15 Celebrity TMI Moments That Definitely Crossed A Line

For most people, the idea of posting photos of you rear end on Instagram and telling your friends about how you always cry in the shower would be absolutely unheard of. And you definitely would not tell anyone if you regularly took part in animal sacrifices. This may not be your cup of tea but for some reason, celebrities cannot stop sharing all kinds of disgusting information with the public and, for some reason, we all keep reading, watching, and listening to it. There are, however, some really gross/disgusting/cringe-worthy things that celebrities have shared that we all wish we could forget. For most people, talking about toilet habits, passing gas, and their armpit fat is something that they would like to keep private but these celebs do not know the meaning of the word. Many of them decide to throw caution to the wind and share their true feelings. We all love sneak peaks into all of our favorite stars but these celebrities go way too far.

It's easy to assume that all of these TMI moments are related to subjects like passing gas and the toilet habits but these celebs manage to cover everything from colonoscopies to witchcraft. From Khloe Kardashian to Jennifer Lawrence, these celebrities just do not know when to keep their mouths shut and we love them for it.

15 Jessica Simpson's Entire Pregnancy

via ABC News

Jessica Simpson is not one to mince words, especially during her pregnancy. In 2011, Simpson Tweeted, “The average pregnant woman farts 15 times that! RT @OMGFacts The average person expels flatulence 15 times each day!” She also told Jay Leno that she felt like it was a “bayou” in her nether regions, saying “I just started calling myself 'Swamp A-.' Like, I have swamp a- right now. I had major swamp a- because I was wearing these Spanx to hold in my gut.” Believe it or not, it didn’t stop there. She told Jimmy Kimmel she felt like she had “a bowling ball sitting on my hoo-ha!" Definitely didn’t need to know any of that. Jessica Simpson wins the TMI tournament and we just hope that we can forget all of the unwanted information that she has so willfully shared.

14 Wilmer Valderrama Rates His Ex-Girlfriends

via Cast of Movies

For some reason, That '70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama has dated and/or hooked up with a LOT of beautiful, famous women: Mandy Moore, Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Rhianna (?!), Minka Kelly, and, of course, long-term girlfriend Demi Lovato. How did he pull this off? No clue. The list goes on and on and there is another beautiful 90s star who captured Valderrama’s heart: Jennifer Love Hewitt. Though Hewitt denied that the two were ever intimate, Valderrama told Howard Stern that his ex was "an eight" in bed. Really dude? Only classless guys rate past intimate experiences--especially when the woman denies it ever happened. Gross. Really, Valderrama, if you wanted to give us some info on something secret, why not tell us how you got all of those women to date you? It is truly mind-boggling.

13 Megan Fox Tells The World About Her Toilet Habits

via Huffington Post

Megan Fox is no stranger to the TMI club especially when it comes to the toilet. Way back in 2007, she told FHM in an interview that she is a horrible person to live with and that she rarely flushed the toilet after she has done her business. She went on to say that it got so bad that her friends complained about it saying, “Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.” Years later after she had become a mother, she said that she never had any alone time and even let her son stay in the bathroom and watch her go number two. Let’s just hope she flushes now! You do you, girl, but the entire world would appreciate it if no one never had to hear you talk about your toilet habits again. Thanks.

12 Amanda Bynes LOVES Drake

via NY Daily News

The former young queen of comedy turned heads in a big way when she posted an obscene Tweet about hip hop artist Drake. In 2015 she infamously Tweeted that she wanted Drake to “murder” her nether regions. It seems now that she did not mean for it to blow up the way that it did but it was definitely disturbing, even Drake seemed to think so, though he was pretty understanding about the whole thing. Fortunately, Bynes tweeted that she didn’t mean to upset anyone and that she was in therapy to talk about her issues. She also said that she was “the nicest girl” so everyone should take what she says (or tweets) lightly. It’s clear that everyone who ever watched The Amanda Show never expected to open up their Twitter feed and see that tweet in their feed but it definitely happened and we can only hope that we can move on emotionally.

