15 Celebs Caught Going Too Deep

Picking the nose is a pretty natural thing, but for the most part, we try to do it in private when necessary. It's not exactly appetizing to watch people digging around in there, so it's pretty frowned upon in public. That being said, you'd think that people who are accustomed to having the paparazzi around at all times would be careful about doing so. Turns out they're not. To be fair they certainly didn't know that anyone was around taking photos in any of these instances, but you'd think they would be on extra high alert. It is pretty annoying to feel like something is happening in the nose though, so perhaps these stars just couldn't wait another moment to handle the situation. Or maybe they're just giving their nose a good scratch? You can be the judge on that. Here are 15 celebrities that got caught picking their nose.

15 Katie Holmes: Shopping and Snot

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Katie Holmes totally got caught picking her nose while shopping in this shot. She could be scratching her nose, but the laser-focused look in her eyes makes it seem like she's focusing while doing it. Seems like a pick. Now why she would be picking her nose at the same time that she's picking up a shirt is an entirely different question. Where would she even put her nose gunk if she happened to actually pull something out of there? Not the boutique Katie! It's weird that the paparazzi's photo lens makes it appear that he's right next to her in the store but he could actually be pretty far away. She clearly didn't know that anyone was intently watching her at that exact moment now did she? Oh well, at least the photo was snapped while she was outside of the nose and not actually digging around inside of it like some of the other people on here.

14 Matt Damon: Search Walk

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Take Matt Damon. There is zero question about what is happening in this photo. Matt is digging into the nose and he's digging hard. He very clearly has no idea that anyone is watching him here and judging by the blur and grain from the photo the photographer could be quite far away at this moment. Poor Matt, just walking along through a parking lot and then boom. Not alone. The biggest question here is what happened next. There don't seem to be any photos to let us in on whether or not Matt's gold digging was a successful run or whether he gave up upon reaching his destination. Maybe he found a tissue to use once he got there. Matt isn't known for getting caught in compromising situations, so as far as a scandal goes this is pretty time. He's just a normal guy doing his normal thing.

13 Mischa Barton: Pinky Phishing

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Aw Mischa. This isn't just a shot of Mischa picking her nose it's a shot of Mischa picking her nose. There is some serious intensity in there. See the puckering in her chin area and a slight frown? Facial contortion and concentration in the name of nose picking. It makes the shot seem even that more personal and invasive and it's almost hard to look at. Almost. Mischa does have a history of having some intense moments caught on tape and in photos. She probably wasn't as bummed out by the leaking of this photo as she was when she was caught on tape having a meltdown after allegedly being given GHB against her will. She also recently won a battle against an ex who was trying to release a tape. This nose picking shot is definitely preferable to either of those things which are truly crappy things to have happen.

12 Lindsay Lohan: Discrete Coverage


Another actress who is not immune to crazy things happening is Lindsay Lohan. Here she is also picking her nose in public without a care in the world. Although she too looks pretty focused while she is doing it and even has a slight brow furrow to prove it. It takes some work to get in there. You do have to wonder why she would go anywhere near her nose when she is clearly walking around outside in public in broad daylight. There is bound to be someone around watching whether or not there is a camera aimed at you, which generally means it's not a good time for a nose pick. In Lindsay's case there is probably a camera around all the time so even more reason not to pick the nose outside of the home. Again maybe this is a nose scratch of sorts but even so. You can use the back of your hand to scratch the nose if that's the case.

11 Chris Hemsworth: Serious Focus

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Well Chris Hemsworth, that is quite a serious nose pick. He really committed here. He's digging all the way in with total openness as if he is completely alone. But he can't be because he's getting out of the passenger side of that car he's riding in. And plus there was a paparazzi nearby so he wouldn't have been likely to be alone anyway. Wonder what he's thinking in that moment. He almost looks happy about the moment. Oddly the fact that he's picking his nose doesn't seem to take away from the fact that he's an incredibly handsome man. He still looks rugged yet kind even with his finger digging around in there. Chris is a father of three so perhaps he's a little more relaxed about all that bodily function stuff than some other people other. Kids aren' exactly the most modest and they tend to make a lot of messes.

10 Queen Elizabeth: Digging For Gold

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There are actually quite a few photos out there of Queen Elizabeth picking her nose. And the fact that she's doing it with a glove on, in this case, is even more savage. You can imagine that from time to time someone absentmindedly brushes at their nose without noticing. But with a glove on you would definitely be aware of the fact that you were picking your nose. No confusion about that. The British Royalty has even more security than a stateside movie star, it's not like she'd ever be running around unaware that someone might be watching. She knows that people are watching her when she is outside. And yet, here she is just really sticking her finger up there without an ounce of shyness. The fact that she's done this on multiple occasions makes it seem like she's okay with it. The Queen does what the Queen wants.

9 Brigitte Nielson: Appetizer

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This photo of Brigitte Nielson is a pretty serious nose-picking shot. She seems to have a finger all the way in there. The look of concentration on her face actually makes it look like she's on the phone or something when you first glance at this photo. But no she's literally just sitting there at lunch picking her nose. It's hard to tell if there is anyone else at the table with her or not but it does not seem to be the case. It's unlikely that she would be having this intense of a nose picking moment if there was someone on the other side of that small round table. Then again, surely she's closely seated to a bunch of other people on that cafe patio so maybe she just doesn't care that much. When you feel a serious urge to pick, sometimes you have to pick. Although you could always go to the restroom and handle things there instead.

