15 Celebrity BFFs That'll Make You Say Huh?

Did you ever wonder about two friends that were practically inseparable yet as different as night and day? Best friends are hard to come by, and if you are a celebrity, it can be even more difficult to have someone to hang around with that won’t tell your secrets or judge you. Or worse… want to hang around with you because you have money and/or are famous.

U.S. history shows some odd celebrity friendships that had an impact on the country in positive ways, including that of Henry Food and George Washington Carver, who shared a vision of a future that used bio fuel.

Then there was former President Bill Clinton, who shared a close bond with attorney Vernon Jordan, his confidant during his impeachment hearings, and the two still remain big buddies. Last but not least was former President George Bush’s close relationship with Condoleeza Rice, who served as his Secretary of State and was rumored to be romantically linked as well.

On the music tip, rapper Lil Jon, nicknamed the King of Crunk, is tight with country music star John Rich. The two even collaborated behind the scenes one season on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Surely, many of the dynamic duos listed below aren’t that serious, but they do elicit curiosity as well, perhaps, as inspiration to go beyond our own prejudices to explore relationships with people we wouldn’t normally bond with. Just a thought…

Being a high profile celebrity can be taxing, and sometimes that very experience can be what brings two famous people together.

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15 Snooki And Sen. John McCain: Millennial And Old School

Reality TV star Snooki may not be as lightweight as people may think. One of her BFFs is Vietnam war POW and U.S. Senator John McCain. Believe it or not, the two bonded over tanning on social media. The Jersey Shore cast member, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, said on the show one time than if McCain had won the 2008 presidential election, he would never have raised taxes on tanning. McCain used the op to criticize then President Barack Obama’s tax policies. Snooki also revealed she voted for McCain and said he was “really cute.” McCain said on a radio show that she was right, that he never would raise taxes on tanning but recommended she wear sunscreen. Years later, the two still exchange quips and prove that politics does make strange bedfellows.

14 Bill Nye All About The Bass With Meghan Trainor

Bill Nye the Science Guy used to introduce kids to the fun you can have with science. Meghan Trainor came onto the music scene hipping everyone to “All About the Bass.” That these two would become BFFs is, well, mind boggling. We wouldn’t believe it if they both hadn’t declared it themselves on social media with a cute pic that was captioned: “My new best friend.” After shooting his new Netflix show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” Nye went to not one, but two of her shows in New York City. Backstage, they hugged and greeted each other like old friends. Could Trainor secretly be a nerd? Or does Nye actually like to dance? Those are the burning questions when it comes to this odd pairing.

13 Mariah Carey And Will Ferrell In The House, Then Out

While singer and known diva Mariah Carey was doing one of her stints at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas last year, she got a backstage visit with comedic actor Will Ferrell. Apparently the two hit it off. Their visit included Carey wiping Ferrell’s face with a tissue and posting it on Instagram with the words: “MC #beautyschooldropout gives #willferrell a touch up.” About a year later – Ferrell is filming The House and here comes Mariah Carey to the set. Ferrell had invited his new gal pal to be in the flick. But when it was all said and done, her part was cut from the movie. According to Ferrell later on during an interview with Andy Cohen, because she created such a scene, her scene was cut out. So much for that “vision of love.”

12 Nicki Minaj And Smooth Criminal Jeremy Meeks

It’s difficult to say whose shirt was more open… that of Nicki Minaj or her Cannes buddy, former felon Jeremy Meeks. That’s the dude whose prison photo went viral and turned him into a star. Yep, there he was at Cannes walking the runway for designer Philipp Plein. Then there he was sitting next to Minaj and Plein later at a gala. It’s not easy to imagine what the two talk about. But then again, they both have come from places where silver spoons are only heard of in fairy tales. Minaj, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, was born in Trinidad and Tobago and immigrated to Queens when she was 5. Meeks was in jail in 2014, picked up during a gang sweep in Stockton, Calif. His mug shot was so stunning, fashionistas couldn’t wait for him to be released, and since then, he walks the runways for the best designers around the globe.

