she so desperately seeks. Winter is famous for her role on the sitcom Modern Family. She is only 19 and has virtually grown up in the spotlight. Because of this, she knows nothing else. She is in the middle of an ongoing public feud with her mother, Crystal Workman. The really bad thing about this is the numerous things her mother has stated about her daughter's insecurities, stating that she shouldn't feel the need to expose herself to feel pretty, but that she does. Her mother also says that Winter isn't confident and should "grow up and learn how to dress properly". Unfortunately, if you look at Winter's social media, her mother doesn't seem too far off base. It is one thing to be confident and another to expose yourself in an inappropriate manner. Winter certainly is borderline on these if not more. Hopefully the desperation is just a phase for the young star!

12 Aubrey O'Day: Danity Kane Singer Can't Stop The Show


Aubrey O'Day appeared on the MTV show Making The Band and rose to fame in P. Diddy's band Danity Kane with big hits like "Showstopper". Once the band broke up, O'Day did anything she could to stay famous. She obviously wasn't ready to end her 15 minutes of fame. She came out as a lesbian in 2008, having several appearances in nightclubs with different girls from New York to Los Angeles. In early 2009, she posed nude for Playboy, a classic attention-seeking move. The most obvious reason we know for sure that she is desperate for attention is something she said during an interview with Complex Magazine in late 2008. When discussing the negative attention she was getting from gossip mags, O'Day called Kim Kardashian to vent her frustration and anger. And what did Kardashian say? She told O'Day not to worry, that it was all making her a "bigger star". Now it makes sense why she makes the moves that she does. She has most recently been seen on the reality show Famously Single and attempted a serious relationship with Jersey Shore's Pauly D.

11 Kylie Jenner: Baby Jenner Was Raised In The Spotlight

Kylie Jenner just can't help it. She was ten-- TEN-- years old when Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered on the E! channel. She was raised in the spotlight, even before this due to her famous half-siblings and her father's Olympic fame. One of her role models growing up was Kim Kardashian, her sister and another thirsty celeb that makes an appearance on our list. This just set her up for a lifetime of attention-seeking behavior, if you ask me. She is all over her social media platforms posting constant pictures of herself and promoting her 'brand' and her makeup. (I'm not sure how much a 20 year-old can know about makeup to be able to sell it so well, but cheers to you, girl.) Now, there are rumors swirling that she is pregnant with her first child with rapper Travis Scott. This news coming on the toes of her tumultuous relationship with rapper Tyga the past few years. Regardless of the future, all Jenner knows in the present is making sure she is being watched and giving the world something to talk about.

10 Taylor Swift: The World's It Girl Keeps Everyone Talking


It's hard to talk negatively about Taylor Swift, at least for me. And I don't think she's exactly thirsty or desperate for attention, considering she is one of the world's biggest stars to date. However, she is on this list because the girl loves being in the spotlight and will do virtually everything and anything to get there. For example, if we venture back to summer 2016, we can recall Swift's infamous July 4th party that she held at her Rhode Island home in which her older boyfriend Tom Hiddleston wore an "I <3 TS" tank while the paparazzi took pictures on the beach. I mean, this girl has been out of the spotlight for over a year, so do we really believe they didn't want these photos of them on the beach to go public? Please. Swift completely controls what and what doesn't go public and does it flawlessly. Regardless if you love or hate her, everyone is talking about her random single releases or the subtle, underlying messages in her music videos. She is unstoppable and loves the attention, whether she wants it all the time or not.

9 Cardi B: Drama, Drama, Drama And Rappers

Cardi B first jumped onto Hollywood radar when she starred in vH1's reality show Love and Hip Hop. Reality television is the easiest way for people to become famous, so this girl has been thirsty from the beginning. Due to the reality stint, her music started to gain popularity and she really hit the scene when she knocked Taylor Swift off the Billboard charts back in October with the song "Bodak Yellow". Furthermore, there are plenty of rumors that Cardi B is in an ongoing feud with fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj, who has also been rumored to have a feud with Cardi B's current fiancé, rapper Offset. To add to this madness, Cardi B recently got kicked out of an upstate New York hotel for speculation that she was smoking marijuana. To desperately gain as much attention as possible for it (for who knows what reason), Cardi B went on Instagram ranting, turning it into a race issue yet never denying that she, or anyone in her crew, were actually the drug culprits. It looks like this female rapper is just getting started on the thirst train. Everyone get ready for more.


8 Lea Michele: Bed Series Screams Desperation


Lea Michele is a talented singer and actress, best known for her role in Glee as high school student, Rachel Berry. She also famously went through a painful loss when her boyfriend, Cory Monteith, died of an overdose in the summer of 2013. Despite her clear talent, Michele just recently started something called a Bed Series on Instagram in which she posts seductively sultry pictures of herself laying in bed provocatively. Say what?! She is topless in several of the photos, making it clear that she just wants the attention on her physical self, regardless of her talent and success in other areas. Her booty is popping out of the covers in one and in another, she looks completely naked wrapped up in the covers. For what reason she started this 'series' we still do not know, but it is potentially just for more attention because... why else?

7 Kim Kardashian: Since Her Paris Hilton BFF Days

Kardashian is probably one of if not the thirstiest out of the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan. She was best known as Paris Hilton's innocent best friend and assistant in the early 00's. Then, her family got their own show on the E! channel in 2007 titled Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The show's popularity is unprecedented since its' premiere, forcing the entire family into the spotlight and making them all household names for years to come. In 2007, a sex tape of Kardashian and then-boyfriend, rapper Ray J, was leaked. This splashed her on all the pages of the tabloids for months. It is rumored now that Kris Jenner leaked the tape purposely for Kardashian's career. Wow! The whole family is so thirsty for fame they even exploit each other for it. Either way, Kardashian isn't innocent herself, rumored to have infamously married basketball player Kris Humphries for fame before separating after 72 days of marriage. Currently, many of the Kardashian clan keep their private lives quiet, which only makes people pay attention to them more. This family soaks it up-- and Kim is no exception.