11 Azealia Banks Sacrifices Chickens

via Hip Hop Vibe

Azealia Banks is the queen of TMI after getting into Twitter fights with teenaged Disney stars (Skai Jackson) and using nasty slurs to diss Zayn Malik. She just doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut and her career has suffered because of it. In 2016, Banks shared some truly disturbing videos on Instagram in which she said that she had been practicing “brujería” which means witchcraft in Spanish and she revealed the room she used for animal sacrifices. The animal sacrifice room looks like a closet that is covered in dried, black blood and feathers everywhere. That’s right, she sacrifices chickens. She wore protective goggles in the video and said, “real witches do real things.” Okay, no, no, no, no. This is TMI on so many levels, however, not the most shocking thing to happen in 2016. But it’s definitely up there.

10 Miley Cyrus On The Toilet

via Metro

Miley Cyrus has appeared to lose her edge after releasing her new single Malibu which is a little less upbeat than a Bon Iver song. This may have something to do with the fact that she stopped smoking some illegal substances for three weeks. A very serious accomplishment. However, back in the old days after she went from old Miley to new Miley, she twerked her way into infamy and broke the internet with her highly criticized dance moves. However, her stunts and bizarre antics were not limited to the 2013 VMAs, her Instagram often features pics of her in colorful onesies, her smoking, and pink eyebrows. In 2015, she shared a photo of herself wearing en ensemble completely covered in pop art versions of Drake’s face, her pants down, and her lips a light shade of blue. Oh, and she’s very obviously sitting on the toilet. Rebranding yourself isn’t just part of being a musician, it’s also a part of growing up and it’s a big undertaking when you’re a celebrity. We just hope that this new Malibu-Miley will post less toilet pics.

9 Armie Hammer Liking BDSM On Twitter

via Us Weekly

The thing about Twitter is that when you like something, everyone can see it. All they have to do is go to the “liked” section, if they are so inclined. Apparently, Armie Hammer didn’t know that and it’s incredibly awkward. The Social Network star went on a “liking” spree in March and the posts that he liked were mostly geared toward S&M and many of them were incredibly graphic and shed way too much light on his, um, interests. Not to kink-shame the guy but it’s definitely not the best thing to do when you have millions of Twitter followers. Hammer is known for giving way too much info on his personal life. For example, in an infamous 2013 interview in Playboy that he used to like pulling hair and “grabbing the neck” but, now that he’s married, he can’t do that anymore because he respects his wife too much. It’s almost, sort of, kind of sweet but mostly TMI.

8 Khloe Kardashian Talks Intimate Grooming

via Scoopnest

It’s fair to say that, at this point, we all know way too much about the Kardashians. However, Khloe Kardashian is always surprising us with more things that we definitely do NOT want to know. Khloe went to her website in 2015 with some unsolicited info on her preferences when it comes to intimate grooming. She revealed that she was “all about the landing strip” and went onto say that “seeing nothing down there” was weird. But she didn’t stop there. She decided to inform the world of her sisters’ lady bits as well, claiming that Kim has “lasered it all off” and Kourtney kept it “full ‘70s-style” which was very “boho chic.” It’s one thing to be comfortable with your body and another thing to talk about your family’s intimate waxing secrets with the world. The idea that Khloe knows so much about her sister’s intimate grooming habits is bizarre enough but to explain them in full detail? Way too much info.

7 Olivia Wilde Dishes On Her Love Life

via Marie Claire

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are ultimate relationship goals in every way...except when they go WAY into detail about their love life. There comes a point when a couple goes from “aww” to “eww” and these two have definitely stepped dangerously far into “eww” territory. After Wilde was married to Italian prince, Tao Ruspoli, she acknowledged that the marriage was ending because their love life was dead. However, when she started dating Sudeikis, she told Vulture that they were, um, the exact opposite, saying they were more like “'Kenyan marathon runners” when it came to their love life. Didn’t need to know that but thanks for sharing. Sudeikis also told Elle that his wife was the “greatest workout partner in the world and you don’t need a gym membership for that kind of workout.” Yeah, we get the picture.

6 Chrissy Teigen Got A Weird Surgery

via stuff.co

Chrissy Teigen is the reigning queen of the internet with her hilarious Twitter account and charming Instagram pics of her goofing around with her husband, John Legend. It’s honestly hard not to like her. The fact that she is honest about her personal life is part of what makes her so endearing and mothers everywhere applauded when she talked about her struggle with PPD. However, she recently shared a secret about herself that was so bizarre, even she acknowledged how weird it was! During a cosmetics event, she confessed that she had gotten armpit liposuction which she claimed was one of the “dumbest” things she’s ever done but that she also doesn’t regret it. She said that her armpit fat has since come back after the surgery (it was over 9 years ago) and that she would have to do it again. The fact that she has literally ZERO fat in her armpit is way too much to handle and we definitely did not need to know about her “armpit fat.”

