15 Celebs You Never Realized Were Related

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15 Celebs You Never Realized Were Related

Wouldn’t it be great to have a celebrity in the family? While most of us don’t have that, some families have more than one! Who would’ve thought that the celebrities on this list are actually siblings?! Well, maybe that’s just another one of Hollywood’s tricks. We watch these stars day in and day out, keep a close eye on their movies and TV shows or listen to their music… yet we had no idea that they are actually related. The internet has officially learned how to keep secrets, people. Until today. Because after some serious digging, we found out some celebrity sibling stories that are worthy of sharing to our gal pals. Yes that’s you. So let’s dive into the hotness of Franco brothers and the dazzle of the Hadid siblings. And daydream that we’re part of a royal family too. After all, there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming. Here are 15 celebrity siblings you have no idea about!

15. Dave And James Franco


Who would have thought that James Franco is already 38 years old? And who would’ve thought he’s not the only Franco in the Hollywood industry? James started his career way back in 1997. He was once in a commercial for Pizza Hut! In fact, that was one of his first paid acting jobs ever. He also starred in  Freaks and Greeks and his debut film role was the 1999 movie Never Been Kissed. And while James continuously collects success stories for himself (because that’s what awesome people do), his brother is also making a name for himself. 31-year-old Dave Franco started his career in 2006, but unlike his older brother James, he hasn’t found real success until recent years. Or maybe it’s because the Franco brothers are naturally quiet and humble. Dave was part of the series 7th Heaven and has appeared in multiple TV shows. And last year was a big year for him where he took great roles in multiple films like Now You See Me 2 and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.

14. Zooey And Emily Deschanel

Via US Magazine

Emily has been part of tons of TV shows and films, including Bones. She also played Shannon Cleary in the 2011 film The Perfect Family, Dr. Farquad in 2009 My Sister’s Keeper, and Mary Haskins in the 2006 film Glory Road. But if you think Emily is the only Deschanel in the film industry, think again. Because Zooey Deschanel might ring a bell. Yes, they are sisters. 37-year-old Zooey has been acting since 1998, only a few years after her sister began her career. She is currently Jess in the TV series New Girl and also appeared last year in the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And, in case you did not catch it, Zooey voiced the character Bridget in the movie Trolls. Now that is something. Clearly, these two always have something unexpected under their sleeves. And yes, we are talking about that moment Emily made the Hollywood news for expressing her agnostic views.

13. Sommore And Nia Long

Via Pinterest

Who are Nia and Sommore Long, you ask? Well, they’re just two of the many amazing celeb siblings we have no idea about. Until now. These two have always been up to something and it’s about time that we discovered in. Sommore has appeared in multiple films like Soul Plane, Friday After Next, and Dirty Laundry. She’s also appeared in various shows like ComicView and Showtime at the Apollo. And given that Sommore is a natural comedian (in fact, it’s one of her main careers) there’s no question how she got into HBO’s Def Comedy Jam. Her half-sister, on the other hand, Nia is also quite accomplished. She’s been in TV shows like Third Watch and multiple films including Soul Food, The Best Man, In Too Deep, and Are We There Yet?  Nia is also invading the music industry. She directed Yolanda Adams’ “This Too Shall Pass” music video and she also appeared in Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky.”

12. Shailene And Tanner Woodley

Via Instagram

Shailene Woodley is a star. We all know that already. From playing Amy Juergens in The Secret Life of the American Teenager to Kat Connors in White Bird Blizzard, Beatrice Prior in the Divergent series to Hazel Grace Lancaster in The Fault in Our Stars, Shailene aces everything. She was also in the 2014 short film 9 Kisses as the boxing girl. And if these are not enough, Woodley also made news when she got arrested in Saint Anthony, North Dakota for criminal trespassing for protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. She filmed her arrest on  Facebook Live. Also, she has an incredibly handsome brother Tanner who is on his way to making waves in the film industry. In 2004, he played a role in the TV series Boston Legal and in 2006, he was part of the short film Max and the Furious Fly. Who even knew? Now you do.

