15 Celeb Salads That Will Make You Healthier

Not everyone is a salad lover. We get that. We know that some of you prefer heavy meals or at least something that’s not all fruit and veggies. Something that will really fill your hungry stomach because after all, we only live once. We might as well spend it munching on the best meals that we could ever come across. Well, ladies, we’re all advocates of healthy living here, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat the worst greens you could ever find. It just means tweaking your diet a little and adding these salads in. Because these are celebrity salads and by that, what we actually mean is they are the fave salads of your fave celebrities. What else can you ask for? These light meals are seriously worth making for yourself. The best part is that these recipes help you stay healthy and fit and strong. If it's good enough for Chrissy Teigen, it's good enough for you. Here are 15 celebrity salads that will make you skinnier.

15 Victoria Beckham’s Fruit Salad


While other celebrities spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their birthday, Victoria Beckham is the total opposite. She loves to spend as little as possible on her birthday. Why? We don’t know. But we do know that on her b-day back in 2012, all she had was a fruit salad, which is probably her favorite. Yes people, you read that right. Of all the things she could ask for and of all the things she could afford, she bought tons of fruit and made herself some salad. And no, it’s not salad with cake or another birthday food. Just salad. Who knew birthday celebrations had taken such a sharp turn? But then again, if you want to eat nothing but blueberries and mangos and strawberries and oranges plated gorgeously on your birthday, then go for it. It’s still a healthy meal so what’s so wrong with V Beckham’s salad?

14 Jennifer Aniston’s Chickpeas, Cheese, And Cucumber Salad


If you ask Jennifer Aniston to make you a salad, there is no doubt that she will make you a healthy salad. How else could she maintain such a great body if she’s not eating healthy in the first place? When it comes to salads, she's all about adding simple ingredients without losing the health factor. Apparently, the Friends star is a huge fan of chickpeas and cucumber and feta cheese. No other cheese. Just feta cheese. Her salad is a mix of bulgur wheat, feta cheese, red onions, mint, parsley, cucumber and the star of the salad, the chickpeas. Now you know how Jennifer Aniston is maintaining her body: she focuses on healthy, amazing salads. After all, nobody said you just have to focus on light ingredients and leafy greens when eating salads. And because Aniston is always working hard with so many projects on her plate, she obviously needs meals that will fuel her with enough energy. This salad does that.

13 Jessica Alba’s Carrot Avocado Salad


This mom of two is the queen of avocados. Seriously. If you follow her on social media and you read all her interviews, you will know that she never runs out of recipes with avocados. And for that reason, we just need to mention her favorite carrot avocado salad. She shared a video on Instagram about how to make it and we can’t stop watching it. The actress and businesswoman has always been an advocate for healthy living so there’s no question why this salad recipe is packed with healthy goodness. Aside from the shredded carrots and avocado, she adds grape tomatoes and lemon juice. And of course, olive oil, since that's the best oil for any possible salad. Once you start eating this, there’s probably no stopping because who would want to stop munching on a delicious and healthy salad that will give you enough energy for the day? Obviously, it has given Alba tons of energy for her busy days.

12 Chrissy Teigen’s Avocado, Red Onion, And Tomato Salad


Another avocado fanatic is Chrissy Teigen. Maybe all celebrities are avocado fans. Who knows? We definitely are. Chrissy Teigen's favorite salad is an avocado, red onion, and tomato salad. She basically mixes all those three ingredients and eats them on a regular basis. She’s also expressed her love for cherry tomatoes so be sure to add those. If you’re going to make this recipe, add cherry tomatoes because that’s what she uses. And take note, you don’t even have to be on a strict diet before you start eating healthy. Nobody ever said you need to have already started a healthy diet before you eat something healthy. For Teigen, this salad is a great way that she maintains her shape. But for our dear readers who just want to eat pretty much the same thing celebrities eat, go for it. Try this salad. It’s not as light as what you think and you get to eat as much as you want, which is always a bonus.

