15 Celeb Styles To Cop On A Budget

Sometimes it feels like you wear the same two outfits all the time and celebrities, on the other hand, have about a million different items of clothing to choose from. Okay, it feels like that all the time... and that's because it's totally true. You're a normal person, after all, and you're totally content to wear leggings and a tank top most of the time. In the summer, you switch to shorts or a dress, and in the winter, you add a comfy sweater or cozy plaid shirt. Easy. But celebrities are so insanely fashionable and stylish that sometimes, when you catch a shot of Kylie Jenner at Coachella or see Taylor Swift out and about, you start to get major style envy. It's an affliction that can feel like a cold that just won't go away, and spending tons of money to copy their looks won't heal you, because then you'll just be crying looking at your bank account. So what's a girl to do? You can dress like your fave celeb without breaking the bank. Truly. Here are 15 celeb styles to cop on a budget.

15 Coachella Glam

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You know that Coachella look. It's a bit hippie, it's a bit glam, and it's a whole lot of fabulous. You want to dress like the previously mentioned Kylie Jenner (she's pretty much everyone's style icon, right?!) and luckily, it's just right for the summer season, since it involves pretty, flowing dresses, jean shorts, and tank tops. You can thankfully copy this kind of style on your budget, no matter what you want to spend, because you can find sundresses and shorts at budget-friendly stores. Just check out Old Navy or H&M. You're going to find tons of options in the $20 range. What's great about this look is you can totally mix and match and even use some items that you bought ages ago. Just look through your closet and find an old denim jacket that you can throw over a pretty, girly, flowery dress. Add tons of jewelry (cheap ones count!) and there you go.

14 Everyday Hippie

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The everyday hippie look is totally different from Coachella, because it doesn't scream music festival, and it's meant to be more user-friendly in the sense that it can fit easily into your daily routine. The Queen Of The Everyday Hippie Look (also sometimes called boho, boho chic or bohemian chic) is, of course, Nicole Richie. She's been dressing this way forever now and she looks super awesome all the time. With this look, she's wearing a super flowy red dress which is definitely easy to copy since you can just find any Babydoll-style dress in any color or pattern and you're good to go. Pair with it an awesome golden headband like Nicole, and make sure your hair is super long and wavy. You're good to go! The best part about this look? You can go vintage shopping and pick up some old-fashioned dresses on the super cheap.

13 Preppy Yet Girly

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Taylor Swift is, naturally, your go-to when you want to look super put together. You might have a job interview, an important work meeting, a first date, a family dinner. You want to look super good, sophisticated and elegant... while still staying a little bit casual, too. You're not exactly in the market for a ballgown, but you don't want to look like a slob in jeans, either. T-Swift to the rescue! She not only can mend your broken heart by making you feel better about being single, but she can totally serve as your main style inspiration, too. What a multi-tasker. In these photos, she's wearing chic overalls with black high-heeled booties and a crop top, a smart blue dress with old-fashioned heels, and high-waisted shorts in a cool plaid pattern. You can copy these looks at your local thrift stores since some of Taylor's outfits have a real 60s Mad Men vibe to them, or even try the sales rack at Urban Outfitters.

12 Casual Chic

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Rachel Bilson is so good at the casual chic look. So good, in fact, that you might spend a while looking at these pictures, scratching your head and wondering how she manages to look something so informal look so amazing. She looks so comfortable, too, which is definitely the highlight of this kind of look. Why suffer over style?! That really makes zero sense. Life is hard enough. You can totally find pieces for this look at The Gap or H&M or even order them online because you can still wear your old, comfiest pair of jeans that you swear still fits even though your mom wants you to get rid of them. Just invest in some super soft t-shirts -- your best bet would the sales rack of Zara or ordering them through their online store -- and grab some fun add-ons like your fave blazer and scarf. It doesn't take a ton of pieces to pull this kind of look together, thankfully, and you use most of what you ahem, so it's definitely a cheap option.

