15 Celebrities As Fake As Their Chests

These types of alterations are pretty common in Hollywood so much so that people are often critical of those that don’t have occasional nips and tucks to keep aging at bay. More and more young women are stepping up to have their faces filled and their breasts plumped, further perpetuating female stereotypes of beauty. More often than not, those celebrities that keep going under the knife and go bigger and bigger with their implants are some of the most insecure, fake people. They don’t care about anything but appearing perfect in the eyes of the public or attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. It becomes a vicious cycle that encourages the younger generation to do the same just to compete, and it shows all the women in the world that it pays to be blonde, big-breasted and beautiful. When you see those celebrities, just remember it is their insecurities that led them to the scalpel, and anyone crazy enough to undergo unnecessary surgery is not happy with themselves, implants or not. Insecurity is what has driven these fifteen celebrities to the plastic surgeon's office, and even though they have ample chests, it doesn’t mean they are happy or even confident. They are just as phony as all that silicone in their bodies.

15 Tori Spelling

This celeb was just beginning her career on shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 (thanks to her producer father, Aaron Spelling) before you were probably even born, but somehow she has managed to stay on tv long after her relevancy has faded. Growing up as a socialite, she is used to getting what she wants, and her familial ties to Hollywood have allowed her work on independent films and even landed her a reality show. If you haven’t seen Tori & Dean, you aren’t missing much. Basically it captures Tori and her husband Dean McDermott enjoying privileged life while filming Tori’s ditzy behavior and demanding nature. These C-list celebrities drum up fake drama and ridiculous problems to keep the camera rolling. Along with the bad acting, you might notice Tori’s botched implants. They seem to have an odd shape to them and are very obviously fake and not done very well. All that fake silicone seems to suit her personality.

14 LeAnn Rimes

This country singer earned her fame at just 13! She took the country music world by storm with her powerful vocals which earned her two Grammys. She fell in love with a backup dancer Dean Sheremet, and they married in 2002. Years later when she was filming a lifetime movie, LeAnn couldn’t control herself, and she began an affair with her co-star Eddie Cibrian, who was married to Brandi Glanville at the time. Disregarding all marriage vows, LeAnn and Eddie effectively ruined their respective marriages with their affair. Both were eventually divorced from their partners and married each other. Then, LeAnn began to go through a bit of a physical transformation, and her new assets made her look eerily similar to Eddie’s ex-wife. The image of the young starry eyed country crooner evaporated and out came an amplified, husband-stealing vixen. LeAnn seemed like the last person that would get so caught up in the superficiality of Hollywood, but she was seduced by it all including the handsome Eddie.

13 JWoww

Reality stars are a dime a dozen, and it seems like the more time goes on, the more ridiculous they become. In order to get into the spotlight and keep it, you have to act more outrageous and amp up the plastic surgery. Jenni, aka JWoww, debuted on The Jersey Shore, and she and Snooki have baffled the world with their “fame”. Their drunken antics on the Jersey Shore were an absolute embarrassment, and the fact they let all of it be filmed and put on tv makes it even worse. However, that didn’t stop them from going on to film Snooki and JWoww. After that, JWoww has continued to push those big fake boobs into the limelight with other reality shows and even a role on a soap opera despite the fact they look like they belong on the set of an adult film production. It is safe to say, her implants are a reflection of her acting skills and her personality.

12 Christina Aguilera

Photo via famous-plastic-surgery.com

This songstress has been around for quite a while, and she has impressed with her musical talent...And raised some eyebrows with her bizarre style including up and down weight and that terrible spray tan. When comparing photos from her early days, it looks pretty clear that she has implants to add to her look. Besides the constantly changing style and body shape, she has also been known to start a feud with other pop stars. In interviews she often says whatever she wants about her pop star peers without considering the backlash. From calling out Mariah Carey on bad behavior to tossing her gum into a crowd of fans, she has also said Britney Spears acts like trailer trash. Those who live in glass houses...Am I right? She might have talent and continue to stand in the spotlight, but she is all phony diva at heart, right next to those phony implants.

