15 Celebs Living Happily With Home Wreckers... And The Pics To Prove It

There is no denying that Hollywood gossip is just as juicy in real life as what we see on screen. And thanks to our computers and phones we get up-to-the-moment updates on the latest at the tip of our fingers. I bet you remember some of these scandalous stories while you were scrolling through your feed. These notorious home wreckers have actually found true love. Can you believe that?

Love comes in all shapes and forms, but the worst and most frowned upon is when someone’s idea of love, or in some cases just incautious fun, ends up hurting other people and even splitting up families. This happens all too often, and Hollywood romances only prove this. While you should never get in the way of another couple, these celebs show that sometimes taking incredible chances pays off.

These couples have been rocked by shocking cheating confessions and scorching tales that came to life right in the public eye. There’s no denying all of the drama now, but by some miracle, these celebrity couples have turned aimless drama into a possible happily ever after. Of course, there is always time for things to deteriorate before our eyes, but there’s nothing like true love slapping you in the face with reality. Sometimes bad actions can make for good results like finding your true love.

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15 Gisele Bündchen Can't Stop Gushing Over Tom Brady


Gisele rose to fame thanks to her iconic modeling career, and only retired from runway gigs a couple of years ago to focus on her family. But many also got to know her in the sports world as the woman who broke up Tom Brady’s relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan. Oh, and did I mention she was three months pregnant? According to sources, Tom had broken up with her in December 2006 to be with Gisele, but Bridget announced in February 2007 that she was pregnant with their child.

That did not stop Tom and Gisele from exploring their romance and having a family of their own. Six years into their marriage it was reported that Gisele was consulting with a divorce lawyer. However, the two are still together and constantly gush over each other on red carpets and on social media.

14 Kim And Kanye Are Happily Welcoming Baby Number Three

The Hollywood Gossip

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship is very confusing. The two had been rumored to be getting together for years before they confirmed anything. The two insisted that it was just an odd friendship, and we were forced to believe this for some time. It wasn’t until Amber Rose came clear to the press as to why she and Kanye broke up: in the short version, it was because of Kim.

According to Kanye, he had wanted to be with Kim for years, but she refused any and every advance. She even married Kris Humphries which led to her infamous 72-day marriage, and it was rumored that she was longing for Kanye the entire time. It’s said that Kanye got his first cellphone during this time to communicate with Kim and convince her to leave Kris. Well, she did and the two have been together since 2012.

13 LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian: A Double Feature Of Home Wreckers That Worked Out

If you stayed clear of the drama that was the start of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes’ romance, then you have lived off of the grid. These two made headlines, and then some when they first got together because they were both married to other people when their love story began. In fact, Eddie and LeAnn met on the set of their Lifetime movie, and shortly after wrapping up filming went on a double date with their then spouses.

Eddie’s ex Brandi Glanville used her short-lived platform on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to vent about the disturbing love affair. These days it seems that kids spend far more time with Eddie and LeAnn than they do with Brandi. The couple even had a brief stint with their own reality TV show displaying how happy and in love they were.

12 Kobe Bryant Just Can't Do Any Wrong

When news broke of a woman who came forward claiming that she and Kobe Bryant had a fling, and he forced her to have relations with him, the world turned right on its head. Eventually, Kobe held a press conference where he confessed to having cheated on his wife, however, he claimed the relationship was consensual. The woman later dropped charges and quietly disappeared. But the giant rock that Kobe gifted his wife Vanessa shortly after still blinds us.

Then in 2011 various publications published articles that Vanessa had stepped out on her marriage as an act of revenge after hearing that Kobe had cheated on her various times from his teammates. A couple of years ago Vanessa was ready to file for divorce but never managed to pull the trigger. Their family recently put out some glamour holiday cards all over social media.

