15 Celebrities With Reverse Wedgie For Days

When you Google "wedgie" — the first thing that pops up is: 1) a shoe with a wedged heel, or 2) an uncomfortable tightening of the underpants between the buttocks, typically produced when someone pulls the underpants up from the back as a prank... Now, isn't that just delightful?! ?  "Reverse Wedgie" basically is a slang term that refers to the outline of a woman's downstairs in tightly fitting clothes. Owing to a combination of structural factors and the tightness of the fabric covering the area, those precious lady bits may display a shape resembling the forefoot of a camel. Camel toe commonly occurs as a result of wearing tight-fitting clothes, such as shorts, swimwear, sweats or yoga pants.

Other colorful descriptions for this occurrence are: moose knuckle, beagle ears, monkey, crab claw, yoga taco, rabbit's foot, bell lips, granny squirrel, turtle smuggler, cooter pouch, mistletoe, vedgie, deer hoof, moose knuckle, cats paw, pastrami flaps, skin canoe, lip jeans,beetle hood, pancake fold, and pocket pie. Several of our favorite female celebs, have been spotted at some point in public with their yoga taco's on full display...case and show, lights included. Get ready for these busty beavers because here are 15 Celebrities With Reverse Wedgie For Days!

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15 Rita Ora


Goodness gracious, great toes of fire! It's no secret that British singer, Rita Ora, is a little risque; just the other day it was reported, "Rita Ora teases nipps as she strips down to sheer bra for seriously sexy snap". That means, Ora has no problemos with showing off her body parts. In above the shot, the "Your Song" singer is downright presenting her 'goop chute' to the world. Seriously, have you ever seen camel toe that enormous before? ?

Well, we for damn sure haven't! If they had an annual Camel Toe Awards, Rita would not only be nominated several times...she'd win every category too. We could only imagine her acceptance speech! "First, I'd like to thank God and my parents; for if it wasn't for them, I would of never been born with this freakishly huge camel toe. Second,"


14 Alicia Keys


No wonder Swizz Beatz married Alicia Keys...she's got juice box for days! The "If I Ain't Got You" singer is seen here out leisurely strolling on a casual day...comfy sweats, hat, hoodie, you know how it go already. Just so happens, that while in the midst of kicking it cool, calm and collected, Keys' cootie cat got caught by cameras and her camel toe is crazy colossal. Alicia's love cave is on swole; more like a love mountain, that you'd have to climb 29,029 ft prior to planting your flag.

In general, everything Alicia Keys does, she does big — net worth $70 million, married to super producer Swizz Beatz (who's net worth is $65 million), 15 Grammy Awards, prime time actress (roles on Empire, The Secret Life of Bees), 32-room mansion in northern New Jersey (worth $14.9 Million). In addition to all of that, is too a gigantic camel toe.


13 Nia Long

Lipstick Alley

Nia Long is an actress that is notoriously known for her beauty—gorgeous face, flowy hair, voluptuous bod. That's why everyone was thrilled to see her recently on Empire, as "Giuliana"...to get a good look at all of her splendor. There's also a little rumor circulating around Hollywood, that Nia has some uh "good stuff". Well we wonder if the size of her "stuff" has anything to do with that, because as you see above, Ms. Long has dugout for days!

Pap caught the "The Best Man" actress coming out of the gym, and to their surprise got a glimpse of her chunky monkey below her sweatshirt. Long did a good job laughing it off, as she attempted to cover it despite the already done damage.

Empire Boo Boo Kitty

12 Jennifer Lawrence

The Superficial

The highest-paid and most powerful actress on the globe, with her films grossing over $5.5 billion worldwide, Jennifer Lawrence is oftentimes cited as the most successful actor of her generation. Yes indeedy, J.Law is mega; massive even. What we've come to learn, is that something else is mega about the "Silver Linings Playbook" star — her cha cha!

Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she was nervous to wear a wetsuit in the "Hunger Games" latest installment, “Catching Fire,” admitting that she was surprised she didn’t get camel toe. “I was surprised at how little camel toe problem there was,” Lawrence joked in the interview. “I was expecting a lot more camel toe problems...There really wasn’t any.” Well, J.Law may have dodged the crotch spot then, however, she wasn't as lucky the few times she stepped out of yoga.?


11 Kourtney Kardashian

In Touch Weekly

Okay, we heard Khloe say she has a very big camel toe...though, maybe it's a family thing because her sister Kourtney is packing a camel hoof herself! Kourtney Kardashian stepped out on beautiful afternoon in LA with this lovely sporty ensemble, without thought that her clam canal would be all up in your face. Some people judge camel toe as embarrassing and gross, whilst others look at camel toe as sexy and appealing; either way, judging by Kourt's face in the middle pic, she could care less what you think about her bread box!

We're guessing that Kourt K is one of those people that feel camel toe is sexy and appealing, for the bottom photos demonstrate that's she's been sighted multiple times in public with her pushin' cushion protruding. Whatever the case, work it miss thing.


10 Taylor Swift


Country Pop superstar, Taylor Swift, was snapped by the paparazzi while in her Under Armour exercise gear — and we can't help but notice she is sporting a serious camel toe! It kinda pops out at you like a Jack in the Box. Let's be frank, Swift's milkshake has brought a lot of boys to the yard (e.g. John Mayer, Calvin Harris, Joe Alwyn, Tom Hiddleston, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Laughtner, Joe Jonas); perhaps, it's plumpness has a bit to do with it.

Everything else on The "Shake It Off" singer's body is petite—her chest, backside, thighs, etc; thereby when you see her sizeable 'venus flytrap', it sticks out [literally] like a sore thumb. Makes ya think, what else is underneath that girl-next-door persona of Tay Tay's...


9 Rihanna


They don't call her Bad Girl RiRi for nothing? Rihanna has a reputation of flaunting her sexuality and being very proud of it. From red carpet events to music videos to vacations, the "Diamonds" singer often steps out in scanty attire showcasing her goodies. Some of those outfits however, pushed it to the limit as far as sensualism (yes, we're referencing the garb above). It seems, Ri is packing a little something something in between those slabs.

Rihanna has made our list many times when it comes to curvy and thick celebs. The "Home" star was plainly birthed a bombshell buxom. Therefore, to us, it makes total sense that she has a massive poom poom to boot ?

Kachi Zone

8 Megan Fox


Hey, Jimmy Fallon does rule! We're figuring at first sight, the initial thing that grabbed your attention was not Meg Fox's Fallon T-shirt. The "Jennifer's Body" star has camel toe for days, weeks, maybe even years! In the first image Fox is looking like, "Eh stop snapping shots of my crotch okay, get lost!" The second pic, however, her body language's singing a separate tune—"Ugh, another 'camel toe' shot for the tabloids; great..."

Fact is, Fox couldn't disguise that scrambled eggs between the legs if she attempted to; the girl possesses more 'lips' than Jimmy Walker and Jay Z combined. Something about those gray pants just makes Fox's skin canoe look mammoth. Maybe we ought'a change her name, from Megan Fox to Megan Beaver!


7 Selena Gomez

Celeb Bistro

Selena Gomez has come a long way from Barney & Friends and Wizards of Waverly Place—evidently, she made this list. As evidenced by the above pictures, Gomez has camel hump down below; yes hump, not toe! Had Justin [Bieber] and her still been with her, we'd of referred to him as Justin Beaver...get it, Justin BEAVER? ?  That's neither here or there, for The Weeknd is enjoying the "It Ain't Me" singer's easy bake oven now.

Selena Gomez may be one of the only chicks out there that can make even the most serious camel toe look cute and stylish. Next thing you know, #TheCamelToeChallenge will appear on Twitter—with females everywhere snapping selfies of their camel toe, all trying to emulate Selena.