11 Bosom Buddies Brad Pitt And Jonah Hill

Brad Pitt is known in celebrity circles to be a prankster, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he is buddies with comedic actor Jonah Hill. Then to add fuel to their fire is the fact that they worked on a movie together, Moneyball. Although Pitt reportedly pulled pranks on Hill during the filming, once all was said and done, he opened his home to Hill. Pitt allowed Hill to stay in his New Orleans digs, and Hill spoke volumes of his new BFF. I was shooting 21 Jump Street in New Orleans, and he let me live in his house. He said, ‘Go live there!’ I said, ‘I’m there for three-and-a-half, four months,” and he said, ‘That’s cool. Live at my house.’ Like, he’s the nicest guy.” And that wasn’t the end of it. US Weekly reports that Brad came out for Jonah’s birthday bash as well.

10 Jennifer Lopez And Leah Remini More Than BFFs

The story goes that Leah Remini and Marc Anthony are good friends, so when Jennifer Lopez married Anthony, that’s how the two ladies became friends. Even after Anthony and Lopez split Remini and J-Lo remained tight as thieves. They even talk to each other on social media with the hashtag #luckybesties. Now word is the two are going to work on a movie project together. Early this month (October), the Hollywood Reporter revealed that J-Lo and Remini will be working together on a romantic comedy called Second Act. And here’s the kicker – the two will play best friends in the movie. J-Lo is also co-producer of the project, along with Benny Medina, who once worked with her on music projects. No word on when and where the movie will start filming, but since it’s set in New York’s fashion district (Madison Avenue), it will likely be shot there.

9 Justin Timberlake And Aaron Paul Want To Be Pizza Buddies

Justin Timberlake is a former Disney child gone boy band heartthrob gone solo artist heartthrob. Aaron Paul is an award-winning actor best known for his role as Jesse on the hit AMC series Breaking Bad. Together they are bosom buddies who go so far when they are apart to plan pizza dates on social media. The so-called bromance began when Timberlake tweeted about Paul’s Breaking Bad character. No one is sure if the two actually hooked up in person, but their social media exchange continued with lines like “I miss you.” But wait… Timberlake is also bosom buddies with NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The two met at an ESPY Awards event and the bond was instant, especially since Timberlake is a known Green Bay Packers fan. We hear Timberlake was in tears last week when Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone. Ouch!

8 Gwen Stefani And Angelina Jolie Share Break Ups

Although pop singer Gwen Stefani seems happily ensconced in her romance with country singer Blake Shelton, she did experience a break up with her former husband Gavin Rossdale. Sources say the marriage ended over Rossdale’s cheating. So it seems only natural that Stefani would be able to support Angelina Jolie during her break up with Brad Pitt, who reportedly cheated on Jolie. But that seems to be just the tip of what these two share as BFFs. Their kids have play dates together… in fact, two of them were born just days apart. According to an interview on CNN, Jolie even admitted to sharing pregnancy clothes with Stefani. One more commonality: Stefani used Laura Wasser as her divorce attorney, and that’s exactly who Jolie hired as well. Could be a coincidence, but… nah.

7 Girl Power With Taylor Swift And Lena Dunham

Taylor Swift credits Lena Dunham with teaching her about feminism. Dunham then went on Twitter and said that Swift had been her feminist role model for years, emphasizing that it’s all about equality and not hating men. Since that exchange about three years ago, the two are BFFs, going to lunch together, partying together, and hanging out together, and of course supporting each other on social media. The Girls creator continues to receive praise for the long-running TV series, while gal pal Swift has another certified hit on her hands with her new CD Reputation, which will be released Nov. 10. In fact, she just released a new track, “Gorgeous,” which she teased on social media Oct. 19 before its official release. The track “Look What You Made Me Do” has already topped the charts.

