15 Celebs Cardi B Meshes With (And 5 She Doesn't)

To say Cardi B has absolutely skyrocketed to superstardom over the past few years would be understating her astronomical rise. She went from an influencer to a reality star to one of the most in-demand rappers in the game.

And, though she's now straight up famous, Cardi still serves up the same attitude and perspective on life that she always has—and that's why everyone loves her so much. Plus, as fans know, there's also the matter of the amazing hits she keeps cranking out!

Given her totally raw, in-your-face personality, there are a few celebrities who she's clashed with over the years. Some of them have been straight up feuds, and others have been negative comments made by someone about her. Cardi's not about to stand for anyone's insults, though, and is always the first to fire back at critics—for better or worse.

However, her attitude has also earned her a ton of celebrity fans. After all, Hollywood is the kind of place where so many people are fake. It's refreshing to have someone who is unapologetically themselves, no matter what. Plus, who doesn't love cranking up one of her hits and just dancing the night away?

Here are 15 celebs who are total fans and mesh with Cardi, and 5 who have some major beef. And, as fans know, if someone has beef with Cardi, they're going to have beef with her—forever.

20 Totally Meshes With: Popular Musician (And Halsey's Ex) G-Eazy

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To be totally honest, we're not all that surprised that Cardi has her fair share of fans in the music industry. After all, she's been releasing some major hits—who wouldn't want her to guest on their song? G-Eazy realized that having Cardi on your song was pretty much a guaranteed way to ensure you had a hit on your hands, so he asked her to be featured on his song "No Limit."

And, it wasn't just for the plays—G genuinely thinks she's talented. As he said on the radio with Real 92.3 LA, "Cardi B is a superstar, period. Like, international superstar. She's going to be one of the biggest things in the world. I have mad love for Cardi B."

19 Totally Meshes With: Feminist Queen Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato has battled her fair share of demons over the years and has certainly faced setbacks. Through it all, though, she's remained committed to her music—and to her mission of supporting talented females in every industry.

Demi is always one of the loudest voices singing the praises of talented female artists, especially rising artists, and she felt no differently about Cardi B. She's shared time and time again about her love for Cardi's music on social media, and we wouldn't be surprised to see a collaboration emerge at some point. I mean, how epic of a track would that make?

18 Totally Meshes With: R&B Diva Ciara

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Cardi B is a relative newcomer to the music industry. So, it must be totally crazy when artists she listened to in her younger years come up to her and let her know they're fans—but that's exactly what happened with Ciara. The two of them happened to be attending the same event, and Ciara made sure to share a photo she took with the rising superstar rapper.

And, Ciara definitely didn't hide her true feelings, captioning the photo "luv this girl." It's another situation where we'd absolutely love to hear a collaboration at some point. Plus, can you even imagine how incredible that music video would be? Fingers crossed!

17 Totally Meshes With: Actor, DJ, And Super Hunk Idris Elba

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In addition to being a successful and talented actor, Idris Elba is also really into the music scene and even books gigs as a DJ. Who knew? So, it's not all that strange that he was asked in an interview back in 2017 to pick his favourite from two songs—Cardi B's smash hit debut "Bodak Yellow" and Rihanna's "Wild Thoughts."

While Elba is probably a Rihanna fan as well, in that moment, he had to give the win to his girl Cardi, and totally gushed about what a talent she was. Cardi heard all about it and took to social media, telling her fans how proud she was and how thankful she was for Elba's kind words. Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

16 Totally Meshes With: The First Queen Of Controversial Pop, Madonna

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Madonna is pretty much the queen of controversial pop. Many recent fans may not remember, but there was a time when she was constantly making wild statements with her music and image. In comparison, Cardi B almost seems tame! Well, given her own penchant for stirring up trouble, it makes total sense that Madonna would be all about Cardi B's raw realness.

Madonna actually asked the rapper to perform at her Oscars party last year and took to IG to gush about Cardi. She captioned a photo with "love this girl so much!! Thank you @iamcardib for shining your light at the party last night!" Crazy!

15 Totally Meshes (And Collaborates With): Musician Bruno Mars

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We have a feeling that anyone who gets the opportunity to collaborate with Cardi B considers themselves lucky, and it seems Bruno Mars is no different. As many fans will know, Mars released a song with Cardi this year, "Please Me" (after they previously collaborated on another song, "Finesse."  Fans immediately fell in love with the retro jam, and Mars had nothing but kind things to say about Cardi.

