15 Celeb Kids Who Embarrassed Their Famous Parents (And 5 Who Are Just Adorable)

By this point in time, it is pretty safe to say that growing up in the spotlight can have it's disadvantages. While many stars have managed to make a great name for themselves thanks to their already famous parents, others have done their best to completely drag their family name through the mud. Whether it be legal troubles, wild party days, or simply just rebelling against the family, these kids really know how to go out with a bang!

In today's article, we have gathered 15 celebrity kids who have embarrassed their famous parents in spectacular fashion. Let's take a minute to look through them and see who's tantrums were merited and who's were just plain cringy. Plus, as a little added bonus, we have added 5 celebrity kids who are simply too adorable to ever really be able to embarrass anyone (at least for now anyway).  Let's start scrolling!

20 Embarrassing: This Is Just One Of North West's Many Public Tantrums


North West is pretty much the First Daughter of Hollywood. While she wasn't the first child born into the new generation of Kardashians, she is the first child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It is totally natural for children to throw tantrums of course, but little North does seem to have excellent timing with these things ...

19 Embarrassing: Nick Hogan Spent Almost 6 Months In Jail


For those unfamiliar, Nick Hogan is the son of former wrestler Hulk Hogan. He was also part of the family reality show Hogan Knows Best. Considering the name of the show, one might think Nick would have known better than to race his car while under the influence. After crashing into a tree and injuring his passenger, Nick was locked up for almost 6 months.

18 Embarrassing: Moroccan Scott Cannon Is Always Stealing Mommy's Spotlight


When it comes to celebrities who well, love attention, Mariah Carey is definitely up there. The Queen Diva herself has a set of twins with actor and ex-husband Nick Cannon. Here is just one hilarious instance of her son Moroccan stealing the show entirely. Sorry Mariah, you look good too!

17 Adorable: Inez Reynolds


It seems almost unfair for two people as gorgeous as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to get together. With genes like theirs, there is no telling just how beautiful their two children are going to grow up to be. Here we see their daughter, Inez, already loving life in front of the cameras.

16 Embarrassing: Paris Hilton Will NEVER Live Down Her Party Days


Where to even begin with Paris Hilton? While her parents may not have been celebrities in the traditional sense, her name was absolutely a household one thanks to her families chain of hotels. Back in the early 00s, Paris was a notorious party girl. After a "special" tape of hers was released in 2004, her father stated that she would be cut out of his will.

15 Embarrassing: Weston Cage May Be Even More Eccentric Than His Father


Nicolas Cage has found himself in the tabloids on countless occasions, though his son has been giving him a run for his money. The former lead singer of metal band Eyes of Noctum, has found himself in quite a bit of legal trouble. He was booked for a DUI and two counts of hit and run.

14 Embarrassing: Angelina Jolie Has A Very Complicated Relationship With Her Famous Father


No, Angelina Jolie was not sentenced to any hard time. However, there is more than just one way to embarrass your parents. Over the years, Angelina and her father, Jon Voight, have had no problems spilling the beans on their strained relationship. Back in 2002, Jolie legally dropped his name all together.

13 Adorable: Blue Ivy Carter


Blue Ivy Carter has got celebrity royalty running through her veins. Not only is she an adorable kid, but she has also very rarely been seen throwing public tantrums. In this photo of her with Jay-Z, there is simply no denying who her parents are. It's all written on her face!

12 Embarrassing: Chelsea Belle O'Donnell Literally Ran Away From Her Famous Mother


Back in 2017, Rosie O'Donnell took to Twitter to inform the public that her daughter, Chelsea, had gone missing. She also stated that her missing daughter suffered from a mental illness. Once found, Chelsea said she had no mental illness and continued on saying her mother used narcotics in the home and had in fact kicked her out.

11 Embarrassing: Chet Hanks Called Out For Use Of Racial Slurs

A few years ago, the son of Tom Hanks was facing a lot of heat for his use of racial slurs in his music and on his social media pages. Chet has recently come forward to take responsibility and apologize for his actions. He has confessed that at the time, he was heavily into narcotics.

10 Embarrassing: Cameron Douglas Has Done Real Jail Time


It's not uncommon for celebs to get jail time, though anything more than a month or two is quite rare for most famous people. Cameron Douglas however, raised the bar. Douglas was sentenced to 5 years for drug offenses, but was then caught with narcotics while inside of the prison. Cameron spent a total of 7 years behind bars.

9 Adorable: Luna & Miles Stephens


Here we are looking at a downright adorable family picture of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and their two children. Considering John and Chrissy are known for their humour and accepting attitudes, maybe their kids will be able to avoid the whole embarrassing phase all together! Fingers crossed!

8 Embarrassing: Charlie Sheen Is An Expert At Getting Into Legal Trouble


Not only does Charlie Sheen know how to find trouble, but he makes absolutely no excuses for his behaviour. It all started to go wrong for Sheen back in the late 90s, after he suffered a stroke following an overdose. Since then, he's collected many charges including third-degree assault and criminal mischief.

7 Embarrassing: Nicole Richie Had A Hard Time Staying Away From The Party Scene


It's important to note just how far Nicole Richie has come in recent years. These days, the reality star is more likely to be caught at a mommy-and-me class than a wild nightclub. However, back in the day, Nicole couldn't get enough of the clubs. She was once sentenced to 4 days in jail due to narcotics, though she only served 82 hours.

6 Embarrassing: Substance Abuse And Slurs Have Caused A Lot Of Trouble For Kelly Osbourne


Like many children who were raised in the spotlight, Ozzy Osbourne's daughter, Kelly, has had her ups and downs with substance abuse. While these days she is looking clean and healthy, she has had other headline-worthy issues. In 2015, Kelly made an offensive remark while appearing on The View, which naturally set social media on fire.

5 Adorable: Suri Cruise


Here we have a rare find indeed! Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have kept their daughter out of the spotlight for the most part. This decision is understandable, especially after reading this article. That being said, in this photo shared by Katie herself, Suri is looking happy and super adorable!

4 Embarrassing: Indio Falconer Downey Has Struggled With Sobriety


The 26-year-old son of MCU leading man Robert Downey Jr. struggled a lot with his sobriety in the past. At the age of 20, he was caught holding controlled substances and paraphernalia. That being said, he has apparently been sober for a few years now. Way to go Indio!

3 Embarrassing: Miley Cyrus Left Her Disney Days In Ultimate Party Girl Fashion


It seemed like one day we were watching Miley play the role of Hannah Montana, then the next we were watching her swing half-naked on a wrecking ball. Now, Miley is far from the first Disney star to try and ditch her good girl reputation, but few have ever done so in such a "loud" way.

2 Embarrassing: A DUI For Cindy Crawford's Son, Presley Walker Gerber


It is true that Cindy Crawford's son has inherited her good looks and while the 19-year-old model may look the part, he has a lot to learn about Hollywood reputations. Earlier this year, Presley was booked for a DUI.  He is facing up to 6 months in jail along along with a fine.

1 Adorable: Mason & Penelope Disick


When it comes to Kardashian children, there are quite a few to follow these days. However, for fans who have been keeping up with the family since the very beginning, Mason and Penelope disick will always be the originals. Here are the two adorable kids with their father, Scott Disick.

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