15 Celebs That Will Turn Your Man’s Head Every Time

The world has gotten pretty fortunate when it comes to beautiful celebrities. Some of us might blame the 'alterations', money or the stylists that they have. Not to mention, they have access to whatever clothes they want. Their photos are also edited to make the gals look even more flawless.

Whatever the reason is that these ladies look so lovely, they are definitely worth admiring. There’s just something about them that makes them stand out. We also get to see them all the time, which engrains their beauty into our brains even more. We definitely shouldn’t be complaining about the excess of glamour in Hollywood. It would be nice if it could be shared with us though.

Everyone has a girl crush or a favorite celeb to stare at from afar. Even our boyfriends and husbands do. This isn’t anything to be worried about though, of course. How many average humans actually have a shot at hooking up with a celebrity? Probably zero. None of our men will be leaving us to go out with a Kardashian anytime soon.

Nonetheless, we’ve come up with a list of the celebs who get the most attention from the guys out there—whether they’re in a committed relationship or not!

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15 Jennifer Lawrence—An Absolute Hoot

Jennifer Lawrence is another lady who is liked by lots of guys—and their girlfriends as well! It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t at least sort of like this chick. One big thing that everyone seems to love about Lawrence is her sense of humor. Most men are attracted to funny girls. She’s also super down to earth, which makes her jokes even funnier. She makes fun of her own embarrassing moments and is totally upfront about them!

In addition to her funny jokes and facial expressions, Lawrence is a total babe. She’s publicly embraced her body for what it is, ignoring any social pressures to change herself. She’s just so real. Her confidence about her gorgeousness makes her even more likeable! No wonder so many dudes love J-Law!

14 Selena Gomez—The Heart Wants What It Wants

Via: Google Images

Plenty of guys were crushing on Selena Gomez back when she was a Disney Channel star. That’s more because she was cute. She was a young teenager back then. Now, Gomez is a woman, and she’s super attractive for other reasons. She’s gotten more beautiful since her time on Wizards of Waverly Place. We’ve all noticed it, too!

Gomez is one celebrity who boasts a number of talents. She can sing, she can dance and she can act. Plus, she looks good while doing all of that! She’s got excellent taste in fashion. Her body is totally admirable as well.

This former child star has come a long way from her somewhat awkward Disney Channel days. We’re glad we’re all around to see Gomez’s beauty evolution. Our guys are happy, too!

13 Gal Gadot—More Than Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot made plenty of headlines for her appearance as Wonder Woman in the new movie. Most of the audience thought that the movie itself was amazing. It was something about the storyline or the camera angles or maybe how the cast came together. An even bigger part of the movie’s success probably had something to do with Gadot herself.

Gadot has been praised for a number of reasons lately. The movie showcased her talents and gave her a big jump into the world of Hollywood. Most of us were also paying attention to her hot body. She’s absolutely stunning, and we are totally in love with her looks.

We can’t speak for every guy out there, but we know more than a handful of them are crushing on Wonder Woman.

12 Demi Lovato—Disney Darling

Via: Google Images

Demi Lovato happens to have a history of being besties with Selena Gomez, who also made this list. It must be something about that friendship that caused both of these beauties to be so widely admired. The two girls turned out to be total stunners!

Lovato also started out with child acting, beginning with Barney and Friends and then moving to Disney Channel. Most of us can agree that she was an adorable child and teenager, but what about now?

We can easily say that Lovato has grown up over the years and become even more good-looking. In addition to her beauty, she’s a talented performer with years of musical experience. Between her pretty looks and her musical skills, there’s a lot to be admired here. We don’t blame the guys for always gazing at her rockin’ bod!

11 Jennifer Lopez—Hot Mama

Jennifer Lopez is one of the older gals who made this list. Sometimes aging can have some not-so-hot effects on one’s body and beauty. This is totally natural, but some would argue that it takes away from someone’s true beauty that they had for years before.

Lopez seemed to dodge a bullet there and has only gotten hotter with age. She’s 48 years old and still has the body of a 20-something star. She’s always been a good-looking lady, but many of us would agree that she looks better now than she ever did before.

In addition to having a hot body, J-Lo also knows how to perform well. She is a musician, as many of us are probably aware. She wears some pretty hot outfits while onstage, which just make our men drool.

10 Ariana Grande—All Grown Up

Via: Google Images

This gal started her career as a child star. Ariana Grande began acting on Victorious on Nickelodeon. Then, she went down the path of music and hasn’t looked back since. She’s become a pretty well-known pop star, and she’s produced several pop hits. Her singing voice is something to be admired. She has a strong presence as a performer.

Music isn’t Grande’s only strength though. The cute young girl that we all knew as Cat—the ditsy one—is not whom we thought she was. She’s grown up a lot, and she might have had some work done at some point. She’s definitely gotten much more attractive. Her impressive vocal talents and her beautiful looks are a fan favorite. Our guys are especially crushing on Grande—and for a few different reasons!

9 Ashley Graham—Down To Earth

Sometimes celebrities are just too thin for it to be natural. This isn’t really a problem unless those celebs are actually sick. This is sometimes the case, and that’s pretty unfortunate. In addition to it not being so great for the stars, sometimes us admirers like to see some more realistic bodies.

Ashley Graham has a body type that we are more likely to see in our everyday lives. She’s a plus-size model, which means she’s built a little bit differently than the other stick-thin models.

