15 Celebrities That Other Celebs Find Effing Annoying

As lay people, it is hard not to be attracted to the glamour of celebrities. The money, the lifestyle, the relationships and drama seem to make our own boring lives more interesting. Then, there are those celebrities that we just can't stand. Their behavior and antics just make them seem like the most irritating people in the world, and their celebrities peers usually feel the same way. Most A-listers don't go blabbing about who they hate the most, but sometimes it does slip out or their behavior towards a particular person is just obvious. Just because people are famous doesn't mean they all like each other or get along. Even celebrities have those people they are always trying to avoid and dodge when they see them in the store. Chances are you can probably spot those annoying, know-it-all pests just by observing them in interviews and at awards shows. Annoying people aren't great at hiding it. Here are fifteen of the most annoying celebrities that their Hollywood peers find annoying too. From diva behavior and constant feuding to a never ending quest to appear perfect and over the moon happy, they just rub everyone the wrong way. Their celebrities peers might not always voice their irritation, but we know how they feel.

15 Anne Hathaway

Do you remember the frizzy haired girl from the Princess Diaries? Did you secretly wish that you would discover you were an uknown princess and be thrust upon a world of royalty? While you might have wished to be a princess (and might even still wish it now, I know I do) you probably never wanted to actually be Anne Hathaway. Just search Anne Hathaway and the word hate, and you will be hit with a barrage of articles from celebrity sights to even the NY Times detailing why people loathe this actress. Her over eager, theatrical presence is what puts many off. She seems to constantly be acting and trying to appear as happy, wonderful, and all around perfect. It has not made her very popular with her peers. When she appeared at the Oscars rehearsals back in 2012, it has been reported that she threw a fight when she found out Amanda Seyfried was going to wear the same dress. Her diva, holier than though behavior has put off many other celebrities.

14 Shia LaBeouf

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Once a rising star in Hollywood, LaBeouf seemed to have it all with his roles in Transformers and Eagle Eye, but somewhere it all went haywire. Openly telling the world that Stephen Spielberg dropped the ball on the Indiana Jones movie LaBeouf had starred in was just one of his many irritating indiscretions. Not long after, he started doing odd performance art pieces, showing up in random places and starting fights. He has been arrested multiple times, banned from an LA restaurant, and showed up at a film premiere in Berlin wearing a paper bag on his head that said, "I am not famous anymore". He plagiarized work from Daniel Clowes as well as tweets from other people including Lena Dunham. He also claimed to have relationships with movie co-stars that were either married or dating someone else. His bizarre, nuisance like behavior has pushed him out of Hollywood. It seems like that is what he has wanted all along especially after announcing that he was "retiring from public life." Yet, he can't keep himself from showing up in random places and causing a scene.

13 Katherine Heigl

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Drama comes with the territory of Hollywood, but sometimes a celebrity's drama can just be too much. Katherine Heigl has been known for her opinionated views, and her tendency to say whatever is on her mind. Her successful stint on Grey's Anatomy came to an end when she left the show after months of drama on set most of which appears to be instigated by Katherine. The experience led Shonda Rhimes to say, "I don't put up with nasty people." After leaving the show, Heigl was trying to jump start her movie career and took the role in Knocked Up. Then, after appearing in the movie, she only had negative things to say afterward which prompted unfavorable reactions from Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow. Heigl's mouth seems to get her in a lot of trouble and has a tendency to ruin relationships. She may want to think twice before complaining about the very people that are giving her jobs.

12 Tom Cruise

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Back in his heyday, Tom Cruise was a major hottie. With an incredible movie career and his boyish good looks, Cruise was an A-lister that everyone swooned over. Fast forward a few years, when Cruise began dating Katie Holmes everything started to go down hill. If you haven't seen the infamous couch jumping, love declaring Cruise on the Oprah Winfrey show, search it right now. It was the start of him becoming the butt of jokes. He also criticized Brooke Shields for taking medication for postpartum depression earning him a lot of backlash from not only Shields but others that felt his medical advice was unwarranted. Slowly, this major star started to fade as he got weirder and weirder. His scientology religion played a major role in the public's view of him, and only made him seem more odd than sexy celebrity. When Katie Holmes suddenly divorced him, it sealed the idea that there was a screw loose. If happy go-lucky Katie couldn't make it work with him, something must be wrong.

