15 Celebrity Siblings Who Are Creepy as Hell

Celebrities, as rich and powerful as they may be, can't choose who there family is and just because they're talented and/or famous, doesn't mean they're siblings are. There can already be plenty of tension between family members who aren't famous but then add a couple million dollars, and the tension gets a whole lot worse. There are a lot of celeb siblings who use their brother or sister's star power to launch their own career or worse, to help them get out of a finical crisis or even prison. Their famous sibling's stardom has helped to get some horrible people out of jail time and has also created some truly horrible careers.

Then there are the celebs that we just get a bad vibe from. The ones whose only claim to fame is their sibling's last name and it totally goes to their heads. Of course there are celeb power siblings who are equally famous, talented, and good-looking like Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth (but not Luke Hemsworth); Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal; and Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel. These, however, are the celebs that are weird, criminal, disrespectful, desperate, bizarre, untalented, perverted, inappropriate, gross, and creepy.

15 Austin Swift

via Cosmopolitan

Just by looking at Taylor Swift's brother Austin Swift, you get a very "douchey" vibe from him. Maybe it's the arrogant grin that does it but there is something about his face that makes him look like he's a frat boy who voted for Trump, has multiple DUIs, and spends an hour on his hair to get it a just-rolled-out-of-bed look. None of these things may be true but that smug smile makes you think they might be. Austin Swift hasn't really done anything very creepy but there's just something about him that gives off a weird vibe. Because he acted in a play in college, he fancies himself an actor though his biggest film credit was a cameo in Live by Night which wasn't very successful. Don't feel too bad for the guy, he is related to one of the biggest pop stars in the world and I'm sure he uses that bit of trivia to pick up girls at the bar all the time.

14 Julianne and Derek Hough

via Mayo Arts

These two always seem a little too close for comfort whether it's when they showed up to a costume party in a couple's costume or they're standing next to each other looking very naked in a promotional poster for their tour. First of all, siblings shouldn't wear couples costumes and these two showed up to Nina Dobrev's La La Land themed birthday party dressed as Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling from the movie. Weird. Then the two were featured in a poster together for their tour, Move Beyond, in what appears to be the nude. Obviously, the photo above is photoshopped to make them look like they're standing very close together without wearing any clothing but it's uncomfortable to look at. Creepy.

13 Anwar Hadid

via Just Fashion Magazine

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid have gained momentum in their careers in the past year or so but their little brother, Anwar Hadid, isn't exactly sharing their success. Though he may not be a successful model like his sisters, he definitely shares the same creepy, glazed-over stare with them. In the photo above (and most photos in general) the three of them look at the camera like they're trying to figure out what two plus two equals. Though they may not be very bright, the Instagram models are definitely beautiful. However, even with his high cheekbones and sharp features, Anwar always looks either confused or like he smells something really sour. Sorry but there is just something creepy about this kid.

12 Alex Watson

via Pinterest

Though Emma Watson's brother, Alex Watson, is a totally adorable model, what's really creepy about him is that he looks remarkably like his sister. In fact, the photo above of Alex and Emma at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 premiere went viral when everyone realized how much like looked like the same person. A Reddit-user even posted the photo on the popular website with the caption: "Emma Watson's brother looks more like Emma Watson than Emma Watson does" and another Reddit user commented saying, "If Draco and Hermoine had a child..." Alex Watson hasn't done anything creepy (or really anything of any note) but he looks so much like his sister that if they did a "face swap", you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. That's pretty creepy.

11 Jelani Miraj

via NY Daily News

Nicki Minaj's brother, Jelani Miraj, is a total creep. He was arrested in 2015 after assaulting a 12-year-old girl in Long Island, New York and Minaj posted bail for him. Facing 15 years in prison if he was convicted, his wife of just one year divorced him. It's pretty disgusting that she bailed him out of a prison and, considering the charges, he deserved to rot in prison. However, his superstar sister has helped him out multiple times in the past and even gave him $30,000 for his wedding. This perverted predator has said that the victim had accused him with another man but considering they found his DNA on the victim's clothing pretty much proves that he's guilty. However, the trial has been delayed and he has not been convicted (yet). Creepy.

10 Tove Christensen

via vh1

If you thought that Hayden Christensen was a total failure, then meet Tove Christensen whose biggest acting credit is "Tuxedo Boy" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hang on, it gets worse. In 2009, Tove was arrested arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon. What has his weapon? His car. He was actually arrested for dragging his girlfriend around 30 feet after she clung to the side of his car. 30 feet! Apparently the two had gotten into an argument and she got out of the car after he started hitting her and she went to grab her purse and that's when he floored it. And you thought Hayden was bad. He may have been one of the many reasons why the Star Wars prequels were so bad but at least he didn't try to kill his girlfriend with his car.

9 Casey Affleck

via People

Ben Affleck is already gross and creepy for hooking up with the nanny while being married to the beautiful and talented Jennifer Garner (who was way too good for him to begin with) but his brother Casey is just as bad--maybe worse. Despite winning an Academy Award for his role in Manchester By the Sea, there have been multiple claims from female coworkers regarding harassment and violence. However, the cases were settled out of court (you know something's up when they settle out of court because they know they can't disprove it and/or they don't want it to go public) and Casey can probably thank his big bro for helping him get out of these messes. Why can't these two be more like their buddy Matt Damon whose been with his wife for years and hasn't had any affairs or allegations of harassment. They could really learn something from him.

