15 Celebs Who Are All Natural But Have Been Accused Otherwise

Those bright and shining celeb faces and those perfectly sculpted bodies — are they actually perfect bodies, or do they get a little help? Is it the work of airbrushing or CGI? They can bring people back from the dead with the wonders of Hollywood magic.

Some celebs consider it part of their job to maintain their body image and have personal trainers to boost their workout regiments. This takes up a good portion of their day. The competition to stay looking young and good-looking is fierce in Hollywood, and if an actor or musician wants to stay working, they have to keep up with their competition.Lately though, there has been an emergence of a more natural look and a self-love movement. Musician, Alicia Keys, no longer wears makeup and is a big spokesperson for the natural me look.

It trying to keep up with the Hollywood buzz, one might notice some of these celebs looking a little haggard at Whole Foods. Then, later, on the red carpet, they look like a million bucks. There are so many articles about “celebs without makeup” or “celebrities who have gotten work done”. It’s important to remember that celebrities are still human beings. They just happen to look better than most of us on the daily. One thing is for sure, it takes a lot of work to maintain those fabulous looks.

15 Beyoncé - No One Is That Perfect

We all suffer from Beyoncé envy, right?. Bey is drop-dead gorgeous, smart, kind and talented? Let’s not forget to mention she’s a savvy business woman, and also a happy mother leading a well-balanced life with a superstar husband by her side. Can it really be that good for some people?

We want there to be some kind of news out there that Bey has gotten some liposuction after having babies. We will all rejoice when we find out she has cake every day and gets it sucked out by a doctor every other week. Please give us news that there has been a chin tuck, a tummy tuck, any kind of tuck!

But alas, this news may never come. Beyoncé is, in fact, perfect. She has a personal trainer, and works out four times a week. When she is on tour, her concerts and dance numbers are enough to keep her fit. She eats healthy and is probably going to be sainted in the near future.

14 Kylie Jenner - Sure, Her Lips Are Fake, But The Rest Of Her Is A Mystery

We all know Kylie Jenner gets lip enhancements, and we recently learned that she got breast augmentation when she went to an awards show and the tell-tale boob job scar was showing under her dress. We don't know why this surprises everyone or why it was a scandal considering the Kardashians and the Jenners don’t actually do anything in Hollywood. They aren’t really a part of producing movies or music. They don’t act — unless you count that travesty of a show that we all love to hate.

Still, they are in a lot of photographs, but they aren’t really models either, right? Kylie’s looks are all she has because talent and creativity aren’t there. While she is slowly surfacing as a businesswoman in the make-up industry, it doesn't surprise us one bit that her biggest passion would be cosmetics — another way to alter her appearance.

13 Taylor Swift - Amazing Bra or Enhancements?

A lot of people like to say Taylor Swift has gotten breast enhancements. But Taylor's fans insist they are real. Taylor herself insists they are real, too. Still, we all know how this story goes. A lot of celebs just aren't keen on admitting when they've altered their bodies — even when it's obvious and even though they signed up for this career in the limelight.

Another more plausible theory is that since Taylor entered the scene when she was in her early teens, she hadn’t quite developed yet. One summer, Taylor was as flat as an ironing board and the next summer she had boobs. Most people who watch celebs would initially go to the boob job theory, but if we think about it, we wouldn’t say that about the girl next door if she developed in the same way. To be fair, let’s all stop being creepers and let Taylor’s boobs be.

12 Kim Kardashian- Brand New Face

We’ve all seen that episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when Kim got an x-Ray of her behind proving that it was all natural right? But what still stumps us is that her face has completely transformed in the last 10 or so years. She looks like a whole other person. So it’s normal for people to question her authenticity. But nope, according to Kardashian it’s all the power of makeup that she looks so different.

We’re a little hesitant to believe her cause come on…look at the above image, its a entirely new face. The hairline is different, the nose is slimmer, the lips are plumper. Is it even possible for someone to be THAT good at contouring? I guess we have no choice to believe Kim when she says she just has really good makeup artists.