6 Christina Milian


Is there something in your body suit Christina, or are you just happy to see us? ?  The "Dip It Low" singer is packing some serious camel toe in her exercise getup...So much so, that she may have the biggest fur burger we have ever seen. In the second picture, Christina's smiling too like, "Beaver for you, beaver for me, beaver for all to see!" Well Ms. Milian, we see—even Stevland Hardaway Morris sees!

The "Love Don't Cost a Thing" star's imprint would be classified actually in the moose knuckle category, due to it's meatier gap from thigh to V. One thing we know is that Christina Milian is not shy, although, this photograph puts a whole 'nother meaning on that statement. ?


5 Iggy Azalea


Iggy Azalea is a white girl that is proud of her big bottom (as seen below). Azalea joins the ranks of famous girls with large derrières such as Jennifer Lopez (who she did a music video btw, ALL about their butts), Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and other selected few. What we've gathered from this image is that Azalea too has a big poody tat to go along with that badonkadonk!

The "Fancy" rapper shows all kind of snooch in these orange Nike shorts, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Her facial expression's like, "Yup, I did it. Love it, like it." Well not saying we love it or like it...all we know is, if "walls" could talk, hers would freakin' echo.


4 Kylie Jenner


So wait, let's get this straight. Aside from Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian both having monster camel toe, their younger sister Kylie possesses a hoof too? Well the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, so we're gonna go out on a limb and say Kris and Kim (probably Kendall also) too have jumbo vajayjays. Big butts and big clams—just that magic Kristen Houghton DNA for ya.

No wonder the 'brothas' stay knocking at the Kardashian's/Jenner's door...they're unexplainably juicy (yes, like the Starburst candy). Kylie may be trying to mask her face in the above pics, but her camel toe is winking right at us saying "Good morning, America!" Travis Scott certainly has PLENTY on his plate when dealing with Kylie ?


3 Solange Knowles

The Rundown.TV

? Yes, that's exactly what we did too. Solange Knowles was looking for a different lane, something of her own, that could set her apart from her mega famous sister Beyoncé. Well, we think we found it! The 39th Annual LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco took place and Solange Knowles and her giant camel toe wanted to show their support. The "Cranes in the Sky" singer hopped on stage with very colorful, snug costume that had every inch of her busted biscuit on display for the stunned crowd.

The second image really gives you a glimpse of Solange's tremendous pole hole. In reality, it resembles more of a camel knee or one of the humps as opposed to a toe. Beyoncé's body may be too bootylicious, but, Solange's is beaverlicious.


2 Mariah Carey

Oh No They Didn't!

Here, Mariah is mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out. The "We Belong Together" singer's pants were a wee bit too tight during her performance at the Top of The Mountain Concert at Idalp in Ischgl, Austria (above). Really, you can see everything...from the rooter to the tooter. Seriously, if they gave Mariah her own network it'd be Crotch Central. All we can imagine, are the people who sat up front at this concert—we bet all they did was yearn for whiting sandwiches afterwards (a lil tarter sauce, hot sauce and ketchup thank you).

In regards to infamous camel toe, Mariah Carey is the front runner—for she's been caught not once, but multiple times out with her 'south mouth' on exhibition (see below). Guess when you're packing, it's not much you can do about it right?...(Well, except wear garments that don't depict your 'muffin').

1 Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera is known mostly for having a big voice inside of a little body. Standing only 5'2", when you hear Aguilera sing, it is hard to believe that such a monstrous voice comes out of such a small frame. Looks are obviously deceiving because in fact, the singer's voice isn't the only thing big about your petite physique—she has more camel toe than camels actually have toes! Indeed, Aguilera has a bulging V, so much so we're about to start calling her The Notorious V.A.G. ? "Christina-tina-tina, can't you see, sometimes your V just hypnotize me."

Really, look at that hoohah...it looks like a baseball catcher's mitt. In the words of The Notorious V.A.G., "Believe me sweetie, I got enough to feed the needy," — and she ain't never lie about that.


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