11. Robyn And Blake Lively

Via US Magazine

Now these two are quite famous and they know it. Robyn started out as a child actress and there has been no stopping her from doing a great job. Her debut film was the 1978 movie Summer of My German Solider and after that, Robyn worked on film after film, giving life to characters and leaving everyone in total awe of her talent. One of her most prominent recent works was Claire Gibbon in the 2014-2016 TV series Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street. She also appeared in Rush Hour and has announced multiple projects coming out this year including comedy-drama film Periphery. Her half-sister Blake Lively is equally as talented as her and you wouldn’t believe they’re just half-sisters. Blake has been walking red carpets since she was just a kid. She recently played Gina in the film I Can See You, Nancy in The Shallows, and if you don’t remember, she was Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl (but of course you remember!).

10. Ariana And Frankie Grande

Via US Magazine

23-year-old Ariana Grande has already made waves in the music industry even though she’s still super young. Her very first studio album Yours Truly debuted at No. 1 in the US Billboard 2000, and did her second album My Everything was released last 2014. But before her hit singles “Bang Bang” (with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj), “Break Free”, “Love Me Harder”, “Side to Side”, and one of her most recent, “Everyday” featuring hip-hop artist Future, Ariana was part of the Broadway industry. She once played a role in various musicals like Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and The Wizard of Oz. Her life in musicals was pretty different, and she was with her brother Frankie, who is now a YouTube personality, producer, and TV host. Frank James Michael Grande or often credited as Frankie Grande clearly knows how to make a name for himself, and he’s doing a great job so far.

9. Elizabeth Olsen And The Olsen Twins

Via People

Okay, so we already know that the Olsen twins are, well, twins. But did you know that they have another sister in the film industry? Yes. The Olsen family is practically a family of celebrities. It’s not only the Kardashians, people. And in this case, Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, is an actress. Often referred to as Lizzie Olsen, she is known for her roles in Godzilla, Silent House, Captain America: Civil War, and Martha Marcy May Marlene (for which she won Best Actress from the Vancouver Film Critics Association). Her twin siblings Ashley and Mary-Kate, of course, are also quite popular. They both landed early film roles including the ever-popular video series Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Today, the twins focus on their fashion lines while Elizabeth continues in Hollywood. So much for thinking celebrity families are all about glam. The Olsen siblings are obviously way more than glam.

8. Gigi And Anwar Hadid

Via Instagram

Wait, Gigi Hadid is only 21 years old? There must be some mistake! It’s true. She’s young and gorgeous and she clearly knows what she’s doing. She obviously knows where she wants to be in the future – she wants to be on top of the world. And there’s no doubt she’ll get there. Because she’s Gigi Hadid. Hadid signed with IMG Models back in 2013 but her life as a model started at a very young age. That makes sense since her lovely mom, Yolanda Hadid, is a former model. Her other sibling who is also equally famous in the modeling realm is Bella Hadid. And if that’s not enough, she also has a younger brother, Anwar, who is now entering the same realm. Sooner than later the modeling industry will be full of Hadids. 17-year-old Anwar signed to IMG Models just last year. And for sure, we’ll be seeing his name on the internet more and more. Because like his older sisters, Anwar is one fine model.

7. Sofia And Nicole Richie

Via Dailymail

Nicole and Sofia are sisters and both of them are doing well in their careers. In the same industry. Okay, almost the same. Nicole rose to fame when a reality TV show she was a part of boomed. That was, of course, The Simple Life with none other than Paris Hilton. After that, she began taking on projects like Kids in America, which was her acting debut. She also guest starred in various TV shows like Eve and American Dreams. Her sister, on the other hand, is that girl spending lots of time with Justin Bieber. She cameoed (a million times) on Nicole’s Candidly Nicole and she started her modeling career back in 2014. So yeah, they also know what Hollywood life feels like. Or at least what glam life feels like, that is. Also, Sofia is part of Kylie Jenner’s girl squad. That fact matters because, well Jenner. Anything relating to Jenner matters.

6. Lynda And Jennifer Lopez

Via Dailymail

For a really long time, Jennifer Lopez moved in the world of Hollywood on her own. She’s the kind of musician who is not afraid to try something new — the artist who dares to start trends and make music that actually means something. But after some digging, we realized that J.Lo has a relative in the Hollywood industry. And not just any relative but a sister! How freaking cool is that?! She’s been a singer and actress for many years now yet we had no idea she has a sister in a pretty similar field. Lynda Lopez is an American journalist who started out as a radio broadcaster. She spent 5 years in radio then worked as an entertainment correspondent. Until August of 2013, she was part of WCBS Radio. She had a year of hiatus and worked for J.Lo in L.A. Today, both the Lopez sisters work in front of cameras and microphones.

