15 Celeb Hairstyles That Are Straight Out Of Whoville

When you're a celebrity, part of your job is to look good. Sure, in your down time, you may not be quite as extensively styled as when you're appearing on a red carpet, but it's all part of the package. And most celebrities understand this. They may experiment with their look from time to time, but they pay their stylist a lot of money to make sure that they always look fantastic, whether they're rocking long hair or experimenting with a pixie cut. It's just part of being in the public eye — they're supposed to look polished, always, whether they prefer a full glam style or a more natural look in their downtime.

However, from time to time, even celebrities and their stylists can have a bit of a lapse in judgment. Perhaps they just wanted to be edgier with their style; perhaps they just tried something that didn't work and ran out of time to restyle it before they had to appear at an event. Whatever the reason, these 15 hairstyles took otherwise gorgeous celebrities and made them look, well... awful.

So, the next time you're having a bad hair day, or your hair stylist didn't quite understand the look you were going for, just take a look at these 15 celebrity hairstyles that prove all of us get it wrong sometimes — even the celebrity stylists making the big bucks.

15 Robert Pattinson looking absolutely horrific with this weird cut

via: myhairdressers.com

Even though he became an official heartthrob after playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, let's be honest — Robert Pattinson doesn't exactly have conventional leading man looks. That's why, apart from his role in Twilight, he primarily takes on more indie-style roles. However, with a great, tousled haircut, he has his charm. With this hair, though? We wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. From the front, it looks almost normal, albeit a bit unkempt. Then he turns around and you see that bizarre half-shaved style, with just a weird mushroom top, and a strange patch in the middle that looks like it got lost. We don't care what the story behind this look is — we just want to shave his head, ASAP, because it is truly horrendous beyond belief.

14 Jennifer Lopez with a way too stiff, cheesy style

Normally, Jennifer Lopez can do no wrong when it comes to her look. She knows what works for her, she's managed to find a fountain of youth that allows her to defy the entire aging process, and she basically just looks bronzed and amazing 24/7. However, even Jennifer Lopez can be steered wrong from time to time. Now, she's had her fair share of iconic red carpet moments (literally no one will ever forget that green dress with the slit all the way down to her belly button), but this one will be remembered for the wrong reasons. Her stylist likely thought that curls would be a nice look — and they would, if they were a bit more natural looking. The stiff curls, combined with the sleekly pinned back, poofy section in the center, makes this entire look appear as if she's wearing a wig.

13 Kaley Cuoco with wispy bangs and a helmet head

via: thenypost.com

Look, Kaley Cuoco is a total blonde bombshell, and she's one of those actresses that looks equally amazing with short hair and long hair, straight hair or tousled curls. However, there is one beauty look we can't get behind — this one. Now, it turns out there's a good story behind it — Cuoco had injured herself on the set of The Big Bang Theory, and had some cuts on her forehead and a black eye that she wanted to cover up. So, she figured bangs would be a great solution. Now, there are fake bang pieces out there that can almost look natural, if styled correctly — this is not one of them. She's such a gorgeous woman, and this hair just stiff and weird and does absolutely nothing for her, at all.

12 Scarlett Johansson rocking a mullet in her indie days

via: thenypost.com

You'd be crazy to say that Scarlett Johansson is anything other than gorgeous. However, even stunning actresses can get weird haircuts every now and then. Nowadays, Johansson tends to favour fairly classic, mid-length styles that can easily be switched up, depending on the role. Back in her indie days, though, she decided that she would go with a piecey, highlighted mullet style. Now look — there's a good chance she would have looked amazing with just short hair, in that kind of a piecey cut. However, by leaving the hair that stretches slightly past the nape of her neck, she's given herself a mullet. There's no other way to say it. And unfortunately, mullets are just never a good look, no matter how gorgeous you are naturally. They're avoided for a reason.

11 Miley Cyrus looking like she's been straight up electrocuted

via: popthatcollar.com

Okay, we have to admit — when Miley traded in her long, brunette locks for a shorter, platinum blonde 'do, we kind of liked it. It was a huge chance for her, but it fit with her new image, and a dramatic transformation can be a lot of fun. However, the problem is, she didn't always style it in the best way. We're not crazy about those weird little horn-like nubs she wore on a semi-regular basis, but even those weren't as bad as this spiked style. I mean, it straight up looks like she stuck her finger in an electrical socket before showing up at this event. We get that there was a time where spiked hair meant you were a bit rebellious, but it is no longer those times. This is just bad.

10 Nicki Minaj with a dye job that looks like her head is mouldy

via: pinterest.com

One of the things we love most about Nicki Minaj's style is that she's willing to take a ton of risks when it comes to her hair colour. She's had everything from raven black locks to neon green to bright pink, and they all work for her because she has the attitude and personality to pull it off. Now, we get the idea behind this style — leopard print is a bold look, blue and green are bold colours, and the whole thing probably sounded really cool when she was brainstorming it with her beauty team. And, they figured they'd make it a bit more irregular in shape and incorporate black on the edges to make it more natural-looking. However, let's be honest — it straight up looks like her hair is growing mould, and that's not a cute look.

9 Shia LaBeouf with a braided rat-tail style

via: myhairdressers.com

To say Shia LaBeouf has gotten a bit strange lately is an understatement. Many first got to know him as a goofy teen on the Disney channel, and he later went on to tackle meatier roles — and get progressively stranger as the years went on. Normally, he just lets his curly locks grow as they will and keeps them in a relatively short style, but for some reason, he decided to add what we can only assume is an extension braid. Yes, we're totally serious. He took an already somewhat bizarre half-shaved hairstyle and decided to clip in a braid to really elevate the look. He looks absolutely ridiculous, to be honest. I mean, we'd rather he go back to the whole putting a paper bag over his head than subject our eyes to a braided, curly rat-tail.

