15 Celebs That Will Turn Her Head Every Single Time

Crushes. Sometimes they may feel totally juvenile, but everybody has them—even if not everyone wants to admit it. However, here we have gathered a list of some of the most popular crushes we have that are totally obvious! Before you get excited about any pictures of hot men, let us get one thing straight—girls can have girl crushes, too. While girls can have girl crushes because they think a lady celeb is a total hottie, it often goes far beyond that. We admire other women for being beautiful, talented and simply put—amazing.

These women are especially awesome because they just seem so real—they could easily be one of our gal-pals we hang out with on the weekends. Girl crushes generally are not very sultry in nature. They are purely innocent crushes on women we want to be more like. Sure, sometimes their faces may be too gorgeous for words and we might be a little jelly, but we are still willing to make them our #WCWs, because lesbehonest—nothing is more flattering than women building up other women. We have to stick together ladies! So here is a list of fifteen female celebrities that will turn our heads every single time.

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15 Jonesin For J-Law


We cannot forget J.Law in our list of girl crushes because honestly, tons of our other girl crushes—like Emma Stone, Sarah Hyland, and Amy Adams—are totally crushing on her, too! J.Law is just so—cool.

Besides being totally glamorous and playing all cool roles in Hollywood, J.Law totally keeps it real. She is hilarious and confident—all without taking herself too seriously. For instance, when she tripped on the stairs going to accept her Oscar for Best Actress, she made a joke about it and moved on.

She even gets starstruck when meeting some of her favorite celebs like Jack Nicholson and Bill Murray. Furthermore, J.Law is also not afraid to admit—surrounded by skinny beautiful people—that she just wants to eat a whole pizza.

14 RiRi Keeps It Real

Via Tumblr

Rihanna is another popular choice in the girl crush category. Not only is the Barbadian singer beautiful, but also is very talented and does not seem to care what other people think. She has become a total fashion icon in the past few years.

Her Fenty Beauty line outsold Kylie Cosmetics by five times in its first month of sales. The line is awesome because it is super inclusive to people with all different shades of skin—and that was her idea.

Rihanna has also stepped up in the world outside of Hollywood and the music industry. She met with the French president a handful of times to further work on global education, has a Harvard Humanitarian Award and continues to do things to make a difference in the world.

13 Amy Poehler's Punch Line Perfection


Beyond everyone’s crush on Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec, there is an underlying crush on the actress behind the magic—Amy Poehler. Before starring as Ms. Knope, Poehler was on Saturday Night Live. During her first season on SNL in 2001, she was the third person ever to be promoted from a feature player to a full cast member.

By 2008, after a very successful run, she took a break to give birth to her first child. Since then, she has appeared on the show as a guest a handful of times. After having her baby, she began working on Parks and Rec. While the first season left us unsure of the show, eventually it became a big hit. Besides being hilarious, Poehler is clever, warm, and lovely. We cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!

12 Sassy Sandra Bullock

Though we have not seen a lot from “America’s sweetheart” lately—brace yourself—because Sandra Bullock is going to be back in full force very soon. She will be playing the lead in Ocean’s Eight, a spinoff of the Ocean’s Eleven series—set to be released in June of 2018. Bullock has played some awesome roles that we have just loved, all the way from Miss Congeniality to The Proposal to her award-winning performance in The Blindside.

Besides being a great actress, she has also produced some of her own movies and the TV show George Lopez. This mom of two keeps it very real. Those that know her have said that “she’s funny, she’s gorgeous, it’s impossible not to love her.” Well, we love her too.

11 Blake Keeps Things Lively

Blake Lively is something else. She is easily one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, but there is way more to her than that. As seen on Gossip Girl, that girl can wear literally anything and make it look good. She is also in one of our most favorite childhood girl-power movies of all time—The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Others have said that she is down to earth and so kind. Plus, one cannot help but admire her relationship with her husband Ryan Reynolds. This mother of two constantly makes jokes with her husband on social media and has no shame admitting that she idolizes Martha Stewart. She has even been known to say that she wants to open a restaurant someday. You know we’ll be there, Blake!

10 Mila Kunis Has Moxy

Mila Kunis is another one of our favs. Besides being totally hot physically, Kunis has some hot takes that have put her in the girl crush zone. Of it she says, “I don’t know what it’s like not to speak my mind.” She has kept grounded and real by not putting the industry first.

At one point, Kunis was working her way up FHM magazine’s “Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World” list. Her response, “You’ve got to base your career on something other than being FHM’s top 100 number one girl. Your looks are going to die out.”

Kunis’s story is that of a fairytale—she immigrated to America when she was very young. She worked hard and got roles—including working along her then crush Ashton Kutcher. After a few years of lying low, Kunis eventually married her childhood crush.

9 Anna Kendrick Is Anything But Boring

Remember Jessica from the Twilight franchise? Yeah, we have tried blocking out that franchise too, but we cannot forget that that is where we first saw our girl Anna Kendrick. Kendrick has acted in a ton of awesome movies including End of Watch, Pitch Perfect and Up in The Air—which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Who would have thought this girl from Maine would be taking Hollywood by storm. Kendrick’s humility makes her seem so real. In her autobiographical collection of essays, she calls herself “a scrappy little nobody.” Who would have thought that scrappy, little nobody would be taking roles and making a name for herself? She keeps it real in all of her interviews, which makes her that much more likable.

