15 Celebs With Their Real Hair Vs. Extensions

Long gone are the days when you were stuck with the hairstyle or hair length you have until enough time has passed for it to grow out and become something else. Now, you can add more hair to your head in minutes with the help of clip in, tape in, or bonded extensions, wigs, weaves, and other forms of hair alteration. You name it, they make it! Right down to clip in bangs. Good quality hair extensions and wigs cost a lot of money, and celebrities are known for having some of the best hair style resources, and it shows. With that much money to spend, they can get the best of the best, and their hair never seems to go through awkward phases the way other people have to with their hair. Celebrities can have a different hair style and length every day, or ever more than once a day, and lucky for us, this provides a whole lot of hair inspo! Some celebrities stay in a relatively safe hair zone and don't alter the length, color, or style very often if at all, but others are total hair chameleons. Here are 15 celebrities who have undergone shocking hair transformations thanks to hair extensions!

15 Kim Kardashian-West

No hair transformation list would be complete without including the one and only Kim Kardashian-West. While her signature curves remain the same, she experiments with different hair, makeup, and clothing styles all the time. Of course, she has a team of experts who work with her every day and can make these changes happen while she plays on her phone. Can you imagine the delights of having full time hair and makeup people? She has admitted to wearing hair extensions, and after taking them out and bleaching her hair blonde, she was nearly unrecognizable. It goes to show she can pull off any look effortlessly. She didn't stay blonde for long, and before we knew it, she was back to her super long and dark hair style we have grown to expect from her. She also experiments with braids, bangs, and alternating from stick straight to curly hair styles.

14 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence is the ultimate cool girl, and she gives off major confidence vibes. She normally has blonde hair, but for the Hunger Games series which skyrocketed her to fame, she had a signature long, dark braid. The braid was a look that fans ended up loving. In 2014, she shocked everyone but chopping off her long hair and opting instead for a blonde pixie cut. Of course, she still looked completely flawless and before long, everyone else was going for the pixie cut too. J. Law avoided the awkward growing out phase of a short hair cut, and experimented with other short hair styles. Before we knew it, she was back to her long hair. With the help of extensions, she had long, wavy locks before most people could have grown out a pixie cut. And thanks to her celebrity status, her extensions looks all natural.

13 Victoria Beckham


Every 90s girl who was a fan of the Spice Girls (so, everyone?) remembers Posh Spice and her perfectly polished dark bob. Each of the Spice Girls had a different hair style, and some of them ranged from totally wild to more on the tame side. Posh was responsible for many young women getting bob haircuts, and she kept her hair looking fabulously short for years. She even went shorter than a bob and rocked a pixie cut for a while, turning that into a popular trend. But what seemed like days after, Victoria was spotted with her hair looking nearly a foot longer. And it was, but it wasn't her natural hair. Victoria uses extensions to alternate between cropped styles and longer looks, and it's impossible to choose which one we like best because she pulls each of them off so well! Her husband, David Beckham, has also been known to experiment with different hair styles and he pulls them off just as well.

12 Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes is known for her role as Joey on Dawson's Creek, her marriage to mega-star Tom Cruise, and other acting roles she's had. What most people don't think of when they think of Katie Holmes, however, is what a hair chameleon she is! She has had all lengths of hair, but usually stayed somewhere between chin length to slightly longer. She pleasantly shocked everyone when she showed up on the red carpet at the 2016 Met Gala with stick straight hair that was mermaid length. The Met Gala has a theme each year, and in 2016 it was "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology." Each year, celebrities show up to this red carpet event with some of their wildest looks ever. While Katie Holmes' look certainly wasn't the most shocking look there this year, it was a really nice change to see from her!

11 Zendaya


Zendaya is one of the coolest, most confident and outspoken celebrities around, and she only just turned 20! Zendaya is a talented actress and singer, but she has also written a book and created a clothing line. She uses her name and influence to support causes and to bring awareness to racism and political issues. She is also outspoken against photoshopping, and boldly called out a magazine for altering her image to make her already slender frame appear even smaller. It is really admirable that Zendaya uses her fame for good, and started to do so at such a young age. She also shows young people that it is okay to experiment with their looks, as she goes back and forth from waist-length hair to pixie cuts, or even shorter. She surprised everyone recently when she changed her hair to a "mushroom bob" style. It may not be the type of hairstyle most people opt for on a day to day basis, but it certainly got people talking and solidified her place as a style influencer! Regardless of how she wears her hair, she always looks beautiful.

10 Emma Stone


Emma Stone is a talented young actress who is instantly recognizable thanks to her bright red locks, but she has also gone blonde and pulled that off incredibly well too. While her hair is usually kept in a wavy bob, she has worn extensions on a few occasions and the results are dramatically different but equally as stunning! Red hair can be hard to match with extensions, but whoever did hers did a perfect job, as they blend in seamlessly with her natural hair. There are so many shades of blonde, brown, and black hair to choose from when you're getting extensions, but there aren't as many options for redheads, so it might take a bit of extra work to find the right fit. One of the best things about extensions that isn't about the length, is how thick it makes the ends of your hair look. For most people with damaged strands, the ends tend to get thinner and more straggly. With extensions, the ends of your hair can look as thick and as healthy as the rest of your hair.

9 Scarlett Johansonn

Since the beginning of her career, Scar Jo was recognizable from her blonde hair, pouty lips, and raspy voice. She surprised everyone when she showed up with a stylish, cropped look that was almost completely shaved on the sides. This look still worked well for her, but it was clearly very different than the Scar Jo we're used to, but that's probably why she did it! Before long, she was back to her longer hair, and definitely used extensions to add length and thickness to her blonde hair. She recently became a mother, so having shorter hair is probably a lot easier for Scarlett to manage, as she's got way more important things to do each day than spending time on a blow out! The nice thing about short hairstyles is how quickly they blow dry, and once you get the hang of styling them, you can get out the door much quicker than you can with longer hair.

