15 Celebs We Had No Idea Recently Got Engaged

If the news of Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry's engagement is taking up your news feed, is quickly getting stale, and is shielding you from learning the news of other celebrity engagements, we're here to bring you up to date. There ARE other well-known celebs who are living out their daily bliss right on social media, for all to see, but yet somehow we're letting their happy news slip right past us.

Not anymore! We've finally turned off our blinders – even if it's temporary – to the royal wedding to share in the joy that is proposals, weddings, and celebrity engagements. In fact, we've learned that some our absolute favourite celebs are on this list, so we're kicking ourselves for not learning of this news sooner.

The year of 2018 will be a heck of a lot better for everyone, but it will be especially exciting for these happy celeb couples, who will likely be walking down the aisle anytime between now and NYE. So be sure to keep these couples on your radar for everything from wedding news to Bump Watch '18.

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15 Paris Hilton Was Proposed To On The Colorado Slopes


One of Hollywood's most infamous socialites and heiress, Paris Hilton, is hanging up her party heels for a life of wedded bliss. Over the holidays, Paris and her C-list actor beau, Chris Zylka, headed for the slopes in Aspen, Colorado. While hitting some serious powder, Chris surprised Paris with a mountaintop proposal...with people ready with cameras, obvs. The proposal was not without a slew of Instagram shots, and even a video, so we wonder if it was all staged for the sake of social media, or if Chris was just extremely well prepared. Chris bent down on one knee and presented Paris with one helluva rock that must have cost him everything he owns, which isn't much. But knowing Paris, nothing would have been good enough for the blonde princess, and Chris more than delivered on the goods.

14 Mandy Moore Is Marrying The Man She Met Through Instagram


The star of hit drama and tear-jerking family show, This Is Us, Mandy Moore, is soon to be walking down the aisle with her new fiancé, Taylor Goldsmith. If it wasn't cute enough that one of Hollywood's sweetest actresses will be saying "I do" with her new love, but their backstory is the epitome of a modern day love story. Through the wonder of technology, specifically social media, Mandy had the opportunity to meet Taylor through Instagram. After fan-girling over his band, Dawes, the two struck up a conversation that was moved into their DM's. As Mandy describes it, she says “I took a picture of their album and posted it on Instagram. Somehow, Taylor saw it and sent a note to me. We started emailing back and forth, then we went on a date and the rest is history. Thanks Instagram, for helping me meet my fiancé!” How adooooorable is that?!

13 Kaley Cuoco Said "Yes" In An Emotional Insta Vid


When it comes to proposals, the moment can sometimes get hella emotional. Whether you're watching your favourite television characters celebrate an engagement, or whether you're the one involved in the proposal, they tend to result in a tear or two being shed. For Kaley Cuoco, she teared up in a BIG way, and it was all caught on video, which was happily shared to social media by her hubby-to-be, Karl Cook. On Karl's Instagram feed, he shared a video of Kaley having a full-on breakdown of emotions because she was so darn happy to be marrying the love of her life. Watching it will for sure have you feeling a wave of feels, like as if you were right there with her celebrating the loving milestone. If you DO happen to take a gander over to his profile, be sure to check out all of the other real and loveable moments between this awesome couple. It will totally give you #CoupleGoals.

12 Meghan Trainor Is Head Over Heels About Her Future Husband


For the gal who famously sang about her ideal "Future Husband", it looks like Meghan Trainor has finally found the man who fills every box in her checklist. Meghan was surprised mid-December by her future husband, Daryl Sabara, when he took a knee in a magical, illuminated winter wonderland, and on her birthday no less! After a year and a half of dating, the two shared their joy on Instagram, since her friends and family were able to capture the moment so perfectly. Meghan's brother, Ryan, made a beautiful video complete with a soundtrack that she describes as one that she'll "watch over and over again!" You too can get in on this celebration if you check out her Insta feed, but be prepared to be absorbed by a ton of cuteness!