11 Vacation Style

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You can go to your fave reality stars, the Kardashians, for this one. These women are the best when it comes to fun and beautiful vacation style. They manage to always look super great and sophisticated, no matter what their destination. Here they're wearing long, slowly and super glamorous dresses and a bright red jumpsuit. You might not think that you can pull off a bright red jumpsuit... and you might not want to, either. That's totally fine. But you should definitely channel the Kardashians and pick out some new pieces for your summer wardrobe. Think maxi-dresses in fun patterns and lots of red. It's all lush and luxurious and makes you look like you spent a million dollars when you really didn't. Again, H&M is going to be your friend here.

10 Mix And Match

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You know someone is incredibly fashionable when they can mix totally different patterns... and it doesn't look like a hot mess. In fact, they look so insanely cool, you can't even handle it. That definitely describes the style of Olivia Palermo, who you might remember from that amazingly fun reality show The City. Yup, that Olivia! Whatever you might have thought about her role on the show, you have to admit that the girl knows her fashion. Here she mixes two kinds of patterns (her shorts and jacket) but since they're both green, it totally works, and it's so much more interesting than basic clothes. You can totally do the same thing and you won't even have to spend a dime! How? Well, if you want to mix and match your clothing, go ahead and pick some random stuff from your closet and play around until you find something that totally works. It's a new way of mixing your clothes and you won't have to buy new clothes. It's a win win, right?

9 All Black

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Here, Miranda Kerr shows you how totally amazing an all-black ensemble can look. Sure, there's that saying that so-and-so is the new black, but honestly, black is the new black. Black never, ever goes out of style and it's always the way to go, especially when you have no idea what to wear to a specific occasion. Black works for meetings, first dates, birthday parties, formal parties, whatever. It's honestly the greatest. So go ahead and rummage through your closet to see what black items of clothing you already own, then head out to your fave budget-friendly store and grab some another black t-shirt or pair of black jeans, and then you'll be totally set. The best thing about black clothes? They totally last, and they don't really show much wear-and-tear, unlike brighter or lighter colors. Plus you can pretty much save a ton of money and wear the same outfit on a daily basis, because no one will really notice. It's black, after all. So you always look great.

8 Too Cool

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When you want to look insanely cool -- like you're too amazing to even be hanging out where you are -- then channel Kate Moss and try these looks. She always looks amazing, no matter what. She manages to make even a simple t-shirt and jeans look absolutely incredible, so you should totally figure out a way to do the same thing because this is one look you can absolutely manage on your budget. Think tight jeans and black pants, but also allowing yourself to wear high-waisted 70s style jeans if that's what you want. Most of all, don't forget the glam pieces like tight blazers and the casual grey t-shirts and tank tops. That's all you need to look like you put in absolutely zero effort yet manage to look cooler than anyone else around you. It's a tricky balance but you can do it!

7 Girly

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Whitney Port is so stylish, and she honestly looks good no matter what she's wearing. At first glance, these five different looks might seem just that: totally different. But if you look closely and think about, you'll see that they've got one main thing in common: they're all super girly! She manages to make anything look girly and beautiful, and you can totally do the same thing. She's got a flowery dress and a top with a huge pink flower and even a purse that seems to have flowers on it, too. So go ahead and pull out anything that has some flower power in your closet, from jeans (hey, it was a thing a while ago!) to tank tops to sweaters to sundresses, and that can be your new style. You definitely own at least a few things with flowers so this is another budget-friendly option since you won't have to buy a single thing to add to your closet.

6 Jean Queen

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Lauren Conrad really knows how to wear a pair of jeans. She just looks so amazing, and can make a shirt and jeans or a blazer and jeans look like the most fancy, formal and beautiful outfit you could possibly imagine. It's honestly a skill and if you're in awe, you don't have to be. You can totally copy the same looks at home. All you need is one or two pairs of jeans, a few different types of shirts (plaid, denim, t-shirts) and you're honestly set. You can wear the same pair of jeans several days in a row if you want, and it's always going to be a totally and completely different outfit, as long as you change up your shirt. Isn't that amazing? It's basically the best form of Math ever. This is especially great when you want to save some cash, because you won't have to invest in many new wardrobe pieces, if any at all. It's totally possible that most of what you already own is perfect.