11 Kate Hudson’s Three Ingredient Salad


Kate Hudson is a fan of simplicity. If you don’t know that already about her then you need to up your fangirling standards. The star of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days shared her favorite salad with her fans and if you think it’s some light, green leafy thing, think again. It’s a very simple arugula, feta cheese, and watermelon salad. Yes people, she is a very simple person. Of course, that means that you can definitely afford to make this salad every day for the rest of your life because it only needs three ingredients. Yes, three ingredients. Add some oil and spices if you want but for Kate Hudson, these three is enough. After all, she is probably munching on some other delicious meals so if the goal is to add extra nutrients to your body without getting extra weight, what better way to do that than through eating a simple yet nutrition-stuffed salad like this one?

10 Christina Milian’s Tuna Steak Salad


When you're in the mood for a hearty salad, Christina Milian’s tuna steak salad is the perfect choice. Well, it's more of a regular salad using lettuce leaves with a tuna steak on the side, but it still counts. If you're craving some tuna, this is the best way to go. The singer and actress totally swears by this salad recipe. Sure, we all need fruits and veggies in our system, but fish also has its own health benefits. Fish is a great source of protein and everyone could definitely eat some more. And if you’re concerned about ruining your healthy diet, you don't have to worry. Eating a tuna steak salad is a good idea. It will not ruin your diet. Definitely not. You can also throw in some cherry tomatoes and apples like Milian does. And, really, you could picture this salad as a totally clean slate and add whatever else you want.

9 Julia Roberts’ Pancetta And Poached Egg Salad


The Eat Pray Love star has always been a foodie. For Julia Roberts, health always comes first and we can definitely say that she takes care of herself. But who cares that she's in her 40s? She’s gorgeous, she’s d*mn good at what she does, and we have no issues here. All we can say is that we love her favorite salad, which is a pancetta poached egg salad. It sounds incredibly good. Aside from the poached egg and the pancetta, she also adds in brussel sprouts, manchego cheese, and pistachios. If that doesn’t sound delicious to you then we cannot be friends. We're all getting hungry just reading about these salads that all of these famous people love. And we haven’t even finished yet. So to anyone seeking some ultra-healthy meal that they can eat every day, Julia Roberts has the answer, and you will definitely love it.

8 Selena Gomez’s Mixed Greens


Selena Gomez is the polar opposite of a picky eater. If you think she has a typical spoiled brat attitude, think again. She may be young and free but she is definitely not wild. Just like anyone her age, she can be all over the place sometimes, but she knows her limits and she knows how to take good care of her body. One of the best ways she’s doing that is by munching on some healthy salads. But we're going to call this salad mixed greens. Because that’s basically what it is. And this salad is especially for all our dear readers who can't live without eating leafy greens every day. Selena’s recipe is pretty simple. Aside from the avocado, turkey, and beans, she just throws in whatever green veggies she can find. So yes, we just found the perfect solution to deal with all the excess green vegetables you have lying around, in case you didn’t cook them all. If it's good enough for this famous singer, it's good enough for you, right?

7 Gisele Bündchen’s Watercress Kale Salad


Gisele Bündchen is known for eating healthy while still enjoying her food. Since she's a supermodel, it’s pretty important for her to pay extra attention to everything that she's eating. As in, extra, extra attention. We all know how difficult it is to have a career in the modeling world these days... and to keep that career going. There are just tons of gorgeous people out there with gorgeous bods. But Gisele is a pro, of course, and since 2004, she’s been considered as one of the highest-paid models. She's definitely a big success. One of her secrets is probably this watercress kale salad. She may be following a pretty strict diet but she and hubby Tom Brady still know how to enjoy life and that includes eating something delicious. Aside from kale and watercress, she also adds in sweet potatoes, avocado, beets, quinoa, cherry tomato, and broccoli.

6 Beyoncé’s Seaweed Almond Salad


Seaweed and almond? Why not? After all, if you’re a queen, you get to eat whatever you want. But Queen Bey here is keeping things simple. Okay, maybe not so simple because seaweed is not as simple as your typical salad ingredients. But aside from the seaweed, she also adds tons of healthy goodness in her salad, like kale, scallions, cucumber, carrots, cilantro, basil, and to make it extra flavorful, toasted almonds. This salad may require a little more prep time compared to the others on this list but once you taste it, you will definitely fall in love with it. It's also super healthy so it's definitely a winner. Going on a diet doesn’t require much. You just need to start. Getting some healthy salads into your diet is a great choice. Once you get the hang of it, you will feel good and healthy in no time. A healthy body is what everyone wants and this salad might just be the solution.