11 Malin Akerman Just Got Engaged To Hubby No. 2


After a whirlwind, ten years-long relationship and marriage with Roberto Zincone, Malin Akerman and the musician filed for divorce just four months after Malin gave birth to their son, Sebastian. The divorce was met with criticism from loving friends and family of Malin, including Tom Arnold, who said on Howard Stern's show, "Her husband, they’re together 10 years, they have a baby, [and] four months in, he’s like, ‘I’m done.’ … She is an inspiration." But now, four years later, Malin has found love again with British actor, Jack Donnelly, who she has embraced as a husband-to-be and step-father to her son. In an October Instagram post, Malin stated, "This sweet and loving man has stepped into our lives and stole both our hearts! I think we’re gonna keep him around for a while." Congrats, Malin! You totally deserve him!

10 Kirsten Dunst Totally Upgraded Her On Screen Romance

People.com & Yahoo.com

We LOVE IT when stars meet on set and fall in love! For Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, that's exactly what happened when the two played a married couple in the North Dakota-based show, Fargo. Playing high school sweethearts on the show ignited a romance between the two of them that resulted in an engagement nearly a year ago. While neither of them have been married before, they're "not in any rush" to head down the aisle, but we're sure those nuptials will be kicking off sometime this year, since last month it was announced that Kirsten is pregnant! It's also been confirmed that spring is when they'd prefer to say "I do", so keep your eyes on the tabloids (and Kirsten's brand new Instagram account) to catch glimpses of her budding bump and shotgun wedding!

9 Kellan Lutz Is Officially OFF The Market, Twilight Fans


Before anyone knew that the Twilight alum, Kellan Lutz, was engaged, he was walking down the aisle. After announcing his plan to marry girlfriend of one year, Brittany Gonzales, back in September, the two tied the knot in November. Talk about a quickie wedding! In case you haven't been following this couple over the last few months, it was easy for this news to fall off of your radar. Following their vows, Kellan thanked God for blessing him with his dream wife, which he said he prayed for and wrote about even before meeting Brittany. It's too adorable for words, but we can clearly see that this relationship has been #blessed and was definitely written in the stars.

8 Miles Teller Popped The Question While On An African Safari


For more than four years, the Thank You For Your Service actor, Miles Teller, has been dating gorgeous model, Keleigh Sperry. Finally, in August of last year, Miles gathered the courage to ask Keleigh to be his forever while taking a trip together to the African desert. While out on a safari excursion, Miles asked the four-worded question every gal wants to hear, and Keleigh energetically responded, "Yes!" Miles knew she was "the one" early in their relationship, saying that he is happier with her, which proves that your other half should definitely make you a better person. Pics of their trip and engagement cannot be found on their social media platforms, but Keleigh's sister and event planner, Christie York, was the one to announce the big news, with adorable pictures to share!

7 Bob Saget Proves That Age Doesn't Matter When It Comes To Love


The second member of the Full House and Fuller House clan to recently get engaged is none other than Mr. Bob Saget. At the ripe age of sixty-one, Bob asked his girlfriend, Kelly Rizzo, to be his future wife. Just weeks after John Stamos asked his gal the same question, Bob felt inspired to make an honest woman out of Kelly, who's thirty-eight years old and nearly twenty-three years his junior. But they prove that age is just a number, and with Bob's young-at-heart personality and fun-loving nature, we know that they match each other's maturity level perfectly. While the engagement wasn't a grand gesture (that we know of), the happy news was shared on each of their Instagram feeds back in November by way of a lovely dinner out, and of course, a shot of Kelly's ring on her own feed.

6 Tiera Skovbye's Beau Put A Glam Ring On It


If the name Tiera Skovbye doesn't ring any bells for you, it's probably because you haven't tuned in to the biggest show of the year, Riverdale, and must have been living under a rock. Tiera stars as Polly Cooper on the CW show and is quickly becoming a household name. And as her star continues to rise, she is also seeing happiness grow in other areas of her life. Back in August, Tiera announced her engagement to fellow actor, Jameson Parker, whom she's been seeing for over two years before he proposed to her in his childhood bedroom. The whole story of how it happened, along with pictures from the special day, can be seen on Tiera's Instagram feed, which includes a celebratory hike and trip to the lake, which made for some pretty spectacular photos (with an equally stunning view!).

