15 Pics Of Celebs Caught By The Paparazzi

Can you guess what scours the streets of Hollywood, seemingly every hour of the day with no days off? Can you take a guess? If you guessed the paparazzi, you aced it! That’s what we’ll be focusing on in this article, all the times the paparazzi went way too far in invading the Hollywood star’s personal bubble. These photographers go out at any hour of the day and basically stalk celebrities to catch anything they can for publication. While many don’t always go out with the intent of capturing an awful looking photo, others do because they know it will allow them to be able to charge a higher premium when selling to celebrity magazines and gossip rags.

In addition to going over these not-so-flattering photos of the stars, we’ll be giving you some background about these photos as well, since some of these have some pretty interesting stories. Filled with rumors and drama, we can’t wait to dive in. Maybe the paparazzi will learn a lesson or two because at the end of the day, why would you want to capture the worst in people? But honestly, there probably won’t be any lesson learned if these people are making thousands of dollars off of these images — the cycle will most likely continue, maybe even getting worse.

Some of these images are funny and some are a bit more serious and push beyond the limits of celebs' personal space. We would love to know which picture surprised you most. Let’s get started!

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15 Lisa Appleton... Feeding Bread To The Paparazzi?

Hawt Celebs

Lisa Appleton is a British TV personality who was a former contestant on the reality TV show, Big Brother. Can you blame Lisa for being so upset about the paparazzi pushing her personal space limits a bit too far? As much as they have the right to take pictures of the celebrities, sometimes they can get a bit too close and just snap away, which seems to be what is happening in this image. The pap is on the ground with their huge camera and Lisa happens to be dangling bread over their body like he’s some kind of huge bird. Do you think you would ever get to the point that someone could drive you to this kind of action? The funny thing about this picture is that no one is quite sure if this was staged or if it was actually real. Many people on the internet don’t believe this actually happened, but with how close they get to the celebs, it’s no surprise if this actually could happen.

14 Alba Lost In The Parking Lot


Jessica Alba is seen in this pic, searching for her car in a parking lot.

This also happened to be the image that paparazzi shared with the world to expose the fact that Jessica Alba was pregnant with her third child.

This image actually blew up online back when it was first published because she was seen in super casual clothes, seemingly lost in a parking lot, and pregnant. She was very upset that this was the image used all over the internet to showcase her pregnancy. Can we really blame her? Who wants to be blasted all over the internet before even being ready to announce a pregnancy? Being showcased in no makeup and baggy sweats — no thanks! Although many were proud of how Jessica Alba handled this bit of drama since she always seems to handle issues with grace and this situation was no different in any way. Let’s just hope she takes some glam post-pregnancy photos to show them how she can work it!

13 Bey's Slip Slipped!

Hollywood Life

Beyonce has probably had some of the most wardrobe malfunctions, whether that’s because she’s always been in the spotlight for years and has had more images taken of her over time, or simply because she needs a new wardrobe stylist, the world will never know! In this image, Bey is smiling her pearly whites, her hair is curled and golden, she looks fantastic as if she had just left a red carpet event! She’s wearing a royal green silk looking wrap dress, at first it actually looks like she is about to have a serious wardrobe malfunction! Her dress seems to be unwrapping a bit and because of this, her dress is completely exposing her bike short-style Spanx. Luckily, she’s all covered up and she doesn’t have to worry about her undergarments showing! Despite all this drama and how much Bey hates bad pictures of her (who doesn’t?) she still has a bright smile on her face!

12 Kim Claims This Photo Gave Her A Phobia


Even though Kim Kardashian looks fantastic in this photo, she has said in many interviews that this photo is one that gave her a phobia of being photographed out in public.

This image was taken shortly after the robbery in Paris. She went through such a traumatic event, it’s no wonder that it makes her nervous for people she doesn’t know to be in her personal space.