As he shared in an IG caption, "I met cardi B at 3 am after my show in LA backstage where we recorded her verse for Finesse. She walked in the room and she was everything I'd hope she'd be. Never change cardi! Don't let this crazy music business change who you are. You possess something that can't be taught. You're a true star."

14 Totally Meshes With: Chicago's Very Own Chance The Rapper

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Many artists asked Cardi B to be on their songs, dropping a verse or two. With Chance, it's a bit of a different situation—Cardi actually asked him to record a verse for her song "Best Life." He was happy to do so, and the collaboration resulted in a pretty amazing song.

Chance later took to IG when Cardi's debut album Invasion of Privacy dropped, saying "congrats to @iamcardib on releasing a classic album as her debut. And a big thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. Keep inspiring us all and laughin at the [critics] and thanking god and living your best life."

13 Totally Meshes With: Legendary Comedian Kevin Hart

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It's always funny when celebrities obsess over other celebrities on social media. After all, they're likely running into one another at the same events all the time. Still, though—they're not immune to gushing over the stars they love! When "Bodak Yellow" was released, countless celebrities took to social media to share how obsessed they were with the hit.

However, Kevin Hart shared his love in a hilarious way—he shared a video where he was hanging out with Ludacris and his wife and some other friends, with "Bodak Yellow" blasting in the background. Hart recorded himself dancing and generally just totally feeling the song.

12 Totally Meshes With: Taraji P. Henson A.K.A. The Incomparable Cookie Lyon

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Though it can't have been easy to struggle in the industry for years before making it big, we're kind of glad that Taraji P. Henson only became an A-Lister later in life. Whether it's her personality or her perspective, she's a fearless advocate for other women and is always the first to speak up about things she doesn't feel are right. She's championed many women over the years, including Cardi B.

In a piece she wrote for The Times, Taraji spilled her thoughts on Cardi, saying "she's clear on her talent, and she's not trying to get in anybody else's lane. She recorded 'Bodak Yellow' because it's what she loved. Now she's the biggest thing in music. And even with all those eyeballs watching, she's still unapologetically herself."

11 Totally Meshes With: The Whole Kardashian Fam (Including Lawyer-To-Be Kim)

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The Kardashians are definitely somewhat polarizing figures. There are plenty of fans around the world who are obsessed with them, and many others who feel their fame isn't entirely deserved. Regardless of how you feel, though, you have to admit that they're influential—one kind word from a Kardashian can absolutely catapult your brand.

Cardi didn't particularly care about courting the Kardashians, but when she ended up meeting Kim at an event, the two surprisingly hit it off. They spent some more time together at Madonna's Oscar party, Kim even commented on a pic Cardi shared on IG with "so pretty." Of course, Cardi's also shared that Kris has given her plenty of life advice, so it seems the momager is on her side, too.

10 Totally Meshes With: Everyone's Favourite Rapper And Romantic, Drake

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Cardi B and Drake kind of seem like a match made in friendship heaven. They're both rappers at the top of their game, totally slaying it in the industry. They're both recent parents. And, they can both sing as well as rap, something that not all rappers can do.

While some people may feel threatened by another talented rapper rising up, Drake is all about supporting his fellow rappers, including Cardi. He's paid her plenty of compliments and even popped by her dressing room at shows to tell her in person how great he thinks she is. They definitely have different sounds, but he recognizes true talent!

9 Totally Meshes With: The Queen Of Everything, Oprah

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Even though her show is no longer on television every afternoon, Oprah's influence is still major. Everyone wants to hear all about the products she likes and dislikes, the books she's reading, the foods she's eating, and more. What Oprah says matters. So, when her magazine posted a picture of Oprah jamming to some music with the caption referencing that she was listening to Cardi B—that was major.

Cardi definitely thought so, sharing the image on IG and sharing her disbelief that Queen Oprah would be listening to her music. We have no doubt that Cardi would have been a frequent guest on Oprah's television show if it was still on the air.

8 Totally Meshes With: Music Legend Erykah Badu

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Erykah Badu is in a different musical generation than Cardi B and has been in the industry for almost longer than Cardi B has been alive. However, she's not the type to be threatened by a young, talented artist rising in the ranks. Instead, she's all about supporting her—and is a major fan!