11 Mariah Carey

As one of the all time divas, Mariah Carey has seen her share of feuds, and it has made peers wary of this queen of pop. Mariah has been known to openly throw shade at other celebrities and peers in interviews. There are old rivals like Jennifer Lopez which Mariah was quoted saying, "I don't think that as a singer we are in the same category as artists." Then there are new feuds like the problems she has had with Nicki Minaj on American Idol. Apparently, Nicki Minaj stormed offset the one day screaming that she couldn't work with "her highness." Don't forget her tiff with Christina Aguilera when they shared barbs back and forth about each other in separate interviews. Mariah appears to have some difficulty playing nice with her peers, and it doesn't go unnoticed. It might just be all that narcissism that other celebrities find particularly annoying.

10 Ashton Kutcher

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Years ago Ashton Kutcher was the attractive goof on That 70s Show and movies like Dude, Where' My Car? His acting career has gone up and down over time, and he has dated plenty of celebrities probably most famously Demi Moore. He was married to the much older actress for about six years before their divorce drama and his alleged infidelity. Kutcher was kind of an odd man to figure out with his marriage to a woman sixteen years his senior and their Brady Bunch like family merging. Beyond that weirdness, most celebrities avoided him because of his show Punk'd which ran for eight seasons. Hiding behind the camera in that stupid trucker hat, Kutcher took pleasure in creating elaborate tricks on celebrities. He repossessed everything in Justin Timberlake's house and made Beyonce believe she had ruined Christmas for a bunch of underprivileged children. It is not a surprise celebrities were not to thrilled to see his face and feared they would be the butt of one of Kutcher's Punk'd jokes.

9 Lea Michele

This young actress has had a hard time getting the public to warm up to her. With a start in Broadway, Lea has a flair for the dramatic, and it has carried over into her television career...Not necessarily in a good way. There are blogs that are dedicated just to documenting Lea's diva behavior from finger snapping on set to her too perfect appearance. There has also been many rumblings about a feud with her Glee co-star Naya Rivera, and when Rivera wrote her memoir she featured some of the dirty details of their feud. Jessica Lange also dissed Lea Michele on the red carpet completely ignoring Lea's greetings as she walked by. Even her social media presence has been considered annoying. People have claimed she is one of the most irritating people on Instagram. People's dislike for her is similar to that of Anne Hathaway. They don't like how they are constantly acting and over rehearsed even off stage.

8 Russell Brand

This comedian is strange all together. He is a walking contradiction that people either love or hate. While he is on a lot of people's radar because of his marriage to Katy Perry, now that he is no longer married to the pop queen, he is just another foul mouthed comedian in skinny jeans. Yet, he is also a self-proclaimed hippie that is all about yoga, meditating and eating healthy. While he is very intelligent, he goes on long winded political rants without much point, and he has been criticized for writing a book about wealth distribution as a millionaire Hollywood star. Brand doesn't shy away from his past either sharing stories about having threesomes with two women or his long history of drug and alcohol abuse. So it has been somewhat difficult for Hollywood and the public to really pinpoint this anomaly. Piers Morgan has even gone after the funny man calling him "revolting". Let's just say he isn't the most loved of the world's comedians.

7 Megan Fox

Megan Fox is notorious for putting her foot in her mouth, and it really seems to rub people the wrong way. From just plain dumb things said in interviews to offensive gaffs, Hollywood isn't always a fan of this "bombshell". It first started with her big spat with director Michael Bay over the Transformers movie which kept her out of the third sequel. Later on she would liken Bay to Hitler in an interview. She has also been vocal about not wanting to be famous anymore and how fame is way worse than any kind of high school bullying. In other interviews she has claimed to have had lesbian relationships then said she exaggerated some of it. Then, there was the interview where she said she wouldn't want to trade places with an ugly person. She has also claimed her good looks are why women don't like her. Maybe it isn't so much her looks but what comes out of her mouth.

6 Gwyneth Paltrow

This picture of tightly wound, over-rehearsed perfection isn't so perfect to others. Many of Hollywood's A-listers find Gwyneth off-putting. It is rumored that she was once best friends with Winona Ryder that is until she saw a script for the movie Shakespeare in Love at Ryder's house. Paltrow supposedly convinced the producers to cast her instead, and the two have not spoken since. The Goop queen also had a fight that ended her years long friendship with Madonna, and she has publicly said nasty things about Martha Stewart and Kate Moss. She has allegedly had a variety of affairs with other Hollywood men, ruining relationships. Not to mention she has repeatedly said offensive things like telling Ross Matthews he needs to lose weight, and she has been quoted frequently complaining about the "hardships" of being a celebrity. Maybe worst of all, people have complained about her B.O. As an all natural excessive enthusiast, she refuses to wear aluminum based deodorants. Needless to say, she isn't a favorite of the Hollywood A-listers.

