15 Celebs We Didn't Know Were In Ellen Degeneres' Inner Circle (And 5 Who Can't Stand Her)

As hard as it may be to imagine, not every single person in the world is a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres'. While it is true that over her many many years in Hollywood she has made countless friends, it is also true that she has made a handful of enemies. Ellen's talk show career greatly depends on her having excellent connections and relationships with fellow celebrities, though we guess sometimes this is simply not possible (even for someone as beloved as Ellen).

Today, we are going to be looking at a list 0f 15 celebs who are right in the center of Ellen DeGeneres' inner circle. At the same time, we will also look at 5 famous people who really couldn't care less about the legendary talk show host or her inner circle. What's that we're smelling? Oh, it's just a bunch of spilt tea... Get ready, this one's going to be good!

20 Jennifer Aniston And Ellen Are Real Life Besties

19 Jennifer Lopez Just Can't Get Close Enough To Her Pal Ellen

18 Justin Timberlake's Love For Ellen Is Written All Over His Face

17 Can't Stand Her: It'll Be A Long Time Before We See Caitlyn Jenner Appear On Ellen's Show Again

16 Adele And Ellen Are A Match Made In Heaven

15 Just Try Keeping Julia Roberts And Ellen Apart!

14 Katy Perry Thinks Ellen Is A Riot

13 Can't Stand Her: Liza Minnelli Is No Fan Of Ellen's

12 Kim Kardashian's Love For Ellen Is Everlasting

11 This Lady Is Simply Gaga For Ellen Degeneres!

10 Melissa McCarthy Partied Hard At Ellen's 60th Birthday Bash

9 Can't Stand Her: Kathy Griffin Has A Lot Of Words For Ellen ... But None Of Them Are Nice

8 North West And Ellen Share A Special Bond

7 Oprah And Ellen Are Two Peas In A Pod

6 Pharrell Williams Stands By Ellen Degeneres!

5 Can't Stand Her: Piers Morgan Is Thoroughly Offended By Ellen

4 Pink Shared Her Baby Announcement With Ellen First

3 Ryan Seacrest And Ellen Go Way Back

2 Sofía Vergara And Ellen Have A Similar Sense Of Humor

1 Can't Stand Her: Wendy Williams Is In Constant Competition With Ellen

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