8 Prince Charles: Royal Jewels

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Now here we have more of the British Monarchy picking the nose! Seems to be a thing. Clearly, Charles would know that someone might have a camera pointed at him while he's in attendance at the Braemar Gathering at The Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park. He seems unbothered by the fact. Don't these people know that cameras have super strong zooms? You have to wonder if these people who are a little bit older in age just don't worry about stuff like that as much. Plus you can't really get a lot higher up in rank than being royalty so what do they care if someone sees them picking their nose in public? Apparently, they don't. But even so, just knowing that other people find the habit odd would lead you to think that they would prefer to do it private. At least pick up a tissue or something.

7 Jennifer Aniston: Nose Scratch?


Here's Jennifer Aniston going for a bit of nose pick. She could possibly be sort of scratching the nose here, but there's not always a lot of reason to head that close to the nostril if you're simply catching an itch. Wiggling the nose or rubbing can work too. She seems to be at an event of some sort based on the fact that she's wearing a sequin silver dress or something, so it seems like she would be well aware that people are watching. When are people not watching Jennifer Aniston? But if she does happen to be in an audience of some sort hanging out there then it's not like she'd have a lot of other options if the nose pick was an emergency. When someone is walking through a parking lot there's always the option of waiting until they get into their car or something. But if you don't have a private spot to dip off to, then perhaps you just have to go for it.

6 Brad Pitt: Face Holding Pick


And then here is Brad Pitt going for a nose pick as well. His sort of looks like a nose push/scratch, but we all know that's just a trick for trying to pick the nose on the sly. He looks like he might even be on a panel of some sort in this photo based on the background and lighting so this could be from a totally obvious nearby camera and not even from a paparazzi shot. He almost looks like he has a thinking face on here like he just set his hand there while he thinks, except that normally you'd do that on the chin, not on the nose. He's trying to throw us off for sure. As with many of the other people on this list you have to wonder what the next move was in this situation. What if you actually successfully dislodge something from the nose while you're sitting there in front of a bunch of people? Just keep it casual or what?

5 Ansel Elgort: In Between Takes

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Here is Ansel Egort going for a serious nose pick while shooting The Fault in Our Stars. You can tell by the fact that he's standing next to Shailene Woodley and check out that film camera right behind them. This nose pick even looks like a two hand job, he's very into it. Shailene either has not noticed that he co-star is focused on his boogers or she's trying actively to ignore the fact that he's picking his nose right in front of her. Maybe they're close enough that she doesn't even care. One would imagine that spending a lot of time with someone on set might mean a lot of physical closeness. Sometimes even more than you actually want. She probably didn't know that she was signing up for that. Then again Shailene has been accused of being stinky thanks to the essential oils she likes to rub on her body so maybe she's cool with it.

4 Will Ferrell: Elevator Grab

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Chris Rock took this elevator selfie which happened to capture Will Ferrell doing a little nose picking. Is that Taylor Swift? What kind of an elevator ride is this? So many questions with this one. Will is doing one of those nose rub/pick situations but he's in awfully close quarters to be doing either. You have to wonder if Chris was just going for a normal selfie and happened to catch Will picking his nose or if he noticed that he was doing it and took out his camera to catch it on purpose. Either way is believable, the latter option is a little more fun. Will has also been caught scratch/picking his nose at the airport while wearing sunglasses. Hey celebrities, just because you're wearing sunglasses does not mean that the general public can't see you. Especially if you're inside. Wearing sunglasses inside can actually bring all kinds of attention to you.

3 Harper Beckham: Front Row Pick

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Okay she's just a kid so of course, she's picking her nose in public. She doesn't know better so this isn't weird it's just cute. But seriously how adorable is she doing so? She's adorable. Harper definitely gets the cutest while picking her nose award out of everyone on the list. Surely she'll fondly look back on this moment when she's older. Sitting on her dad's lap in the front row at some fashion show and just digging away in her nose. Maybe she's bored, you can imagine that a fashion show would be sensory overload but also not a lot of action at the same time. We have seen other celebrity kids lose it in the front row of fashion shows before. North West for example. Harper just had her sixth birthday at Buckingham Palace so perhaps she's generally pretty well behaved. Harper and her pals attended a tea party that was being thrown at the palace.

2 Donald Trump: Presidential Grab

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What to say about President Donald Trump picking his nose. Let's be honest Donald does not have a lot of filtering going on so it's actually surprising that we don't see him doing more stuff like picking his nose in public. If anyone is comfortable doing what they feel like doing despite what other people around them have to say about it, it's Donald. In this shot, he's sitting in front of his book on display so you would expect there to be a lot of people around at this moment. Perhaps this is a situation where Donald was just going for a quick scratch and got caught on camera at the exact wrong moment. But being the President you'd think that you'd not only be aware of the cameras but be extra conscientious. Then again look at the British Royalty. Who knows what's happening with these government officials.

1 Leonardo DiCaprio: Laughing It Off

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Here is a dimly lit photo of Leonardo DiCaprio picking his nose with a smile on his face. Just in front of him you can see Kate Winslet saying hello to Leo's mom. Leo apparently took the moment to make sure that everything was sorted out in his nostrils. He's really got a strong grip going on. This isn't a casual one finger dig, he's got leverage on the nose and seems to be prepared for anything. Everyone seems to be having a pretty good time here so that's good at least. Leo is probably the last person to be bothered by the fact that he got caught picking his nose. Leo seems to live his life having the best of times as much as possible, whether that's finally winning his Oscar or running around with babes on the beach. Leo always seems to be authentically Leo no matter what he happens to be doing, so guess he can pick his nose wherever he wants to.

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