15 Celebs We Had No Idea Were Single (And 5 Celeb Relationships We Didn't Know Were A Thing)

We are living at the height of celebrity culture. We have never been more exposed to them or had as much access to them as we do now. Between their own social media accounts and the countless celebrity gossip websites, you can get your celebrity fill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if you try to avoid reading or hearing about anything related to the entertainment industry, chances are you cannot totally avoid hearing stuff about them. It can seem like we know everything there is about a celebrities life. Sometimes a piece of information will come out about a celebrity that will totally shock a person. It can feel like finding out a secret about a good friend, that's how close people feel to celebrities these days. They think they know them inside and out.

But a lot of celebrities do keep their private life separate from their professional, and some of them become more private throughout the course of their career. Being in the public eye can be exhausting, and it takes a certain kind of personality to be able to handle and even enjoy that kind of constant scrutiny. Looking at you, Kardashian family.

One endlessly fascinating aspect of celebrity lives to the public is their romantic lives. People get very emotionally invested in celebrity relationships, and in their favorite celebrities dating lives. And there are certain celebs out there that have been pegged either as always single or always in a relationship. Some people just assume a certain celebrity is just always in a relationship! So read ahead and see if you are surprised by whose actually single in Tinsel town, and some of the random pairings that end up happening.

20 It May Seem Like She Is Always In A Relationship, But JLaw Is Totally Single

Jennifer Lawrence has for all intents and purposes seemed like a relationship girl. One of those chronically monogamous people. For years, she was dating British actor Nicholas Hoult. According to People the two lovebirds met on the set of X-Men in 2010 and went on to have an off and on relationship for 5 years. For a while there, it definitely seemed like even though they were young the two actors could end up together.

In 2015 when her long-term relationship with Nicholas finally ended, Jennifer ended up dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin who was coming off his divorce from actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

This was a short-lived romance, and Jennifer went on to date her Mother! director Darren Aronofsky. For almost the entire time that the public has known Jennifer, since she burst onto the scene in the X-Men movies she has been in a relationship. But since her relationship with Aronofksy has ended she has remained single! In an interview with Vogue Jennifer said on the topic of her dating life “I feel like if I find that one person who I want to spend the rest of my life with, who I want to be the father of my children, that I would absolutely not [expletive] it up."

19 For Someone Who Is Always Singing About Love, Drake Is Surprisingly Single

Drake is the romantic crooner of the rap and hip-hop world. Seemingly always singing about girls that have broken his heart, he comes off as a guy with a lot of feelings. According to InStyle and anyone that has been following Drakes musical career, he has been linked to Rihanna off and on for years. Starting with their collaboration on the song What's My Name in 2010, the rumors about their romance have persisted over the years but have never been officially confirmed by either Drake or Rihanna.

There is no denying that the two share a strong chemistry together when it comes to making amazing music. Drake has also been linked to Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj. He posted a picture of him and JLo having a cuddle to his Instagram, but that was a short-lived romance. And as much as fans would love for him and Nicki to finally get together, Nicki made it very clear on the track Over that her and Drake are strictly friends and collaborators. But for a guy whose relies heavily on love as a theme for his music, he has never actually been in a long-term relationship. At least as far as the public knows, but it is kind of strange we have never known Drake to have a real and official girlfriend.

18 After Years Of Being In A Long-Term Relationship, Demi Is Living It Up As A Single Gal

We have watched Demi Lovato grow up from a young age. And from a young age, she has been dating. In 2007 when Demi was around 15-years-old and making that all too familiar transition from child star to grown woman in Hollywood, she was with Cody Linley. According to PopSugar she dated Linley for only a year, and then the next year she dated Alex DeLeon who also only lasted a year. And someone that people may not realize Demi has been linked to, is Trace Cyrus who dated Demi briefly in 2009.Yup! Demi dated Miley Cyrus's big brother. As you can tell, Demi did not spend a lot of time being single. Her relationship with Joe Jonas would come next, but this would also be a short-lived relationship as well.

After a string of short-term romances, Demi entered a long-term relationship with older actor Wilmer Valderrama. The two would date from 2010 to 2016.

In her 2017 documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated she made it clear that even though their romantic relationship has ended, he is still an important person in her life and a true friend. Ever since Demi entered her teenage years and young adulthood, the public has known her as someone always in a relationship. But these days she is killing the single girl game!

