15 Celebs That Know How To Rock A Man Bun

Dudes with long hair used to be reserved for high fashion runways or European football fields. But these days, more guys are trying out the long hair trend, and with that inevitably comes the man bun. Us women know that sometimes we just want to get our hair off our necks, so why should guys be any different? But it's not just a functional hairstyle that serves a purpose. The man bun is also pretty stylish.

Men's hair trends can be just as varied as women's, and celebrities are always setting a precedent and providing an example for the general population to follow. Whether it's on the red carpet, while working out, for a movie, or just a casual every day look, the man bun is here to stay and these celebs have already perfected it.

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15 David Beckham

via: www.esteticamagazine.com

Former footballer and current husband of Posh Spice, David Beckham, would look great with any hairstyle, and he changes it up quite a bit. But one of his signature styles, especially when he was on the field, was always the man bun. In the above photo he even sported the "hun", a half-up, half-down bun that is just starting to grow in popularity. People think Victoria is the one with all the style, but clearly David Beckham is quite the trend setter in his own right.

14 Jared Leto

via: www.distractify.com

Oscar-winner, Jared Leto has better hair than a lot of women. Not only did he rock the super popular ombre trend for awhile, but he made the man bun red carpet worthy when he sported one at the 86th Annual Academy Awards. Always the chameleon, Leto recently chopped off his man bun and dyed his hair bleach blond for his role as The Joker in the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad.

13 Zayn Malik

via: www.entertainmentchest.com

Constantly brooding former member of One Direction Zayn Malik is constantly switching up his hairstyles. He has that kind of face that can pull of long hair with the perfect five o'clock shadow and he took advantage of it. For awhile he was sporting different man bun styles, and sometimes he used a headband to keep his thick hair out of his face. These days, he's trying to stay out of the spotlight, but his hair transformations keep getting him unwanted (or wanted?) attention anyway. Since breaking up with long-time girlfriend Perrie Edwards, Malik has become a bleach blond. We prefer the man bun.

12 Peter Dinklage

via: www.justjared.com

At this year's Emmy Awards, Peter Dinklage made headlines not only for his Best Supporting Actor in a Drama win, but for his hairstyle. His Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister wears his hair long and shaggy, but the man bun gave his hair a more formal vibe that paired perfectly with his suit. If you can wear a man bun on a red carpet and on stage at the Emmy's, you can wear a man bun anywhere.

11 Colin Farrell

via: www.nydailynews.com

The star of True Detective's second season, Colin Farrell is sporting a different style of man bun in the above photo. The undercut-man bun combo. But Farrell isn't really the type to follow trends. He told People magazine, "I will throw my hair up in a little scrunchie every now and then just to keep it out of my face. I don’t spend much time daily on personal grooming. I wasn’t aware that it’s such a movement toward the man bun. I’m practical in setting trends."

10 Jake Gyllenhaal

via: www.ohmygodot.blogspot.com

Jake Gyllenhaal has sported the man bun-scruffy beard combo on the red carpet a few times, but it didn't start out as an attempt to follow a grooming trend. While he was filming Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal wanted to make the man bun his character's signature look. The director and screenwriter, Dan Gilroy explained to USA Today “A week before shooting Jake said, ‘I’d like to put my hair in this man-bun before the character does something larcenous.’ There were people who didn’t want that to happen. But I was supportive of it.”

9 Leonardo Dicaprio

via: www.tytheblog.com

Very recently Leonardo Dicaprio chopped off the man bun and shaved the shaggy beard he's been sporting for awhile now. He look got him quite a bit of criticism, with people saying he was trying too hard to be cool, and it just wasn't working for him. The man bun definitely isn't for everyone, and most people seem to like Leo better when he's impeccably groomed. But you can't blame the guy from trying the trend out, we all make mistakes sometimes.

8 Orlando Bloom

via: www.hollywood.com

Orlando Bloom is known for playing Legolas in the Lord of the Rings franchise and Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Both roles required him to have long hair (granted, Legolas was actually a blond wig), so it's no surprise that he discovered the joys of the man bun to keep his hair out of his face. His bun is pretty classic, and he carries it well, earning himself a spot in the man bun hall of fame.

7 Jason Momoa

via: www.ibtimes.com

It's kind of hard for Jason Momoa to look bad. Long hair looks right at home on him, and that means man buns are the perfect accessory. When he was on Game of Thrones he even had a pony tail beard thing and a long thick hair that he wore in a pony tail. Long hair is part of his whole look, and he just wouldn't be the same without it, but he definitely looks just as good with it pulled up into a bun.

6 Harry Styles

via: www.tumblr.com

Harry Styles is arguably the most popular member of One Direction, and his hair is his signature. It seems to have a life of its own at times, and he's styled it with headbands, hats, and even tried out french braids. But his go-to styles are usually long and unkempt, or pulled back into a man bun. Being a musician, it's understandable that he'd be into the long hair look, and that he'd want to get it out of his face when he's performing. This is the reason man buns exist in the first place.

5 Bradley Cooper

via: www.buzzfeed.com

Bradley Cooper's hair isn't quite long enough to get into a real man bun, but the hun (half up, half down bun) works pretty well instead. While the man bun might not be his go-to hairstyle, especially for more formal events, it works for a more casual ocassion, like while traveling for example. Cooper will always look best with short hair, but the man bun is definitely a lot better than that perm he had in American Hustle.

4 Chris Hemsworth

via: www.celebuzz.com

Chris Hemsworth is another one of those actors who can't possibly look bad. He has to keep his hair long for his iconic portrayal of Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe, so we're bound to see him sporting the man bun every once in awhile. But he recently cut his hair because he was just straight up sick of having long hair. "Anyone who has long hair knows it takes a lot of work. It's all good. I can wake up and roll with the day without having to worry about it," he said. We know the feeling Chris.

3 Brad Pitt

via: www.celebuzz.com

Brad Pitt can do no wrong. He's always going to be one of the best looking guys in Hollywood even as he gets older, and his hair will never change that. The low man bun in the above picture shoes off his perfect highlights (are they natural?) and he didn't go for the slick look a lot of other celebs opt for with their man buns. Instead his hair looks as soft and touchable as a shampoo commercial

2 Kit Harrington

via: www.usmagazine.com

Kit Harrington is best known for his role as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones and despite what happened to his character at the end of season 5, fans are still hoping to see him return next season. He's been spotted in Belfast where filming is taking place with his signature long curly hair and sometimes man bun in tact leading to a lot of speculation. Not only would he be unrecognizable without his trademark locks, but they actually might be a spoiler for season six.

1 Andrew Garfield

via: www.linkis.com

Andrew Garfield has been trying out the long hair thing for a little while now, and he recently appeared on a Celebrities Read Mean Tweets segment on Jimmy Kimmel. His tweet said "Is Andrew Garfield trying to do his utter best to look like a pedophile?" We have to be honest, we kind of agree. The long hair thing isn't really working for him, but the man bun helps a little. Maybe without the mustache though.

Sources: Distractify.com, BuzzFeed.com, USMagazine.com, People.com

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