5. Charlie And Eddie Murphy

Via Pinterest

Ever thought that Charlie Murphy and Eddie Murphy were related?! Most people think that they’re just two incredibly amazing actors and comedians. Not blood-related. But yes, they are. Charlie Murphy is the big brother who started his career way back in 1984. He had tons of minor roles in the 1980s and early 1990s, and his major big break was in 1993 when he played a role in CB4. After that, Charlie worked various jobs and took on various roles in the film industry and one of his most notable work was when he became a recurring performer in the sketch comedy series Chappelle’s Show. His younger brother Eddie, on the other hand, started working as a stand-up comedian and then became an actor. He’s expected to be in Beverly Hills Cop 4, Triplets, and Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? Also, both brothers still take on comedic roles every now and then. Maybe it runs in their blood! Okay, it definitely does!

4. Emma And Alex Watson

Via Pop Sugar

Oh look, Hermione Granger has a brother. We all know who Emma Watson is and what she’s up to. But in case some of you have question marks on your faces, Emma is the girl who played Hermione Granger in all of the Harry Potter films. She also starred in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), Noah (2014) and Regression (2015). She’s also a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and is very active in pushing women’s rights, especially anything that relates to education. And best of all, Emma has a baby brother. Okay, younger brother. Alex Watson is a British actor and model who appeared as an extra in the 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. He also cameoed in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and appeared in a Burberry commercial with his older sister. When he was around 11-12 years old, Alex produced a seminal work called Gasolina. And if you haven’t seen it, go watch. It’s a must. You will be amazed at this kid.

3. Taylor And Austin Swift

Via Bustle

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is probably one of the boldest young singers of her generation. Break her heart and she will write a song about it. And she’ll make sure it will be a hit and she’ll earn a lot from it. Aside from the fact that she writes great lyrics, she is also one hell of a singer. She’s been the face of multiple brands throughout the years including Verizon Wireless. And of course, she’s got a hot brother we can all chase on the internet. Austin Swift is two years younger than T, but he’s equally good-looking as her. While Tay is pretty famous already, she still talks about her brother like they’re the closest siblings you’ll find in your college university. In fact, she missed an MTV Europe Music Awards and chose to go to her brother’s play, which means he’s into acting and he might bag some great roles soon. As for Taylor, now that is a model big sister.

2. Elizabeth And Robert Pattinson

Via E Online

Wait, Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen of Twilight has a sister? We can all bet that she’s super gorgeous. And yes, according to the internet, she is. Elizabeth may not be as famous as her younger brother Robert, but she’s doing great in, well, life. She has performed with Aurora, a UK dance act, as well as German duo Milk & Sugar. As she continues her career as a singer-songwriter, her brother Edward has a long list of movies to work on. In fact, he’s got 3 films in 2017 and 2 in 2018, all in post-production stage. So yes, we can expect more Robert Pattinson on the big screen. But that’s not a problem… he’s been acting since 2004 and clearly, with all the roles he’s getting and all the projects he’s working on, the public is not yet tired of his face and his acting skills. He’s also a model, you know…

1. Eric And Julia Roberts

Via Pinterest

Julia Roberts is one of the most notable actresses of all time. She’s always full of character and flair, whatever role she’s playing, and that’s not easy. From Pretty Woman in 1990 to Money Monster in 2016, Julia Roberts sure has showed us a lot of her acting skills, and she never is bad. Aside from her post-production project called Wonder, where she’ll be playing Isabel Pullman, she also just finished another 2017 film, Smurfs: The Lost Village, which will hit the big screens in April. She’s playing Smurfwillow, so watch out for that. Her older brother of 10 years, Eric Roberts also works in front of cameras. One of his most notable works include The Dark Night. Compared to younger sister Julia, Eric is the more intriguing actor in the sense that he prefers to do more interesting characters. Needless to say, both of them are incredibly amazing at what they do because, well, they wouldn’t have stayed in the industry if they’re not. Duh!

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