8 Conrad Hilton III

via US Weekly

Considering Conrad Hilton III is a wealthy white male who's never had to work an hour in his life, he's an entitled, selfish creep. Earlier this year, he was arrested after stalking his ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily Salomon and trying to break into her mother's house where she lived and he also went to her father's house and stole his car. It just goes to show that when you grow up without any responsibility, you turn out like Conrad Hilton. What makes the whole situation even weirder is that Hunter's father is Rick Salomon who was Paris Hilton's costar in the home film 1 Night in Paris which launched her into stardom and paved the way for Kim Kardashian to do the same. Hooking up with the daughter of the guy your sister hooked up with is already weird but considering it was filmed makes it even creepier.

7 John Draper Witherspoon

via The Huffington Post

Reese Witherspoon's brother John Draper Witherspoon (yes that's his real name) is probably someone you've never heard of before and there's a reason for that. He's a total creep. In 2002 he was arrested for aggravated burglary and battery and the victim claimed that he had broken into her house while she was asleep on her couch and started kissing her neck and reached into her underwear before she woke up. Eeek! Strangely enough, he and his little sis, Reese, seem to be on good terms despite what happened in 2002 and even shared a photo of them together on Instagram with the caption "Aren't big brothers the best!?" No, Reese Witherspoon, if all big brothers are half as creep as your big brother, they are definitely not the best.

6 Clint Howard

via We Are Iowa

To be fair, Clint Howard has never done anything to truly warrant the title of "creepy celebrity sibling" besides just being kind of creepy looking. In fact, he's been creepy looking since he was a kid when he played an alien on the original series of Star Trek, voiced by an adult man and the result was very creepy. While Ron Howard was the adorable and endearing Opie on The Andy Griffith Show, Clint was a weird baby alien. Creepy is pretty much Clint Howard's brand and he's played random creepy characters in various cameos in Seinfeld, Arrested Development, and My Name is Earl. He's also been in a lot of horror movies. Despite his creepiness, he's actually a pretty down to earth guy.

5 Ray J

via Bossip

Back before Brandy caused a fatal car accident, she was a huge superstar and her brother Ray J cashed in on his sister's popularity. In regards to his own stardom, the only thing he did worth any note was Kim Kardashian before she is the Kim Kardashian she is today. It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since the infamous tape "leaked" and helped to launch her career as a reality TV star. However, the years have not been as kind of Ray J who is desperately trying to cling to Kim's star power just like he did to his sister's back in the day. In 2013, he released his not-so-subtle single "I Hit it First" with a pixilated photo of his ex on the cover in an attempt to bring attention back to him. That's just pathetic. He is a total creep.

4 Rob Kardashian

via NY Daily News

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, she also has a creepy brother. Rob Kardashian is a total creep--there's just no way around that. He has shown the public again and again that he's about as mature as a pre-pubescent boy with no respect for women. When his relationship ended with Rita Ora, he spitefully tweeted that she slept with 20 dudes. On Rob & Chyna, he was still whinging about his ex Adrienne Bailon cheated on him even though the two broke up in 2009 and she said that she definitely didn't cheat. He obviously hasn't learned from the past because when he and Blac Chyna broke up, he threw a temper tantrum and posted revenge p*rn of his ex-fiancée who is also the mother of his child, Dream. He is a total creep and a vile human being.

3 Frankie Grande

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Frankie Grande acts like he's a huge pop star with millions of fans even though his only claim to fame is that his little sister is Ariana Grande. Frankie has been in Broadway shows such as Mama Mia! and Rock of Ages but he hasn't exactly done anything to make him the famous star he pretends to be (or at least thinks he is). Most recently he has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK and apparently they use the term "celebrity" as liberally as we do in the US. Other celebrities such as Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have also gone to the UK to appear on Celebrity Big Brother to be the American contestants that British people love to hate. What really makes him creepy though are his eyes which always appear to be black like a shark. It's very creepy.

2 Samantha Grant

via kiis1065.com.au

Meghan Markle went from being the forgettable actress on Suits to being the most Googled person of 2016 after she started dating Prince Harry. Now she is in the tabloids every other week thanks to her Cinderella-esque romance. Of course, Markle's family is definitely cashing in on her fame and her estranged step-sister, Samantha Grant, is writing a tell-all book about their "relationship." What's creepy about this is that Grant and Markle had the same father but the two lived almost completely separate lives and, not only that but there is also 17 years between them. It seems like Grant is a little jealous that her step-sis gets to date a prince and she's not hesitating to take advantage of her family ties.

1 Angelina Jolie and James Haven

via Mirror

Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven are the king and queen of weird, inappropriate, and creepy celebrity siblings. Jolie and her bro caused quite a stir over a decade ago with their weird Cersei and Jamie Lannister vibes and even kissed on the mouth in front of the camera--multiple times too! There has been talk of the two having an incestuous relationship since they shared a kiss on the red carpet at the 2000 Academy Award ceremony. The rumors have never really gone away and they popped up again when it was revealed that Haven was a frequent babysitter for her and Brad Pitt's kids. If the rumors are to be believed, her relationship with Haven actually had something to do with her divorce with Brad but we may never know the truth.

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