17 Jake Gyllenhaal Has Been Single For So Long That People Forget He Is Single—His Biggest Movies Coincide With This Period Of Being Single

Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely one of the more serious actors in Hollywood, who seemingly would prefer to be known for the caliber of his work rather than the excitement of his celebrity. He keeps his private life, well private. According to People, he has dated Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst, Alyssa Miller, and his most high-profile romance was of course with Taylor Swift.

He has been single the last couple of years though, and in this time has had amazing acting roles that have launched him into the pinnacle of his professional acting career.

If you have not seen Nightcrawler or Southpaw, go do that as soon as you finish reading this article. And while he has been super focused on his career and reaped the positive results of doing so, it definitely seems that the actor is open to falling in love and building a life with someone. When he went on Howard Stern's radio show he told Howard "I love love, man." In another interview, he did with Elle he seemingly put out an open call for someone to set him up. He literally said "People should set me up more often, I absolutely encourage it. There should be more of that in my life . . . .” The lucky lady that ends up with Jake does not only get the gorgeous actor, she will get to hang out with his sister actress Maggie Gyllenhaal!

16 Bella Keeps Quiet About Her Relationships It's So Hard To Know Her Status

People Magazine

Bella Hadid alongside her sister Gigi Hadid and good friend Kendall Jenner makes up some of the most famous, if not the most famous models in the world right now. Since she has been thrust into the celebrity spotlight, her most high profile relationship has been with hip-hop artist The Weeknd. According to Cosmopolitan Bella and The Weeknd, real name Abel, hit it off in 2015 when he was perfuming at Coachella. By July 2015 the couple had gone public with their relationship, and they seemed like the perfect match. She was at the very top of her modeling career and only had up to go, and Abel was not only killing the hip-hop game he was changing the genre.

They were most definitely a total power couple. And while people know better than to expect celebrity relationships to go the very long haul, it seemed that these two would at least be together for a while. By November 2016 People reported that the couple had officially broken up after spending a year and a half together. And then in a shocking twist, Cosmopolitan reports that by January 2017 Abel had very publicly moved on. And not with just anyone, but with someone that was supposed to be good friends with Bella. It was Selena Gomez. Now we can neither confirm or deny this, but now it seems like The Weeknd and Bella are back together...what a roller coaster!

15 It's A Dream Come True—Harry Styles Is Single

Since One Direction dissolved, the boys from the band have probably been enjoying not being under the same public scrutiny that they were when they were a part of one of the, if not the most popular boy band at the time. It gets exhausting! It can hard to imagine that someone like Harry Styles who is attractive, successful, and famous can be single for any long period of time but that seems to be the case here. We tend to just assume that most celebrities are in relationships.

According to English publication, the Telegraph Harry was last linked to food blogger Tess Ward. This was way back in 2017, and the pair split-up not too long after they began dating.

Since then, Harry had not gone public with anyone. The rest of his former bandmates all seem to be in relationships, but Harry just might be too focused on becoming the next David Bowie. A lot of the time in Hollywood celebrities use their romantic relationships for PR, almost all of them do it. So we commend Harry for focusing on his career and the music he is putting out rather than putting out fake relationships for attention. We're not saying that that was the case when he was dating Taylor Swift, but we're not, not saying it.

14 Despite Rumours Of A Relationship With His Baywatch Co-star, Zac Efron Is Single

Instagram / zacefron

Zac Efron has a history of dating people he is working with. His longest and probably his most public relationship was with his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens which was off and on for years. He has also been linked to his co-stars in his last two big movies. When he was making Baywatch people thought he was dating his co-star Alexandra Daddario, and most recently he has been linked to his Greatest Showman Alive co-star Rebecca Ferguson.

To us, that just seems like good PR. Coincidence that there are always rumors he is dating a co-star? We think not. But because Zac Efron is usually in the news being linked to one girl or another, no one ever thinks of him as just single. And these days it appears for all intents and purposes that the actor is totally single. According to Bustle the last relationship he was in that was publicly confirmed was with blogger Sami Miro, and that lasted around two years. So for all of you that have been obsessed with Zac Efron since he graced your screens with his skater boy hair in High School Musical, you can still dream of one day ending up with him. Stranger things have happened.

