15 Celebs That Look EXACTLY Like Their Pets

It’s a doggie world, especially in La La Land (aka Hollywood), where the stars often go all out for their pets. Some of these four-legged (and even two-legged) beasts have diamond collars, pearl necklaces and gold trimmed clothing. But the most interesting thing is that many of these celebrities resemble their pets… or is it the other way around?

A lot of the pets, mostly dogs (although there is one chicken), have their very own Instagram pages, where they frequently post pics along with hilarious captions. Some of these celebrity owners go to great lengths for their dogs. How about matching pajamas?

According to NBC News, Americans alone spend more than $60 billion on their pets, with the average household putting out about $1,641 per year. That amount increases when you’re talking about a celebrity who takes their pet on the road, buys it the most elaborate toys, clothing and collars from fancy boutiques and even equips their pet and their home with the latest technology, such as a video set up where they can talk to the animal while they are away.

“The pet industry is changing. I almost call it a revolution… We treat them with the same kind of respect and style of life we treat each other,” Rick Coffey, president of upscale pet lodging and training chain Barkefellers, told NBC News.

The good news is that many celebrity owners are getting their animals from rescue organizations, although some still go the pedigree route.

Like a lot of regular folk, stars love their beasts like they love their kids and many tend to take their “best friends” everywhere, even on the set and even on the red carpet.

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15 Asia and Koji and Lady GaGa

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has made a star out of black beauty Asia… and she’s also in love with her French bulldog Koji. Both precious pups often show up on the GaGa’s Instagram account. And… the pups are such a part of her life, that a couple of years ago when Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido hired her to promote its brand, GaGa featured Asia in the ad with her. The singer used to like to dress Asia up, even covering her head with a jeweled veil, placing earrings on her ears, and putting her in a tutu. But PETA came out and let GaGa know that it’s not cool to subject dogs to that kind of thing. “Lady Gaga may choose to decorate herself with elaborate and even uncomfortable outfits, but Asia doesn’t get to make that choice,” said a PETA rep, reports the Huffingon Post. “Although it seems pretty clear that Lady Gaga loves Asia, we think Asia — and all dogs — are adorable without all the added flair. “ About a year after She adopted Asia, she got Koji, a French bulldog that she also seems to totally adore. She calls the two her little monsters.

14 Lola and Dax Shepherd and Kirsten Bell

Lovely Lola is a rescue dog… can you believe it? She’s not only beautiful, she’s also a very brave girl. Lola reportedly fought off a coyote in front of the home of Shepherd and fellow actor Kirsten Bell. Shepherd and Bell are married and share Lola, as well as Pat, another rescue dog. The dogs were in a kill shelter and the loving couple saved them right before they were going to be put down. Pat has actually been renamed Mr. Shakes because he continued to shake long after Shepherd and Bell saved him. Lola is the special one, though, and like to show her affection for mommy Bell and her baby, even before it was born. While very pregnant, Bell posted a photo of Lola snuggling to her belly as if it were her own baby being born.

13 Finn and Amanda Seyfried

Finn is an Australian Shepherd very much loved by his human mama actress Amanda Seyfriend. She takes him everywhere, even when she goes on late night talk shows, where she shows off his tricks and his amazing level of discipline. She once took him on Letterman, where she put a hamburger on his head and told him not to eat it, and he did just that until she told him it was OK. Seyfried is so in love with Finn that she actually sometimes refers to him as her twin. The pup is a rescue dog and Seyfriend says adopting him changed her life. “Finna has made me more present,”she told People magazine last year. “He’s always do sensitive and in the moment… it’s all he has. He feels deeply. I love just randomly going upstairs and falling asleep next to him. It’s my favorite thing in the world.” Seyfried is dedicated to saving dogs and cats as a member of Best Friends Animal Society.

12 Neville and Marc Jacobs

Neville is the proud owner of fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Neville actually has his own Instagram account, which frequently features pictures of the guy in various states of a dog’s life, which includes sleeping, cuddling with Marc and his visitors, playing and many a dog’s past time… digging in the garbage. The captions are adorable and reportedly written by Neville himself (he’s a very smart dog). See for yourself @nevillejacobs. Neville has 206,000 followers. Bull terriers such as Neville may look familiar as retail giant Target uses one as its mascot. And back in the day RCA also had a dog like Neville as part of its logo. One thing Neville “says” he likes about his dad Marc… even though he’s a fashion designer, he doesn’t put clothes on the dog very much! In fact, Jacobs has another dog, this one named Tiger. Rather than dress the dog, he dresses himself to look like the dog!

