15 Celebs and the Shows That Ruined Them

Since the start of reality TV, there have been urban legends about a ‘curse’ put on couples who showed their marriages to the public through national television. Apparently, they were doomed to fail. And if you’ve noticed the influx of celebrity divorces and break ups, then you now this ‘curse’ is hard to argue against. Plus, this only deals with couples, what about those who have been ruined by other means?

Does TV really ruin celebs? Maybe, maybe not. But perhaps it has to do more with the personalities of these celebrities because even those who've never touched reality TV have managed to ruin professional and personal relationships. There’s no estimating exactly who will or won’t be ruined because of their participation on a show, but there are definitely signs when things just aren't right.

From household names to practically no-bodies, TV has caused the downfall of some great people. Well, maybe we can’t blame it all on TV shows and series. People need to be held accountable for their own actions. But TV is definitely something these 15 people have in common. Perhaps their egos got in the way, or they were influenced by producers to bring to light certain aspects that they weren’t ready for. Either way, we’ve rounded 15 celebrities that prove that you should really do some hard thinking before signing on any dotted lines.


15 Kanye West - Keeping Up With The Kardashians


Has the rumored ‘Kardashian Kurse’ gone too far this time by taking down this A-lister? History and urban legend tells us once again that men in the grasp of a Kardashian woman are doomed. Think about it, the men in this family have all fallen down a rabbit hole of mistakes and just plain bad luck.

We thought rapper Kanye West could be the exception, but we were wrong. Soon after marrying Kim Kardashian, Kanye made appearances here and there on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Despite his mouth and bad timing getting him into constant trouble, Kanye was fine until shortly after Kim’s traumatic Paris burglary. He acted sporadically at once of his concerts. Soon after his wife got a call from his friend claiming he was having mental health issues.


14 Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino - Jersey Shore


Does anyone even remember who this is? At some point, Jersey Shore was like a train wreck you couldn’t look away from. While the cast has moved on to bigger and better things, a few key characters like Mike “the Situation” left their careers at the shore. He had a brief stint on Dancing with the Stars, and was in talks for having a show with his family called the Sorrentinos, which only last about 9 episodes and was found wildly unpopular. There was no meat in it.

During his time in the Jersey Shore, Mike was known to be a player, and a huge gossip. He stirred the pot between his roommates. He was unpopular on the show, and apparently in life. No one could take him seriously.

13 Christina and Tarek El Moussa - Flip or Flop

Scripps Networks Interactive

Unfortunately, this is a two-for-one special. I’m sure when Christina and Tarek El Moussa signed up for their hit show Flip or Flop, they didn’t expect fame to get to their heads. On camera, the couple seemed to argue over tiles and budgets, but as soon as they announced their divorce things got ugly, threatening the livelihood of their hit series.

As things got heated, it was easy to see that the two couldn’t stand being in a room next to each other, despite the fact that they share two children together. Is one of our favorite HGTV shows over for good? I couldn’t imagine still having to work on camera with my ex-husband, especially after he briefly dated the nanny. Yup…that happened. Plus, Christina’s new boyfriend has a fishy legal past.

12 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson - Newlyweds


Many of us think of Newlyweds as the start of reality TV. Celebrity artists Nick and Jessica had fame, so why not star in a TV show in the midst of their fresh marriage as well? Nothing could go wrong. While the bickering couple was cute to watch, at first, it quickly turned weird for the viewer. The series quickly wrapped up just two years after starting, and it was followed by a public divorce.

While Jessica Simpson tried to keep her tarnished relationship with Nick under wraps, he soon betrayed her telling the world about their issues and creating an album based on their failed relationship. If that wasn’t bad enough, Nick even had his own reality show. Jessica kept it classy and threw herself into work. At least she has a $1 billion dollar fashion empire to fall back on now.

11 Katherine Heigl - Grey's Anatomy


Katherine Heigl is truly an incredible actress, but she is completely ruined by her horrid attitude. You could argue that her biggest break was on the long-time running series Grey’s Anatomy. According to Shonda Rimes, the creator, Katherine was “difficult” to work with. This is something that continues to follow Katherine through out her filming of movies like Knocked Up. Her lousy attitude has made her impossible to cast, thus landing her in the never-ending spectrum of bad rom-coms.

While Katherine has moved on since her roll on Grey’s Anatomy, her most notable appearance lately has been in a cat food ad. That’s what happens when your ego takes over. You go from A-list red carpets to fighting for spots on cat food commercials. How the mighty can fall.

10 Farrah Abraham - Teen Mom

Us Weekly

Farrah Abraham is mostly known for being her own worst enemy on Teen Mom. Through nose jobs and fights with cast members, she remains an enigma among reality TV crowds. Thanks to her openness on the show, Farrah is someone that no respectable professional will touch. She is unpredictable and has a penchant for getting disrespectful with cast members and producers alike. How is she still on TV?

Perhaps one day her bad attitude will completely blacklist her. For now, you can still watch her argue with her mom, cast mates, father, and on and off boyfriend Simon on Teen Mom. The only person that hasn’t gotten on her bad side is daughter Sophia, who is publicly known to be a brat. We wonder where she gets that from.

9 Lamar Odom - Khloe & Lamar


Despite their short relationship before becoming husband and wife, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom had the world rooting for them. While they both started out on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, fans loved the couple so much that they had their own show for a few seasons. While things seemed perfect on camera, tabloids soon reported about Lamar’s drug addiction.