13 People Probably Forget Angelina Jolie Is Single Because They're Blocking Out Her Break-Up With Brad Pitt From Their Memory

Hearts shattered around the world when it was announced that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were breaking up after 6 kids together and a 12-year relationship. Including famous people, if you don't believe us, just Google 'Perez Hilton breaking down after Angelina and Brad announced their break-up.' We won't lie, somewhere we are holding out hope that the two will get back together but those hopes are diminishing. Angelina has thrown herself into her acting/direction work, on top of the massive humanitarian work she is always doing. As for Brad, Cosmopolitan reports that he is seeing someone new. And she is not Hollywood at all. Her name is Neri Oxman and she is a professor at MIT.

Angelina has not even been rumored to be dating anyone since her break-up with Brad.

Can you imagine trying to date when you have six kids and a huge career? Yea, it's scary. But Brad has somehow managed to do it, and we hope that Angie can find a partner to share her life with. And if Brad does stay with his new lady love for the long-term, maybe the message is that more celebrities should be trying to date outside of the Hollywood dating pool. Hollywood seems to be toxic to true love.

12 John Boyega Is Keeping Dreams Alive By Staying Single

New York Post

John Boyega, the Nigerian - British actor that burst onto our screens and into our hearts with his role as Finn in the new Star Wars movies is still a single man. And that is literally a choice you have to make when you start to attract the kind of attention that he has been on the receiving end of since being thrust into the spotlight. Can you imagine how many people are probably throwing themselves at him?

His DMs on Twitter are probably going off the hook. And we talk about PR relationships in this article, and it is worth pointing out that a lot of actors tend to do the fake relationship for more press thing when they are new and starting out. But clearly, for John, this is not something he feels the need to do. On the Star Wars: The Force Awakens red carpet John did not bring arm candy, he brought his entire family including his adorable nephew! As if we could not love this guy anymore. According to Bustle the actor has received dating advice from Orlando Bloom, who knows a thing or two about dating when you are famous. It is difficult enough to navigate a new relationship, so we understand him wanting to grapple first with his new found fame before getting into something serious.

11 Nicki Minaj Broke Up With Meek Mill Last Year And Has Stayed Single Since

If you are the kind of person that has been in a long-term relationship, or goes from one relationship to another and then is suddenly fully single and alone, you are probably familiar with, well the unfamiliarity of being single. Some people are just chronically monogamous, and Nicki seemed to be the type. Don't believe us? According to Hollywood Life who did an in-depth break down of her past relationships, Nicki has gone from one relationship to the next. Her longest relationship was with Safaree Samuels which ended in 2014. Then she dated rapper Meek Mill, which caused a lot of public drama between her good friend Drake and Meek Mill at the time.

When their relationship did not work out, she has been linked to Zac Efron (yes, didn't expect that one did you), Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nas.

Nas being her most recent romantic relationship, but the two did not last long. And of course, the Drake and Lil Wayne rumors have persisted for years. She has been single since Nas probably for the longest time she ever has been since she dated Safaree Samuels. Recently though, she and Eminem have been giving each other some very public, flirty shout outs. That would be a match made in rap heaven!

10 Mindy Kaling Proving Single Girls Can Do It All! She Welcomed A Daughter Last Year

Mindy Kaling charmed us all when she played Kelly Kapoor on The Office. Kelly was obsessed with love and would do anything to capture it, even if it was with the resident loser in the office, Ryan, who was played by her real-life best-friend and sometimes boyfriend B.J. Novak. No one knows the true nitty and gritty details of their romantic relationship, but according to Bustle the two did date off and on for a number of years. According to their social media, they are still as close as ever though.

According to the Observer, when Mindy announced that she was pregnant with a baby the world was very surprised because A) she was single and B) she would not reveal who the Father is. She still has not revealed who the Father to her daughter Katherine is, and has not even released one picture of the baby. Fans of Mindy and B.J. hold out hope that maybe he is the Father to her child, but the two have made it obvious in the last couple of years that they are nothing more than the best of friends. Which in all honesty, has never stopped two people from making a baby before so there is still hope that B.J. is Katherine's Dad!

9 Eminem Has Been Single For So Long That People Forget He Is Single

Eminem has had a very public relationship with his long-time girlfriend and baby mama Kim Scott. According to People Eminem and Kim met way back in the day when she was only 13-years-old and he was 15-years-old. Since then, they have had a tumultuous off and on a relationship that resulted in one daughter. Eminem even wrote a song about his baby mama that paints her in a less than favorable light. And while this definitely appears to be the primary romantic relationship in his life, he was definitely been linked to other women.

