15 Celebs Who Apparently Smell Awful

When we think of celebrities, we often imagine them jetting to the most luxurious restaurants, enjoying the most expensive spas, and wearing the craziest designer clothing. It can be pretty shocking to learn that celebrities are not all that different than us (except they live in a higher tax bracket), which means they can be just as gross, just as messy, just as disgusting as the rest of us “regular” people.

Despite their slew of awards, money, and fame, these 15 celebrities are notorious for their carelessness when it comes to personal upkeep and basic hygiene. Some seem tame (at least compared to those further down the list!), but that doesn’t make their bad habits any less ick-worthy. From avoiding showers to not washing their hair, to having the rankest of breath, these celebrities require a whole lot more than a spritz of perfume or a stick of gum. Fame and money don’t buy you class, and it seems they don’t buy you good hygiene, either! Take a look and see if any of these smelly citizens of the Hollywood set surprise you, or if you had a feeling all along.

15 Brad Pitt

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Who would’ve guessed that one of the sexiest men alive was also one of the stinkiest, at least among the A-list crowd? Oscar winner Brad Pitt chose to forego showers while filming Inglourious Basterds and instead used baby wipes to swipe at the sweat under his pits. We’ve gotta admire his dedication to his work (so much so that he can’t hit the soap!), but we feel bad for his costars. Have you seen some of the heavy costumes he has on? We’re extending our sympathy to the film crews, too!

On the set of another film, Brad took an even stronger stand against soap after he read up on the so-called toxins in antibacterial soap. As for deodorant? Yeah, right! Brad’s ditched basically anything that can help with his natural “scent”, because of their effect on the environment and their alleged effect on ageing! Who knew that Brad was so vain?

14 Zac Efron

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Another hottie who is more about embracing his natural musk than the grooming powers of a good wash! One of Zac’s go-to methods of getting his body in such pristine condition is working out hard and playing loads of basketball. The only catch? Instead of hopping in the shower afterwards, Zac follows the Brad Pitt school of hygiene and cleans up with a set of baby wipes instead!

Compared to some of the celebrities on this list, Zac’s hygiene doesn’t seem too awful, but then again, we’re not the ones smelling him! Exertion sweat isn’t quite as stinky as stress sweat, but if you’re avoiding the shower and opting for a wipe-down, you’re definitely allowing some bacteria to linger in your most personal, sweatiest crevices. Zac, we all know you’re hot, but maybe you’d benefit from a bit of a cool-off in a nice, cleansing shower? Just a thought.

13 Julia Roberts

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From Pretty Woman to dirty girl! In an effort to help the environment, A-list actress Julia Roberts frequently goes days without showering in an effort to conserve water. We suppose that when you spend most of your days in drought-ridden California, easing up on your water consumption isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even if it comes at the cost of others’ nostrils.

In addition to her rare showers, Julia stays with the hippie life by abstaining from deodorant, a personal tidbit she shared with Oprah. In the same interview, she’s said that deodorant has just never been her “thing”, whatever that means. As well, according to a former bodyguard, Julia rarely shaves (remember that film premiere ages ago when she had her stubbly armpits on display?). While not shaving is frequently considered an example of poor hygiene, it’s more a matter of personal choice and taste. Not showering? Definitely stinky. Not shaving? Just lazy.

12 Jennifer Aniston

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Even America’s sweetheart isn’t immune from being labeled one of Hollywood’s stinkier celebrities. According to costars Alec Baldwin and Jason Bateman, Jen is rocking a serious case of stink-mouth. While she kicked cigarettes back in 2012, Jen has been dealing with any lingering cravings by stocking up on coffee. Plus, when you consider her hectic schedule, it only makes sense that she's in need of some major caffeine boosts! Unfortunately, all that coffee has made her breath reek like death. If you’ve ever finished a cuppa and had nothing to eat or no gum to fix the stale taste it leaves in your mouth, you can imagine how rough it must’ve been to deal with kissing Jen on camera! As the voice and face of Smartwater, maybe Jen should rinse out her mouth a little bit before takes where she has to get up close and personal? Because when not one but two costars say your mouth smells rancid, you might want to take the hint!

11 Colin Farrell

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By taking just one look at Colin Farrell, you can see that the guy is pretty lax about his personal hygiene routine. That slicked-back hair that’s become part of his signature look? It’s due to the lack of showering and hair washing that causes the natural oils to grease the surface.