11 Wacha and Andy Cohen

This guy and his beagle mix Wacha are said to be inseparable. In fact, Andy Cohen posted on Instagram: “I fear we’re starting to look alike.” The dog has his own Instagram page - @therealwacha – and it has 215,000 followers. Wacha is also a rescue dog and was actually saved from a kill shelter in West Virginia. That’s a rags to riches story! The dog’s photo captions are hilarious. Apparently Cohen hates being away from the dog because he takes him everywhere. He told E! Online that it was love at first sight when he saw Wacha on Petfinder. Wacha, who is named after one of Cohen’s favorite baseball players (pitcher Michael Wacha), hangs around some pretty good company. He plays with Kissy. Sarah Jessica Parker’s dog, as well as Neville, Marc Jacobs’ dog. Cohen actually took Wacha to meet Wacha the baseball player in his hometown of St. Louis, and the two hit it off as well.

10 Champ and Jon Stewart

Former “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart is a big animal lover. When he retired from Comedy Central last year, he and his wife bought a farm with the intentions of using it for rescued animals. Stewart has just inked a deal with HBO to do some shows, so he will be back on the scene shortly. Meanwhile, he is enjoying walks with his buddy, three-legged pitbull Champ. The two are often seen out walking, and there is no doubt they share a lot, including personalities that champion causes. Stewart rescued Champ, as well as two other pitbulls. He used to bring Champ to his New York office of “The Daily Show” and pretty soon the whole place was crawling with pups. Stewart’s other two pitbulls are named Shamsky and Monkey. Stewart and wife Tracey bough a 12-acre farm in New Jersey for rescued and abused animals, mostly farm animals, and are now part of Farm Sanctuary.

9 Ghenghis Khan and Martha Stewart

Ghenghis Khan is one beautiful and pampered pet. He stays at the Plaza in New York City with “mom” Martha Stewart and he eats a gourmet diet of rice and fish. The chow is more than a lovable pet… he’s also a champion. Khan won best of breed in 2012 at the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Stewart adores the four-legged boy, especially since her previous chow by the same name tragically dies in a kennel mishap in 2009. Sometimes Stewart can be seen dining with the canine, with him sitting at a table as if he were a human dinner companion. He is said to be very well behaved, although he is pampered with lavish meals, limo rides and stays in five-star hotels. Khan has two other dog family members… Francesca and Sharkey, who actually have their own blog on Stewart’s website where they post pics of each other and Khan.

8 Juelz and Snoopy Dogg

Juelz is one lucky dog. He’s owned by a dog… uh, dogg… in the form of Snoop Dogg. He also has his own Instagram account (@juelzbroadus), where he often poses with sexy ladies. In fact, the New York Post once had a headline: “Snoop Dogg Has a Dog and He Balls as Hard as His Dad.” The dog definitely has more of a gangster lifestyle than most other celebrity canines. Sometime Juelz is pictured with money (rolling around in $100 bills) or sometimes just chillin’ while wearing a silk tie. On Cinco De Mayo, Juelz was pictured with a Mexican beer and sombrero and one of the captions read: “Straight Outta 7eleven.” The dog is a French bulldog, so another time his photo was posted with the words “Straight Outta France.” Looks like Snoop has a sense of humor when it comes to his beloved Juelz, who has more than 48.000 followers.

7 Bambi and Laurina Fleure

This pretty pooch and his mama came to fame on “The Bachelor.” Bambi was a gift for Laurina after a disastrous date with bachelor Blake Garvey and the two have been inseparable ever since. The Chihuahua has her own Instagram (@bambifleure) with less than 500 followers. Her mom likes to cuddle with her, take her in the car (where she is strapped in) and take her to the beach. Bambi has her own teddy bear, and when she goes to the beach, she has her own umbrella to shield her from the sun. All in all, Bambi lives a luxurious life, thanks to her mom’s online fashion business and other paying gigs she has received as a result of being on “The Bachelor.” Laurina also appeared on the reality show, “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.”