5 Kim Kardashian

It isn't really a surprise that other celebrities despise Kim. Maybe it is her shameless self promotion or narcissistic family circle of drama that takes over everything like a tornado. It might be the fact that she is only famous for being famous...and that tape of course. Many celebrities are turned off by her attention loving nonsense, and the perfect match she is married to. People like Anna Wintour hold a particular grudge against her and even threatened to not invite her and Kanye back to the Met Gala after they were caught taking forbidden selfies at the 2015 gala. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and even Barack Obama have made thinly veiled comments about their absurdity and attention obsessed natures. Then, others like Cher come right out and say they don't like her or her family. Jon Hamm also called Kim an "idiot". I am censoring what he actually said. Apparently, if you have no talent and your career is based on you taking selfies, other celebrities that actually work don't have much respect for you.

4 Paris Hilton

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This is pretty much a no brainer. Paris Hilton is yet another famous for being famous celeb that can owe much of her attention to her "tape" that was released to the public. This spoiled heiress offers basically nothing to the world of Hollywood except causing a scene and posing for paparazzi. Now in her 30s, she hasn't grown up much since her hard partying days with Nicole Richie, but it seems as if everyone else has moved on. Most celebrities shy away from Hilton and the young squad she always seems to be surrounded by, and it is mostly because they find Ms. Hilton rather irritating. Robert Redford actually openly complained about Paris Hilton attending the Sundance Film Festival and criticized her for her obnoxious behavior and useless presence. However, it is her long list of feuds with other celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Justin Bieber, and Kelly Osbourne (the list goes on and on) that we recall the most and require her to constantly refresh her circle of friends.

3 Justin Bieber

Let's be honest...Doesn't everyone find the Biebs annoying now? Like the whole world? His D-bag antics have taken him from a talented young artist to just another irritating little brat that has been spoiled by fame and money. His list of annoyed celebrities just seems to grow by the day. The Bieb has angered Seth Rogen encouraging a bit a of spat on Twitter. Taylor Swift has never been a fan of her friend's unpredictable boyfriend. There was also a rumor that Orlando Bloom and Bieber had an argument over Miranda Kerr. He also took a swipe at Bill Clinton with a stupid stunt in which there is a video of him urinating in a mop bucket while yelling, "F**** Bill Clinton!" Then, a real musician, Patrick Carney from the Black Keys had unfavorable words for Bieber which promoted the Bieb to encourage his fans to harass Carney on social media. So...It is safe to say not many celebrities are still Beliebers.

2 Miley Cyrus

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This Disney Star turned bad girl has a lot of people talking. From her outrageous outfits to that terrible twerking, not everyone finds her as entertaining as her fans especially Selena Gomez. They have had a decades long feud that started with Nick Jonas. Yet, her antics annoy plenty of others including Katy Perry who was heard saying, "It is Britney Spears all over again." Even Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus at the VMAs a few years ago after Miley ran her mouth about Minaj. Cyrus also went after Jodie Sweetin just to embarrass her and posted pictures of Sweetin posing seductively during her days of drug addiction, which she has overcome. It would appear that many in Hollywood don't have much of a favorable view of this loudmouthed pop star either because of her behavior or she has specifically insulted them. It doesn't seem to bother Cyrus much or even stop her from openly badmouthing other celebrities.

1 Kanye West

It isn't just Taylor Swift that isn't a fan of Kanye West. In fact, Kanye has had quite a few beefs with everyone from celebrities to CEOs. His constant self promotion and dogged determination to maintain his image has created frequent rifts. No one could forget when he grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift at the VMAs or his epic twitter battle with Jimmy Kimmel. He even went after the loveable Justin Timberlake. There have also been rumors that there has been a long time feud between him and Jay-Z. It hasn't stopped at celebrities. Kanye told his fans to stop buying Louis Vuitton after the designer refused to meet with him. Then, there was the argument with the CEO of Zappos. No one is off limits to his wrath, and it is difficult to know exactly what will set him off. This combination doesn't exactly make for a lot of friendships. Then again, it probably isn't friends that he is after.

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