Plus, have you noticed how he’s rarely photographed without a cigarette dangling from his mouth or hand? That stale funk of cigarette smoke clings to his unwashed body for a smell that is unparalleled in its ick factor according to costars, reporters, and crew members on film sets. Couple that with his rank B.O. from not bathing and you’ve got an Irishman whose stank seems so obvious that you can almost see the stink lines emanating from his photos! We get that Colin has a ~look~ going on, but this isn’t method acting here – just use some soap, already!

10 Kristen Stewart

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Your favourite awkward actress, Kristen Stewart, is (perhaps unsurprisingly) notorious among the Hollywood set for being one of the stinkiest celebs! Kristen has been open about her disdain for what the Twilight franchise did for her career as an indie darling (and she truly is talented if people look beyond her portrayal of human dishcloth Bella Swan), and perhaps that’s why she’s always a bundle of nerves!

Kristen has admitted that when she’s anxious or nervous, she starts to sweat, and anyone who’s sat through a stressful job interview or a meeting with the in-laws can tell you that stress sweat is the smelliest sweat! Unfortunately, Kristen doesn’t try to cover up her stank, rarely wearing perfume or deodorant, and only brushing her teeth once a day. And if you’ve noticed her greasy hair, you’re not alone: Kristen says she doesn’t brush it, because she’s “not that kind of girl”. What kind of girl? One who owns a hairbrush?

9 Robert Pattinson

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It seems like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were a match made in unwashed heaven! Back during the filming of the Twilight series, Rob was known for his infrequent showering and hair-washing. Even recently, Rob has admitted that he doesn’t see the point in washing his hair, because if he doesn’t care if it’s clean or not, why would he bother? Um, I guess that makes sense? If you don’t care about the noses of everyone else around you, that is.

His attitude towards his personal hygiene seems to have extended towards the upkeep of his living space, too. Rob has declared in the past that he doesn’t clean his apartment because he doesn’t care, since it’s just for sleeping in, and he also avoids doing any laundry for as long as possible until even he can’t stand the smell of himself! How does long-term girlfriend FKA Twigs feel about the whole stank thing, Rob?

8 Johnny Depp

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Known for getting down and dirty into his roles, Johnny Depp takes his method acting a bit too literally when it comes to avoiding a shower for sometimes weeks on end! Johnny is known for not showering or washing his clothes for as long as possible, a practice maintained by his ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis, during their time together as well!

Johnny – like Colin Farrell – just looks like he smells bad. Maybe it’s his hobo-chic apparel, maybe it’s his greasy hair, but the heartthrob is definitely a shell of what he once was (and way problematic as of late). During filming of The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, the actress was not a fan of locking lips with Johnny because of his chain-smoking ways! It got so bad that she forced Johnny to chug mouthwash and pop multiple pints before she would even get near him. At the time, Johnny was reported as saying, “I hate it, but I wanted to keep her happy.” Maybe switching up your bad hygiene habits isn’t such a bad thing!

7  Matthew McConaughey

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Prepare for a record: Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey has not worn deodorant in 20 years. 20 years! He hasn’t worn cologne either! (Although we’re more okay with that, because there’s nothing worse than covering up a gross sweat smell with a gross cologne smell.) To ensure he doesn’t stink too badly, Matthew says he showers multiple times a day and brushes his teeth up to five times a day.

While Matthew claims that women have never had a problem with his “natural scent” (in fact, he says that all the women in his life – including his mom – like that he smells like a man and like himself), costar Kate Hudson tried to change his smelly ways. On a movie set, Kate brought Matthew a salt rock, which acts as a natural deodorant, and begged him to put it on, but he still refused. Well, Matt, if it works for you, then alright, alright, alright!

6 Shailene Woodley

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Shailene Woodley is an actress who rejects the traditional Hollywood lifestyle in favour of a more hippie, earth-mother vibe. You can’t deny that the girl has some impressive moral and ethical beliefs, including her recent arrest for peacefully protesting the Dakota Access pipeline. With that being said, Shailene has also had her fair share of strange advice regarding healthy living, including eating clay and giving your lady bits some sunshine for the vitamin D (no pun intended).