Ranker reports that he has been romantically linked to his '8 Mile' co-star Brittany Murphy (RIP), Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey. But nothing ever lasted for Eminem.

We already mentioned that recently him and Nicki Minaj seemed to be very publicly flirting with each other. Now whether is just because they want to do a song together or they actually will are romantically interested in each other remains to be seen. But both of them are single and at the top of the rap world, so we welcome an Eminem / Nicki Minaj relationship. Hopefully, they get together romantically and musically. They are both a bit wild, they could be perfect for each other. After all, talent recognizes talent.

8 Charlize Theron Is A Happily Single Mom To Two Little Ones

Charlize Theron is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood. She could probably have her pick of any man, famous or not. Even though she is an A-list actress, Charlize keeps her personal life private. According to Bustle she has been in a number of relationships with well-known men. In 2001 she began dating her co-star in the movie Trapped Stuart Townsend. The pair would go on to stay together until 2010 when they split up. After her long-term relationship with Townsend ended, Bustle reports that she dated Keanu Reeves and Alexander Skarsgard but both were short-lived romances.

Following those two relationships, she ended up dating and getting engaged to Sean Penn. The two were open about the fact that they had been friends for many years before finally getting romantically involved with each other. Which makes sense considering that Sean Penn was married to Robin Wright from 1996 to 2010. That is literally a lifetime in Hollywood relationships. Charlize these days is probably choosing to focus on her award-winning acting career and being a Mother to her two young children. But we are sure someone as desirable as Charlize will not be able to stay single forever, someone will snatch her up.

7 After What Happened With Brad Pitt And Justin Theroux - The World Is Rooting For Jen Aniston To Find Love


Jennifer Aniston has unfortunately gotten the stigma of the sad lonely single girl. Something she has openly spoken out against. After her marriage with Brad Pitt ended and he left her for Angelina Jolie, the world pitied Jennifer Aniston. And would you believe it, most people actually do not enjoy being pitied. Especially when you are a woman who has worked hard to create an amazing life and career for herself. After Brad Pitt, Jen dated Vince Vaughn for a while but ultimately the relationship did not last. Public sentiment towards Aniston remained full of pity.

Can you imagine being an accomplished woman like her and all of that being reduced to the fact that a couple of your relationships did not work out? 

People reported that after being married for two and half years Jennifer and Justin were separating in early 2018. According to People a big reason for their break-up was that the two were living separate lives from each other. Jennifer preferred to be in L.A. on the west coast, and Justin preferred to be on the east coast in New York City. Sometimes the two would go days without even speaking to one another. At that point, what is the point of being together?

6 Johnny Depp Is Still Single After Amber Heard Broke-Up With Him

Johnny Depp has had something of a fall from grace since 2017. The beloved actor got caught up in some drama that was not a good look for him. Primarily, his romance with Amber Heard and the issues that she went public with about their relationship were not great. It was basically a PR nightmare for Depp. It did not help that Heard also released a video recording of Depp acting crazy towards her.

On top of his divorce and the ensuing drama from Heard, he also has had to deal with other legal issues regarding his taxes and his failure to pay them. After the media circus, he had to deal with him during the fall out from his relationship with Heard, Depp has tried to keep a relatively low profile. And it seems that a part of that for him is staying single and not being romantically linked to anyone. According to The Sun Depp has been single since his divorce from Heard. On the other hand, Heard has moved on a lot quicker. People reports that Heard has dated and already broken up with genius and owner of the company SpaceX, Elon Musk since her 2017 divorce from Johnny Depp.

5 Ashley Benson & Cara Delevingne Seem To Be Having A Secret Romance

Instagram / chloecaillet

This has not been confirmed by either Cara or Ashley, but there are a lot of signs pointing towards the two starlets developing a romantic relationship with each other!  According to Cosmopolitan the two ladies have definitely been putting out signs that they are romantically involved. They were spotted holding hands in New York City in May 2018.

Only a week later, Cara and Ashely were seen again with their hands intertwined in West Hollywood.

If they are in a relationship, it seems to be a pretty recent thing and other than being spotted around town acting lovey-dovey and fans already shipping the couple, we still do not know for sure.