11 Julia Roberts And Danny Moder Celebrate 15 Years Together

Huffington Post

America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts, can do absolutely no wrong…right? Well, that’s more of an argument on principals. Julia has been in the business for decades, so her dating record is quite long, as such things occur in Hollywood in almost instant. Someone is dating someone one day, and the next they’re actually dating someone else. She ended up marrying Danny Moder, and they’re still together 15 years later.

However, this happened while she was dating Benjamin Bratt, and while Danny was in the middle of a four-year marriage. To make matters worse, there are various rumors that Julia was paying off Danny’s then-wife to keep quiet while they were shacking up together. Is any of this actually true? Maybe, maybe not. But the two have three children together, the secrecy paid off.

10 Alicia Keys And Swizz Beats Have Never Been Stronger


Alicia Keys and her producer husband Swizz Beats share two beautiful boys, and a sordid romantic past together. Before they took over the red carpet with their affection, her current hubby was married to another woman who claimed that the two were having an affair behind her back. Okay, so she was right.

Swizz had even introduced the two to each other at an industry event. His then-wife Mashonda took to Twitter to pen her tale of the affair. Alicia Keys was accused of home wrecking considering that Mashonda assumed her marriage was happy since she had recently had a baby with Swizz, they were still legally married, and they still lived together. The truth is just so messy! At the time Alicia and Swizz denied everything, but clearly, they both lied.

9 Natalie Portman Constantly Meddled Before Settling Down With Benjamin


It’s funny how Natalie Portman starred in a movie titled the Other Woman, considering that twice, or three times she actually was the other woman in the relationship. She met her co-star Benjamin Millepied on the set of Black Swan. When Natalie and Benjamin got together, he was still living with his then-girlfriend, Isabella Boylton. While Isabella posted images with Benjamin on her social media, insisting they were together, paparazzi spotted him with Natalie walking her dogs and going about the city together.

The two claimed they spent so much time together since they were filming…but didn’t they have like one or two scenes together? He was some background ballet dancer and he only had one line. How much time did they really need to spend together? The drama is questionable, but they’ve been happily married since 2012.

8 Maybe Cheating Really Did Help David Boreanaz's Marriage

Does anyone remember David Boreanaz? The once casual hunk walking his dog that turned into an actor overnight thanks to the success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? If only we could consider him Angel, a lovable vampire torn between his conscious and his innate need to kill. Unfortunately, David is less likable.

In 2010 just days before his son Jaden’s 8th birthday he confessed to stepping out on his wife. He confided in People Magazine to confess that he had been repeatedly cheating on his wife on nine years, Jaime. He only chose to come forward after the woman he had been cheating with tried to extort money from the actor. She was Rachel Uchitel, one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses as well! He expressed his sorrow, but months later was quoted saying how cheating save his marriage. Weird, but he and Jaime are still quite happy together today.

7 Serial Cheater Claire Danes Finally Met Her Match With Hugh Dancy

Daily Mail

We can’t seem to keep track of how many times that A-list actress Claire Danes has been a part of cheating rumors. It started when she was still with her long-term boyfriend Ben Lee and was rumored to be hooking up with her co-star Billy Crudup. Except, Billy’s then girlfriend, Mary-Louise Parker was seven months pregnant. He left her for Claire.

Three years later Claire cheated on Billy with her now husband and then co-star Hugh Dancy. Since, she and Hugh have been very happy together and have been married since 2009. Perhaps Hugh may have changed Claire Danes’ cheating ways. In the end, she was only 24 when everything happened. What 24-year-old doesn’t make stupid mistakes? Hugh and Claire are focused on working and parenting their five-year-old son.

6 Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Are The Ultimate "Couple Goals"


The story of Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade looks so beautiful on Instagram. And then, you learn more about them and are kind of insulted by the idea that so many people label them “couple goals”. That’s right, look at their adoring feeds and that’s one of the most common comments you will see. However, I’m assuming these followers either forgot or don’t care about the fact that Dwayne was married to his high school sweetheart when he and Gabrielle first got together.

