15 Celebrity Photoshop FAILS You Probably Missed From 2017

Throughout this list of celebrity photoshop fails, we’ll be talking about different facts about each of the celebs and who they are, and why they should be confident in themselves. We’re not here to bash on people for tweaking the lighting of their selfies, but we do think it’s very important that celebrities take into consideration how important it is to accept yourself for who you are instead of trying to hide it.

When celebs try to hide their flaws, it leaves a bad taste in our mouth. This gives off the impression that they are totally perfect and that they are naturally born that way, when in reality that’s anything but the truth.

When images of highly retouched celebrities grace the cover of every single magazine cover, this is a serious way to negatively impact society. Society is already suffering because of how many flaws are covered up in mainstream media. But this can push young girls and boys to try and achieve that kind of body, makeup, hair, or way of life, when the child has no idea how fabricated it really is.

This list will touch on the issues retouching has on society as a whole, as well as how important it is to love yourself as you are. That's the first step towards self acceptance, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and shut down these fakes!

We want to hear from you! What picture were you most shocked by? We’d love to know!

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15 Kris Jenner: That Detox Tea Didn't Do The Trick


So many people were mad at mama Jenner because of this sponsored post on her Instagram. It might not look like anything too serious, but if you carefully look at her bent arm in the front of the photo, you’ll notice that it looks very blurry and that the background behind her is warped. She obviously was a bit self conscious about her arm here. Especially when she’s wearing her workout gear and being sponsored by a weight loss tea!! We can’t say that we wouldn’t be embarrassed either or a bit self conscious about being involved in an advertisement about weight loss, when we don’t feel the most fit. But all this does is reflect badly on her and the weight loss tea cleanse. Next time you should just rock what you got mama Jenner! Be yourself and completely embrace everything about YOU! Who cares if your arms aren’t super toned? You overall look fantastic and you shouldn’t feel like you need to hide it behind photoshop!

14 Amy Childs: That Door Seems To Be Waving

Mirror Co

Who would ever post this picture on their Instagram? Is she really that blind to believe that no one would catch onto the huge warp in the door and her house?? This picture is so distorted it almost looks like a complete joke. Amy Childs seems to have posted this very quickly before she got so much hate for it, she took down the post entirely. This honestly just makes us feel bad that some people, even celebrities, feel the need to fit in with what society tells them is beautiful. No one can be themselves and everyone is always trying to fit in with what other people want. Amy Childs is beautiful as she is, who cares if she’s a tad bit heavier than people remember. She should have the confidence to rock her bod in way it might be. We’re all in the process of becoming better people and part of that process is to accept where were are now.

13 Mariah Carey: Are We Even Surprised?


Mariah Carey has always been one of the most famous celebrities that almost ALWAYS photoshops her pictures. And no, she doesn’t just photoshop her editorial images, she also photoshops her personal selfies. She acts like she can’t live without photoshop in her life. If that’s the case, we seriously feel pity for her. Not only does she lip sing and refused to perform because she was caught doing this at a live concert last year, it’s almost as if everything she does is just fake in some way. Whether this comes from greed or just plain insecurity, we hope she finds what makes her actually happy in life so she can move on for the better. We always use to love Mariah Carey, but after all of the photoshop scandals, she’s not number one on our list, because of how bad of an example that gives for the younger generation.

12 Lindsay Lohan: This Has To Be A Joke Right?


If you thought we would forget about all the times Lindsay Lohan has photoshopped her pictures, you would be completely wrong! She has been probably one of the worst offenders, just look how obvious it is! The complete door is messed up and warped. Why? It seems like she was trying to make it look like she has more of a butt, or curves, but this is a complete fail! Lindsay Lohan has gone through a rough life. Although she grew up in Hollywood and had much more privilege than most, it seemed like she always was shunned in a way. She was different and people didn’t like that about her. Whether she was just looking for attention with this post or whether she really thought she could get away with this, we still wish her the best, because she deserves better when it comes to her career and how people see her.