8 Kelly Osbourne, before she learned what cuts worked for her face shape

Lately, we have been utterly obsessed with all the looks that Kelly Osbourne is serving up. I mean, she rocks that icy shade of lavender like no one else. She's not afraid to take a few style risks, but also knows exactly what works with her face shape and has enough edge without being too over the top. However, Kelly Osbourne was once just a teenager trying to be different — and that unfortunately resulted in this hair cut. There's nothing wrong with the jet black shade, although it is a bit harsh for her lovely pale skin. However, the cut? Is horrific. She likely had any amazing stylist at her disposal, and yet somehow ended up looking like she'd gotten a bowl cut from her relative in the kitchen. It hides her beautiful eyes, it makes her face look rounder, it's just plain awful.

7 Lady Gaga in a sculptural cut that doesn't quite work

We absolutely love that Lady Gaga is totally unafraid to take insane style risks. Sure, her look may be a bit much for some, and she's definitely toned it down as of late — but it's refreshing to see a pop star that isn't afraid to take things over the edge a bit. However, this look is just not one we can get behind. Her face is beautiful, but it looks like someone took a foam wall or something and just started hacking at it. It's far too harsh and angular for her, and the harsh platinum blonde colour doesn't help matters much. Thankfully, Gaga is such a style chameleon that she never sticks with one style for too long, so she moved on to a better look soon after this.

6 Drew Barrymore with a high contrast ombre that looks like her hair fell in ink

via: popthatcollar.com

Look, Drew Barrymore is absolutely adorable. We loved her shorter blonde bob style, we loved her boho red waves, we love when she's a bit more sleek, we love when she's totally tousled and casual — she looks amazing, always. However, this look in particular missed the mark a little bit. We can totally get behind the ombre trend, and even some kind of a colourful ombre look can be really cute. However, this contrast is just way, way too much. She was likely trying to go for a more edgy version of an ombre style, but it just looks like she's accidentally dipped her hair into a vat of black ink. Perhaps if she had incorporated some grey to transition it, or if the ends had been a smoky grey rather than straight up pitch black, it could have worked, but... this is just bad.

5 Mena Suvari with a frizzy updo so bad we can't even

via: cheatsheet.com

Mena Suvari is cute as a button, and can make just about any look work. She's worn different shades, different cuts, and always manages to look amazing. However, this hairstyle? Horrific. I mean, we don't know how you even get that much frizz in your 'do! We can kind of understand the impulse behind it — she probably wanted a bit of a textured look, something to add some visual interest to her outfit. However, there's a difference between a great textured wave and a look that makes it seem like you've given up on everything. And the weird feather hair accessory doesn't help matters — the sleekness of the black feathers just draws even more attention to how frizzy her hair is. I mean, we don't even know what to make of this look.

4 Christina Aguilera with some crazy Medusa-like braids

via: imgur.com

One of the things we love most about Christina Aguilera is how she seems to go through phases, where her look reflects the music she's working on at the time. She had her straight, bleached blonde locks when she was a young pop star, she switched to braids and different colours for her Dirrty days, and she even rocked a retro look for a while. However, we're not entirely sure what the origin story of this look is — all we know is that it's bad. Now, we're not opposed to braids entirely — the braided style she wore for her Dirrty phase was gritty and kind of cool. These braids, though, just have a straight Medusa vibe. I mean, it looks like she has snakes all up on her scalp, and that's just not cute. It's a shame because younger Christina is just so darn cute!

3 Josh Duhamel with a half shaved style that just isn't working

via: hearstapps.com

Most women (and many men) would agree that Josh Duhamel is a handsome man. He's got that typical tall, dark and smouldering vibe going on, and manages to look amazing in both a close-cut style and sporting longer locks. This look, though, is a major no. We get that the whole shaved on the sides, long on the top look was trendy for a while, but it has to be well executed, and somehow this just isn't. The top part is just too floppy, it's not styled, and it just looks weird. Thankfully he didn't keep this look for too long before returning to a style that allowed the world to see how handsome he is. Seriously, we can't even look at him like this — who told him this was a good idea?

2 Jennifer Aniston looking like she forgot to style her hair... for a month

via: popthatcollar.com

This look shook us to our very core because Jennifer Aniston is usually the epitome of #hairgoals. I mean, no matter what style she's wearing, she rocks it. Rachel Green went through about a thousand haircuts on Friends, and we wanted to steal every single one of them. Aniston usually looks like a beachy California goddess on the red carpet, but for this particular event, her stylist went in a different direction and gave her quasi-dreadlocks. We understand wanting to switch up your look, but this just doesn't work. It doesn't look cool or edgy — it just looks like she's forgotten to brush her hair for about a month solid. No one should look this unkempt on the red carpet. Thankfully, she seems to have realized it wasn't a great look, as she hasn't ever returned to it.

1 Justin Timberlake's boy band days, where he rocked hair that looked like ramen

via: popthatcollar.com

Justin Timberlake has had his current short brown style for years and years, and it can seem like he's always looked the same. After all, he had basically the same hair as he does now when he started his solo career, so you just assume that he's had that hair forever, right? Well, not exactly. In case you didn't remember, back when he was the leading member of boy band NSYNC, Justin Timberlake used an insane amount of gel to create some kind of a weird crunchy curl in his hair, and he also dyed it a shade of platinum that should never be allowed out of the salon. Seriously — we're not sure what he did wrong here, but platinum hair shouldn't look this yellow. He straight up looks like he has ramen on his scalp.

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