A smelly example of her healthy habits extended to her use of Chinese dirt supplements, which she chowed down on during filming of the flick, The Spectacular Now. Costar Miles Teller said that she would chew the supplements before kissing scenes as a joke, which made her mouth smell like a pile of sh*t. Adding more stink to the heap is the fact that she regularly rubs herself in smelly essential oils that have made it difficult for her to borrow designer gowns, because her stank sticks!

5 Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson’s hatred of brushing her teeth is well-documented. When speaking with Ellen Degeneres, Jessica told her that she only brushes her teeth a few times a week because she doesn’t like when they feel too “slippery”. This is kind of shocking, when you consider how incredible Jessica’s chompers look in all the pearly whiteness. So, how does she clean them up after she’s eaten? She just wipes them off – with a T-shirt. We’re just hoping it’s a clean one! To her credit, Jess says she flosses and uses mouthwash every day, so we guess that’s something? At least she’s honest about her habits. “I know it’s gross,” she’s said.

In addition to her grosser-than-average oral hygiene, Jessica has also been pretty outspoken about her active farting habits. However, in an effort to alleviate the automatic “ew” that generates, Jessica claims her gas smells like roses! Sure, Jess, we believe you.

4 Russell Crowe

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Russell Crowe has made a career out of playing sweaty, grizzled men (see: Gladiator), so it’s not really that shocking to learn he’s one of Tinseltown’s smelliest celebrities. His body odour is said to be so bad that people have requested to sit downwind of him during gigs and shows! The late Joan Rivers was open about her preference of sitting away from him due to what she called a glandular problem, which means his stank isn’t all due to laziness. However, Russell doesn’t try to help himself, either! The Oscar winner avoids using any personal hygiene products, including shampoo, body wash, deodorant, and cologne. As well, on the dirty and sweaty 2014 set of the film Noah, Russell avoided the showers for a more authentic look (and smell) – much to the disgust of everyone else he was working with! At least we can be thankful that movie theatres aren’t equipped with Smell-O-Vision!

3 Britney Spears

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If the reports are to be believed, Britney Spears is one of the dirtiest pop stars around – literally! According to an old housekeeper, Brit-Brit is like most of us, tossing her clothes on the ground when she gets home – where it joins a messy array of half-eaten junk food! A former bodyguard of Britney’s actually had to leave her employ because he was so disgusted with the singer’s bad habits, which included not showering or bathing for days, not washing or combing her hair, wearing the same unwashed clothes multiple times, and refusing to wear deodorant (despite owning a profitable perfume line) or brush her teeth!

The same bodyguard also admitted that Britney’s grossness even extended to passing gas in front of him and picking her nose! That’s just disrespectful! Well, the woman has been photographed exiting public bathrooms sans shoes or socks, so really, what else did we expect?

2 Snooki

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Snooki’s (aka Nicole Polizzi) dirty Jersey Shore days may be over, but that hasn’t stopped her from keeping up with some equally questionable hygienic habits. Instead of spending her MTV cash on expensive spa treatments (although she’ll happily shell out for plastic surgery “improvements”), Snooki prefers to use cat litter to exfoliate her face. You read that right – cat litter! She admitted her dirty little secret to Conan O’Brian, and shrugged off any potential risks, because she hadn’t broken out yet!

The pint-sized Jersey girl has also admitted that she chews gum instead of brushing her teeth – a nasty habit that even husband Jionni LaValle says makes her breath reek! The thing about gum is, while it temporarily freshens up your breath, it does nothing to kill all that nasty bacteria lurking in your teeth and on your tongue. So, Snooki smells like kitty litter and stank breath. Are you really all that surprised?

1 Kesha

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We don’t think anyone is surprised to see Kesha at the top of the list of celebrities who stink, because her personal hygiene is questionable at best. Speaking on BBC Radio 1, Kesha proudly stated that she smells like a hobo, despite her claim that she showers up to four times a day. So, is it just her natural scent? Or, if you’d prefer something a little more weirdly explanatory, she’s been described (and described herself) as smelling like “shrimp on a diaper”! How can anyone even imagine what that smells like?! Gag.

Additionally, Kesha has publicly declared that she drinks her own urine, because she was told it was a healthy thing to do. Yep, Kesha sips her own pee. While the practice has dubious health benefits, Kesha claims that, since she is so well hydrated, it doesn’t taste that bad. Even if it doesn’t taste nasty, you can’t deny that the practice is still pretty vom-worthy!

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