14 Celebs Who Totally Rocked Their Halloween Costumes

One of the few holidays that seems to transcend age when it comes to excitement is Halloween. If we’re really honest about it, Halloween is just a little bit more fun to celebrate as an adult. Instead of walking house to house, ringing doorbells, and saying “Trick or Treat” until voices give out, adults get to go out, have a few drinks, dance or lounge the night away while chatting with others who are also dressed completely ridiculously. It’s the one holiday we all get to dress any way we want without any (ok, maybe with limited) judgment. Many let loose by staying out until the wee morning hours. Some even prepare all year to compete for the scariest/ goofiest/ most creative costume. And you know, as big as some people go on Halloween, celebrities always find a way to do it bigger and better: Especially when it comes to costumes. Whether it’s dressing up as other celebrities or creating a whole new take on a classic, these celebs just know how to bring it on Halloween.

14 Miley Cyrus


Miley is one celebrity who doesn’t shy away from the limelight. She is also not afraid to push the limits and be different. So what does she do on Halloween? Dress as a fellow music artist, of course. In 2013, she dressed as Lil’ Kim, duplicating the iconic 1999 VMA outfit. Everything was on point; from the makeup to the purple wig to…the exposed breast. But the fact that her costume was immediately recognizable is what made it so amazing. After all, it was an outfit, worn by another artist, at an event that happened 14 years ago. Plus, who else would have the confidence to totally work a Lil’ Kim ensemble?! Only Miley.

13 Kim Kardashian


I know. I know. Kim K seems to be on every list and everywhere you turn nowadays. But her take on the classic mermaid costume was absolutely gorgeous. And her Poison Ivy look in 2011? Stunning. As usual, Kim finds a way to stand out while still showing that sex appeal that made her famous in the first place. She definitely knows how to rock what she’s got! And that is one of the many ways to celebrate Halloween.

12 Emma Roberts


Emma is on this list for one costume in particular: Vivian Ward. You know, Vivian? From Pretty Woman? Yeeees. Her costume is recognizable. And it’s definitely pretty accurate. But the reason why her costume is REALLY so great? She’s paying homage to her aunt, Ms. Julia Roberts herself.

11 Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum decided to do something unexpected one Halloween. Instead of going for the beautiful or scary-but-really-sexy look, this super model decided to go as an older version of herself. A much older version. Not only was the costume insanely realistic, but she was also completely unrecognizable having paparazzi question “Is that really Heidi? Or is that just an elderly woman?” But that’s not all. Heidi has been called the “Queen of Halloween” for continually outdoing herself year after year. Store bought costumes are not an option for Ms. Klum. Last year, she fully decked out in wings, body paint, and antennas for a realistic version of a butterfly costume. Before that, she had dressed as Hindu goddess Kali (which turned out to be a little more controversial than intended.)

10 Mandy Moore


When you think of what sweet as pie songstress turned actress Mandy Moore would dress up as for Halloween, I bet you think of something classic…like Rapunzel ( wink wink). But this lovely lady surprised us all. She did go classic. TV Land classic. She and now ex, Ryan Adams, dressed up as Morticia and Gomez of The Adams Family. Let’s give a few snaps for them.

9 Perez Hilton


Taking a page out of Miley’s book, Perez decided to use a now infamous VMA outfit as inspiration for his costume in 2013. Whose outfit, you ask? Miley’s! I’m not sure how he decided on his costume but he perfectly captured the fearless vibe of Miss Cyrus in a nude, skin tight, bikini ensemble complete with mini hair buns.

8 Constance Jablonski


Model Constance Jablonski channeled her inner intergalactic performer by wearing a red latex cat suit. Can you guess who she was for Halloween? Yes, Britney Spears in her “Oops…I did it again” music video. And although this costume does look like it may be one of the most uncomfortable options, it is definitely one many will recognize and, well, love. Because let’s face it: We all miss that Britney.

7 Neil Patrick Harris


Holy cuteness. Not all Halloween costumes have to be shocking, inappropriate, or sexy. The good ol’ wholesome costumes can get just as much attention. Take, for example, Neil Patrick Harris and family. His daughter, Harper, dressed as Alice, while Harris and his partner dressed as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and their son, Gideon, dressed as the hare. The family makes a habit out of theming their costumes together. They have dressed as characters from Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, and even Batman. Like I said, holy cuteness…Batman.

6 Katy Perry


If you were a child of MTV in the 90’s, you will love this one. Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward dressed as Jane and Daria from the cynical animated series Daria. It makes me wonder if they fully committed and stayed in character (voices and all) for the entire night. Katy has also proven she can shine all on her own on Halloween. She decided to dress as rock legend Freddie Mercury one year, and I have to say, she pulls it off.

5 Rachel Zoe


Leave it up to Rachel Zoe to look completely stylish in a Halloween costume. She and husband Rodger Berman dressed as Sonny and Cher for Halloween in 2013. Zoe is nearly unrecognizable without her blonde locks, but still looking completely fashionable while throwing it back to the 70s.

4 Naya Rivera


Where in the world is… Naya Rivera? Yes, the Glee starlet went as computer game turned game show thief Carmen Sandiego in 2013. Well, a much less educational version of the well known Carmen. The final touch? The silver brief case.

3 Michelle Trachtenberg


Ever think you spend forever getting ready for Halloween between the makeup, costume, accessories, and hair? Well… look at Michelle Trachtenberg’s 2011 costume and compare. I wonder exactly how long it took for her to get the Tim Burton Blue Girl look. …And I even wonder how long it took to get all of that blue off.

2 Kaley Cuoco


The absolutely gorgeous Kaley Cuoco decided to go for a totally different look last Halloween…and went as Justin Bieber. Surprisingly, she makes a pretty good Biebs. And, of course, every thug needs a lady (random Ja Rule reference anyone?) so her then hubby, Ryan Sweeting, dressed as the charming Selena Gomez.

1 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Use what ya got, right? Well I guess if you have tons of muscles you put them to use on Halloween. Cue Dwayne Johnson’s version of the Incredible Hulk. Green body paint, a black wig, and ripped jeans complete his costume. But we all know it just wouldn’t work without those muscles!

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