15 Celebrity Instagram Photoshop Scandals

Today, we're constantly sharing pictures of ourselves with the world over social media, and many of us feel pressure to look a certain way in our photos, due to Hollywood's influence of course. That's where photoshop comes in. It can be used to make certain features look smaller, smoother, and clearer, or it can accentuate those features we might wish were a little more, shall we say, perky. The problem is, people have picked up on using these sneaky tricks, especially now that they're so widely used thanks to smartphone apps that let you change your appearance in seconds. When people spot obvious alterations in photos, they often will call you out on it. And this is especially true for celebrities.

We view celebrities as the most beautiful and glamorous people in the world, so it's hard to imagine them being insecure. But the truth is, many of them may be even more insecure than non-famous women because of the microscope under which they're watched. When your every move is scrutinized, it must be hard not let it affect you. While stories about photoshopping celebrities are often shared with a negative spin, there is a more important message behind them than trying to look a certain way. When women like Beyonce (who many consider the epitome of beauty) are caught photoshopping, it shows that no matter what your life looks like and how many people adore you, you can still be insecure. This shows that money and fame aren't cure-alls, and people are united by the fact we can all be insecure at times. Sure, it's awkward to get caught photoshopping, especially when you have millions of fans watching your every move, on the other hand is that why they do it? Here are 15 times celebrities were caught altering their Instagram photos.

15 Beyonce


Beyonce - Queen Bey - arguably the most gorgeous and talented female singer in the world right now is guilty of photoshopping? Could it be true? Well, as it turns out, it is true, and it has been proven to be true, time and time again. In fact, Beyonce has earned herself a few spots on this list. Upon first glance, this just looks like another great shot of the effervescent woman, but it didn't take long for her Instagram followers to notice something funky going on. If you look between her thighs where the stair lines are, you'll see one of them is crooked, as it has obviously been altered by having her thighs photoshopped.

14 Beyonce...Again


Oh, look! It's Beyonce putting in a bikini! She looks great! But what's going on with her legs? They look superhuman! For a woman who has curvy, toned thighs that are widely celebrated, why did she feel the need to slim them with photoshop? The difference between the photo on the left and that on the right is quite clear. The picture on the right leaves her legs looking thinner, certainly, but it also leaves them looking completely misshapen and odd. It's too bad Beyonce felt the need to change her appearance when she's perfect just the way she is! Most of us would kill for legs like hers - pre-photoshop!

13 Kim Kardashian

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A list about Instagram won't be complete without at least one entry about Kim Kardashian (The Selfie Queen), and lucky for you, this list has two! In this shot, Kim and a friend are showing off their... workout gear... and their curves just so happen to make an appearance as well. If you look in the white circles, you'll see how her door frame and floor are warped, giving away her photoshopping tricks. Based on where the photo is warped, it's evident she was trying to make her waist appear smaller and tighter. If you ask me, Kim already has an enviable figure and certainly doesn't need photoshop to prove it!

12 And Beyonce, Yet Again


Okay, Beyonce, we get it. You don't care if you're caught photoshopping. Your followers won't let anything slip and you'll get thousands of comments calling you out for photoshopping, but you'll just keep on doing what you do, because you're Beyonce. Anyways, see the lines on the wall behind Beyonce? They don't appear to be painted by an abstract artist, but they sure look abstract once she's done with them! Her shape appears to be drawn in using photoshop, which has left the lines behind her looking warped, and that's how followers quickly picked up on the picture being retouched.

11 Kim Kardashian Yet Again

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Look at that cute pink outfit Kim Kardashian is wearing! Can't blame her for taking a mirror selfie. But wait, why does she look so different in the snap the paparazzi caught of her on the same day? Well, it appears Kim had a little help from the photoshopping gods in making herself look tinier than she already is. The door frame behind her in her selfie is slightly distorted, and she also looks about 6' feet tall when she's only really 5'2. She still looks great in the paparazzi's picture, so it's too bad she didn't feel the same.

10 John Mayer

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John Mayer probably wasn't a name you'd expect to find on this list, yet here we are! The crooner  shared this picture of himself with a friend last year, and at first, his followers had to determine whether he was unveiling his new wax figure, if he was in fact coated in wax, or if he had just overdone it with photoshop. Mayer is known for having a great sense of humor, so it's likely he posted this photo with humor in mind. In fact, the pal in the photo with him is Ricky Van Veen, the founder of CollegeHumor.com, so that explains this image as there is a good chance this post was meant to poke fun at celebrities who over-edit their photos.