11 Madonna- Material Face

Madonna has been beautiful and striking for her entire life. She is pushing 60-years old and looks like she is about 40-years old from a distance. She has maintained her youth-like countenance with natural good looks and sass. A great stylist and trainer and Yoga teacher probably don’t hurt either. Madonna boasted a very natural look until just recently.

She was on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show and no one really recognized her because of major facial reconstruction, or Botox, or was it a chin tuck? She had that tight mouth look that women get when they've overdone it on the facial fillers. She couldn’t pronounce her words or enunciate them properly because her lips seemed to be sealed shut. Something happened to Madge's face recently that has shocked us all, but it shouldn't. After all, she did say she was a material girl.

10 Tom Cruise- Old, Yet No Turkey Wobble

You didn't think we'd make it through this list without questioning what'd been going on with Tom Cruise, did you? Has he had work done? Tom is 55-years old, but he actually looks a solid 25 years younger than that. and claims he hasn’t had any work done. Some fans and haters alike have been quick to blame his stunted aging on his religious preference for Scientology. He's an alien and aliens don't age. Didn't you know?

Others claim it's just good old Botox. Some people think Scientologists eat babies. Hey, maybe he's one of those people who opts for blood transfusions with baby's blood to reoxygenate the skin. Yes, that's a thing. Perhaps, it’s literally good genes on Tom’s part. Maybe he just looks good in the media and is a haggard old man in real life!

9 Angelina Jolie - Fake Hips And Real Lips

Those signature Angelina Jolie Lips aren’t the only natural thing on her. Everything else on her body is au natural, except for her new breasts. One of the remarkable things about Angelina is that she recently had a voluntary double mastectomy — as well as a voluntary hysterectomy — due to her family genetics of high risk ovarian, breast and other female reproductive-related cancers.

This is highly unusual for a woman who is seemingly at the peak of her career — with much of that career being based on her looks — to do something so drastic. But her image was not important to her. It's being with her children as long as she could help that took priority. Jolie doesn’t shy away from questions about it when asked and has gone to great lengths to boost awareness for female cancers.

8 Jennifer Lopez - Her Changing Nose Since Anaconda

If you remember the cult hit movie Anaconda with Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez, you might remember an old friend J-Lo used to have with her all the time…her old nose. Jennifer Lopez claims no surgery or body enhancements, just a good diet and an excellent trainer. J-Lo naturally looks good, but a quality diet and great trainer cannot change the structure of an entire nose. If we're being completely honest, her schnoz looks totally different from 1991 to 2012.

If Jenny-from-the-block wants to keep up her stellar image in Hollywood, it may serve her well to come clean about her trips under the knife in the pursuit of vanity. Fans really do love it when they can relate to a celeb and feel like they're human — just like them. Brooklyn born, J-Lo has got some ‘splainin’ to do.

7 Mariah Carey - Who Smiles That Much?

Mariah Carey has a lot of natural good looks. Even during the formative years of her career as a pop princess, she was an attractive young girl. Still, it seems that the pop star has undergone quite a lot the past fifteen years. She has had a nervous breakdown, mental and anxiety issues, and depression — just to name a few.

She is another boob job denier, like Kim Kardashian and a few others. The paps saw her coming out of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's office in May with a much more obvious rack. It looks like it could go both ways with Mariah. The photographs of her could be due to her clothing enhancing the shape of her breasts, versus the styles of tops and dresses she used to have. But it wouldn’t surprise us at all if she was fake from head to toe.

6 Coco - What Has She Done?

Coco was a former Playboy Bunny and is married to Ice-T — the well-known rapper and long-time actor on Law & Order: SVU. Her daughter does Pilates and yoga with her on her social media and it’s totes aborbs! We’ve all seen her outrageously large butt and breasts, and Coco has never hidden the fact that she got a boob job. But, she has even gone to the lengths of having a doctor X-ray her glutes while on TV with her husband to prove her butt was the real deal.