6 Penny and Blake Lively

Geez, they even practically have the same color of hair. It’s Maltese-Toy-Poodle Penny and her human mom Blake Lively. This precious pup gets around. She’s been seen snuggling with Ryan Reynolds, on the set of “Gossip Girl” and on the plane, riding in first class, nonetheless. Lively carries the pint-sized pup just about everywhere. She says of her baby girl: “It doesn’t get old. She’s perpetually a puppy, and every time I see her, it’s the first time I saw her.” Penny is not the only member of the family that gets to cuddle with Lively, who is married to Ryan Reynolds. Baxter was rescued from a Houston animal shelter quite by accident. Reynolds went to the shelter to find a dog for a friend, which he did. But he also saw Baxter, a retriever mix, and the two fell in love on the spot. Reynolds says Baxter and him are best buddies ever since.

5 Giggy and the Vanderpumps

“Housewives of Beverly Hills” has a four-legged star and his name is Giggy. Lisa and husband Ken Vandercamp love the Pomeranian so much, they even take him on the red carpet. The poor thing was decked out in a little tuxedo once, and it was such a burden to him that when Lisa put him down on the red carpet, he fell on his precious little face. She scooped him up and the two continued prancing as if nothing had happened. But Giggy especially looks like his dad, so much so that it makes you wonder if Lisa picked him out to look like that on purpose. And here’s a funny fact… the pooch’s name is actually Gigolo Vanderpump, and he’s just one of four dogs in the household, although it’s well known that the Gigolo runs the show. Don’t get mad at the Vanderpumps for dressing the little guy up… he has skin issues and the outfits help protect his sensitive coat.

4 Coco and Tori Spelling

Coco is not a chocolate brown pup or even a cat… he is a chicken. And his owner, Tori Spelling, isn’t afraid to dress him up in fancy duds and take him out with her. He gets to wear matching pearls and little vintage outfits, as he stays nicely tucked under her arm. Indded, the fowl has a striking resemblance to Tori. “I call her a pocket chicken because she loves to be held and go places with me. They know her by name at our local Michael's craft store,” Spelling, once told Us magazine. Spelling says she makes the chick clothes that match her own. The family is also has a pig named Hank and a goat named Totes McGoat, Spelling is the daughter of TV giant Aaron Spelling, who reportedly left her out of his will. Still, the one-time star of “90210” seems to manage pretty well without daddy’s millions.

3 Mugsy and Zoe Saldana

Mugsy is a rescue dog. His mommy Zoe Saldana learned about the love of dogs when she was dating Bradley Cooper, as she would often be seen walking his chow/retriever mix. After their split, she went and rescued Mugsy, who loves to walk with her and he also exercises with her inside her California home. The Mug is a rescue dog that Saldana says is very smart. Whenever she travels, she leaves her pooch with a sitter, and when she lands back in L.A., her first priority is to pick up her little boy toy, who she is often seen carrying to her car. Then Mugsy sits on the seat next to her and rides shotgun all the way home. The “Avatar” star is married to Marco Perego and in addition to Mugsy, who often goes shopping with the couple, they have 2-year-old twins.

2 Tina and Jessica Biel

Jessica Beil has a full house… that includes her favorite pit bull mix Tina, her husband Justin Timberlake and his dogs Buckley, Brennan and Billy, and of course son Silas. Tina is a rescue dog. It’s rare to see Jennifer leave the Biel/Timberlake compound to go hiking or to the beach without Tina. For a while, Tina had her own social media presence with weekly posts marked #TuesdayswithTina. The pampered pooch has her own bed, but sometimes she prefers odd places to snooze, including suitcases and tree beds. Biel actually posted a photo a few years back of the 55-pound Tina napping on a bed of clothes in an open suitcase. Maybe she thought if she laid in te suitcase she’d get to go on the trip, too, or she was blocking the trip altogether.

1 Bo and Former President Barack Obama

Beautiful brown eyes, a sincere look, winning smile and black hair… yep, it’s Bo, the formerly official White House dog and his pops, former President Barack Obama. Everyone knows the story of how the Obama girls were promised a dog when their dad won the election back in 2008. Into the oval office came Bo, a beautiful water dog, a breed that was a favorite of the Obama’s friends, the Kennedys. The dog was supposed to be for the girls, but it became clear as time went by that the Prez and the dog had a special bond. Bo would wait for the Prez in the Oval Office and he got to go on family vacations in Air Force One as well. Sometimes, he was seen on the White House lawn playing football with the Prez. Eventually, the Obamas got Bo a companion of his own named Sunny.

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