5 Janel Parrish Walked Her Dog, But Came Back With A Ring


The Pretty Little Liars actress, Janel Parrish, announced via – you guessed it – Instagram that her and boyfriend Chris Long are going to be taking their relationship to the next level. While taking their dog, Kleo, for a walk in the streets of Toronto, Chris asked Janel to be his wife, and proposed with a massive square-shaped diamond. The ring is insanely gorgeous, which Janel happily (and proudly) displayed in a follow-up Insta post, which she captioned with, "I can't stop staring at it." We mean...guess not. It's tremendous, and sparkly AF! It's a real winner, so we recommend getting your butt over to her feed ASAP if you're in the mood to check out the sparkler up close.

4 Holly Marie Combs Has Found Her Happily Ever After


Over Labour Day weekend last year, Holly Marie Combs posted a pic to her Instagram of a black manicure and beautiful (and heavy-looking) diamond on her left ring finger! She captioned the photo with, "Yes. Just yes." The former star of Charmed and Pretty Little Liars, Holly is engaged! This is not Holly's first marriage, nor is it her second – as she was married to Bryan Smith from 1993 to 1997 and David Donoho from 2004 until 2011 – and she already has three children that will be sharing in this happy news, as well. The lucky man that Holly will be marrying is named Mike, but he's a relatively unknown gent who we only know of through Holly's Insta feed. For Holly, we hope that lucky husband number three is the one that sticks!

3 John Stamos Made All His Dreams Come True At Disneyland


John Stamos is a bachelor no more! After nearly twelve years of being a divorced man, John asked his girlfriend of roughly two years, Caitlin McHugh, to be his bride...and at Disneyland, no less! The couple are both huge music fans and theme park lovers, so the magical proposal totally made sense for the Mickey fans. For Caitlin especially, she was impressed by John's proposal, which included the viewing of various love scenes from classic Disney movies, which ended with The Little Mermaid's Sebastian saying, "Just ask the girl". Caitlin was floored by the uber-romantic display and, obvs, said yes! The two shared their news across Instagram, with John posting an animated image and Caitlin sharing a shot of the whole blissful event at the happiest place on earth.

2 Rutina Wesley Celebrates Every Form Of Love


The former star of HBO's True Blood and current member of the Queen Sugar cast, Rutina Wesley, came out earlier this year to celebrate her growing love of culinary expert, Chef Shonda. Previously, Rutina was married to a man in a marriage that lasted eight years, but in 2013 they called it quits stated "irreconcilable differences" for the split (AKA, Rutina is no longer digging dudes). Now, Rutina is living her best life with a wonderful partner who popped the question back in November, and Rutina didn't waste any time in sharing their love in a multi-image post on Instagram, with the very first image being a simple quote about overthinking, and the last being a simple, but beautiful, black and white picture of her engagement ring.

1 Quentin Tarantino Celebrated His Engagement With A Star-Studded Group

NY Daily News

One of Hollywood's big-shot directors, Quentin Tarantino, is about to walk down the aisle for the first time at the age of fifty-four. Him and Israeli superstar, Daniella Pick, decided that they were headed for wedded bliss in July of last year, and the duo celebrated with an engagement party that was attended by major leaguers in the film industry, including Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and Uma Thurman. This happy news comes at a time when the director decided to retire from his successful career and finally decide to redirect his focus on family life. Now that he's fulfilled the part of his life that revolved around career, he's ready to settle down and focus all of his energy into that. And since Daniella is twenty-one years younger than Quentin, he'll need to maintain every bit of energy he has left in him to keep up with his fit thirty-three year old wife-to-be.

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