15 Celebs The World Would Be Better Off Without

They come into our lives through our TV's, phones, computers, magazines and almost every different form of media. The glamorous lives of celebrities with all of their troubles, successes and failures are broadcast all over the world for every man, woman and child to see.

But while many of our beloved celebs are a force for good, there are a few who seem to do more damage than they are worth.

People tend to more often than not aspire towards what they can see in society. When young people are inundated with terrible, valueless role models in the form of celebrities then that effects how they form their own aspirations, values and ideas of what is acceptable in today’s society.

Unfortunately there is a growing list of celebs that have a negative influence on our society and its values, so here are 15 that do exactly that.

15 Justin Bieber

Via ctvnews.ca

His “good boy” look didn't seem to last very long as his career skyrocketed him into stardom. Millions of young Beliebers around the world idolize Justin and hang off of his every word and performance, while he increasingly promotes the detrimental values of what has been termed the “swag” generation.

From spitting on devoted fans, drink driving and drug use, to aggravated and violent behavior as well as having a complete disregard for other people, Justin Bieber is one of the worst celebrities to have come into the spotlight.

The young Canadian star is all about money, girls, weed, and personal image which can give impressionable Beliebers a shallow, distorted idea of what success and achievement really are.

14 Kim Kardashian

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While the K family is predominantly famous for being wealthy, Kim rose to public attention from her leaked sex tape with then boyfriend Ray J. It is good that she has since become independent from her family's fortune and made a career of her own. However the downside is that it is based on a shallow set of smoral that can ultimately be derived from the objectification of the female body.

Kim has been well-known for having some voluptuous ASSets, but continues to propagate the notion that success for a woman comes with having the perfect body instead of intelligence.

She recently came under fire when having a “charity fundraiser” to raise money for typhoon victims in the Philippines backfired. Advertising it as a charity event, she neglected to mention that only 10% of the proceeds would be donated and the remaining 90% would go into her pocket.

13 Kylie Jenner

Via cosmopolitan.com

If this young girl actually has a talent, then the world is still waiting to see what it is. So far, all she’s done is promote superficiality, materialism and an unhealthy perception of beauty to young girls.

Since Jenner got her lips pumped, lip enhancement procedures have risen in demand among young teenage girls. Her daily Instagram shots also inspire youngsters to value themselves solely by their physical looks and materialistic possessions.

She has no worthy contribution to our world, nor does she send a positive message in any way. Her wealth is only attributed to the fame her family achieved thanks to a sex video created by her older half-sister and her good looks are only a result of plastic surgery and an extensive daily grooming routine.

12 Miley Cyrus

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She started out nice and wholesome with the Disney show Hannah Montana.

Fast forward a few years and many of her loyal fans (who are still teenagers) get to instead worship and follow a scantily clad Miley dancing like a stripper and promoting the use of “social” drugs such as marijuana and molly (the powder form of the MDMA drug).

In an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, Cyrus was quoted as saying, “Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And molly, too. Those are happy drugs – social drugs. They make you want to be with friends."

The MDMA drug has become very popular among younger generations, in part due to its celebration by popular music artists. Abuse can lead to seizures and serious heart, liver and kidney damage.

11 Ariana Grande

Via youtube.com

With her beginnings as a small time performer followed by her launch to fame with Nikelodeon's TV show Victorious, Ariana Grande seems to have done well for herself being only 22 years old, however this sudden rush to success seems to have given her one of the world's biggest egos.

From being caught licking donuts in a store and putting them back on the shelf and giving photographers very demanding lists of dos and don'ts to being very anti-social and even rude to fans, Grande's obsession with her image has come to damage her reputation.

An example of her behavior can be seen when two sisters won a competition to meet the young star through MTV, VH1 and Pepsi. After being shuffled around for hours waiting for their meeting, Grande spent roughly 15 seconds with the two girls, didn't bother to ask their names and only let them take one picture each with her. Before she departed she demanded that one of the sisters delete all the photos she had of Grande and then left without even saying goodbye.

It seems the young diva's ego is "muy grande".

10 Kanye West

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We all know that this guy is a bit of a jackass regardless of whether his music is good or not. We are featuring Kanye West here because of his absolute obsession with himself.

Now where to start? Well there is the moment that he crashed Taylor Swift receiving her award at the 2009 MTV music awards, protesting at how Beyonce's music was so much better and how she deserved the award. Fast forward to the 2015 Grammys and watch him attempt the same stunt to artist Beck, who beat Beyonce to the Album of the Year award.

On top of the attention-seeking acts, Kanye has been known to refer to himself as the “greatest genius of all time”. In many of his songs and interviews he makes comparisons to how he is as amazing as Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and even Jesus.

Such a humble and modest character.

9 Kristen Stewart

Via ok.co.uk

She’s better known for her home-wrecking abilities than her acting skills. She’s not a kind philanthropist and it's been widely reported by the media that Stewart can be pretty hostile to her fans.

She’s pretty much just another spoiled Hollywood actress that got it easy because her parents are in the industry.