11 Kylie Jenner: This Doesn't Even Look Good!


Kylie Jenner has been accused multiple times of photoshopping her selfies, most famously this image. Many people didn’t believe her waist was that small, or that she had those abs. As you can see from the left side of the image, it looks like they were right. She has altered this photo slightly to enhance her natural curves. It’s not a cute look Kylie Jenner! She is seen here wearing a pair of Puma boxers that are very tight, paired with a white shirt. She has her hair naturally dark and it reaches past her shoulders. Her makeup is flawless and she’s posing in a way that flexes her abs and shows off her curves. Sadly the quality of this photo also gives away the fact that this image is probably altered in some way. Obviously on the left side of the image it seems like she pushed in the side of her body to make her waist even smaller. It doesn’t even look real or that great because of how extreme it is.

10 Aubrey O' Day: Is She Ashamed Of Her Curves?


We’ll never understand why Aubrey O’ Day was okay with this photoshop work. Not only does she look perfectly fine in the before picture, how did she even expect to pull this one on everyone? How could you photoshop yourself like this and expect people not to call it out as soon as you walk out your front door? Aubrey O’ Day is seen here in a very revealing bodysuit. It’s her shade of nude color, and it has piping throughout the bodysuit that makes it look more slimming. But even though the bodysuit was made to look slimming, that still wasn’t enough! Even though she’s always been a blonde bombshell, in this comparison, it seems like she’s a bit ashamed of her curves. Talk about sad! Would you ever try to hide your natural curves by photoshopping a picture of yourself like this? We really hope not!

9 Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods: She's At It Again!


Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have done it again. While we aren’t sure which one of these girls photoshopped this picture, but we do know that Jordyn Woods’ legs have been altered because of the warping directly behind them on the floor. They both have matching hair, Jordyn is wearing a black furry tube top and a matching highwaisted skirt. While Kylie Jenner is wearing a black tank top with black cargo pants. They both look like they’re having a great time, but it also is sad that one of these girls thought it would be a good idea or even necessary to alter the way Jordyn’s legs look! We just hope that when they look back at the photo it encourages them to both move on from this insecure behavior and set a better example for their younger fans that look up to them.

8 Beyonce: That Thigh Gap Is FAKE


Beyonce has been caught time and time again photoshopping her pictures, specifically when it comes to her legs. We all know Beyonce as the queen of curves, she always rocks them, no matter what size she’s at. But for some reason, multiple times over the years Beyonce has been photoshopping pictures of her legs for Instagram and other social media. It seems like she is a bit ashamed at the size of her thighs, because she’s always trying to photoshop a thigh gap in between her legs. But in this particular photo you can see Beyonce happily walking down a set of stairs that seems to be on a boat. She’s wearing a pinkish snakeskin bikini, and she’s rocking her natural short hair! But if you look very close you’ll notice that in her “thigh gap” you can see the warped stairs behind her. You can see that the stair is seriously warped and looks totally wrong!

7 Ariana Grande: Wow, What A Long Thumb!

You Suck At Photoshop

We would have never thought that Ariana Grande would end up on this list. Even though the only reason she’s on this list is for a very strange reason. We still don’t get it.

She’s on this list because she actually photoshopped her hand! Just look at that freakishly long thumb. It’s completely unnatural and totally fake! Maybe she really didn’t notice it, but you’d have to be blind not to notice that extra long thumb. Plus, for a celebrity that’s all about self acceptance, we’d say it’s quite the understatement to say we’re disappointed. From her icy white hair in it’s signature high ponytail style, to her bare chest and arms folding over her to cover her up, to the high-waisted white skirt, everything about this picture is very fashion forward, until your eyes land on that long thumb! Let’s just hope that for 2018 she learned from her mistakes!

