15 Celebs Being Extra Doing The Most Simple Things

Celebrities, they’re just like us! Or are they? Hollywood’s elite is known for trendsetting, but when it comes to doing everyday tasks, they seem to draw a stiff line. Whether it’s a trip to the super market or a hike in the woods, these celebs prove more and more that they’re not like us. Not at all.

For starters, has anyone here dressed to the nines while hiking with their bestie? Or have you been all dolled up just to run and get some cheese and bread from the market? Yeah, me neither. I didn’t think so. This list is compiled of some of our favorites, or least favorite, celebs not stepping out of their comfort zones even when doing some of the most ordinary things.

Go ahead, judge them. We already have. But sometimes you have to also admire them here and there. It does take some effort to be completely extra when doing basic things. No matter their ages, it seems like some celebs just live in their own little bubbles without a care in the world. If we could all take a moment every now and then, and be just as dramatic we could probably have the potential of turning into a meme one day.

Until then, this list of 15 celebrities being totally extra while doing the most simple things will have to suffice.


15 Mariah Carey at the Park


When you’re taking a trip to the park with your lovely twins, the attire can be blurry. So long as you are dressed to the nines, anything goes. Even a lace glove. Mariah Carey is known for being a diva, and a day out with Monroe and Moroccan won’t change that either. Have you tried pushing around toddler twins on a swing set in five-inch heels? I wouldn’t recommend it.

But of course, Mariah Carey is fixed on making it work for her. Family time does not mean you get to dress down. Your kids must look fabulous, but essentially you are still the star. After all, this is Mariah’s world? We’re just existing in it for the time being it. Be sure to dress up for your next trip to the park.

14 Khloe Kardashian Takes a Nap


If I had a dollar for a nap I took, I would probably look like Khloe Kardashian here. Her pranky pal Scott Disick took it upon himself to sneak up on Khloe while she was snoozing on the couch, so we can’t really blame her for this one. It could be worse. She could be covered in $100 bills instead of singles. Lord Disick, we expected more from you.

I would love to take an afternoon snooze and wake up covered in money. Who needs a blanket when you have paper to keep you warm. Khloe, while this was a joke for you, this is often a dream for the rest of us. May our naps be full of dollar bill blankets for the rest of our lives.

13 Justin Bieber Waits for His Ride


I hate when my Uber is late and I see the car going in circles on my app while I’m stuck waiting like an idiot on my private plane. Doesn’t this happen to you too? This is just one of Justin’s many images of him waiting for his rides once his plane lands. How dare we make Justin Bieber wait for anything.

I’m sure he didn’t have to wait long here. Or perhaps it was his driver who took the picture of poor Justin just sitting and waiting. Next time you need to car pool, keep Justin Bieber waiting for his Ferrari in mind to make you feel better. Perhaps the worst thing about this all is that it seems like some fresh rain just fell. I’m sure there’s an umbrella somewhere nearby.

12 Chrissy Teigen Goes Grocery Shopping


A favorite celebrity foodie is always Chrissy Teigen. She can snack and cook like the best of them. And when it comes to heading to the grocery store, she does it way better than the rest of us. I can’t remember the last time I wore an opaque red lip, let alone the last time I stepped into the produce section without sweats.

As a supermodel, Chrissy has made a name for herself for being down to earth. That doesn’t really come out clear from this moment, but give a girl a break. If she wants to get dolled up to pick out some cold cuts, then more power to her. Luckily, she doesn’t always go all out. This time her excuse was valid considering she had just left a photoshoot.

11 Karlie Kloss Goes for a Bike Ride


If you don’t go bike riding in rompers and stilettos, then what are you even doing? Karlie Kloss takes the streets of New York City by storm, or by bike in this case. A cute bike and intimidating heels, what could go wrong? Also, Karlie, I think you forgot your helmet. That’s pretty important.

When you’re a top supermodel, I guess breaking the rules is just another day one the job. Don’t try this at home guys! If you feel the need to roam New York City on bike, then do yourself a favor a wear a helmet, at least. The drivers are not kind to bikers on the city streets. Luckily, Karlie managed to steer far away from traffic and stick to a decent sidewalk this time.

10 Kate Hudson Running Errands


I wish I looked as cute as Kate Hudson when running my typical errands. Instead, it’s a good day if I managed to get a brush through my hair. We put a lot of pressure on celebs to look good all of the time. And for what? So they can struggle to balance eggs while wearing wedges? Pretty much.

Whoa, and is Kate Hudson also tugging around two handbags? Maybe the larger one has a change of clothes so she can slip into something more comfortable later on. One thing is for sure, I can’t decide what I want more: her sun glasses or her adorable little dress. Either way, she still looks better than most of us do when it comes to running the standard weekend errands.

9 Reese Witherspoon Pumping Her Own Gas


If you live in New Jersey, then consider yourself lucky, because you never have to think about pumping your own gas. The gas station is often where you find celebs all dressed up performing such a simple task. Reese Witherspoon was no exception. The hot mama has no problem pumping her own gas whether she’s in heels or jeans and tee.

