15 Celebs And Their Favorite TV Shows

It can be easy to forget that celebrities enjoy curling up on the couch, perhaps with a glass of wine or a snack, and watching a few episodes of their favorite television show. After all, they’re constantly on talk shows and red carpets promoting their own project – we forget that they often enjoy entertaining shows just like the rest of us. It’s kind of neat to think that our favorite celebrity might be watching the same episode of that show we’re obsessed with, all the way in their glamorous Beverly Hills mansion.

Does our favorite sitcom star adore dramatic shows? Does that incredible actor in the dark, stormy films secretly love to go home and watch comedies? And, more importantly – are any celebrities drawing the curtains and spending their evenings at home watching guilty pleasure reality television? We’re dying to know about the television habits of our favorite stars!

However, since they’re constantly being asked about whatever film, music, or television project they’re currently working on, not many entertainment journalists bother asking celebrities what shows they watch when they’re not working on their own projects. Fear not – we’ve assembled a list of 15 celebrities and the shows that they absolutely cannot miss – either they’re watching it live, or, because of their busy schedules, they’re DVR-ing it for later.

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15 Lea Michele (Game of Thrones)

via: ryanseacrest.com

While Broadway fans have known about Miss Lea Michele for years, the general public got to know her as the cheery, sometimes over the top Rachel Berry on the hit musical series Glee. Michele has continued in the world of television, starring in Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s new show, Scream Queens. However, when she’s not on set herself, there’s another show that she loves to watch – and it’s a favorite that has garnered ridiculous amounts of fans worldwide. We’re talking about Game of Thrones. In a 2012 interview with Glamour, the starlet didn’t mince words about her show of choice, saying that she’s “so obsessed with it, it’s disgusting.”

14 Drew Barrymore (Game of Thrones)

via: today.com

Given the popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones, it likely comes as no surprise that more than one celebrity is obsessed with following all the characters, from Jon Snow to the badass Khaleesi. Drew Barrymore is amongst the GOT superfans, and her husband, Will Kopelman, even fed her obsession with a particular gift. What was it? Well, he made his wife (and mother of two) a t-shirt that said ‘Mother of Dragons.’ Daenerys Targaryen is such a phenomenal character that even a gorgeous A-List actress wants to be Khaleesi, if only for a moment!

13 Miley Cyrus (Grace and Frankie)

via: tvguide.com

You may have seen Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda’s latest show Grace and Frankie on the ‘recently added’ row while you were scrolling through Netflix, but it hasn’t received quite the same amount of attention as some of Netflix’s other original hits have (ahem, Orange Is The New Black). However, they have one celebrity fan – Miley Cyrus. The pop star tweeted about her love for the show shortly after it started airing, saying that “I found my show!... On a bender! Jane & Lily are so bad a$$!” While there’s a lot that goes into the decision to renew a show, co-creator Marta Kauffman has even credited the pop star’s public love for the show for its second season renewal, saying that “yes, there is a season two. We have Ted [Sarandos, a Netflix executive] and Miley to thank.”

12 Andrew Garfield (The Bachelor)

via: hollywoodreporter.com

We don’t really know what type of television show we expected the Spiderman star Andrew Garfield to love. He seems to have a bit of a joker personality, so perhaps a particular sitcom? However, Garfield dished to Vulture last year about a show that would definitely bring out his inner fan girl – and, surprise, surprise, it was The Bachelor. He outright stated that “if I met him[ Sean Lowe, from the seventeenth season of popular reality television series The Bachelor], I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Sean Lowe!” That’s right – Garfield is such a big Bachelor fan that he’d fangirl over one of the stars. Who would’ve thought?

11 Taye Diggs (The Bachelor)

via: usmagazine.com

Okay, all the men in the world who secretly watch The Bachelor and hide their trashy reality television addiction, take note – several male celebs share your obsession, including the insanely gorgeous and talented Taye Diggs. Diggs shared a tongue-in-cheek tweet about his show of choice all the way back in 2012, saying that “I’m watching DVRed episodes of The Bachelor. I’m addicted. I may have a problem.” Well, he can take comfort in the fact that countless women are also fans of the show – if he’s ever looking for a lady to watch the rose ceremony with, literally every single woman, probably, would volunteer.

10 Christina Applegate (Castle)

via: popsugar.com

Actress Christina Applegate has had a ton of success in the entertainment industry, including starring roles in several huge box office hits. However, let’s not forget how at home she is on the small screen. One of Applegate’s most iconic roles was as the rebellious teenaged Kelly Bundy on Married…With Children, and she’s gone on snag leading roles in several other television shows including Jesse, Samantha Who?, and Up All Night. What’s she watching in her down time? Well, turns out she’s as obsessed with the relationship between Castle and Beckett as the rest of the viewing public.

9 Pink (Homeland/Love and Hip Hop Atlanta)

via: stylenoted.com

Have you ever felt weird about the diversity of your DVR line-up or Netflix queue? Perhaps a serious drama about a detective trying to catch a serial killer, followed by a wine fight amongst housewives, with a little happy family sitcom to top it off? Well, rest easy – pop star Pink also has a diverse group of favorites. When Variety asked the singer about her favorite shows on the red carpet, two came to mind: Homeland, Claire Danes’ thrilling drama series, and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Hey, you gotta have shows for all your moods, right? We get it, Pink.