8 Rita Ora


Rita Ora usually sticks to a hair color in the blonde range, but she experiments a lot with styles and lengths. She's gone from a pixie cut (which she pulled off effortlessly) to long, sultry curls thanks to hair extensions. Rita is often compared to Rihanna because of how often each of them change their hair styles and length. Rita is only 25, and already seems to have had every hair color and style under the sun, so it's exciting to anticipate what might come next from her. Rita's face shape works well with different lengths of hair so it's no wonder she takes advantage of being able to pull any style off. Her skin tone and eye color also lends itself to being super versatile style-wise. Career wise, she is taking a bit of a detour and will be one of the judges on the new season of America's Next Top Model.

7 Rihanna


Oh, Rihanna. Can she do any wrong? Literally, it seems as though she can't look bad. Some of the looks she tries would look horrendous on absolutely anyone else, but Rihanna finds a way to look cool no matter what. She had a relatively common hairstyle when she first came on the scene, loose, shoulder length curls, and before long, the world got to see what else Rihanna had up her sleeve. She's gone from bleach blonde hair, to bright red hair, to brown and black hair, and all the while, she's had every length of hair too. She's even totally shaved the sides of her head (remember the Stay music video?). For a while, a pixie cut was her go to, but she changed back to super long and stick straight hair too with the help of extensions. Most recently, she was seen with waist-length dreadlocks and they landed her on the front pages of several news sites!

6 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez isn't traditionally one to experiment with wildly different hair colors or styles, and she usually opts for long, brown hair that is either in loose waves or pin-straight. While her own hair is already quite long, she has shown up with waist-length hair on a few occasions. The extra-length makes her look a few years older, as it frames her face shape totally differently. Years ago, when she was on Wizards of Waverly Place, she had shorter hair with big, loose curls. Fast-forward to today and she has the most gorgeous face-framing bangs. The "fringe" is one of fall's most coveted styles, and while bangs can be a really difficult thing for a lot of people to pull off, they look absolutely amazing on Selena. If you want to try this style for yourself, try to avoid DIY styles and consult a professional stylist instead as they can determine the best bang length for your face shape.

5 Kylie Jenner


A girl who has her own line of hair extensions is bound to wear them herself sometimes, and Kylie Jenner is no exception! Like her sisters, she has experimented with different colors, lengths, and styles. She even shows off her vast wig collection on her Snapchat account, including her lime-green wig that always gets people talking. She's only 19, but Kylie's bob makes her look like she's at least in her mid-twenties. Okay, that could be thanks to all the other stuff she has going too, but the hair definitely helps. She's had a blonde bob, a dark bob, a curly bob, and a straightened one. Then, the next day she'll have waist length hair again thanks to flawless hair extensions expertly applied by her hair team! If she ever needs to take a day off from her life, she'd have a whole lot of people willing to fill in!

4 Beyonce


Of course the woman who sings "Flawless" is bound to be flawless herself, and who else is worthy of the title if not Beyonce? She's a singer, an actress, a dancer, a wife, and a mom, and she does it all while looking picture-perfect. She has almost always had long, flowing hair and shocked everyone last year when she debuted a pixie cut. It was quite surprising because we had never seen her this way before, but in true Beyonce fashion, she looked positively perfect and people couldn't get enough of the different look on her. It didn't last long, and before long she used a weave to revert to her long hair. Hopefully she'll experiment with the length like this again sometime soon, because it was a truly refreshing change from her regular look! Not that there is anything to complain about with her usual look, because seeing her whip her hair back and forth on stage is an iconic image!

3 Miley Cyrus


It's pretty clear there isn't much that Miley Cyrus is afraid of trying, and this is especially true when it comes to her looks! In 2012, she surprised everyone by cutting all of her hair off. People even thought it was a hoax at first, because they were so surprised to see such a change. Miley Cyrus had "bronde" (brown and blonde) hair for most of  her time on her hit show Hannah Montana, but when she cut her hair, she also bleached it blonde; she's been known to bleach her eyebrows blonde as well! Since she cut her hair off, she has gone back and forth from wearing extensions to keeping it natural. She has also tried dread locks, and is largely responsible for starting the mini bun trend we see on people all the time. She looks dramatically different with hair extensions, but her shorter hair made it clear she was changing her image from a Disney girl to a rock star, and the world took notice!

2 Khloe Kardashian


Khloe is the youngest of the three original Kardashians, and she has recently undergone a total look transformation complete with blonde hair and some of the most perfect makeup you'll ever see! Like her sisters, Khloe regularly experiments with different lengths and colors of hair. She is one of the most popular examples of the perfect lob, or long bob, but she will revert to her extra long locks with the help of extensions quite regularly too. Khloe usually has somewhat wavy hair, but when she wears straight extensions, the difference in length is even more obvious. She looks polished and sexy with her straight hair, and it goes well with her skin-tight dresses and bold makeup. Khloe can also pull off a deep side part, as we see with her shorter hair, but the middle part works really well with her look too and elongates her face shape nicely.

1 Olivia Munn


Olivia Munn has been an actress and model for years, but when she became a correspondent on The Daily Show in 2010, she became a household name before long. In the years to come, she took on several high-profile roles including one in the X-Men series. While the color of her hair hasn't changed much, she's been known to use extensions to dramatically change its length from time to time. Both styles work really well on her, and the color match is perfect. Not only does the color match, her real hair looks as shiny and healthy as her extensions, which is hard for a lot of people to pull off. While her long hair looks amazing on her, she has also had a "lob" or a long bob that she wears in loose waves and it looks equally flawless on her.

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