Graham’s attitude about her body and her willingness to talk about her size are attractive enough. We love a down to earth gal! Not to mention, she’s super pretty. It makes it even better that she’s comfortable in her own skin. Guys dig a little extra confidence.

8 Lizzy Caplan—Not A Mean Girl

Lizzy Caplan got off to a good start nearly 20 years ago on Freaks and Geeks. This was back when she was in her teens, which means a lot of us might not recognize her very easily today. Luckily, we know who she is because of her roles since then. She was very pretty back on Freaks and Geeks, but she’s definitely become more beautiful since then.

This gorgeous actress has landed several different roles in recent movies. Of course, the casting team and directors are looking for pure talent that can be worked with easily. They are most likely looking for some good looks as well. That’s where the sweet Caplan comes in.

The brunette is insanely gorgeous, so there’s no doubt that our men might get caught watching her films and interviews.

7 Mila Kunis—A Long-Time Fave

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Some of us—and our dudes—grew up watching Mila Kunis on That ’70s Show. She was an attractive girl back then, and we were all crushing on Jackie Burkhart! What’s more admirable is who Kunis has become today.

Somehow, Kunis almost looks better at 34 than she did when she was in her teens. Whether this is the same opinion that everyone else holds or not, most of us will agree that she is one hot chick. There’s just something about her—like her hair or her body—that makes the guys fall head over heels for her.

We love her sense of humor, her hilarious movie roles and her acting skills in general. Her beauty is an added bonus that none of us are going to complain about. Our dudes love her just as much—or more.

6 Kendall Jenner—Legs That Go On

Via: Google Images

Of course, one of the beautiful Jenner ladies had to make their way onto this list. There is something magical about them and the way that they have grown up over the years. Kendall and Kylie have never been unattractive, but they have only gotten better since they were young. That’s why there’s that whole puberty vs. plastic surgery debate when it comes to the girls’ sudden changes.

Regardless of how Kendall Jenner came to be so good-looking, most of our guys are obsessed with her. She looks so effortlessly beautiful, even though we understand that a lot of hard work goes into her appearance every single day. There’s no questioning whether or not it’s worth it though! The end result of Kendall’s makeovers and fashion choices is totally impressive.

5 Jennifer Aniston—Essentially Ageless

Via: Google Images

Some of us can relate to the sudden urge to buy 10 tons of Aveeno lotion. This is all because of Jennifer Aniston’s soothing voice, right? More than likely, this advertising works so well because Aniston looks so good at 49 years old. Who would have thought that someone who is nearly 50 years old would look as attractive as they did when they were in their twenties?

Whether it’s the Aveeno or some other miracle product, Aniston has gotten lucky and gotten to maintain her beautiful body. She’s definitely one of the guys’ faves for this reason, and we think they’ll continue to love her for a long time—especially given her excellent track record of looking stunning. All of us—both men and women—have long-admired Aniston’s natural beauty.

4 Queen B — Every Man's Weakness

Beyoncé is admired by nearly everyone for just about everything she does. Her singing voice is pretty spectacular. Her music style is catchy. She wears the hottest outfits which complement her rocking bod perfectly! There’s very little that Beyoncé could do that we wouldn’t think was impressive. She would probably receive a round of applause for doing household chores or waking up in the morning.

Chances are, even our boyfriends are crushing on Queen B. On the bright side, most of us are admiring her at the same time as our guys are. She’s something special, and pretty much everyone will agree on that. Beyoncé’s blend of beauty and talent is widely appreciated—by us gals and our men, too. Keep watching this glamorous chick and applauding her amazing skills!

3 Kim Kardashian—Hourglass Honey

Today’s everyone’s lucky day. Kim Kardashian also made it on this list! We almost don’t need to explain why because her good looks are widely admired. Tons of guys and girls alike find Kim K nice to look at, and we totally see why. Nonetheless, let’s get going on our favorite things about her.

One of the best things about Kim is her body, which is something that most of the guys will agree on, too. She just has a hot bod! In addition to those killer curves, she’s got a pretty face. Her hair looks nice and silky all the time, and we know our dudes want to touch it. Is that creepy? Maybe.

Anyway, Kim is a total stunner and plenty of the men out there think the same thing!

2 Bella Hadid—Supermodel Standards

Being a supermodel, we will naturally be expecting Bella Hadid to be attractive. How could a model not be hot? We’re sure there’s some way but we usually just assume that models are some of the most beautiful people on the planet. Hadid slides right into this category.

As if her gorgeous looks aren’t enough to convince everyone that she’s a babe, we should take a look at her 2016 award. She actually won “Model of the Year.” That should be plenty of proof. We know our dudes will point that out if we ever get into any sort of discussion as to why they love her so much!

Hadid definitely has a good reason to be a model. We’re sure the men are extra grateful that she found herself into the world of modeling, too.

1 Emma Stone Stuns Them Every Time

Emma Stone has jumped back and forth between blonde hair and gorgeous ginger locks. We aren’t sure which we like more but most of us can agree that she is super attractive no matter what. In addition to her pretty hair, she just seems like a classy chick. This might be one reason why the dudes love her so much as well. It isn’t a big deal what she looks like on any given day. She just looks good!

Stone rocks it on the red carpet and in her movies, too. She knows how to survive as a Hollywood star—and she looks amazing while doing it! Ask anyone if they think Emma Stone is attractive, and there will be a lot of yeses. Our own men are likely crushing on this beautiful gal as well—for plenty of reasons!

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