11 Tara Reid

This infamous party girl has driven her career into the ground. With success early on in movies like American Pie and Van Wilder, she seemed like a promising star. Then, she began taking crappy movie roles and even starring in her own called Wild On Tara renamed Taradise that was quickly cancelled ( and don’t forget the nip-slip!). That is when she started to take a nosedive especially when she began having botched surgical procedures that left her breasts deformed and her skin lumpy and uneven. She also been known to lie about her personal life for attention and has been caught indulging a little too much in spirits. What could have been a long acting career has turned into a joke. So many would be celebrities get hung up on body image issues early on, and they become fixated on the superficial. It often destroys their careers and leaves them looking less like humans, instead of the perfection they sought.

10 Mariah Carey

Photo via celebritysurgerynews.com

Known for her incredible singing skills, Mariah obviously has talent. However, she is also known for her drama and diva like behavior. On an episode of Cribs when she showed off her house, she told audiences she workouts in her stilettos and even refused to show parts of her house because they were “too good for the general public to see”. There was also that famous European interview when asked about Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey just shook her head and said, “I don’t know her.” If you haven’t seen it already, you need to watch as Mariah accepts an award for her role in Precious while obviously intoxicated. This diva seems to be about as genuine as those giant cantaloupes that have magically appeared on her chest. It is no doubt that being in the spotlight can be stressful and all that money eventually goes to your head. Some can play it cool and others just get seduced by their obsession to appear perfect to their audience.

9 Kaley Cuoco

Photo via abcnews.go.com

Unlike many celebrities that blame their nicer noses on more sleep or perky breasts on increased exercise, Kaley Cuoco has come out and admitted she had a nose job and breast implants at age sixteen. She has even said they were the best things she ever did. She went on to explain, “As much as you want to love your inner self...I’m sorry, you also want to look good.” To tell people that painful surgeries that stuff foreign objects into your body and offer a variety of health risks are what will make you happy, that is a pretty irresponsible and short sighted philosophy. She doesn’t mention the importance of talent in her career or how crucial it is to be an informed person when you are a celebrity with so many fans hanging on your every word. Basically, she says her fake boobs have been the best decision in her life. Isn’t there a note of sadness that those were the best things she ever did for herself? There is way more to life than having big boobs.

8 Kylie Jenner

Kylie is famous for...Well, I guess because her sister is famous for...a sex tape?? The Kardashians have taken the world by storm, and many thought they would slowly fade away. Not so. Thanks to Kris Kardashian’s unrelenting marketing schemes and just the sheer numbers of them, this family won’t seem to go away. As for Kylie, she has followed in the footsteps of her sisters slowly altering her body to the point where they begin to look unrecognizable. Kylie was also famous for her shot glass trick. Young girls everywhere tried to get Kylie’s pouty lips by holding shot a glass around their mouth and sucking until their lips became plump. Many burst blood vessels in their lips leaving them with bruised, swollen mouths. Thanks Kylie! It also appears that Kylie has had some enhancements in her chest as well. With a family that has so much and such an enormous platform, they could easily use some of their media power for good. Instead, they just keep injecting all that money into their faces and bodies.

7 Britney Spears

Photo via bingewatched.com

Known for a variety of things in Hollywood, some good and some not so good, it has always been a running joke that Britney Spears has an ever changing cup size. Implant talk aside, Britney is also notorious for her crazy behavior. After going off the deep end, she has pretty much been a train wreck. She has never been able to recover from her bizarre behavior, the terrible marriage to Kevin Federline and an involuntary psychiatric hold. Like most other pop stars she has also been known to throw some shade at peers like Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne. While some other pop stars have been able to weather the storm, Britney has never really been able to get back on track despite repeated efforts. She also remains under her father’s conservatorship to manage her finances, and it seems Britney just couldn’t handle the stressors of fame. It was only a matter of time before her squeaky clean image was revealed to be a big fake and the real crazy came out.