She just worked out so that it would get bigger, she claims. Still, we question it. Anyone with a first-grade education can Google body enhancements for the derriere and find out that implants aren't the only way to build a booty these days. We're still calling her bluff.

5 Oprah - Photoshop Or Loaded With Unnatural Enhancements?

Every time we peruse the cover of O! Magazine, Oprah Winfrey looks different on each cover. It’s like she actually changes everything- her hair, her face, her style, and so on. The billionaire has a team of wonderful make-up artists, trainers and stylists at her beck and call, and some light facial surgery she has admitted to. She even admitted to a chin tuck, due to her ever fluctuating weight.

Oprah has never shied away from the spotlight. She's honest and transparent. She serves her soul to us on a platter most of the time. She knows how important it is to be truthful with her followers for them to truly connect with her. She's also never been so vain that she thought she would keep her looks forever. She knows there's more to life than that — even if she has dabbled in unnatural enhancements. Ms. Winfrey can do whatever she wants though, because she continues to be the epitome of class and style.

4 Keanu Reeves - Pact With The Devil Or Beverly Hills Surgeon?

Keanu Reeves has lived a life of major tragedy and still manages to be an all-around nice guy, according to the folks who work with him. He also manages to look like he’s 38-years old while he is really 20 years older than that. The Matrix trilogy actor has never gotten any body enhancements  to maintain his youthful appearance.

People have been commenting in recent years that Keanu looks different than he used to. It leads us to ask, don't you? Don't we all look different twenty years later? While we are used to holding women to this high standard in Hollywood that they mustn't age, we're seeing an up-and-coming trend of treating men with the same regard. Truthfully, it only seems fair. That said, real fairness would be leaving all of these celebs alone to live their lives. But then, what would we do with ours?

3 Keith Richards - Looks Scary On Purpose?

Believe it or not, Keith Richards has not had any work done. He is older than dirt and proud of it. He chain smokes and drinks like a fish. He does everything that would age a person’s body dramatically, but he is almost 74-years old and he is still touring with the Rolling Stones. The current tour is the third straight year in a row that Richards has been out with the band. They also don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

This appears to be a Rolling Stones thing because all of his band mates — including lead singer Mick Jagger — haven’t gotten any enhancements either. They don’t seem to care looks, which is what makes them badass. Or, perhaps they learned years ago that women wanted them regardless of what they looked like.

2 Amy Poehler - We Just Can't Put Our Finger On It...

Amy Poehler slays us with her banter and interpretations on Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation. She is always glowing. She is contagious, beautiful and charismatic. If anyone had smoke and mirrors up their sleeve regarding their looks, it is Amy Poehler. But it's not what you think.

She has shown up to awards shows wearing boots and jeans and Mickey Mouse Tee Shirts. She loves leather jackets and little-to-no make-up. Still, she manages to be a stunner. Poehler hasn’t had any alterations of any kind of enhancements. Her weight fluctuates all the time, because maybe there is truth in the Leslie Knope waffle theory. She just seems comfortable in her own skin and this makes all the difference in the world. It' looks good on ya, Amy!

1 Zachary Levi- It's Gotta Be Botox

Zachary Levi from Broadway; the voice of Flynn Rider and various other nerdy roles has always had the most perfect complexion. Is this natural from eating right or is he getting some unnatural help from a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon? Levi claims no on the Botox. But does claim a good, regular, facial regiment, and also plenty of water and vitamins. Come on, Zach, anyone can pop a few supplements and guzzle a gallon of water a day, and we don't all look like this.

We aren't all chugging an extra Aquafina and finding that our fine lines are suddenly smoothed out and our face looks taught and professionally refreshed. There's a small chance that he's telling the truth and is taking supplements like collagen to boost the natural substance's presence in his skin, but it’s unlikely. Hollywood is hard on dudes who nip and tuck. We get it.

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