Fans on social media are trying their best to uncover whether the couple is official or not, and they really really want them to be. Cosmopolitan also reports that a couple of fans on Twitter even claimed to have seen the girls locking lips. One fan claims to have seen them at a bar getting quite intimate, while another claimed to have been sitting next to them in the audience of SNL. And the two ladies were definitely acting like their relationship is on! Give us confirmation girls, we want this couple to happen so badly!

4 Lady GaGa Has Kept Her Relationship With Christian Carino Under Wraps—Some People Probably Thing She Is Still Engaged To Taylor Kinney

Hollywood Life

It can be hard to keep up with all the relationships in Tinsel town, but that is why we are here to do it for you. If you recall, Lady Gaga was engaged to Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney. In 2016 Gaga made an Instagram post announcing to fans that she and Taylor were taking time apart which surprised everyone. According to US Magazine, less than a year later Gaga was linked to talent agent Christian Carino. Perhaps because he is not as well known as Taylor Kinney was, seeing as he is more of a behind the scenes guy in Hollywood, the relationship never got the same attention from the public that her previous one had.

US Magazine also reports that Gaga has been spotted wearing a ring on that finger which seems to indicate that the two have taken the next step in their relationship and gotten engaged. Sorry fans who were hoping Taylor and Gaga would find their way back to each other. Gaga canceled her last tour because of her ongoing issues with chronic pain, which she delved into for her Netflix documentary. She has been taking this year to recuperate and spend time with her new fiancé. We hope we get to see her back on the stage performing soon!

3 The Most Secretive And One Of The Oddest Relationships In Hollywood—Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx

Us Weekly

When Katie Holmes dated and married Tom Cruise, it was a massive story. As a couple, they had a very high public profile. And who could forget Tom jumping on the couch while on the Oprah Winfrey Show and declaring his love for Katie? Throughout the marriage, the couple definitely was in the public spotlight. Tom Cruise is, after all, an A-list actor. After their divorce though, Katie seemingly fell off the face of the planet. And then whispers started that she was seeing Jamie Fox, and initially, it was hard to believe because it just seemed like the most random coupling in Hollywood. People also do not realize just how long these two have been allegedly seeing each other.

According to People Magazine the two were first seen together way back in 2013. They were spotted dancing in the Hamptons. Since then we have had a couple clues that the ultra-private couple is in fact together but no public confirmation.

It shocked everyone when earlier this year the two were seen sitting together at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Awards Gala. Maybe one day they will finally go public with their love, but we respect that after the media circus Katie had to deal with when she was with Tom she would do anything to avoid it with her next relationship.

2 Ariana Grande Jumped From Mac Miller To Pete Davidson So Quickly


Ariana Grande is coming off of a break-up from rapper Mac Miller. And Pete Davidson of SNL fame has also just come out of a long-term relationship with Larry Davids daughter, Cazzy. And it seems like both of them knew that they did not want to stay single for a long time. Some people after a long-term relationship cannot fathom entering a new one for quite some time, but some people just prefer to be in a relationship.

And it seems like Pete and Ariana have really hit it off. They are already posting couple photos on their social media, including being total nerds about Harry Potter.

They seem like a really happy couple. The couple is so new but they have already had to deal with controversy. TMZ reports that Mac crashed his car in May 2018 and was arrested for driving under the influence, and a lot of people blamed Ariana leaving him for the cause of this. Which is absolutely absurd considering he is a grown man, and there have been other people who have dealt with broken hearts and they do not get behind the wheel of a car when they shouldn't. It also seems to indicate that Ariana left a somewhat toxic relationship. Here is hoping this new one works out better.

1 Bet You Didn't Know About This Pairing, Actors Rooney Mara, And Joaquin Phoenix!


While both of these actors keep a low profile, because of their work they are well known to the world. Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix first worked together on the film Her, where they played exes. This was way back in 2013, and then the twosome came together again to film Mary Magdalene and it seems that on the set of this Biblical drama is where their romantic relationship began. When some celebrity couples start dating, the press is talking about practically as soon as they go on their first date. The public is along for the entire relationship. Well, Rooney and Joaquin are not that type of celebrity.

According to W Magazine, the two have kept a very low profile and they have been dating quietly for over a year now, and Rooney has put her L.A. home on sale, which seems to indicate that the two are going to be moving in together. It is hard to believe that a celebrity relationship can be so quiet that most people do not even realize they are dating and they are poised to move in together. And it's not like Joaquin and Rooney are not well known, they are top tier actors in Hollywood. Goes to show when you're famous, if you want to stay private you can.

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