Khloe shortly came clean with the public about her marriage but didn’t file for divorce until a few years later. Lamar’s troubles seem never ending thanks to his addiction. In 2015 he had a near-fatal overdose, and Khloe was by his side. We had hope, but shortly after he recovered, Khloe filed for divorce and has since been dating around. Sources claim Lamar still struggles with addiction and hasn’t been able to play basketball since.


8 Kate Gosselin - Jon & Kate Plus 8


If one marriage can survive 8 kids, it can survive anything, right? Well, you would think. Jon and Kate Gosselin opened their doors to TLC, lending us a view into their large family. We got to see a real couple raise a sextuplet pack of toddlers and a set of twins. It’s a lot, and apparently, it took a while to show. While viewers watched Kate dominate the couple’s relationship, it wasn’t long before things unraveled.

They filed for divorce, and things, of course, got very ugly. Kate has been criticized over the years and blamed for pushing Jon out of the family. Soon enough, Kate was photographed spanking her kids, and the custody battle got even uglier than the divorce. Now she at least has Kate Plus 8 to depend on, but we may never look at her the same way.

7 Scott Disick - Keeping Up With The Kardashians


Are you surprised? Another Kardashian guy struggling. Scott Disick is the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three children, and the ultimate aging bad boy. Scott was a fun loving guy who probably joked too much, until he wasn’t. Over the past few years Scott has struggled with alcohol. This has been rumored to be due to him loosing his parents and few years ago within just a few months of one another.

That’s a lot of loss in a small amount of time. No wonder Scott can’t seem to get it together. He has been parading around tropical islands with loads of babes since his infamous break up with Kourtney. Every now and then, things seem to progress, but then he goes back to his partying ways. What’s a guy with no talent supposed to do?

6 Charles Ommanney - The Real Housewives of D.C.


Is the short stint of the Real Housewives of D.C. already lost among the other successful legs? Well once upon a time, it did exist for 11 episodes. Needless to say, it did not do well. That’s probably why you have no idea who Charles Ommanney is. Well, he was the husband of interior designer Cat Ommanney. Cat claims Charles' boss talked her into appearing on the show.

As a photo journalist, it seems that Charles was never taken seriously in D.C. again after the show aired. Their relationship on the show was picture perfect, but of course, it quickly fell a part after filming. Apparently, Cat’s mean girl ways on the show caused Washington’s elite to shun Charles. They felt he sold out, and they could no longer respect him.

5 Karlie Redd - Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta


No one knew who Karlie Redd was before filming Love & Hip Hop. Since the show’s release Karlie has managed to own a line of boutiques, and star in small independent films based in Atlanta. But she is known for bringing out the ‘messy’ in everyone around her, and having a slew of failed relationships that all played out on TV. Her age has also been questioned, and apparently, she has a daughter that no one has ever seen.

Karlie had held her place on Love & Hip Hop for a while, and plans to use the show to remain relevant, but no one will take her seriously. She’s known to dramatize scenes she’s a part of, and viewers have often called her ‘fake’. Even viewers don’t believe her story lines.

4 Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson - The Ultimate Catch

The Gazette Review

Chad “Ochocinco” seemed to have it all for a while. He had his own ‘dating’ show, the Ultimate Catch, where women vied for his attention. Of course, a serious relationship never came out of it. But he was quite loved by women and men for a while. Soon enough, he met Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives and married her. They had a son, and just when you think there was a happy ending, he ruined it.

In 2014 Evelyn Lozada and Chad had a serious altercation after she claimed to have found condoms in his travel bag. Things got physical, and he allegedly headbutted her, causing her to have a huge gash on her forehead. They quickly divorced after the ordeal, and Chad’s career didn’t recover.

3 Caitlyn Jenner - I am Cait

Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner has had quite a life. Before transitioning, she was Bruce Jenner, longtime spouse of Kris Jenner. When news hit that they were taking time off from their relationship, the rumor mill began to spin. We couldn’t believe when we heard rumors that Bruce Jenner wanted to live as a woman.

Soon enough, she became Caitlyn Jenner, and the world couldn’t stop talking. While many looked to Caitlyn as a possible advocate, Kris Jenner and the Kardashian Klan began to see her as an enemy. Caitlyn got her own spin off that documented her life after transitioning, and Kris did not come off so great. Since her transition, Caitlyn’s relationship with her children and step children has suffered. They are very on and off, and you never know quite where they all stand with one another.

2 Rasheeda Frost - Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta


Rasheeda Frost started her journey in reality TV on the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and has since played a major role in each season. However, the six season may have just been the last straw for the rapper, entrepreneur, and mother. It seems that her 17-year marriage to Kirk Frost may be coming to an end after the show revealed he not only cheated on his wife but may have potentially fathered a child outside of their marriage.

On the recent reunion, Rasheeda revealed that she and Kirk no longer live together, and doesn’t plan on working things out with him at the moment. After his betrayal, she is taking the time to concentrate on herself and her family. While Kirk has apologized publicly, he has yet to take a DNA test that would reveal whether or not the child is his.

1 Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt - The Hills


We remember Heidi Montag as Lauren Conrad’s naive best friend who got a boyfriend and suddenly turned her back on her friends. This happens all too often in real life, so many of us can relate. It’s easy to blame her now husband Spencer Pratt for Heidi’s behavior, but the truth is that Heidi was a 20-something adult at the time that could make her own decisions.

While friends worried about Spencer’s influence over Heidi, the world became super concerned with the Hills reality star when she shocked the world by revealing she had undergone 10 surgeries in a short amount of time to ‘perfect’ herself. Will the world ever really know what caused Heidi to make such dramatic changes? So far, no. But she’s living her life quietly now.


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