6 Selena Gomez: Why Would You Photoshop Your Hair Though?

Thought Co

We love this selfie of Selena Gomez, but we will never understand why she chose to photoshop her hair! If you look to the left of the image you’ll see a huge warm in the background behind her. It only looks like she wrapped her hair to flip out more which is so strange. Many people thought this was done on purpose to create a media storm about the image, for more publicity. But we really hope not, because all it did was cause confusion and anger towards Selena Gomez. Plus if she did do this on purpose to get attention, what a bad influence on all the younger children that follow her and her music. This is setting an awful example! Although we love how beautiful she looks in this photo, we can only help that she takes a step back and tries to find some self love after this stunt. No one should feel the need to photoshop their hair!

5 John Mayer: Please Tell Me This Is A Joke

Trending Feeds

This seriously has to be a joke. This picture of John Mayer just looks so awful it’s almost funny! Not because of how he looks but because of the major facetune. Even by the looks on both of their faces, they must be joking around because they look unsure and uncomfortable looking at their selfie! From their weird looking plastic skin, to the intense white of their eyes and teeth, everything about this picture is just wrong. Plus who just sits there on their bed with their best friend and messes around with photoshop, then proceeds to posting it to millions of fans? Why would you ever think that that final step was a great idea. Once you put something on the internet, it’s there forever! FOREVER! Maybe it’s just best to leave this picture alone, or else it will end up haunting you forever.

4 Kim Kardashian: The Walls Are Bending!


Where do we even start with this. I guess we can focus first on the door frame in the background which is completely warped. Most likely the warp is caused because of makeup-less Kim Kardashian photoshopping her stomach to look flatter. This picture was taken back when Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna were best friends forever. They would always take selfies like this in Kim’s bathroom, but it seems like Kim K wasn’t happy with the way her stomach looked. This photoshop is so subtle, which only makes you wonder why exactly it was done in the first place. Kim Kardashian probably wasn’t even that much different looking before the picture was taken. We could almost bet money it would look much more natural if she instead didn’t photoshop her stomach! Would you ever photoshop a picture of you and your friends together? We seriously hope you wouldn’t!

3 Lady Gaga: The Walls Are Alive!

This Is Insider

Even Lady Gaga has been photoshopping her gym selfies!! The woman who has gone on and on about being born this way and accepting yourself, showing love to everyone no matter what they look like. Even SHE has photoshopped her selfies. We’re in no mean shaming her, because we totally get how it can be embarrassing in some ways to not be happy with your current body. But she seriously looks fantastic! She looks so great we’re honestly a bit jealous. Lady Gaga has always been an amazing role model, we hate to take that away from her, but we just seriously hope that she finds the help she needs to be able to show love to herself and her body. She’s obviously working on her body in this workout pic, but she really needs that love and support so she no longer feels the need to photoshop her arms!

2 Khloe Kardashian: Just Look At That Distortion


Once again Khloe Kardashian is back with another photoshop fail. But this time it might be hard to find right away! If you look really close at her waist you’ll notice a strange sharp angle. This seems to be photoshopped to make her butt look bigger. It’s made her skin look all jagged and weird above her work out pants waistline. Ever since Khloe Kardashian lost all of that weight a few years ago, it seems like she’s had some major trouble when it comes to posting selfies of her body. There have been many occasions where she has posted a selfie and she’s photoshopped her waist or hips to make her look more curvy or slimmer. It’s such a shame, because she’s worked so hard to achieve the body she wants and she seems to still not be happy with herself? We hope she finds out what makes her happy.

1 Kris Jenner: Facetune Alert!


Once again Kris Jenner has photoshopped herself, she even went out of her way to photoshop Gordon Ramsay as well! If I took a selfie with someone I looked up to, I sure would never photoshop them as well! I sure wouldn’t want someone to photoshop my face either honestly. As you can probably tell, Kris Jenner didn’t shape her body in a different way with this pic, she instead used the blur tool on both her own face and Gordon Ramsay’s face as well. She’s used the tool to cover up all of her pores, her blemishes and wrinkles. This just shows us how insecure she seems to be when it comes to her age. Sadly she seems so ashamed of her age she would go to these extreme lengths, we can’t help but feel awful for her. In all honesty she normally looks great naturally, not with a layer of blur covering up her whole face.

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