9 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner has done and seen a lot in her 18 years. She's the youngest member of one of the most famous families in the world, and looks up to women like Kim and Kris Kardashian for guidance. With that in mind, it's no surprise she's been caught photoshopping her Instagram pictures, too. In this bikini selfie, Kylie has a great pose down that clearly elongates her frame, and she even gives herself an air high heel. It didn't take long, however, for her followers to notice something interesting on her right leg in the photo on the right. Look at the inner edge of her thigh. It is clearly pixelated, which is a great indicator of photoshopping. Whoops!

8 Aubrey O'Day


Upon first glance, this photo looks like identical twins wearing identical outfits with identical hair and makeup, but non-identical weights. Then, we realize the photo on the left is an unedited photo of Aubrey O'Day, and on the right is the exact same shot, except it seems to have been drastically altered before she posted it on Instagram. If the singer felt the need to photoshop her image so much, it's surprising she wore such a revealing outfit in the first place. O'Day has an awesome figure with enviable curves, and she certainly doesn't need to make anything about her look different!

7 Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga has a larger than life personality, and she needs the energy to perform active shows and intense dance routines. She regularly shares pictures of herself working out on Instagram, but one of these shots in particular caught her followers' attention recently. In this picture, you'll notice the mirror under her arms and chest is distorted. Similar to other people caught photoshopping, it seems as though the intention was to make her waist look smaller and tighter. Upon closer examination, people also noticed several other areas in the photo that look distorted. Can you spot them?

6 Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan has experienced her fair share of controversy in her life. From several arrests to high-profile relationships, she's been through a lot. She has taken to Instagram in what appears to be a genuine attempt to connect with fans and portray a healthier lifestyle than the one she reportedly used to lead. When she shared this photo with Instagram, however, it sparked a whole new conversation that had nothing to do with her habits. Instead, she was widely accused of photoshopping her image. Accusers said her bust was made larger, the shape of her bottom was changed, and her waist was taken in and flattened drastically. What do you think?

5 Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner recently shared this bikini selfie while vacationing, and her followers were quick to notice that the window and curtain beside her seems rather misshapen, and assumed she photoshopped it. They also said her side looked pixelated, the way things that are photoshopped often do. If Jenner did in fact photoshop her photo, it's really too bad she felt the need to do so! It seems people will pick celebrities apart no matter what they do, though.

4 Kris Jenner

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Yet another Kardashian/ Jenner member on the list of celebrities accused of photoshopping! Maybe it runs in the family? Kris posted a picture of herself on Instagram with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and they both looked like they had unnaturally smooth skin. The problem is, Ramsay had already posted the photo himself and their skin looked nothing like that. Instead, it looked normal. Sometimes, it's pretty clear that more than a filter was used to achieve the desired effect. Ramsay probably chose the one he did because his eyes were at least open!

3 Britney Spears


Britney Spears had the most enviable abs in the world for a long time, so it's understandable if she feels pressure to maintain them considering how publicized every part of her life is! She shared a picture of herself in a bikini from a recent trip, with her followers, and although it isn't nearly as noticeable as other stars accused of photoshopping, people quickly noticed the picture frame beside her looks distorted. Accusers said this was done to draw her famously toned waist in further. Even if she did photoshop herself, she's definitely already toned and fit and doesn't need to enhance her appearance in any way!

2 Miranda Kerr

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Miranda Kerr's body is one of the most highly coveted bodies in the world. She is beloved by men and women alike for her stunning looks and bright smile. She was famously a Victoria's Secret Angel, and has also worked as a model for several other huge brands. She posts to her Instagram page regularly, but people have begun to pick up on some funny things that show up in the pictures. In this one, for example, the carpet is wavy. The yellow line was placed over it to demonstrate how the carpet pattern varies from a uniform pattern. Because of this distortion, she was accused of photoshopping her already tiny figure to look even smaller than it is.

1 Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift (second from the left, shown with her friends from the band Haim) isn't one for showing off her belly button, as you can tell by her plethora of high-waisted bottoms. However, when she did finally take to Instagram with a belly baring shot, it wasn't her belly button people were talking about. Instead, they noticed that the railing on the boat to the right of Taylor was seriously warped, and they doubted it was just melting in the hot sun. There's a lot of pressure that comes with sharing a bikini photo with as many people as Taylor Swift has following her, so if she did photoshop this picture, that could be why.

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