This was also around the time that Kim had taken a break from social media on all platforms, and she focused so much more on herself and her loving family. But the interesting and sad thing about this photo is that if you look closely you can tell in her face that she seems to just be over it. You can tell in her eyes that she looks exhausted. We’re happy that she has come back to social media as a strong and independent woman. Nothing can shake her, and she’s an inspiration for so many reasons but especially for that.

11 Kylie Knows That The Paparazzi Are Ruthless

Lipstick Alley

This is probably one of the most unflattering images of Kylie Jenner out on the internet and she has no one to thank except the ruthless paparazzi. She hardly ever leaves her house without wearing some kind of makeup, but in this rare case, she was actually out au naturel. She was wearing a baggy shirt and sweatpants — talk about relatable! Many people actually were not hateful at all when these images were released, many supported her because it took a lot of guts to go out into the world without any makeup or fancy hairstyles. Hopefully, she’ll embrace her natural self more often and she can just be comfortable with herself out in public, whether she's a date with her beau/baby daddy Travis Scott or just out running a simple errand.

10 Diaz Doesn't Look Like Herself


Cameron Diaz looks like she just got off of a long, long, long flight. She looks a bit tired and not herself in all honesty. When this image was originally published on the internet after the paparazzi took this picture of her, she was met with so much criticism. People commenting on her age, saying she looks old without makeup and even that she should fly back where she came from. People can be so cruel which is probably why many celebrities don’t want their picture taken by the paparazzi in the first place. Not only is it an invasion of personal space with no respect but mostly because of how cruel people can be about images.

Just because she was on a flight without makeup and her hair tied back and messy, doesn’t mean she’s any less of a human being.

She still has her own feelings and people need to realize that before they start roasting someone who just wants to be comfortable.

9 What A Style Choice, Bella


Bella Thorne is seen wearing a super eclectic outfit that looks comfortable and requires a ton of confidence to rock. She was out in Santa Monica getting her lunch, but we bet you can hardly pay attention to what she’s doing because this outfit is shocking but also weirdly stylish! The paparazzi took this picture very close to Bella Thorne as she was walking, which honestly would be so annoying if you imagine how the paparazzi had to get that close to her. She seems so calm, cool and collected even though they are really crossing the line into her personal space. But then again, she never really seems like the kind of person to mind if people take pictures of her out in public. It is where she gets the most publicity after all! One thing we love is how strange her outfits are. She always surprises us with fun outfits, and you’re never able to guess what she’ll put on next.

8 Do You Think She's Mad?


Taylor Swift has always been one of the most famous celebs that always seems to hate the paparazzi. No matter what she’s going through, she always has some kind of gripe to deal with when it comes to her photo being taken. In this rare photo, she is seen seemingly angry.

Generally, when she goes out in public she has been known to have a black hoodie with her at all times so she can hide her face.

She will usually do this on most days while also wearing dark sunglasses. In this rare and unique situation, she seems to be screaming at the paparazzi to get away from her. Even though she looks fantastic in typical Taylor Swift fashion, but we don’t blame her for being fed up with the invasion of personal space. She’s said in many candid interviews that she has realized over time that she can be too famous and sometimes that’s not what she wants.

7 We Understand The Phobia


Kim Kardashian is seen here out in Calabasas living her best life. She’s wearing her hair back in a platinum medium length ponytail. While sporting a black fitness outfit that is very figure-hugging. While it looks great on her, those yoga pants are a bit too see-through for comfort. We now understand why she has such a major phobia about people taking her picture all the time because they literally will just keep snapping pictures until they get one that shows her in an unflattering angle. While this wasn’t in a time where she was overly stressed because of the robbery, she always seems to be the biggest and highest paying target for the paparazzi creeps. They always follow her around more than any other celebrity! That’s probably why she’s never been super comfortable with the fact that she’s always being captured in photos every single moment she leaves her house.

6 Oh, How The Tables Have Turned - Go Keanu!


Keanu Reeves is one of the best celebrities on the red carpet. He’s always been so down-to-earth and always putting his best foot forward. He’s a real legend and is always looking to make a joke anyway he can. But in this image, he tweeted out a few months back that he stole this camera from the paparazzi.