5 Khloe Kardashian’s Avocado Chicken Salad


This list will not be complete without a Kardashian on it. Because if you’re a fan and you watch KUWTK regularly, you know that these famous people love their salads. It’s like their day wouldn't be complete without eating at least three different salads. And they all have their own favorites. Just imagine if they hired a chef to make all their salads. That would be pretty stressful. It's a good thing that Khloe is not that picky when it comes to her salad choices. This salad consists of avocado (because everybody loves avocado and that's pretty clear by now), shredded chicken breast, pickled ginger, chow mein noodles, and lettuce. Apparently, this is her go-to salad when she heads to her her go-to restaurant in L.A. Now all we can think about is how much that resto earns when the Kardashians are there. Because aside from the salad, they also order tons of healthy drinks.

4 Jennifer Lopez’s Kale Salad


When Jennifer Lopez says healthy, she means healthy. And she knows what salads will help her maintain her gorgeous body. Obviously, if you include this salad in your healthy diet and get some regular exercise, achieving a skinnier bod is possible. J.Lo is also all about simplicity when it comes to her food... or at least when it comes to her salads. For this one, you just have to toss in together some kale, toasted pumpkin seeds, Queso cheese, and minced shallots. Add a little olive oil and lemon juice and you’re done. J.Lo’s fave salad is on your table. The best thing about this dish is that it’s light so you can make it anytime you want and eat it anytime you wish. It’s also not going to make you fat if that’s what you’re worried about, and it definitely is not going to keep you hungry. Just because we said it’s light doesn’t mean it can’t fill your tummy with some yummy goodness. J.Lo knows what she's talking about.

3 Hilary Duff’s Sunny Side Up Egg On A Salad


Who says you can't have sunny side up eggs in your salad? Heck, you can have anything in your healthy salad that you want. For Hilary Duff, a salad is not complete without a sunny side up egg. In fact, one of her favorite salad recipes includes a sunny side up egg with tons of greens and an English muffin with jam. Since giving birth to her baby boy Luca, the actress and singer has been extra careful when it comes to her diet. After all, she needs to maintain her slender body while still getting the nutrients that she needs. Thankfully, her big sister Haylie Duff loves to cook. Aside from the sunny side up egg and the English muffin, this recipe also contains a dash of parmesan and all the green leafy veggies that she wants to add. Apparently, egg and parmesan are the perfect flavor combo for your green leafy veggies. And if that’s not enough, add an English muffin or two… with jam or maybe some peanut butter.

2 Kim Kardashian’s Spinach Chicken Salad

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Another Kardashian on the list is Kim K with her spinach chicken salad. We all know that Kim K loves spinach. That is, we know that she loves spinach if we're regular viewers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This is why she absolutely needs to have spinach in her salad... and probably in all her other meals. Kim loves topping some spinach with grilled lime chicken and some feta/ranch dressing. Yes people, for the first time, we discovered something super simple that Kim loves. She’s a complicated person. But apparently, her favorite salad is really simple, and we think that's pretty cool. She’s a fan of tons of different salads and she eats them like they are the last meal that she will ever eat, but this spinach chicken salad is special because it is the one thing she can never say no to. So if you want to achieve that Kim Kardashian body, you will have to do lots of squats and eat lots of salads.

1 Miranda Kerr’s Wild Salmon Salad


Wrapping up this list is supermodel Miranda Kerr and her wild salmon salad. We first heard of Miranda Kerr in 2007, thanks to Victoria’s Secret giving her the chance to be one of their angels. Since then, she has been one of the most famous VS Angels ever. And why shouldn't she be? She has a super amazing body and an angelic face. What else could you ask for? She may not be super tall since she's only 5’9 but she definitely knows how to take care of her body. One of the ways she does that is by diving into this delicious-looking wild salmon salad. The wild salmon needs to be grilled and then you add other yummy ingredients like spinach, carrots, fennel, and tomato. Green olives would be a perfect addition, too. You have yourself a healthy and delicious salad that will fill you up and make you feel like a supermodel.

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