5 Jennifer Lawrence And Zoe Kravitz Got Really Close

via NY Daily News

There are awkward things that women do in front of their friends after they have known each other for a long time but it takes time to get to that point. Former Queen of Relateability, Jennifer Lawrence told Rolling Stone that her X-Men: First Class costar, Zoe Kravitz invited her over to her apartment to hang out and when she got there, Kravitz was in a towel. Kravitz told her that she was about to jump in the shower and she dropped the towel and started to shave her legs “totally naked.” Lawrence went on to say that Kravitz asked her, “Are we here yet?” and The Hunger Games star replied, “I guess we’re there!” All in all, it’s a pretty strange encounter and one that we definitely did not need or want to know. This is something better left between friends.

4 Val's Instagram Booty

via Instagram

Dancing With the Stars dancer Val Chmerkovskiy may have broken up with dancing partner Amber Rose right before Valentine’s Day but he didn’t seem too broken up about it. On Valentine’s Day, the dancer gave the world a special “Val”entine’s gift to the world whether we asked for it or not. The photo is in black and white (maybe in an attempt to be artsy?) with his back to the camera. He is totally naked and a heart emoji was carefully placed over his backside. That may have been a good photo to send Amber Rose but not the best to share with the millions of IG followers. The real question is--who took that photo? There is nothing more awkward than asking someone to take a nude photo of yourself to post on social media. Seriously, Val, keep it in your pants.

3 Rob Kardashian Cries In The Shower

via Youtube

Before Rob Kardashian met Blac Chyna and they had their own reality show Rob & China, the Kardashian boy was not in the best place. On the E! special Ryan Seacrest with the Kardashians, Rob told Seacrest that he cried every time he got into the shower and saw himself naked. Okay, probably not the best thing to tell the viewers but hey, he had just gone through a bad breakup with Rita Ora and gained a lot of weight. Most people have cried in the shower at least once after a breakup but they probably kept it to themselves. However, though he was a lot bigger than he used to be, there was a, um, part of him that wasn’t so big. He told Seacrest that when he looked down at his manhood, he remarked at how small it looked after gaining so much weight. Now that he’s a dad and working hard to lose weight, he seems to be moving on but we’ll never be able to get past this horrifying TMI moment.

2 Bella Thorne's Colonoscopy

via X17

Bella Thorne is known at this point for excessively posting on almost every social media platform but this particular occasion takes the cake. The Disney alum decided to Snapchat and live-Tweet her colonoscopy. If you don’t know what a colonoscopy is, it’s basically an exam where they stick a long tube into your rear-end and into the large intestine to make sure everything is all healthy and fine and it’s a totally normal procedure that definitely does not need to be Tweeted. Before the colonoscopy, patients have to drink a laxative that really cleans you out. Bella Thorne, Queen of Colonoscopies, makes sure to document everything and it is way more information than anyone wanted, needed, or asked for. It’s great for young people to go to the Mayo Clinic and get this procedure done to make sure that they are healthy but please, do us all a favor and do not Snapchat it. Please.

1 Ciara's Bizarre Pregnancy Photos

via TheChive

When it comes to celebrity pregnancy photo shoots, a lot of celebrities like to take overly extravagant ones to share with the world. While Beyonce killed it with her latest pregnancy shoot, not everyone has been quite so lucky. Ciara and husband Russell Wilson definitely took pregnancy photoshoots to the next level. This beautiful couple recently welcomed a baby girl, Siena Princess Miller, and they have a beautiful family. However, the pregnancy shoot for Harper's Bazaar is incredibly awkward. The problem with this photo in particular is that there are just too many naked people involved and way too many hands. Second, it's obvious that Wilson is the one behind Ciara but it looks like his head is in her rear-end and that just doesn't feel right. The whole thing is just aesthetically uncomfortable and we really wish they would have just kept this to themselves.

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