He was met with replies from millions of fans cheering him on, saying that the paparazzi deserve to get a taste of their own medicine.

But it came out that this was all a joke — a joke Keanu Reeves really didn’t believe everyone would take so seriously. Keanu Reeves simply joked by taking a camera and running away while being photographed, but in reality, it was actually for his movie called Generation Um...

5 They Never Quit On Kim

The Cut

Just like above, this was an image that paparazzi shot shortly after the robbery in Paris that Kim Kardashian went through. After this event occurred, the only way people knew that Kim K was still trying her best to live her life was through rare paparazzi pictures of her going out. During this time, she was hardly ever seen and rarely left her house for anything. She didn’t wear makeup or even post anything on social media. When this picture was taken, you could obviously tell by her face that she wasn't doing too well. This image rubbed people the wrong way because it was obvious that she was not okay and many believed that the paparazzi should have stepped back and let her have this day of rest while she goes out to get ice cream to make herself feel better. Why can’t people ever acknowledge that there is a personal space limit!?

4 He Aimed Right At The Photographer

Life & Style

Mason Disick, the son of Kourtney Kardashian and the infamous Scott Disick happened to be walking around in Los Angeles with his mom. The suddenly he takes his neon yellow toy gun and aims it right at the paparazzi photographers. He doesn’t seem to be their biggest fan whatsoever.

Many were actually upset with this image because they didn’t understand why Kourtney would let her son bring a toy gun anywhere out of the house, or why he’s allowed to play with it anyway, and why she doesn’t even seem to care that he’s aiming it at the paparazzi.

But it was released shortly after that the toy was one of his holiday Christmas presents, which is why he was allowed to bring it with him out on the streets, even though parents still didn’t seem to be happy about it either way. Would you let your kid bring a toy like this out in public?

3 Chastain Doesn't Even Notice

Culture Hook

Jessica Chastain is seen wearing a short-wrapped black dress on a windy day. You could probably tell where this is going even if you didn’t have the picture in front of you. She's seen here on the set of a film they were working on called, The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby. This was being shot in New York City a few years back, and she had a bit of a slip-up. Similar to the Beyonce photo on this list where she was also wearing a wrap dress, Jessica seems to have had an outfit fail. The wind seemed to have picked up too much and made her dress fly up to expose her undergarments! Maybe next time she’ll realize that she shouldn’t wear a wrap dress without wearing some kind of Spanx or bike shorts. Maybe she’s learned her lesson for the next time she’s on set or a big motion picture.

2 ...At Least They're Having Fun?

Daily Mail

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka are seen in this photo, almost seemingly mocking the paparazzi imposing on their vacation. Mariah Carey ventured out to Hawaii with her beau and was caught having a fun and very personal time with her boyfriend. Not only is he not on her level, he also works for her! This sure seemed to stir up a ton of drama, since he’s a very, very young dancer in her performances. Not only were they seen having a fun time in the water, they also had their first public kiss on the beach!

The story even gets more interesting when you know that she actually had called off her engagement only one month before this image was taken.

This made rumors start to swirl because people believed that she might have already been talking or being physical with Bryan Tanaka before her marriage was called off with her ex-fiancé billionaire, James Packer.

1 Wait Till You're Not Being Photographed At Least, Seriously, Ariel!


Ariel Winter has had so many people point out that she shouldn’t be wearing what she chooses to wear. She loves wearing daisy dukes and the paparazzi constantly capture her wearing these high-waisted hiked up shorts. They usually show off her lower behind, but she will always defend them because they’re something she likes wearing. "Everybody is so hyped up on the fact that I post photos where my [behind] is out. It's a [behind]. Everyone has a [behind]," Ariel Winter said to Entertainment Online. "I don't think it's crazy." She then continued to say that, “It's like, 'Let me live! I'm enjoying my life, you're enjoying your life, you should be posting your [behind] if you like it, too!'" She believes that anyone should be able to wear what they want, even if the scummy paparazzi just end up making fun of her for it. Just like Ariel Winter said, let her live!

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