Kristen Stewart famously cheated on her handsome boyfriend Robert Pattinson with the married director and father of two, Rupert Sanders. This brutally destroyed his marriage to model Liberty Ross and left their children in a broken home.

Stewart is just one of those actresses that limits herself to doing a mediocre job and caring for no one but herself. Her existence in the movie industry could easily be substituted for a kinder and more talented young actress who would appreciate the opportunity more.

8 Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton was already relatively famous for being the heiress of the wealthy Hilton family, however her name was launched to the forefront of media gossip when her sex tape was released just weeks before her TV series The Simple Life aired in 2003.

While she claims that she is a great role model for young people everywhere, a brief look at her past may tell otherwise, which is why she is featured in this list.

Her TV show The Simple Life didn't do wonders for the image of women as her and friend Nicole Richie hopelessly blundered to look after themselves, but it is also her actions in real life which are damaging.

Driving while intoxicated lost her her license, but it was her driving on a suspended license that did her more damage. The drug and party lifestyle she promoted as well as the disregard for the law was over the top, and after being sentenced to 45 days in jail, she tried to use her celebrity status to worm out of it instead of taking responsibility for being caught.

7 Donald Trump

Via businessinsider.com

Donald Trump is famous for being rich, not for creating or working towards a better world. He publicly discriminates the Hispanic community in the United States as well as Muslims, with remarks like “"When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best" and wanting for Muslims to register and wear a special badge, similar to what Hitler did to the Jews during World War II

His comments inspire racism and religious profiling, which is the opposite of what America stands for. Trump might have created beautiful buildings, but he hasn’t exactly worked on creating a more empathetic, tolerant world.

6 Farrah Abraham

Via usmagazine.com

We first got to know her when she appeared on the the MTV show 16 and Pregnant. Unsatisfied with her 15 minutes of fame, Abraham decided to star in a very explicit sex video that gained her a big paycheck, all for giving her audience a deeper introduction to herself.

The reason why Abraham is on this list is because in spite of being a clever girl she has used little  of her intellect or other more meaningful talents to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Instead, she makes dirty videos to make a living and sends a negative message to her child, where selling your body for money becomes more important than earning a living or improving the state of the world.

5 Charlie Sheen

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Idolized by millions for portraying a womanizing, alcoholic junkie on the hit show Two and a Half Men.

Unfortunately this was no act since it’s his own personality that he was portraying on the show. He was famous for being a hard-core party boy that cared little about any issues except his own. That is until the bomb dropped and his HIV diagnosis became public knowledge.

With many testimonies claiming Sheen knowingly infected other people with HIV, it makesus wonder if the world would be off with out him since he has absolutely no regard for the well-being of others.

4 Jennifer Lopez

Via dailyrecord.co.uk

This is a hard one to read, I know! But it’s true, J-lo has done little to make our world better, actually on the contrary, she has helped in making it worse.

Her behavior is surprising as she's a mother. You’d expect for mothers to want to work into building a better world for their children to grow up in. But it seems like J-Lo wants for her daughter to be over-sexualized and diminished to a hot body for men to desire.

Women around the world are fighting to improve our image, to be valued for our brains, our personalities and to stop the increasing objectification and violence towards women that is greatly inspired by pop culture.

To this we also add her fur-obsessed fashion, which causes painful, torturous deaths to animals. Jennifer Lopez has been on PETA’S worst dressed list multiples times and she cares little about it.

3 Josh Duggard

Via Ktla.com

They seemed like a nice christian family that put their money where their mouth was, especially when they became famous for their hit show 19 and Counting, in which his parents have as many children as they can.

That was until we found out that a teenage Josh Duggard had sexually molested five young girls, and four of them were his siblings. It's also been reported how Jim Bob (his father) did little to bring him to justice, or to keep his other children safe from Josh, leaving them in harm's way.

Along with his pedophilia crimes, thanks to the Ashley Madison record leak we found out that Josh Duggard had been cheating on his good christian wife. To top things off, he’s also seriously addicted to porn.

It kind of makes you wonder if it’s safe for him to live at home with his four young children or to preach about christian values to others.

2 Spencer Pratt

Via nydailynews.com

He was an obnoxious boyfriend in the show The Hills, playing the role of... himself. Given that it was reality TV this allowed people to see his true personality.

He quickly became the representation of a narcissistic, abusive man who did little for the world except make his girlfriend, Heidi Montag's  life a nightmare.

He later on went on to extend his 15 minutes of fame by starring in the show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, where the public got to see the very worst of his personality. Spencer Pratt in general doesn't really seem to care about anything else other than himself.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow

Via scoopwhoop.com

Yes, she’s a talented actress, but Hollywood has many talented actresses that don’t behave like they’re above the world.

Her annoying comments showing her gigantic ego and narcissistic personality turn her into an unnecessarily celebrated human being. Comments like “I would rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin” or “I am who I am. I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year” are what make her famous for being annoying and not for being a good actress.

She has contributed little to the world in regards of making it better, except by showing how wrong we are according to her standards.

The world would be better off without "know it alls" like Gwyneth that don’t work on making the world better but only judge it.

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