6 Megan Fox

Megan made her way into acting through small television roles before becoming the leading lady in two of the Transformers movies. However, her rise to fame has also seen a big change in her looks. From her face to her chest, it appears she has had a lot of work done, and her career has seen somewhat of a slump in recent years. In interviews she often says things that hint at her less than genuine personality. She said she preferred being beautiful and would never want to change places with a less attractive girl which raised some eyebrows at the odd statement. Fox has also claimed to have only been intimate with two people and refuses to be with anyone she doesn’t love. Then, she came out and said she was bisexual and once tried to start a relationship with a stripper but didn’t want to sleep with a bisexual woman because they also sleep with men and men are dirty. Afterwards, she admitted that she had embellished some of the statements she had made about the stripper she chased after. Needless to say, she is about as real as those very perky breasts.

5 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has had quite the fall from grace. What started out as a rising career was derailed early on and has only continued to go downhill. Her love of partying seems to be the root cause and multiple arrests have made her the butt of jailbird jokes despite the fact that she seems to elude jail time repeatedly. Regardless of her drug use and DUIs, Lohan is also known for her plastic surgery including what appears to be multiple breast implants. Her inability to accept responsibility and get her life back on track is a reflection of her immature personality all consumed with being beautiful and cool. While most people outgrow those kind of silly, phony ideas about life, Lindsay is still stuck in the mindset that life is just fun games and that she will be young forever. Her good luck and youth is running out. Her superficial behavior has become her downfall.

4 Kendra Wilkinson

As one of the three Girls Next Door, Kendra was thrust into the spotlight as baffled audiences tried to understand why three attractive women would agree to share an elderly boyfriend. Granted, Hugh Hefner has quite the pocket book, their living arrangements were still very bizarre, but that didn’t stop people from watching to ogle the girls in tiny bikinis and the abundance of breast implants. Eventually, Kendra got wise and left the threesome for a more conventional marriage to Hank Baskett. She got her own tv show called Kendra, and the drama only seemed to follow. There has been plenty of controversy over her husband’s extra marital affairs, but it seems to have offered higher ratings for her show. She has also appeared on other reality shows including Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Family Edition. Just one plastic surgery to amplify her bosom, and Kendra has used them to gain fame. Not exactly an honorable way to build your career.

3 Janice Dickinson

Photo via celeblens.com

This woman is the epitome of vain. She was a model in her younger years and claims she was the very first supermodel. Janice was also a judge on America’s Next Top Model and had her own show documenting her modeling agency. Through the years she has been on a variety of other reality shows including Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. However, she is probably most known for her ridiculous plastic surgeries. From head to toe, she has had her whole body revamped and even wrote a book about it titled, Everything About Me is Fake...And I’m Perfect. For all those scalpels and hoards of silicone, Janice doesn’t seem like a very happy person. Her difficult childhood has left her deeply scarred and struggling with a variety of issues that apparently not even plastic surgery can fix. She is proof that you can alter your outsides, but it doesn’t make you a better person nor does it make you happy.

2 Farrah Abraham

Getting pregnant as a teen earned Farrah notoriety when she was cast on the show 16 and Pregnant as well as Teen Mom which she starred in until the series ended. Addicted to the attention from the shows, she slowly morphed into a plastic surgery fiend and decided to try the adult film industry. Farrah starred in a film with James Deen, and it seemed to have a negative effect on the small amount of “fame” she ironically gathered from being a pregnant teen. She has gone on to star in more reality shows like Couples Therapy (which she did without a partner) and Teen Mom OG. Her endless effort to get attention has left her with nothing more than embarrassing career credits and a body full of silicone. That fake chest might have bought her some more time in the spotlight but fake people like that eventually fade into nothing...Unless you’re last name is Kardashian.

1 Heidi Montag

You know her only from her stints on reality tv which have only become more obscure as she continues to lose her grasp on fame. Her career started on The Hills where she was friends with Lauren Conrad, but that friendship turned into a feud when Heidi began dating Spencer Pratt. Just as much a phony as Heidi, he was responsible for starting rumors about a potential sex tape Conrad had with an ex. Since the end of the Hills, Heidi and Spencer have been clinging to fame with other reality tv stints, and Heidi has been publicly ridiculed for her decision to undergo ten plastic surgery procedures in just one day. Those surgeries left her looking like a plastic, overdone version of who she used to be, even after she downsized her implants. Her over-the-top appearance and ridiculously immature behavior are a basic reflection of her phony personality. At least she has an equally fake husband that probably enjoys those beach balls she has on her chest.

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