15Victoria Beckham’s Fruit Salad


While other celebrities spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their birthday, Victoria Beckham is the total opposite. She loves to spend as little as possible on her birthday. Why? We don’t know. But we do know that on her b-day back in 2012, all she had was a fruit salad, which is

probably her favorite. Yes people, you read that right. Of all the things she could ask for and of all the things she could afford, she bought tons of fruit and made herself some salad. And no, it’s not salad with cake or another birthday food. Just salad. Who knew birthday celebrations had taken such a sharp turn? But then again, if you want to eat nothing but blueberries and mangos and strawberries and oranges plated gorgeously on your birthday, then go for it. It’s still a healthy meal so what’s so wrong with V Beckham’s salad?

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