8 Kristen Schaal (Project Runway)

via: yearofwomen.tumblr.com

Heidi Klum’s Project Runway is perhaps one of the reality shows that people are most willing to admit they watch – after all, it’s not just silicone-filled housewives, it’s real designers with real talent. Sure, sometimes you get the awesome freak-outs and snarky comments that are reality television’s lifeblood, but for the most part, you just get to see some crazy talented designers make amazing garments. Kristen Schaal is definitely a fan. As Schaal has said, “I like that they are creating things and how quickly they can turn [clothes] around. And I love to watch Heidi Klum… and Tim Gunn is amazing. My dream is to be a judge on the show.” You know Schaal says “make it work!” at least once a month, as most PR fans do.

7 Jennifer Lawrence (Homeland)

via: brunchnews.com

You know when you’re totally into a show, but you haven’t got a chance to catch up on the episodes, so you try to avoid any media coverage of your show in order to avoid spoilers? Well, Jennifer Lawrence does – problem is, as someone who is in the entertainment industry herself, it’s harder to impose a media blackout. Case in point, the SAG Awards red carpet. Lawrence was getting interviewed by Access Hollywood, and the reporters spoiled the season three finale, which she hadn’t yet seen. Lawrence was pretty mad at her favorite show getting spoiled, telling the reporter that “I’m never going to forgive you.” No spoilers, people! Everyone knows that!

6 Jason Biggs (The Bachelor)

via: nypost.com

Apparently, all the male celebs in Hollywood are secretly watching The Bachelor – Jason Biggs joins Taye Diggs and Andrew Garfield in the ‘I Heart the Bachelor’ fan club. Biggs has amped his obsession to a whole new level, and along with his wife Jenny Mollen, live tweets the show every week. Every husband who hates watching The Bachelor with their wife now hates Jason Biggs.

5 Amanda Peet (Game of Thrones)

via: thewallpapers.org

Actress Amanda Peet joins the legions of celebrities who are obsessed with HBO’s Game of Thrones, but Peet can one up all the other fans – you see, she has a secret connection. Her husband, David Benioff, is the co-creator and showrunner of Game of Thrones. Peet dished to HuffPost TV in 2012 that she eagerly awaits when he arrives home from the show, calling herself “a coke addict for Game of Thrones,” saying that her husband is “like my druglord… when he brings home dailies, I’m like shaking in the corner.” Game of Thrones everywhere are jealous that Peet gets the chance to get a bit of an inside look – but we wonder how much her hubby keeps secret from the show's fans - even if one of them is his own wife!

4 Lupita Nyong’o (Scandal)

via: hollywoodreporter.com

When you’re a hugely successful Oscar-winning actress who is catapulting to superstardom, everyone on the red carpet is trying to find you for a chance to chat with a superstar, right? Well, yes – but not if Lupita Nyong’o has anything to say about it. At the Golden Globe awards, Nyong’o had her own mission – while the reporters were trying to grab a soundbite from the starlet, she was trying to track down Kerry Washington in order to tell her what a huge fan she was of Scandal. Nyong’o’s mission was a success, and she shared a selfie with Olivia Pope on her Instagram, captioning it “#GoldenGlobes Checklist: meet and let @kerrywashington know that I am a #Gladiator – CHECK!” Adorable.

3 Lena Dunham (Scandal)

via: usmagazine.com

Lupita Nyong’o isn’t the only huge Scandal fan in Hollywood – the multi-talented Lena Dunham has also expressed her obsession with the show. Sure, she promotes her own show Girls whenever she can – after all, it’s basically her baby. However, Olivia Pope comes second to Hannah Horvath, for sure. In a recent interview, Dunham stated that “basically, my life’s great passion is the idea of being a guest star on Scandal. I want to be, like, a senator who did something wrong.” Whether Shonda Rhimes likes making her fangirls happy, or she just recognizes Dunham as a talented actresses, Lena ended up getting her wish!

2 Ariel Winter (Food Network)

via: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Young actress Ariel Winter spends the majority of her time surrounded by some of Hollywood’s funniest actors and actresses on the hit sitcom Modern Family. Few sitcoms could top the show that she works on every day, so, what’s left to watch in her down time, dramas? Well, not exactly. Turns out, Winter is a huge fan of the Food Network. “I could watch the Food Network and cooking shows for hours. I love cooking, and I love to get ideas from shows,” Winter says. Well, if you’re looking for a celebrity to invite to a potluck, she’s probably your girl.

1 Bethany Mota (Once Upon A Time)

via: abc13.com

Fashion designer and social media personality Bethany Mota rose to stardom thanks to her YouTube channel and has been slowly making her way into the entertainment industry, including an appearance on the nineteenth season of Dancing With The Stars. So, what does she love to watch (besides, one might assume, the YouTube videos of her fellow vloggers?). Well, turns out Mota, who looks like she stepped out of a Disney movie, is obsessed with Once Upon A Time. “I love it,” she said to Variety during a red carpet interview, “I’m just obsessed with Disney, anything Disney, and the last season being all about Frozen was a dream come true for me.”

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