This is still nothing compared to how paparazzi catch celebs like Kylie Jenner pumping their gas. Her heels are usually much higher, and everything on her is expensive. Reese, on the other hand, looks like she bounced straight out of an Anne Taylor Loft catalog. Not too dressy, but nowhere near sloppy either. Thumbs up for Reese looking great doing totally normal things like the rest of us…and yet still looking much better.


8 Katy Perry Hits Up the Aquarium


The aquarium is usually a nice day trip with the family. Usually someone in the group has a baby and you take turns pushing an obnoxious stroller. Or in the case of Katy Perry, it’s just another excuse to look totally fabulous. The fish can tell her earrings and outfit are on trend and expensive, right?

You mean dressing up for sea life is pointless? Why wouldn’t fish be impressed by me trying to look good. It’s like no one these days can appreciate our fashion efforts. That’ll teach us to try and look like Katy Perry in an aquarium setting. Cargo shorts and tank tops won’t suffice for the star. It’s either all or nothing. Before heading on your own aquarium adventure be sure to check the dress code.

7 Kim Kardashian Going to the Movies


This wouldn’t be a list of celebs being extreme while doing the simplest things if we didn’t include Kim Kardashian West multiple times. Going to the movies with your hubby now requires you to dress completely in all designer duds. Otherwise, you just can’t go to the movies. Sitting in the dark for a couple of hours is not an excuse for you to wear jeans and t-shirt.

Actually, has Kim Kardashian West ever worn jeans and a tee…oh…you mean this is her take on it. Well, if you want to copy Kim’s movie style then you better have a very good budget in place because designer label everything doesn’t pay for itself. Oh, and it’s also the perfect time to walk out braless when you have a natural D-cup.

6 MC On the Subway


When it comes to Mariah Carey, nothing seems to be off limits. Did you expect any less from Mimi? Of course not, because we all know when it comes to diva antics, MC is always at the top of the list. This time it seems like she left someone’s prom or something a little too early. Why wouldn’t you wear a ballgown to explore MTA’s horrific subway? There’s no other way to do it.

Oh, did you not recognize Mariah Carey through her formal disguise? It seems like you’re alone on that one. If none of that gave her off, then consider her surrounded by bodyguards the number one giveaway. Given the chance, I don’t think I'd ever take on MTA in a prom dress.

5 Lady Gaga Taking a Hike


When you opt in to work out with a friend, you’re saying you’re willing to sweat it out and look like total hot messes together. However, if Lady Gaga agrees to take a hike with you, better wear some Avant Garde top and Louboutin nude heels, or you’re just simply not living.

I don’t even want to think about the blisters that happened after this. We know Lady Gaga is out there with her wardrobe. But we never expected her to take it this far. A walk in the woods require a good set of sneakers, or in Lady Gaga’s case the most expensive, simple high heels that you can find in your closet. Oh Lady Gaga, you never cease to amaze us with your style choices.

4 North West Gets Baptized


When mom and dad are super famous, it only makes sense to be baptized in the same place that Jesus Christ was as well. Do you remember when Baby North West was baptized? You better, it was quite extravagant. While this usually involves the baby in an uncomfortable white gown and some water, Kim Kardashian West wouldn’t be Kim K if she didn’t need to be over the top.

We’ll let her off the hook this time considering it was something for her child. And when it comes to our kids, I suppose it makes sense to only want the best…and then some. This post did originally drive the media crazy for one odd reason. We’ve never actually seen her more clothed in her life.

3 Kylie Jenner Hangs by the Pool


Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to chill out by your pool at one of your many mansions and your white fur jacket gets wet? Yeah, I hate that too Kylie. Usually, when I’m by the pool I wear gold heels tool. It’s the simple things in life that matter.

Jokes aside, Kylie Jenner is known for flaunting her wealth. When you’re a millionaire in your teens, I guess you don’t know any other way of being. Conveniently, in one of her many mansions, Kylie decided that a fur and heels were necessary prior to a dip in the pool. Just like it’s important for her to flaunt her countless Cartier bracelets when she’s racing down the street in one of her many expensive cars.

2 Emily Ratajkowski Walks Her Pup


Are any of you dog lovers and owners? Don’t you just hate when you step out of the house to take them for an easy walk and your realize you’re in sexy lingerie? Me too! You’d be surprised how often this happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, even on a good day, I don’t have Emily Ratajkowski’s confidence or figure.

In her defense, this was actually for an ad for DKNY. And it definitely got the attention that the brand was looking for. Next time you’re out taking your little pooch for a walk, don’t forget to wear your sexiest underwear and bra. Anything lacy will do the trick. Feel totally fine with forgetting everything else about your outfit though. At least she’s wearing some warm looking boots.

1 Kylie Jenner Chefs It Up


Do you guys also feel the need to strip in front of your phone when making lasagna? Apparently Kylie will use any moment as a perfect excuse to strip down and flaunt her suspicious curves. When someone is making dinner for me, I require them to take their clothes off and send me a pic as proof that lasagna making is going on. That makes total sense, right?

Sorry, Kylie, but a full face of a makeup, a good wig, and little underwear just doesn’t seem to cut it in the kitchen. Have you tried cooking bacon in the nude yet? That should teach you a lesson on appropriate apparel for the kitchen. Nothing like a good, hot splatter situation to remind you that stoves and skin don’t mix.


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