6 Miley Cyrus: Child Star Loses It


Ah, the crazy Miley days. How could we forget them? Luckily she is on the up and up as of recent days and months, but for a little while there, Cyrus' crazy wicked ways were a complete scrounging for attention. First, she came out to perform at the 2013 VMA's with a barely-there outfit. She waved around a foam finger, gyrating and grinding on it, as well as her performing partner, Robin Thicke. Plus, can we talk about her "Wrecking Ball" video, where she rode a literal wrecking ball provocatively? Did she not think people were going to talk about that, saying good or bad things? To further her completely crazy antics, she continuously posted topless selfies on Instagram as well as pictures of her smoking and doing drugs. There was nothing she wouldn't say or argue (thanks to fans' and haters' many Instagram comments) or do or post. All in the name of staying in the limelight. Thank goodness she is over that phase now!

5 Holly Madison: Playboy Bunny To Desperate Author

Madison was one-third of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on the hit reality show The Girls Next Door in 2005. She was supposedly his "main" girlfriend and rumors swirled that she did not get along with the other two, Bridget and Kendra, when they were off-camera. Once the show ended, Madison was still amicable with Kendra, doing anything she could to stay in the spotlight, offering her support when Kendra appeared on Dancing With the Stars in 2011. She was out of the spotlight for awhile until 2015 when she released a tell-all book about her time in the Playboy mansion. She put down many of the aspects of her time there, including calling Kendra "the fakest person [she] ever met". Keep stirring the pot, Holly! She published a follow-up book in 2016 and continued to bash Kendra, among other things. Madison clearly could not stay out of the limelight for too long and knew that talking about her time with Hefner (RIP) was the only thing to keep her front and center.

4 Farrah Abraham: Thirsty Enough To Use Her Daughter For Attention


Abraham rose to fame as one of the teenage mothers on MTV's reality show, Teen Mom, in 2009. She had her daughter, Sophia, at a young age and, ever since, has used her fifteen minutes of reality show fame to milk any attention she can get. Some examples? She repeatedly brings Sophia to her father's grave. In most cases, while raising a child single due to a death of one of their parents, it is healthy to discuss the process and make sure the child knows the wonderful parts of her deceased parent. In this case, Abraham was just milking it for attention-- because when Sophia's father died, he and Abraham were already split up! She also made sure the world knew that she gave Sophia $600 for a tooth, making the public simultaneously roll their eyes, but hey, at least they were talking about her. Lastly, who talks about their seven year-old child saying "I do my own thing and she does her own thing. We have our own lives." I'm sorry, what?!?!

3 Blac Chyna: Her Public Relationship (And Feud) With The Kardashians

I think Blac Chyna is famous for singing? But I'm not really sure because I don't know if she is even that good. Whatever the case, the world definitely knows her name after the recent drama with her and Kardashian leading man, youngest brother Rob. They started dating in early 2016 with tons of speculation stating that it was just to boost Blac Chyna's name and fame. There were even rumors that the rest of the Kardashian clan completely disliked her. Then, only three months dating, Rob proposed to her in April. THREE MONTHS?!?! Many still say Blac Chyna only dated him to keep her name in the spotlight. Poor Rob was just a pawn in her game.

The game wasn't a game anymore, though, when the two announced they were expecting a child in May. (It is important to note that Chyna also has a son with rapper Tyga, Kylie Jenner's now ex-boyfriend.) The Kardashians continued to make it clear that they didn't like her and attempted to prevent her from branding their last name for herself, something Chyna did try to do when she got pregnant. (Seriously who gets married and has a child for fame? It's all too extreme if you ask me!)

2 Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery & Failed Music Career


Heidi Montag rose to fame on The Hills after her BFF Lauren Conrad snagged an L.A. apartment with Montag as her new roommate. They started out going to fashion school together, at which point Montag quit after only a semester. Her thirst for attention grew larger once her and Conrad were on the outs after the infamous sex tape rumor. "You know what you did!" (It still sends chills down my spine!) Their feuds and yelling matches certainly made for great television. Her and her boyfriend-turned-husband-turned-baby-daddy Spencer Pratt did countless interviews about their feud with Conrad, continuing to gain notoriety in the spotlight. After The Hills ended, Montag attempted a music career which ultimately did not lead her to superstardom. She also got extensive surgeries, including a breast enlargement and rhinoplasty. Not letting her career die down just yet, her and Pratt starred on plenty of reality shows, including Marriage Boot Camp and Celebrity Wife Swap. We all know Montag and Pratt aren't done just yet, so stay tuned to see what other desperate attention-seeking stunts they pull next.

1 Scott Disick: Won't Hop Off The Kardashian Money Train

Scott Disick rose to fame as the partying boyfriend of the eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney. None of us are still not sure what his talent is (aren't you supposed to have a talent to be famous?). I guess he is funny and sarcastic-- and definitely good television, but otherwise, I'm still not so sure. Either way, his thirst for attention knows no bounds. Throughout the series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Disick was a wild party animal that made hilarious and sometimes offensive comments for the cameras. The real thirst came just after his official breakup with Kourtney last year (even though they were on and off for many years, including throughout the births of their three children). He dated anyone he could to stay on the covers of the tabloids and magazines, including Bella Thorne and Sofia Richie. He often had a different model on his arm every night at a number of nightclubs. It seems he isn't slowing down anytime soon with his promiscuous ways and complete desire for any attention he could get.

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