On her IG page, Badu shared a picture of Cardi B depicted by an artist as the Mona Lisa. And, she paired it with a super sweet caption, which said "@iamcardib we watched you turn your empire to a wombniverse! What that says to me is If you can visualize it you can realize it. Keep giving [critics] a job."

7 Totally Meshes With: Fellow Female Rapper Missy Elliott

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Missy Elliott is definitely one of the most legendary and recognized female rappers in the game. So, some might assume she'd be one of the most intimidated by Cardi B's success. After all, Cardi does a lot of the same things she does—what if there's only room for one successful female rapper?

Missy doesn't think like that, though—she's all about supporting other talented artists and has no qualms about snapping a selfie with the rising superstar. We have our fingers crossed for a Cardi B and Missy Elliott collaboration—it's bound to happen sometime soon! It's also pretty much guaranteed to be a hit.

6 Totally Meshes With: Fashion Designer To The Stars, Christian Siriano

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Christian Siriano got his start on Project Runway and has since become a legitimate force in the fashion industry. And one of the things that fans love most about him is that he's not afraid to dress all body types and offer products at all price points. Forget the elitist sample size idea of fashion.

Siriano offers his fans low-cost options and is the first to raise his hand to dress plus-sized celebs that other designers don't want to deal with. So, we weren't surprised when Cardi B partnered with him to create the perfect look for her Saturday Night Live appearance. She looked totally chic and radiant.

5 Total Beef: Former Reality Co-Star Joseline Hernandez

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Given what a huge superstar she is now, it's easy to forget that Cardi B was a reality television star before she was a rapper. Not many reality stars end up transitioning into being legitimate successes, but she was one of the few! So, we kind of don't blame her former co-star on Love & Hip Hop, Joseline Hernandez, for being a little bit jealous.

There's no denying that there's beef between the two, though—Hernandez even released a track called "Hate Me Now" which most people think is aimed at Cardi B. Talk about an immature move! Whatever she does, Cardi will be laughing all the way to the bank.

4 Total Beef: The Always Opinionated Azealia Banks

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Most of the musicians and rappers in the industry totally support Cardi and think she's a breath of fresh air in the industry. There are a few critics, though—including fellow female rapper Azealia Banks. Banks is notorious for being outspoken about things, and her feelings on Cardi B are no different.

Banks said a ton of really negative things about Cardi B, and even blamed her for many issues that really had nothing to do with her. We won't share the specifics of what she said, but let's just say it wasn't kind—at all. We have a feeling Cardi isn't going to forgive and forget anytime soon.

3 Total Beef: Nicki Minaj, The Rapper Who Made Many Celebs Pick Side In Their Battle

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Even if you haven't heard of any of Cardi B's other beefs, chances are you've heard about her issue with Nicki Minaj. The beef got so insane that many celebrities actually spoke publicly about whose side they were on!

The two apparently had an exchange of words at New York Fashion Week last year, where Cardi got really upset when Minaj made some comments about her parenting skills. The two ended up actually physically brawling, and then the beef just escalated from there. These two definitely aren't going to be collaborating on anything in the future, that's for sure—that beef is going to last.

2 Total Beef: Radio DJ Funk Flex

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You would think that a radio personality would want to be kind to popular artists. After all, wouldn't you want a celebrity to appear on your station? However, Funk Flex isn't about to keep his thoughts to himself, even if they're about one of the biggest rappers in the game. He took to IG Live last year to throw some barbs at Cardi B, accusing her of getting others to write her songs, and even claimed that she was paying DJs to play her songs.

Talk about crazy! He's definitely entitled to say whatever he wants to say, but he basically ensured that Cardi would never appear on his station ever, which is a pretty foolish move.

1 Total Beef: The Always Controversial Chris Brown

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Though he's been keeping a relatively low profile lately, Chris Brown is definitely a controversial figure with some unsavory stuff in his past. We're not sure why he even thought it was necessary to share his opinions on Cardi B, as she's clearly doing way better than him in the industry right now, even though she started much later.

However, that's exactly what he did—he took to social media and made all kind of comments about her, her accomplishments, her music, and more. Cardi B got fired up and fired back with her own comments, and a beef was born. Don't expect a collaboration between these two, ever.

Sources: Popsugar, Nicki Swift, Vibe

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