8 Tina Fey: Funny Girl

On top of being gorgeous and talented, Tina Fey is a total national treasure. Before she got her big break, Fey graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama. After graduation, she began working as a receptionist and taking classes at The Second City, an improv comedy troupe.

Around that same time, she began writing for SNL and then started appearing as a cast member. She is not apologetic for being a nerdy, “achievement-oriented, narcotic free, adult virgin.” Though Fey’s comedy has many critics, she keeps it classy in her responses. She proves time and time again that the pen is mightier than the sword. Fey is a total boss and lives by a mantra of making your own rules to live your own best life.

7 Sofía Vergara: That Accent

Sofía Vergara is a total babe. The Columbian beauty is more than just a model and actress—she is a mom, too. Lets get back to it—who can even tell that Vergara is over forty years old? In 2016, Forbes estimated Vergara to be the highest paid actress in television. Her accent on Modern Family—it is totally real. Not only is she gorgeous with a stellar accent, but she is hilarious too. Have you seen all the gifs of her? They are too funny!

Vergara is totally open on her Twitter page as well. Once, she tweeted a picture of a less than a flattering wardrobe malfunction. Vergara’s SNL monologues have been awesome as well. In one, she talks about how accents are sexy and how she was welcomed to America. If you’re a Vergara lover, be sure to check it out for yourself.

6 Love Stoned For Emma Stone

Emma Stone is another one of our top girl crushes—she is adorable, approachable and a total girl next door. At only 29 years old, she has taken the world by storm. Last year, she was the highest paid actress in the world. She has an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award. She is just like us!

She dances in public, photobombs pictures and fangirls over the Spice Girls. Unlike many other actresses, she has no shame expressing her love for food. The girl has also got so many great gifs. With her first starring role only being in 2010, it is crazy how quickly she has risen to the top. She is working on some really cool projects right now, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

5 We Want Some Emma Watson

Here we have another awesome Emma to add to our list—Emma Watson! We first fell in love with Watson as Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise. True to herself, it is almost as if Rowling wrote Hermione with Watson in mind. Close pals say Watson is very similar to the character.

Other than being a great actress, Watson is also quite the scholar. She graduated from Brown University in 2014 with a degree in English literature. She has done a ton of work for women’s rights and educations in countries like Bangladesh and Zambia.

Emma did such great work she was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, furthering female empowerment. She proves time and time again that a person can be beautiful and intelligent.

4 Beyoncé Slays Us

Via: Google Images

If Queen Bey is not one of your woman crushes, you are probably lying to yourself. She is easily one of the most influential people of this generation and likely will continue in the spotlight. Why, one might ask? First of all her music is insane. This queen has won over 22 Grammy awards and is the most nominated woman in the award’s history.

She also has her own fashion line called House of Deréon and one called Ivy Park. Both lines are inspired by her family members—her grandmother and her daughter. Beyoncé has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple causes including Hurricane Katrina relief, campaigns fighting childhood obesity, female empowerment and many others. A hot momma, a talented performer, an activist and an actress—is there anything she cannot do?

3 Kristen Bell Brings The Laughs

Like many of these other ladies, Kristen Bell is totally gorgeous. From Michigan, she started her career by attending the Tisch School of Arts in NYC. From there, she landed the lead role in the tv show Veronica Mars, and we fell in love. She has turned quite a bit to comedy—which she seems to be a total natural at.

Another reason we totally love Bell is because of her relationship with Dax Shepherd. They began dating in 2007 and were engaged in 2010. However, the couple did not choose to get married until same-sex marriage was legalized in California.

The couple has two kids together. Bell is also vegan and is a huge animal lover. Just ask Ellen about the time Bell cried because Shepherd rented a sloth for Bell’s birthday. Be sure to check her out in her latest hit, The Good Place.

2 Nevermind, You Won't Find Someone Like Adele

Adele has become a top woman crush for many. Between her insane vocals, her brutal realness and her overall amazing personality, Adele has become an icon. Part of the reason we love her so much is because her songs are so relatable—they make us feel something. Adele rose to fame with “Chasing Pavements,” but really caught us by surprise with her 21 album.

At the peak of her career, she took a hiatus, leaving us all wanting more. As for her hiatus—she took it to be a mom! A Grammy winner and a mom? You go, Adele. Another awesome thing about our girl Adele is that she sells her music simply based on her talent. She owns her body and does not use it to promote her music. Of fame, she says she is not interested in it because it can be really toxic.

1 Ellen DeGeneres Makes Her Laugh

Via: Google Images

Before Ellen made it big and became part of our daily lives with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she had a flourishing stand-up comedy and acting career. After dropping out of the University of New Orleans, Ellen went to do clerical work followed by a whole string of interesting jobs—including a bartender, waitress and housepainter. Soon, she started performing in stand-up comedy clubs in the area.

In the early 198'0s, she began doing stand-up around the country. Her success led her to start acting in projects like Coneheads, Ellen and eventually Finding Nemo. She came out as gay on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1997, but that did not slow down her popularity. Perhaps part of the reason we love her so much is because she makes no apologies for being who she is.

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