5 Plaid

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Celebrities honestly make paid shirts seem like a style category all their own, so you can totally agree and be into it. Plaid shirts are, of course, the greatest thing since sliced bread as they say. Or at least since the 90s. They're super cozy, comfortable, and go with literally every single thing that you own. You can dress them up with a cute dress and boots, or you can dress them down with leggings or jeans. It's honestly so easy to style them and as long as you own a few different colors, then the sky is literally the limit in terms of how often you can wear them. No one will object even if they see you wearing the same plaid shirt for days at a time because, hey, we all love plaid. It's an addiction and an obsession. You'll also get tons of compliments and look like you barely tried, which is always a good thing.

4 The Carrie Bradshaw

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Sometimes you just want to look like Carrie Bradshaw. Okay, you want this every single day of your life. What can you say?! Carrie was just the most stylish, clever and amazingly witty TV character ever. You're still not over the end of Sex and the City. So you might as well channel her stellar fashion sense on a daily basis so you can keep some of the glory days alive. Whenever you see a super girly outfit that seems a bit over-the-top for daily life, you just know that's something Carrie would totally wear... and wear with a great big grin. So go ahead and buy that poufy, girly skirt from H&M that you've been eyeing for a few months now, and pair it with something super casual like a t-shirt and jean jacket or blazer. That's just what Carrie would do so you know it's definitely the right choice.

3 Old-School Girly

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This is super different from girly. Just think about Zooey Deschanel and her style. Make sense now?! Exactly. Zooey wears absolutely adorable clothes on a regular basis, and you can, too. You get bonus points if you have brown hair and bangs... although you might not want to try to cut bangs yourself. You've been warned now. Everyone only does that once and then they know to never attempt that disaster ever again. This is an easy look because you just need some flowery dresses or cutesy patterns, along with some cardigans and whatever else you think might work. You don't have to wear bows in your hair or polka dots but that's also part of the look, so the choice is yours. You can easily find these kinds of items at places like Forever 21 or even thrift stores, so you won't have to spend a ton in order to look absolutely chic, adorable and girly.

2 Gym Clothes

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If there's one thing that all celebrity women love to do, it's work out. They love a good seat session and the thing is that they look absolutely amazing doing it! They don't miss a single style opportunity and you always covet their workout looks. Well, why not make that look your own? It's totally cool and normal and even excepted to wear your exercise clothes when you're not actually at a barre or yoga class, so don't even feel weird about it. Go ahead and buy some fun workout gear. It's actually super cheap because you're doubling it as workout clothes but also everyday clothes. So you're buying fewer clothes overall. And spending less money. Perfect, right?! Plus you're going to be insanely comfortable all the time, which is always a plus. You can get amazing deals on workout wear from Old Navy and Forever 21's websites, and they're usually having great sales.

1 The Rachel Zoe Look

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Okay, so you have to admit that Rachel Zoe is honestly the most stylish celebrity out there. Which makes total and perfect sense she is a celebrity stylist. Isn't it great when things are logical?! But she has her own style and it honestly has to be called The Rachel Zoe Look because there's really no other possible way to describe it. She wears lots of black and white, along with grey, and she of course loves her jewellery and fur vests. So she looks super glam all the time while giving off this casual vibe, like she could barely have been bothered to get dressed that morning... even though she lives for fashion. Admit it, you own a fake fur vest or two thanks to Rachel Zoe. It's okay, we all did that. So go ahead and pull it out of hiding and wear it loud and proud, channeling Rachel the entire time. You can add it to an easy t-shirt and jeans ensemble or wear it over a sundress. If you don't have one, check out a vintage or a thrift store or even Urban Outfitters or Zara. You should be able to find one on sale and you can easily and cheaply adopt a whole new style.

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