Eventually, him and Gabrielle parted ways for a bit and took a break…a break that ended up with Dwayne fathering a child with someone else. And yet, Gabrielle still took him back. Now they plaster their love all over social media while we strain our looks looking side to side and wondering what is going on.

5 Ethan Hawke And Ryan Shawhughes Have Been Going Strong Since 2008

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s nine-year marriage came to a screeching halt when Uma discovered that he was hooking up with their children’s nanny. How original, right? Well, it turns out that this worked out for both Ethan and his nanny Ryan Shawhughes. Their affair was never confirmed by either one of them, but the fact that they were rumored to be getting together behind Uma’s back and are now worried gives us all of the answers that we need.

Even weirder, Ryan and Uma actually look a lot alike. Ethan told the Daily Mail “There were never any scandalous thoughts or actions back then. In the years that followed, my marriage disintegrated due to many pressures, none of which were remotely connected to Ryan.” Do we believe him considering he’s vocalized that fidelity in relationships isn’t the most important thing?

4 Woody Allen Has Been Going Strong With Soon-Yi Previn

Too Fab

Woody Allen met his now-wife Soon-Yi Previn when she was a child as the adopted daughter of his then-wife Mia Farrow and her former husband Andrew Previn. No, this isn’t a bad joke, or the start of a horrible made for TV movie. This is life, or the life of Woody Allen to be exact. This is possibly the oddest and most frowned upon romance in Hollywood history. In fact, Allen later adopted Soon-Yi as his own daughter as well.

Yes, this is sick and wrong, and pretty gross, but that is the world we live in today. Her relationship with Woody began in the 80’s while he was still in a relationship with her mother Mia. He called it a fling when all of the information came to light. However, the two are still together, and share two children.

3 Tori Spelling Is In Love And Sticking It Out Through The Rough Parts

US Weekly

Tori and Dean have quite the romantic history. The couple has had various TV shows revolving around their romance and family, but none hit harder that True Tori, which focused on the couple possibly rekindling their romance after Dean McDermott’s public infidelity. And even before Dean had cheated on Tori, it’s rumored that he had cheated on his first wife to be with Tori. Ring any bells?

Thankfully, the two reconciled, and welcomed another baby in early 2017. Tori had said that their new baby saved the couple’s marriage. So it wasn’t their other four children that helped save it? Perhaps it was just the idea of another mouth to feed to add to the drama. Either way, Tori, and Dean continue to gush about one another.

2 Coco Austin And Ice-T Have Forgiven And Forgotten


Coco Austin has been with her now-husband Ice-T for over a decade, and they have a daughter, Chanel, who she raves about on social media. Her constant matching outfits with her daughter is a whole other story. But a few years ago, the couple was on the rocks after a rapper none of us have ever heard of, AP.9 posted weird pictures of him and Coco getting very close and personal.

To make matters worse, he sold stories to various press, claiming that he and Coco spent various nights together in Las Vegas. Coco eventually came clean and admitted to the rumors consider there was photographic evidence of her flirtiness, however, she is sticking to her story that AP.9 lied about them having any kind of relations. Ice-T eventually forgave her and the two have inseparable ever since.

1 Larry King And Shawn Southwick Made It Work After Cheating Scandals

Daily Mail

Larry and Shawn King have been married since 1997—that’s forever in Hollywood time. You’d think he’d be happily married considering he’s 84 and she’s 58. That’s a pretty big age difference. Yet, he has married seven times before so maybe eighth times’ a charm. News broke that Larry had cheated on Shawn, shocking us all…eh, but not really.

As the rumor mill began spinning, Shawn was ready to call her marriage to Larry off. And could you blame her? However, other rumors came up that Shawn was also cheating Larry. In fact, she had cheated on Larry with the same guy before he had ever cheated on her. Both these little dirty birds had some explaining to do. Shawn admitted to cheating as well and decided to stick things out with Larry.

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