6 Donald Faison And Zach Braff Keep Bromance Going

Actors Donald Faison and Zach Braff played close friends on the once hit TV series Scrubs. Insiders say the two actually became just that close in real life as well. In fact, years after the show was done, they still would be seen hanging out together. Actually, Braff was Faison’s best man at his wedding to CaCee and the nuptials were even held at Braff’s Los Angeles home. Before Scrubs, Faison had a part in the Clueless movie, but Scrubs really launched his career. He has stayed busy, shooting some other TV shows and movies. Currently, Faison is host of Winsanity on the Game Show Network, which has just started its second season. Braff has shot a few movies, but nothing significant. Maybe he’ll become a contestant on Winsanity.

5 Demi Lovato Best Buds With Kim Kardashian

Demi Lovato is a former Disney kid and Kim Kardashian, well, her fame came from a different direction. But the two are reportedly the best of friends. Lovato has had her ups and downs, including getting treatment for what were called physical and emotional issues. She also had a very public break up with former That ‘70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama after a six-year relationship. Who offered her shoulder to lean on? Kim Kardashian, reports CNN. And apparently the support is mutual, as Kim has called Demi “a true friend.” In fact, when the rumors were rampant that Kim and Kanye were having trouble, Demi reportedly sent word that he had better treat Kim right or she was coming after him. Wonder if Kanye was scared.

4 Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer Make Us ‘Want To Puke With Envy’

These two completely different gals do have one thing in common: blond hair. But they have been BFF for years, so much so that just last year Elle wrote about them: “How these two hilarious women formed a bond that makes us want to puke with envy.” The two actually met via email after Lawrence said during a TV interview that she admired Schumer. From there they went on a boat trip together and the bonding began. After that they were seen jet skiing together, dancing together at a Billy Joel concert, vacationing together, and borrowing clothes from each other’s closets. Now everyone is waiting for the movie the two wrote together to be picked up. Meanwhile, Schumer continues with her TV show and Lawrence has a couple of movies due to be released in 2018, including X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

3 Jaden Smith Is A Belieber

This shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. After all, Justin Bieber featured Jaden Smith on his hit “Never Say Never” and that was a hint the two were buds. Then after the Biebs ended his Purpose tour, Smith went on social media and declared his total love for the pop star. They both have a lot in common, which includes thousands, probably millions of teenage fans. Just this August, Jaden reiterated his admiration for Bieber, telling “Entertainment Tonight” that Bieber is like a brother to him. Apparently there was some kind of problem with Jaden’s Twitter account, and Bieber allegedly called Twitter and made sure it was all straightened out. With Jaden working on his music career, you have to wonder if he’s going to end up on tour with Bieber.

2 Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Weed Out The Kinks

Rapper Snoop Dogg has been to prison and so has homemaking guru Martha Stewart. After that, there are few similarities. However, these two characters are best of friends. They even have their own cooking show together. The pairing of the rap icon and conservative domestic queen is “the cultural exchange America needs,” wrote the Chicago Tribune on Oct. 15. Indeed, Snoop’s influence on Stewart is more than apparent, as she is quick to make jokes about his recreational activity and welcome into her kitchen hip hop characters the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross, who once said on the show, “I wanna make some noise for Martha because baby got back.” Meanwhile, Snoop is picking up tips on lobster and how to make other delicacies. Although their show, “Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party,” is in its second season, the two have been buds since 2008, when he first appeared on her show and put cognac in his mashed potatoes. Despite the obvious differences, insiders say the two are genuinely friends.

1 Marilyn Monroe And Ella Fitzgerald: Legendary To This Day

Perhaps this is one that will surprise a lot of people. The iconic Marilyn Monroe fell in love with the equally iconic jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald after meeting each other backstage. But unlike Marilyn, Ella wasn’t allowed at a lot of hotels and venues. Her new BFF didn’t like that and quietly became a civil rights activist. Monroe went to Mocambo, the hottest club in L.A. and on the West Coast for that matter, and demanded, insisted, and persuaded the owner of the club to book Ella for a number of nights. In exchange, Monroe would come and sit at the front table every night that Ella was there. He did, Marilyn was there, the press got on it and Ella's show was sold out every night. She never had trouble playing anywhere again. Said Ella of Marilyn: “She was an unusual woman… a little ahead of her times. And she didn’t know it.”

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